Even More New Star Trek Movie Images

When it rains, it pours. Entertainment Weekly has put up a new photo gallery that includes all the pictures released to TrekMovie and other sites yesterday, plus five new images. There are publicity photos of Kirk and Spock and shots of McCoy, Sulu and Nero from the Star Trek movie itself…see below..


Here are the images

Kirk (Chris Pine)

Spock (Zachary Quinto)

Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) with Kirk

Sulu (John Cho)

Nero (Eric Bana)

Goto EW.com to see the full gallery. Also don’t forget to read their excellent cover story on the new Star Trek movie.

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Nero looks great!!!


I wonder if McCoy and Kirk are in a shuttle and just getting their first gaze at the big E in that one pic!?

spock looks photoshoped

They’re spoiling us this week.

If I look close enough I can see the Enterprise.

yup- definitely a hint of saucer in the Bones/Kirk pic. Or am I imagining it?

LOL… Lord Voldemort has a brother with a nose… rsrsrsrsrs

Reflected in the window is that the Enterprise?

Fantastic shots, especially of McCoy looking out the window. There’s those red uniforms we first saw so long ago.

Enough photoshopping on Spock’s face, don’t ya think?

I cannot contain myself

Urban, in Red, looks an awful lot like Lockwood as Mitchell in that picture. The look on his face just screams Gary!

This is really looking good so far.

I defintely thought Gary Mitchell too, but Urban is close enough to my favorite character, McCoy, to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not sure if I can quite get my head around the E bridge though. I can’t see it becoming the E bridge we all know and love I wish they would have done things more subtely or integrated some old elements more gracefully into the whizbang.

BTW, can they lay off the Spock retouching already? Yuk! This is Trek not Playboy.

BTW, that is one helluva’ hairpiece on Pine! ; )

this has probably been said a thousand times before, but while i’m LOVING all these photos …. i really want to see what Leonard Nemoy looks like as the older Spock.

but seriously, the bridge may be different but this is gonna be a different kind of Trek. If its a good movie, has a good story and its got the “Trek” spirit i don’t care what the bridge looks like…

i can buy anything but not this spock! all others are thrilling but…

Speaking of Mitchell: Not to be a canon nut or anything, but I wonder how this all fits in with “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? We definitely have unis that looks post that ep, McCoy wasn’t even on the Enterprise at that point, Sulu was in astrophysics. I guess I can accept some reimagining, but I really want this to somehow fit in with what has gone before (no pun intended) without straining credulity too much. I wish they could have harkened back to the WNMHGB uniforms, though I imagine they wanted to go with what people remember. The uniforms do seem to have that single silver stripe thing from the early uniforms going. Barring that Sulu and McCoy I could probably concoct some sort of explanation for.

I really hope all this pictures are from the first five minutes of the movie. I have a great hunger of them, but I don’t want to feel that I allready watched the movie when I’m in the theatre.

i don’t like the way this looks

Ok folks — Nero’s ears — check out this image vs. the poster image.

On the poster, he’s missing the top tip of his left ear (perhaps his right, too?).

There’s something going on with that as well…!

Do we get some angry Kirk action?? Or does old Spock pull out one last can of whoop-ass??


Zach looks in this picture like his own action figure… Bones and Jim on the bus are cute, maybe the red uniforms are for changing ships only ;))

I want to see how Bruce Greenwood looks has Chris Pike. And im not sure if anyone else read the comments about the Kirk and McCoy pic. Some are asking about why McCoy wearing a cadet uniform? Since he is older then Kirk. Im pretty sure it makes since with out breaking canon. McCoy just decided to join Starfleet at an older age after his divorce. To me that makes since but then again I could be wrong.

why are McCoy and Kirk in the red academy niforms they never went to academy together

Alright J.J. how about you show us some pics now or somet……

Oh wait, sorry, just a knee jerk reaction ;)

Anyway, thanks for that J.J. Curious about the Academy Uniform thing (maybe they aren’t also Starfleet dress uniforms ;) )

Speaking of Neros ear: Maybe his right ear serves as an indicator for the time frame we are in. In one timeline his ear is complte, in another timeline his ear may be mutilated. (by whom? Kirk?) hmmm….. I am desperately looking forward to this movie. So far I think Abrams got everything right.

Nero looks like Shinzon and the Reman Viceroy had a baby.

The people who commented on EW.com are ruthless! They absolutely hate what JJ Abrams and co. are doing with this cast and movie. I don’t see why they have to be so cruel. I have my doubts, but I’m willing to put that aside and hope for the best!

I will admit that it looks like McCoy and Kirk are both in Academy uniforms in that one picture, but there could be a BILLION different explanations for that. What if McCoy is a teacher at the Academy? That would explain him being there AND the age difference, and I just came up with that while I was writing this! RELAX PEOPLE!

the mccoy kirk picture looks like a city in the reflection at the bottom

Pics are fantastic! He wont truly be Kirk until he double-closed fists someone in the jaw, though.

looks like a city in the lower part of the mccoy kirk picture

I hate to sound like a purist, but they totally should have made Karl Urban wear blue contacts… It sounds weird, but everytime I think of Dr. McCoy, I think of the kindly older guy with the gentle blue eyes. Yeah… I’m weird. But anywho, I love these pictures. They make me really happy and hopeful.

I love how they kept the pointy sideburns. :D

looks like a city in the lower part of the mccoy kirk picture

#26: and you know this, how?

It’s never been stated either way who Kirk attended the academy with, other than with Gary Mitchell… and maybe, just maybe Carol Marcus.

I might agree with you because of the age difference between Kirk and McCoy… but we know very little in canon about the TOS crew’s academy days.

These picks, great that they are, are just barely beginning to wet my appetite for the movie… and a pic of the big E.

could that be an exploding starship with Mccoy and KIrk…notice the flash of light on Urban and what may be smoke from a saucer….or maybe just maybe its dirt on the window

That’s One Romulan You Don’t F*ck with. {-o ~ ~ ~ * * O-I:::

That outtake of Spock looks like he’s made of plastic.

Nero’s got some serious Ferengi lobes going on there……

Wow, is that Darth Maul?

I don’t get the constant comparisons between Nero and Shinzon? Shinzon was a HUMAN who lived in a mine on Remus and was in his early 20’s and Nero is a mature looking ROUMULAN, they just both happen to be bald!

I’ve often wondered if the TOS era Romulans were bald under those metalic helmets they wore?

Can’t wait to see!
I think Urban and Quinto looks great as McCoy and Spock!
Still don’t get the tatoo on bald romulans but we’ll find out!

Yes, me likey

I am in Trek heaven.

Let’s time travel to may 2009…

About the McCoy/Kirk picture:
Anyone remember months back to those leaked pics that depicted that shuttle with seatbelts in every seat? I would guess that’s probably what they’re riding in.

god will the teasing never end!?!?!? CANT WAIT ALREADY and havent even seen the enterprise!!

Kirk and Mc Coy in a travel pod. On there way to the Enterprise I reckon. There is a reflection of something in the window. Man I wish I was seeing was they are seeing.