Great Links: Rosario Trek, Political Trek, Sports Trek + more

The Great Links took a week off, but Star Trek never takes a week off so we have a lot to catch up with. We have Rosario Dawson expressing her Trek love, Trek getting into politics, Trek getting into sports, new Trek video and art, lots of Trek on the Lists, and much more…check it out. 


Rosario Dawson wanted in to Abrams Trek
Last year TrekMovie highlighted a segment from the Conan O’Brien Show where Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Clerks II) talked about what a huge Trekkie she was and she even spoke a little Klingon (unfortunately NBC removed that video from YouTube and it isn’t online at or anywhere else we can find). Now our buds over at UGO have an interview up with Dawson where she talks about the post-Conan Trekkie surge she has enjoyed and how she really wants to be in a JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Ironically she has a role in the new Eagle Eye (opening today), produced by Orci and Kurtzman…come on Bob and Alex, get Rosario into a Trek movie!

Trek The Vote
The US is in the midst of an active election season. The fine folks at Comedy Central have put forward Ten Tips for the Trekkie Voter:

  1. Federation club "rank" will not get you any special treatment at the polling place.
  2. You may not sign in with the registrar in Klingon.
  3. Comparing Barack Obama to Mr. Tuvok makes you an intergalactic racist.
  4. Do not ask the voting official to make the "swoosh" sound when you enter the booth.
  5. The chances of being split in two due to a "voting booth accident" are extremely slim.
  6. Scott Bakula is not a good write-in for any spot on any ticket.
  7. Joe Biden is running for Vice President, not "Number One."
  8. Sarah Palin is the Borg Queen.
  9. You cannot vote to allow Vulcans to mate more often.
  10. Do not say "Make it so!" out loud when you’re done voting.

The Great links looked around to see if there were any organized Trek voting groups and actually found a "Trekkies for Obama" group, but can’t find one for McCain (but if you know of one send in a link so we can show both sides). There is also a Trekkies for Obama button. Again if there is any Trek/GOP merchandise out there, let us know.


Speaking of Politics, Steven Colbert has issued a new John McCain green screen challenge and again, Star Trek is there…here is the best of the lot.

If you want a real political debate Trekkies can get into, how about picking between these two campaigns…

Lists lists lists
Our pals at the fun io9 site just love lists, and they seem to put Star Trek into every one of them…here are some from the last couple of weeks.

Kirk’s death…after 14 years it is still pissing people off

Trek Art of the Week
Psychadelic artist Astralzoology has recently uploaded a couple of Trippy Star Trek themed items to his Flickr page…it might help if you are on something to appreciate them.

"Acid Ship"

Quote of the week – dude that’s harsh

Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.

– Analysis of Auburn v Mississippi State football game
 [Scripps News]

Video of the week: a preview of a Who/Trek Xmas miracle
Our friend Kelvington is at it again. This Christmas he will be releasing a special short Doctor Who / Star Trek mashup movie. Here is the trailer.


Help a sick child’s Trek Dream come true
Lastly, the Great Links is often light hearted, but some things should be taken seriously. The Northern Scot reports that the Dreams4U charity is trying to help 11 year-old Grant Alderton fulfill his Star Trek dream. Grant, who suffers from a number of ailments and has ‘died twice,’ spends much of his time in his room and the charity is trying to raise money to give him a Trek-themed ‘extreme bedroom makeover.’ TrekMovie can think of no better people to help out than his fellow Trekkies. See the Northern Scot article for details on how you can help.

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Yes, Kirk’s death still pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Palin, the Borg Queen. HILARIOUS!

Paramount may be a little slow on promoting the movie, but I really feel like the movie has led to a resurgence in Trek anyway. Seems like lots of TOS and Trek references in general have been floating around out there lately.



God, the other death scene of Kirk would have really sucked! Hardly any diologue. Wait a minute, the other death scene did’nt have much diologue either other than “Oh my!”. Wonder what the musical score would have sounded like for that one. And don’t get me wrong, the death of Kirk was senseless as it didn’t add anything to the story either way. Other than allowing Kirk and Picard to ride around on horses wearing panty hose!

You want political Trek?

Pike/Number One ’08

(This is one of the few places that will understand what I mean)

Rosairo Dawson – stuck in the same Kevin Smith movie for 200 years.

She was in Eagle Eye??? Whoa, didn’t know that. Was she the voice on the phone? ‘Cause I know I’ve heard that voice before.

Wait, I’m thinking Roxann Dawson. I’m an idiot. Ignore me.

I hope Rosario Dawson will be playing Star Trek: Online when it comes out.

The voice on the phone in Eagle Eye is Julianne Moore.

HAH! YES!! Al Davis IS the Evil Emperor!

…come on Al, let Kiffin do his job!!

lol Palin isn’t the borg queen.
Palin has hair… and is pretty hot for being 43 or whatever she is.

I would vote for Picard/Riker over the current options.

Picard has a strong background in diplomacy and foreign and “alien” policy. He loves archeology and history, is cool under pressure and can command and lead troops into battle. He has earned the respect of his crew and knows how to surround himself with bright and intelligent people. He doesn’t have an ego and believes in everyone working together to reach a common goal. He rewards those that perform and he holds those that don’t accountable.

In order to run for President, I think it should be required that they be a graduate of Star Fleet Academy and have been the captain of a starship.

I would imagine that Trek politics are in line with most of the country.

Traditionally, voters who make less than $150,000 a year in taxable income are more likely to vote “one way” (except for certain religious groups), and those who make more than that in taxable income (outside of Hollywood and the labor unions) will “generally” vote the other way. I don’t see why Trek fans would represent any differently. No matter what people say, it usually comes down to which candidate is going to do the most for me and my family, or you and yours, etc.

Either way, some of the loudest voices on the internet and elsewhere will likely be those who won’t even show up to vote when it counts…

Oh, my choice is definitely Kirk/Spock ’08!

“Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.”

That’s pretty good….

The first time I saw a sign at Best Buy for “Geek Squad”, I thought it was a signup booth for security personnel at the same convention!!!

#13—Al will always be Al…


Huh? Rosario Dawson was in 1 Kevin Smith movie last I checked, and has done plenty since.

Rosairo Dawson has already been in Trek.

“Kirk’s death…after 14 years it is still pissing people off”

Yes, it does. But more importantly I deny or don’t acknowledge it.

And I loves me some Rosario.

I don’t make light of it but I think Anthony’s hatred of all caps is funny. I could name any number of things that drive me crazy. I hate the mall and McDonalds…to name a few. My list is very long. It’s just interesting what bothers each of us.

#20—“Yes, it does. But more importantly I deny or don’t acknowledge it.”

That’s the great thing about fiction. If you don’t like it, you can just ignore it.

“Canon” is an intangible, and very imaginary thing when all is said and done…

Rosario Dawson AND Jennifer Gardner as Klingon babes! Whoa, I wanna be their Tellerite sex slave.

Did anyone else notice in ‘Eagle Eye’ during a scene where the fire alarms went off they had also the enterprise ‘red alert’ claxxon mixed in with the rest of the sound??!! I thought that was a nice touch;)


No. Roxanne Biggs-Dawson was in Voyager. Rosario Dawson is a different person, and hasn’t been in Trek before.

MMMMMMMM. Rosario Dawson. Yum!

I’m voting for Ben Sisko for president. The coolest, toughest, and most badass of all the captains. *ducks to avoid flying objects*

#27—(throws flying object at Caraptain Amerika, but low, so that “ducking” won’t help)…

Nope. It’s all about James T. Kirk. Sisko was right to be in reverence of him in “Trials And Tribbilations”…He should be shining Kirk’s boots (and if he wants to find them, they’re probably under Cassidy’s bed).

Just Kidding, C.A. Kind of.


It’s official.

Rosario Dawson rocks. And Lou, dude, really. You would choose Palin over that scrumptious,example of beautiful Trek intelligence? Time for the old eye exam, boy-o.

“Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.”

– Analysis of Auburn v Mississippi State football game

I got laid at the last convention in Vegas. (She’s my wife. Does that count?)

#28—-“She’s my wife. Does that count?”

It better. If it doesn’t, I’m in a lonnnngggg slump.


Hottest. Trekkie. EVER.

Why aren’t there more like her running around at conventions…?

yea so just ignor my comment then..

#31—Sorry. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

OK, let’s make everyone happy and make the next movie all girls. Girl Captain, girl crew, fighting a bunch of Klingon girls in chainmal Daisy Dukes.

(I keed, I keed, of course.)

#33—There’s probably a movie just like that on Cinemax right now!

Where’s the remote?


Or the lame sci fi channel

Kirk/Spock ’08!

Who would you rather have answer the phone at 3 in the morning? Some flute playing, tea drinking french guy, or an all American, ass kicking no nonsense capitan? Kirk takes crap from no one! And with his logical VP there is no situation we can’t get out of! Spock doesn’t need a hologram machine to solve his problems, unlike Riker.

So America, when you go to pull that lever on election day, think to yourself: The Klingons are attacking. Shall you entrust “Let’s talk about our feelings” Picard, or “Is there a phaser level higher than incinerate?” Kirk to defend your children? I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Kirk/Spock ’08!!!

#36—If they played stuff like that on the sci-fi channel (in pure Skinemax form, of course), it would get better ratings…J/K

Bikini Trek III: The Search For $%@k.


Now you’re talkin’, Closet.

Shag Trek: First Contact-Resistance is Impossible (and it kinda burns)

And #31-

Easy Tiger. Lot’s of us haven’t seen the movie yet. But most of us get ignored. Except me at conventions.

Shag Trek III: The Search For Penicilin

Hottest Trekkie ever? Megan Fox. She could be my yeoman (or Captain) any day!

“I’m a Star Wars fan. I’m a Star Trek fan. I’m a big nerd. I’m a big, giant comic book nerd.”

– Transformers hottie Megan Fox [IGN]

#42—-Can’t argue that.

I’m gonna say this knowing full well that I’m about to get a full photon torpedo spread to the face for it, but…

I liked Shatner’s death scene in Generations. I found it to be heartfelt, noble, and affecting. I did not see Kirk’s death as empty or a simple story gimmick. It may not have had the grandeur many fans would have liked, but he died stopping a madman from obliterating an entire planet full of people. His final line, “Oh, my…”, is tremendously powerful. Kirk had seen so many astonishing things in his life, yet whatever he experienced in those final moments filled him, not with pain, regret, or despair, but with wonder. He faced his death the same way he faced life, always ready for that next great adventure.

Generations, as a film, has some serious flaws, but in my opinion, Kirk’s death was handled with reverence and grace quite befitting the character. That’s it. I’ve outed myself as someone who doesn’t despise “The Death of Captain Kirk.” Now, release your hate upon me!

It’s a good thing Rick Berman was impeached and removed.

Kirk/Spock ’08!



Rodario Dawson. A big Star Trek geek?


#46 – Capt. Gerico, I think you just sealed your fate, lol.

Also, I think Rosario Dawson is hot, and I don’t even swing that way!

Hey Gerico, you do know that #4 runs this site, right? It might be a free country but if you dissed me like that in my house you would be gone.


It’s been nice knowing you.

Rosario has got my vote for super duper hot babe.

Wish she would show up to my costume party!