Great Links: Drink Up Edition

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like to drink? Why not bring those together…and this week the Great Links finds a few folks who like to do just that. We also find common ground with Star Wars, more political Trek, search the Technobabble, surf Trek style, turn money into space ships,  and so much more.


Trektinis: the Trek podcast for drinkers
There are many Star Trek related podcasts out there and that should be the subject of an entire future article (note to self). However Great Links just discovered a fun newish podcast called "Trektinis" which describes itself as "John and Jessie discuss Star Trek over Star Trek related martinis and other alcoholic beverages"…how awesome is that? Each show features a a review of a Trek movie or episode along along with new Trek-themed drink and lots of drinking. Go to their site and listen to the show and check out the recipes.

Beam up and drink

Speaking of drinking and Trek, Slashfilm points us to the ‘Bar Trekkin’ shirt at Go Ape Shirts.

Need a shirt for your next bar crawl?

Star Trek v Star Wars: Can’t we all get along?
Speaking of things that can go together, what about Star Trek and Star Wars?
Many times The Great Links has found a new front in the ongoing war between the Trek and Wars franchises, but the recent pro Star Wars comments from Star Trek director JJ Abrams has i09 positing their list of 5 Ways To Make Star Trek More Like Star Wars. The best idea: Put Uhura In A Metal Bikini At Some Point. 

Zoe in a metal bikini…the road to detente between Trek and Wars

Even More Trek The Vote
In our last two Great Links, we saw Star Trek invading the world of politics. The American elections are just a week away so it should die down, but the Trek references are still coming for now.

Beam up and vote

Pictures of the week – Surfin Trek
Friend of the site (and Hollywood big shot) James Krieg, points us to the photo of the day at It is of himself (as Spock) and his buddy Phil (as Kirk) at the ‘4th Annual Scare N Tear Halloween Surf Contest

And here is a second shot where James said he was ‘mind melding the wave.

Fan Art Of The Week: Money Oragami Trek
Oragami artist Won Park has found some creative uses for money — turning US currency into ships from Star Trek and Star Wars. Check out his gallery at DeviantArt.

Show me the Trek money

Video of the week: top 10 technobabbles
Cinemassacre at makes their choices for the top 10 technobabbles, but it appears they missed most of the technodoosies, especially from the technobabble-friendly  Voyager (which ironically runs on Spike in reruns). Language warning!


OK, so when did the Enterprise attack the Regula I station?

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My name is Kirk… James Kirk.

Nothing much has ever been said about Kirk’s son holding a knife to his throat and io9 missed it as well.

Uh, isn’t the station attacking the Enterprise?

#3 —

No. There’s an “explosion” on Regula I. (That little yellow flash.) I’ve always wondered about that poster, too.

Also, I must point out the fantastic image at the top of the article on ways to make Trek more like Wars. Just a great picture. You’ve got to click on the link.

And Spock doing the old,,, “Pull my Finger” gag


Next week we will witness as the US reinvents itself, toward a better future. And that is all Trek is about…

Or explodes.

i want the sufer spock as my wallpaper. but i only find these small pictures with the tags in the middle… *sad


okay, they want money, but i still dont find this photo posted here…

How much deeper can you sink

I want to marry James Krieg and have his Vulcan children.

Zoe in a metal bikini. That’s officer thinking, mister.

Oh dear… money fighting money.

The USS WaMu vs. the IKS Dow Jones

I have a feeling they will both be destroyed.

I want that ‘bar-trekkin’ t-shirt! :D

I SO have to get me a Star Trek drinking t-shirt!! I’m visiting London next week to do some serous drinking, and the t-shirt would look awesome and make me irresistible to women! (London is my old ‘foam’ town, where they make good beer…).

Cool origami, wonder if he can make the Crystalline Entity though.

Yeah, some of those posters are just crazy. The Voyage Home one doesn’t even look like the actual actors, but their stunt doubles. :-P

“OK, so when did the Enterprise attack the Regula I station?”
Hee hee. Lieutenant Saavik doesn’t even look like Kirstie Alley in that one, more like Robin Curtis.

I do love the Angry Video Game Nerd.
He did the technobabble vid here.

The article comparing McCain and Obama to Kirk and Spock was fun. But when watching the third debate, I couldn’t help thinking they were more like McCoy and Spock — the temperamental grouch vs. the cool, unflappable intellectual.

I could go for a trektini right about now.

6: Oh, spare me. We will be electing a president, not a god. If Obama wins, he may be a great president, or he may be a colossal failure. Time will tell.

Silverplated –

I found that picture of me here:

And who WOULDN’T want to own it?

i’m sorry but that false advertising article is the biggest pile of nonsense i’ve ever read. They really have no logic to their arguments, even if it is tongue in cheek.

Wow… that Movie Poster False Advertising story really strains to make a point. Complaining about “Join the Search!” as the tagline for Star Trek III? C’mon, that was a good tag!

They go on about the “Star Trek II Poster” with the Enterprise firing on Regula I, but that’s not actually the movie poster, it was just a DVD (or VHS) cover 15+ years later (and yes, that DOES look like Robin Curtiss instead of Kirstie Alley). Also, remember that movie posters are usually made up well in advance of the movie itself, so the actual TWOK poster is full of pictures or alternate takes that aren’t actually in the movie due to editing. This happens in Hollywood a lot.

TWOK’s tagline “At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance” dates from the days when the movie’s working title was “Vengeance of Khan” and it’s called artistic license, people! Trek’s are no worse than any other movie taglines.

OMG… the top 10 technobabbles video was hilarious!

No, no, no….McCain is much more like Commodore Decker. And he’s just about to fly his shuttle into the Doomsday machine of November 4…. SpoBama is simply trying to get the Commodore out of the Captain’s chair…

Son ! That’s a picture of me taken here when i heard they were rebootin’ the star trek franchise ! No Aspersions Please !!!

Found the technobabble video hilarious. But to be fair, wasn’t Riker just trying to confuse the Ferengi in #3?

I really want to hit the guy hosting the technobabble video.

Maybe because I understood pretty much everything they were saying.

Maybe someone should hit me!

A hot chick wearing a Trek shirt? Well, this is the internet.

“That Witch Survives”
“The 9th Degree”
“The Parallels”

… I need to see this guy’s geek credentials!

What a retard.
His wimpy post pubescent voice and redneck vocal stylings guarantee a career on Fox.

Nah, he’d get canceled and moved to FX.


How rude.

What an archaic term (doesn’t that sound McCoyian?)

Anthony, here’s another Trek drinkin’ site:

This game is fun but dangerous, depending on the episode. Warning though, if you’re not at home when playing, a cab or a friend’s couch are mandatory!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#27 – Yes, Riker was making up all that terminology for the Ferengi….