Review – Star Trek Alternate Realities Collective DVD Set

The latest of the themed ‘Collective’ DVD sets coming from CBS Paramount arrives in stores today (Tuesday September 16th) and is focused on ‘Alternate Realties,’ and is chock full with 20 episodes spanning all five series along with some new special features, all for a street price of less than 30 bucks. See below for our review.


Review: Star Trek Alternate Realities Collective Set

CBS has broken the 20 episodes into four categories: Mirror Universe (6 episodes), Parallel Dimensions (2 episodes), Twisted Realities (4 episodes), and Alternative Lives (8 episodes). See below for a full list, but quite a few of the episodes are often in top lists like "Mirror Mirrror" from TOS, "Yesterdays Enterprise" and "Inner Light" fron TNG, "The Visitor" from DS9, "Timeless" from VOY and "Twilight" from ENT. There are a couple of clunkers as well, including "The Alternative Factor" from TOS. Each of the four categories gets its own special feature as well.

The new set is packaged just like the last set, in a sturdy paper sleeve that contains slimline cases. Each case has its own artwork inside and out, but unlike past Collective sets, there is no artwork on the disks themselves except for the contents being listed. The set is easy to store and for the price the packaging is pretty good although the plastic holding down the disks can break easily.

(click to enlarge)

Navigation and options
The navigation system is fairly basic and, like the previous Collective sets, there are no animations or music. The menus are all in widescreen, however all the episodes are in their original aspect ratio (4:3 except for Enterprise is in widescreen). Options are limited with audio and subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. There are no chapter/scene selections for individual episodes.

Menus (click to enlarge)

The Transfer
Although this is a budget set, the transfer appears as good as the regular (and more premium priced) season sets. Each episode is presented full-length and look and sound just as good as the DVD Season sets. In case you were wondering, the Original Series episodes are all the ‘remastered’ versions, which new for the Collective sets.  

Sample shots from "Mirror Mirror" and "Yesterday’s Enteprise"
(click to enlarge)

Special Features
A great part of this net set are the special features. Each of the four categories gets its own special featurette video where Star Trek luminaries discuss each of the 20 episodes in the set. Some of the interviews are from past season box sets, but most of the interviews are new, including "Yesterday’s Enterprise" director David Carson, Voyager writer Bryan Fuller, "Visitor" guest star "Tony Todd," Enterprise writers Mike Sussman and Judy & Gar Reeves Stevens, DS9 writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, behind-the-scenes book writer Terry Erdmann and more. The featurettes provide context as well as some good behind-the-scenes info on the making of these episodes, some get more attention like "Yesterday’s Enterprise" and "The Visitor," but hey how much can you say about "Alternative Factor"? In addition to the featurettes, there are audio commentaries for five episodes (one episode per disk). However, unlike past sets, there are no text commentaries.

Bryan Fuller, David Carson, just two of the many Trek faces you will see
in the Alternate Realities featurettes
(click to enlarge)

Bottom Line
There has always been something appealing about the episodes that decide to take a walk on the wild side and do something from a different perspective so this ‘alternate reality’ theme turns out to be one of the best of the Collective sets. If you do not own these episodes already in the Season sets, then the Star Trek Alternative Realities Collective is highly recommended, especially for price (Amazon is selling the set for $27.99 and that includes a free offer for a Geordi "Timeless" action figure). If you already have the season sets then it is a tougher call and more likely a miss unless you are a ‘completist’ and just need to see it all and have every action figure.

Star Trek Remastered Fan Collective arrives in stores Tuesday Sept. 16

Complete contents

Disc One: Mirror Universe

  • Mirror, Mirror -The Original Series
  • Crossover – Deep Space Nine [+ audio commentary]
  • Through The Looking Glass – Deep Space Nine
  • Shattered Mirror – Deep Space Nine
  • Mirror Universe Part 1 featurette

Disc Two: Mirror Universe & Parallel Dimensions

  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1) – Enterprise
  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2) – Enterprise
  • Mirror Universe Part 2 featurette
  • The Alternative Factor – The Original Series
  • Parallels – The Next Generation [+ audio commentary]
  • Parallel Dimensions featurette

Disc Three: Twisted Realities

  • The Enemy Within -The Original Series [+ audio commentary]
  • Turnabout Intruder -The Original Series
  • Frame of Mind – The Next Generation
  • Shattered – Voyager
  • Twisted Realities featurette

Disc Four: Alternate Lives

  • Yesterday’s Enterprise – The Next Generation [+ audio commentary]
  • The Inner Light – The Next Generation
  • The Visitor – Deep Space Nine
  • Before And After – Voyager
  • Alternate Lives Part 1 featurette

Disc Five: Alternate Lives

  • Timeless – Voyager
  • Course: Oblivion – Voyager
  • E2 – Enterprise
  • Twilight – Enterprise [+ audio commentary]
  • Alternate Lives Part 2 featurette


And if you want to collect the last five ‘Collectives’ they are available in a box set.

Fan Collective
Box Set


 Available now

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Nice menu work. I love Yesterday’s Enterprise and especially, the CGI in the Mirror universe ST:Enterprise episodes!

I don’t own any Star Trek season DVDs (too expensive and I can find most of the episodes on random websites), but this collection has so many of my favorites. As soon as I can afford it I’m going to pick it up.



UK release?

I get the strangest feeling… like, I’ve paid for these before.

I wish the Voyager “Year in/of Hell” episode was on this set.

Hey. I actualy love the Tos episode the Alternative factor. I think it is a top 15 episode of the tos series. But thats just my pick. My best of corse is Mirror mirror. You get to see the Terran Empire and my other fav is in a Mirror Darkley. A great look at the terran Empire.Yes we may have fallen but as you see in Ds9 we are coming back to take the Universe back for the Empire.

I also love the Voyoger ep. Shattered. What a great episode. To see Voyager at the ship yards and to see Capt Janeway first take Command. Yesterdays Enterprise was the 3rd best episode of the Tng series. Only the Best of both worlds can top that Episode.

#5. You have seen this before. In a Alternate Reality.

I still need Captains Log and this set to complete my set… set.

I like the value priced sets, as I don’t really want or need hundreds of DVDs worth of episodes just for the 2 dozen episodes I enjoy and would want to see more often.

@4 Unknown stardate. Probably around november though since the nordic release is november 19th.

#6 Voyager’s “Year of Hell” was on the Time Travel set, I think. Unless Anorax created another temporal inversion ;)

Who participates on the audio commentaries?

Got mine in the mail last night, and promptly watched all the special features. Can’t wait to catch the commentaries this evening. So far – A+.


I wish the Year of Hell was actually the a year of hell as promised in earlier seasons rather than a two hour cop-out with a big reset switch.

But I digress.

glad they finally put the rematered episodes on instead of the old prints

“Frame of Mind…” Is that the TNG ep where Crusher’s personal reality shrinks to nothing? Haven’t seen that one since original broadcast. A clunker if I recall.

And “Alternative Factor” is a major turkey, though not as celebrated as “Spock’s Brain.”

And, cynically speaking of course (I own most of these sets), the next Collective could be called “Star Trek, The Turkeys.” Front cover is a shot of Riker as the Chef in “These are the Voyages…”

@17 AJ

Erm, no. It’s just one of the best TNG episodes ever and it’s about Riker, not Crusher.

These Are the Voyages was not a turkey, people are really unfair about that episode. If you connect it with the two-part episode prior, then I think it’s one of the best ST finales. It’s in the same league as All Good Things and What You Leave Behind.


Well, it’ll be one to remember when my set arrives. Just read the description of it, and it sounds great. I saw it during original airing, but don’t remember it.

I don’t think many would agree with you about TATV. Many saw it as a big middle finger to the fans, especially after a return to form for Trek with Manny Coto’s 4th season of ENT, and the knowledge that the franchise was being shelved at a high point. I’m re-watching this season now, so I’ll give it a try as a trilogy closer. ENT deserved to end as ENT, and not a subplot of TNG “Pegasus.”

German release? I asked three stores and they don’t have it in any list :(

#19—” ENT deserved to end as ENT, and not a subplot of TNG ‘Pegasus.’ ”

I agree, and I’m actually a fan of ENT. It was very different and set itself apart (particularly picking up steam in the last season) right up to the point of TATV…and then it regressed into common Berman-era mediocrity.

“Terra Prime” was fantastic. “These Are The Voyages…” was a giant letdown to me.

I didn’t like 95% of the hundreds of hours that Berman and company churned out, but most of the episodes on this compilation are excellent. Even though I’ll be double dipping on the TOS episodes, I’m still going to get this set.

@19 AJ
Well, I didn’t say anyone else agrees with me on that one :-P
I just think everyone else is wrong, lol ;-)



I already have them in season sets. I just think these “theme” box sets are a waste of time.

#17 – “Frame of Mind” was the episode where Riker was performing in Crusher’s play, as a patient in a mental institution. He suddenly finds his reality shifting around him, thanks (*SPOILERS!*) to the aliens who had captured him and are trying to probe his mind. His reality shifting was actually his mind trying to “keep him grounded, keep him sane” (to paraphrase Troi). One of the better Riker-centric episodes, IMHO.

#25 – Guess these sets aren’t for you, then, eh?

I don’t have any of the other sets, but this one has stories from the spin-off series that I really am looking forward to seeing once again.

Well hey, these sets are cool if you want a particular theme of episodes, but I like season sets where I can get even the bad episodes. It’s fun to watch a bad episode of Trek every now and then.

I have all the seasons, but the commentary and new extras for the price of a PS2 game are making it worthwile.

But the commentaries aren’t new at all. They were on the Enterprise DVDs.

Capt. Mike… “I also love the Voyoger ep. Shattered. What a great episode. To see Voyager at the ship yards and to see Capt Janeway first take Command.”

I don’t think the episode you describe is “Shattered”. Wasn’t that “Relativity” (the one with Seven going in time?)

Does any one know if this dvd set is out for region 2 yet??

In another mirror universe, Paramount Pictures has announced it’s Star Trek “Food Preparation” Collective Boxed Set.

Disc One contains episodes from the original series with Kirk, Spock and Bones ordering items from the food processing portals. This disk features the never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes look at how they got the tribble inside the bowl of Captain Kirk’s chicken soup.

Disc Two contains episodes from The Next Generation where crewmembers use replicators. An 80 minute documentary is included where Stephen Hawking illustrates the science behind replicator technology.

Disc Three also contains the episode from The Next Generation where Captain Picard carves a turkey. The rest of the disk includes several featurettes where cast and crew show fans how to make their favorite holiday dishes.

Disc Four contains the Deep Space Nine episode where they have a food fight in Quark’s bar. Included is a feature previously seen on the Deep Space Nine DVD boxed set of Michael Okuda reading the alien languages at Quark’s Bar. This Disc is labeled “Filler Disc Four.”

Disc Five contains the entire “Chef: The Musical” mini-arc from Enterprise. Your toes will be tapping as Chef performs various all-time musical favorites from various centuries and planetary systems throughout the universe.

This boxed set can be yours for only $9,999,999,999,999.99.


Order now, and we’ll throw in a Klingon Rokeg blood pie! The longer it takes to arrive to your home, the more spoiled and better it will be!


Order now, and recieve the Star Trek Ginsu Knife! Complete with choice of blue or green laser beams.

I can’t wait for the terrible Ferengi episodes box set!

23: DJ

As promised, I watched the last 3 ENT eps together, and I must say, it is NOT a trilogy. ENT ended on a high note with “Terra Prime.”

“These are the Voyages” was written 1 year earlier as the Emergency Last Ep, should ENT be canceled, and it stands on its own as a generic coda to the series.

Riker and Troi are unnecessary, and serve as time-wasters to massage Trek fans (Berman’s “Valentine to the fans” etc.).

What it does do well is show T’Pol’s tragic love for Tucker, who gets killed in a stupid subplot, and then is forgotten by everyone as Archer goes to give his speech in front of ENT’s cast and crew.

And then, before what could have been a shining moment for Berman & Co., the speech which founds the Federation, Riker and Troi turn it off to go back to the “Pegasus” cloaking device subplot.

As an over-the-top long term Trek fan, I wish they had shown the speech which Troi “had to memorize” as a child, and to which the episode seemed to be leading. That would have been the “valentine.”

And then, 3 of 5 Enterprises get the ‘flying into the sunset’ treatment, and DS9 and VOY get dissed.

A 50% effort.

Advice to CBS: Go film it right, and do a ‘special edition.”

#36—It’s called “The Worst Of Deep Space Nine”…

“In A Mirror, Darkly” was a great two parter from ENT. It really carried on the original Mirror, Mirror excellently. The Mirror Universe was done so well in DS9 as well.. I only wished that TNG had dabbled with it.. would have been interesting to see how the TNG crew fared in the mirror universe. I will more than likely buy this collection.. I hadn’t bought any of them before.

The Many skintight costumes of Seven of Nine boxset would be awesome.

39… ““In A Mirror, Darkly” was a great two parter from ENT. It really carried on the original Mirror, Mirror excellently.”

I thought Bakula chewed the scenery something awful. Other than that, it was a very good episode. But that chewing made it hard to watch. Bakula just never did “Angry Archer” very well.

35: Joe Schmoe

Here we go…

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: “Violation of the Prime Directive” Set (Commentary by Anthony Zerbe, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart)

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: ” Hey! We’re All Gonna Get Laid!” Set (intro by William Shatner, with a ‘special’ montage’ easter egg. If you know where it is, you’ll find it))

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: “Drunken Klingon” set (with forced ‘Mind-Sifter’ commentary by Mark Okrand)

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: “Red Shirt” set (commentary from Eddie Paskey, and a video memorial to all Starfleet officers who lost their lives in the line of duty)

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: “Bumbling Bureaucrats on the Bridge” set with a special easter egg video game: “Throw Ambassador Fox through the Airlock”

STAR TREK COLLECTIVE: “I Hate Kids” set (commentary from Brian Bonsall on how his role as Alexander has affected his current life as a wanted criminal), and required audio commentary from Will Wheaton, (even on eps he wasn’t in). Special easter eggs from Scarlett Pomers and Kim Darby.


41. Thorny – September 16, 2008

“I thought Bakula chewed the scenery something awful. Other than that, it was a very good episode. But that chewing made it hard to watch. Bakula just never did “Angry Archer” very well.”

I think he was supposed to be that way. The crew thought he was a joke. His Captain thought he was a joke. I think he played the part very well by not play “Angry Archer” well. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

#39, #41—-I only saw it once on my dvd set, but I remember liking it quite a bit.

I love Mirror, Mirror. Spock is (more) sexy with a beard!!

Yes he is #45. I admit, I’m tempted to buy this set for the cover alone. I know it’s wrong but…. (Denise, are ya with me?)

Joe Schmoe#35- LMAO!!

AJ#42- Bravo!

Liz#46- I reach, my sister. I wonder if there would be any way to enlarge the image to a wall mural…

“I wonder if there would be any way to enlarge the image to a wall mural…”

Hah! If only I HAD a wall left for a mural. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the Kirk/Spock banner I bought at the Vegas con LAST year….