Shatner Watch: Takei Takedown, Broadcasting Award, Shatner Clause + more

Before the William Shatner and JJ Abrams drama there was the William Shatner and George Takei drama. This feud has played out in books, talk shows and in the media — most recently in reports about how Shatner was not invited to Takei’s wedding. In his newest "Shatner Project" video blog, Bill doesn’t hold back on how he feels. See that below plus get all the latest on The Shat.


Bill on George

More Shat Video – including ‘dwarf of broadcasting’ & Obama interuptus
The Shatner Project on YouTube has more new Shat fun, including Shatner accepting his "Giants of Broadcasting Award" from the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation (mostly for his performances on radio).  The video features some nice retro pictures of Shatner, and his usual humor as he reveals he thinks of himself as a "dwarf of broadcasting." 

Also from the set of Boston Legal, Shatner shares the story of what his recent SNL sketch would have been like had Barack Obama been able to be on the show (Senator Obama canceled due to the hurricanes plaguing the U.S. that same weekend).  

Entertainment Weekly Doesn’t Forget the Shat
This week, Entertainment Weekly lavishes attention on the new Star Trek film.  Yet, the online website of EW knows how to respect the Shat with a very cool photo gallery detailing "Captain Kirk’s 20 Best and Worst Moments" with commentary and photos from all his adventures. The great photo essay reminds us of what makes Captain Kirk such an iconic and heroic character.

Shatner IS Santa
Lastly, I have long promoted the idea that everything Shatner does is a gift, yet now I have proof that he is indeed Santa Claus.  Shatner will voice Santa for Steven de Souza’s "Gotta Catch Santa" animated show which is being broadcast this holiday season.  The show is presented in the classic 1960s "Rankin-Bass" Christmas-special style animation (such as "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer").  According to a report at MTV, the story details how really smart kids figure out the science behind how Santa is able to deliver all the presents each year  According to de Souza, ""Well, we start with a bunch of brainy kids kicking this idea around, and they stumble upon the actual method Santa uses – which involves quantum mechanics and a lot of dialogue that only William Shatner can say,” he continued. “And by attempting to get a photograph of Santa in order to win a contest or to prove his existence, they say, ‘We’ll just delay him for 10 seconds when he’s at our chimney.’ But we’re dealing with quantum physics here!"" More info at MTV.

As the new feature film looms and will hopefully usher in a renaissance of Star Trek, let’s remember those who pioneered the way.

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I think I like the idea of Santa Shatner. He seems like such an unlikely choice.

I think Shatner and Takei should wrestle each other.

Shat sure is laying it on thick.
I have to take a break from watching it
because its making me laugh too hard!

Yes, Shatner & Takei should have a cage match, I agree… The loser must shut the hell up… I love ’em both, but I’d bet on the Shat

It’s Father issues, Bill.

As a big an authority figure in his life, you should realize that.

I’m really liking Shatner less and less as he has spoken about various topics online and on TV over this last year. Seriously, if someone doesn’t invite you to their wedding, it’s not because they are “sick”. Shatner himself states that he and Takei were never close ( ie Shatner refused to lower himself to speak to the “other four” for 30 years. ) Why should George invite him? I’d say, “It’s my party, and I’ll cry “I don’t have to see that egomaniacal jerk today!” if I want to!”
We’ve seen Shatner’s overreaction to not being in Trek 11, and now calling Takei “sick” for not inviting him to his nuptials – Maybe, the prime reason Shatner is being snubbed as of late is quite simply that he is a self-centered blowhard who is making a spectacular fool of himself in his old age.
He really needs to shut up, stop attacking people online and go off and quietly count his money.

I like the characters Shatner plays, but he forgets the line between actor and person.

#5 George, I am your father…

I seem to find myself liking Shatner more and more these days.

And this is another good reason to recast the beloved characters:

To get a whole new crop of actors together and make them hate each other into their old age.

What Fun!

Bill’s just great, I really enjoy him. The ‘elephant in the room’ that no one ever seems to mention is that there were, and are, actors from Star Trek who, despite whatever work they are doing, gain a large amount of press and airtime by talking about ‘Trek. They gain even MORE press and airtime if they manage to work in some sort of conflict, i.e. the Shatner situation. At this point most people understand that okay, the Shat was probably a big egomaniacal jerk AT TIMES, or perhaps his personality just wasn’t/isn’t for everyone. But he’s right – it’s FORTY YEARS later and really, it’s way too long for the badmouthing to continue and that includes making a special point to state that Bill was NOT invited to one’s wedding. Why mention him at all? Say ‘no comment’ and talk about something else. And also? Maybe at this point bury the damn hatchet.

Ok. The Shat and George in a WWE. Hell in a Cell. That will work. The Shat is still the greatest.

I’m going to have to side with Shatner on this one. C’mon, George – if there was a situation so cruel and evil that Bill had done, I’m sure he would have known, acknowledged it, or apologized for it. If it wasn’t that bad, it’s still a 40-year-old grudge. If I can get over Berman and Braga ruining a multi-billion-dollar franchise, I’m sure George can get over Bill’s antics.

When Bill said that he and George don’t have that many years left ahead of them, that really sunk into my heart – I don’t have any hatred or grand grudges toward anyone, and regardless of who’s wrong, I would have extended an olive branch minutes after a post like that.

Mr. Shatner, I don’t know either you or George Takei, but if I was to hazzard a guess as to what his big problem with you is, I would say that it’s the fact you seem so oblivious to him in general. Yes, it is sad that Takei still seems to be holding a grudge towards you for 40+ years, but it also seems sad to me that you’ve apparently made so little effort to get to know him better in those same 40+ years.

One of you two should just choose to be the bigger man & just let it this whole thing go. Politely decline to comment on it any further. Just my opinion.

He called him George TaGAY one day on the set, and that was the last straw.

I’m guessing Brad has to watch Boston Legal on TIVO when George is out of the house, or else he’d never get to hear the dialogue over George’s constant kvetching about Shat not letting him have more camera time back in the day…

The character of Captain Kirk is an inspiring, generous person who is secure in himself.

Shatner is a self-centered, petty, and small man.

My first impression of Shatner’s comment regarding the snub was that he sounded insincere, self-serving, and less than reconciliatory. However, after Googling “Takei Shatner wedding”, it seems clear that Takei stirred-up the conflict by publicly announcing that Shatner’s non-invitation. So Shatner had the right to be unapologetic within the context of Takei’s public comments.

It’s nice to think that two guys who have known each other for 42 years would be able to reconcile or at least come to a truce, but life isn’t perfect. I’m sure Takei and other TOS cast members have legitimate claims against Shatner, but it seems it’s time to move-on.

Dear George, I got News for you. Star Trek without Sulu ( read, you ) goes on and went on. Star Trek without Kirk, well it don’t go very far.
If you are still peeved because he had, I mean has a big ego, get over it. The man deserves a lot of credit for making Star Trek what it is today. I’ll watch an episode / movie with just Kirk, Spock, Bones and the big E anyday. With only Sulu, Chekov, Uhura and Scotty, I’ll pass. You guys were the Ringo Starr of Star Trek. Give credit where credit is due.

Another reason TNG is better than TOS (in my very humble opinion) – the cast actually got along with each other.

I’m amazed this rivalry has lasted as long as it has. Unbelievable. I too pity George Takei. He’s obviously very distressed. Although I think Shatner would do better to simple ignore Takei.

Wow, that’s a lot of passive-aggressive mudslinging there, Shat :(

No14- but with Takei there is much that is worth taking the time to ignore.
However, it is simply crazy that two men can reach such generous ages and still carry grudges around. Sad.
Get over it, or forget each other completely.

Shat’s the king of the castle, and Takei’s the dirty rascal!

Shatner is right in many ways. First it does seem that George is sick in some ways to continue having a grudge 40 Plus years later. First if Bill was hogging all the lines and the close-ups back then; it really didn’t hurt George. Everybody knows him as Mr. Sulu; not as some guy in a yellow shirt piloting the Enterprise.

Second these men DON’T have many years left with us. To continue this resentment towards Bill because of camera time and line stealing is pretty petty 40 Plus years later. According to George in Star Trek IV there was a scene shot the showed Sulu being promoted to Captain. Maybe he blames Bill for that scene being cut.

I’m surprised that George is not mad at John Wayne. They filmed the “Green Berets” during Star Trek’s Second Season. Why doesn’t George say how John Wayne stole all the camera time and lines in that movie??

Shatner, Nimoy, & Kelley were the main stars of the show; the rest of the actors were the supporting cast. Meaning they weren’t in every episode, had the camera on them all the time or sometimes didn’t have alot of lines for their chatacters to say. If Bill did all they say he did then we wouldn’t remember them at all. We would remember only Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and the rest of them would draw blank from the fans, but that is not the case at all.

If James Doohan and Bill could patch up their differences so can you George. I thought that all was well between these 2 men because George appeared on “The Roast of William Shatner”. But I guess not.

Maybe George is jealous of Bill’s career. Sure, Bill had some downtime after “Star Trek” but he came back with “T.J. Hooker”, “Rescue 911”, “Third Rock from the Sun”, “Priceline”, “Boston Legal”, “Tek World”, even his version of “Rocket Man” is still talked about today. Bill has a couple of Emmy Awards. Fans wanted to see Bill in the new Star Trek movie next year; while I don’t remember seeing or hearing anyone wanting George to be in the new movie. Yes, Bill will always be Captain James T. Kirk (Sorry Chris Pine), but there is other characters Bill has played that you could name. While George is still only known as Mr. Sulu of Star Trek.

George if what Bill did to you still affects you to this day; you do need to seek some professional help. That or “Get a Life, George”.

Bitter old man…

George Tacky would have been ignored out of existence long ago were it not for his controversial actions. He is the bitter old man.

Most intriguing. My opinion? Plenty of blame to go around if you ask me.

– William Shatner publicly reacting to being snubbed?
– George Takei making it public that William Shatner is not invited?
– Both for passing judgement and not making amends over the years?
– The media and blogsphere sensationalizing the situation?
– All of us for giving attention this doesn’t deserve?

Given I’ve made the effort to make a post, perhaps I’m one to talk. Regardless maybe we all should just get over it, ignore the feud, and move on. Human nature will no doubt dictate otherwise.

Looks like Bill is fond of Obama, nice. So is Zachary Quinto. Generations meet ;))

I think these two are the ones in love with each other.

If Bill ‘does not know the man’ then why would he be bothered at not being invited?
People I don’t know very well, don’t invite me to their weddings either, but you don’t see me putting up a video blog about it.


Wow, what an actor! :)


Bill could have crashed the party.

I would just grab a bottle of champagne and drive over there to George to fix that thing up. Because it’s obvious that Bill is not happy with the situation, either.

Is it me or is the Shat losing weight?

That was smug, unnecessary and a disappointing effort by Mr. Shatner. I sadly expected more from him, as a long term fan. If I were him, I would remove that video.

I would wonder if george had a secret crush on bill back in the 60’s and that maybe george is still trying to get over being rejected. I have been wondering about this since george “came out”. I also feel that bill is being sincere about his feelings on this matter.

LOL at #33… I kind of feel bad for Leonard Nimoy, actually. As he’s very good friends with both Takei and Shatner, I wonder if he sometimes feels like the dude stuck in the middle.

“I’m really liking Shatner less and less as he has spoken about various topics online and on TV over this last year.”

Exactly. I used to respect him, but that was before I heard him speak at length. He strikes me as egotistical and self-centered. I fail to understand how George Takei not inviting him to his wedding (when Shatner openly admits they have no personal relationship and are “strangers” to each other) makes him “sick”.

You are the one with problems, Mr. Shatner. My respect for you as a human being diminishes every time I see one of your videos.

37. That’s what I thought. Coupled with Shatner’s obvious disregard of his collegues back then. From his comments it appears that he never even noticed his showboating, so it could be that his demeanor was especially hurtful to mr. Takei.
As for him publicly stating that Shatner wasn’t invited. You have to take in account that he’ll always be associated with Star Trek and thus with Shatner. If he’s never really gotten over the whole thing then I think it goes a long way to explaining why he wanted to say he wasn’t invited.
As for Shatner, sure it was a stupid thing to do, somewhat petty, but be the bigger person here and send him a card congratulating him on his nuptials, don’t go on the internet and say George Takei is a sick man.
In the end maybe it’s just a case of both them being drama queens a bit. They are actors after all.

I wonder if Mr. Orci agrees with jj that the scene he and Alex Kurtzman wrote for Shatner was contrived? After all the movie is going to show the roots of the original characters relationships begin to develop. would be nice to see it in action with a nod to Shatner/Nimoy

Yeah Bill shoulda crashed the wedding in full on Star Trek regalia – TWOK uniform (with big coat) complete with phaser and lunchbox commuincator..and had the thick funky black perm as well…

When we wasn’t allowed by the guards he could have screamed TAKEEEEEEEEIIIIII! (yes I know you saw that coming)

Shatner comes across as a right bitter old bastard lately.

#11Exactly right. I mean who goes around talking about whom you didn’t invite. I thought it was kinda petty of George to do that at the time.


George Takei is in love with William Shatner.

Hell, I thought the two sorta got over this after the Shatner roast.

So, he’s got his daughter calling George “Tak-igh” instead of Tak-ay (“Rhymes with toupee!”)



I’m still holding out hope in my fantasy world that Bill is a republican; however, I deep inside I know better.

I think the problem is George, and that he lives off the publicity all this back and forth generates. It puts him in the limelight that Shatner has so much to himself.

Who is the one who is always talking smack in the media? Its Takei. Shatner should be smart enough not to take the bait.

I like George but I don’t know where he gets off with his self importance in the Trekverse. Shatner IS Kirk. Kirk IS one of the pillars of Trek.