The Collective: Reviews of Star Trek Pez & Adler Spock X-Mas Statue

In the last week a couple of unique items have come out that are firsts for Star Trek merchandising. Firstly we have The Original Series finally realized as Pez candy dispensers. And in addition the first Kurt Adler Christmas statue is out, featuring Spock and some tribbles. Reviews, pictures and details below.


Trek PEZ: Miniature candy from the final frontier
PEZ and Star Trek are both venerable entertainment and collecting icons. For 50 years, PEZ has provided the world with billions of candies and fun dispensers (each year in the United States nearly 3 billion PEZ candies are consumed). For 42 years, Star Trek has entertained with its adventures and characters. Now, the two icons meet with a ultra cool Star Trek Gift Set from PEZ Candy, Inc.

Star Trek PEZ packaging (front) [click to enlarge]

The PEZ Star Trek Gift Set includes eight different dispensers (Uhura, Chekov, McCoy, Kirk, the Enterprise, Spock, Scotty, and Sulu) and twelve candy packs. The likenesses are very good considering the size, and are much better than the Star Wars versions of characters such as Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker. Especially excellent are the Spock and Sulu dispensers, with one of the better sculpts of George Takei’s character from any collectible.

Star Trek PEZ packaging (front) [click to enlarge]

The PEZ gift set packaging follows the uniform design which started this year for almost all licensees. On the back, there are descriptions of the characters and the Enterprise, as well as a nice history of the show itself. It is interesting to note the specific mention of Captain Christopher Pike on the back of the gift set, which will help educate those new to Star Trek about an important character in the May 2009 feature film. The gift sets are numbered, and limited to 250,000. This may not seem like a limited number, but it is for PEZ. In fact, the Star Trek Gift Set has already sold out at the official PEZ online store in a matter of days! The best source for these is now at local or online retail stores. A nice detailing with the gift set is that the background has an effect reminiscent of the original transporter room background and is reflective and futuristic. Small details like this make the gift set a fun item.

Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Enterprise PEZ [click to enlarge]

Star Trek now joins franchises like Star Wars, Disney, Elvis, and Batman with PEZ offerings, helping to show that Star Trek is back. A licensee such as PEZ also means Star Trek is going to be available at local retailers again, as PEZ dispenser gift sets from other franchises are available at Walmarts and Walgreens. Retail marketing is important because it reminds the generic audience about Star Trek. While certain collectibles and most websites attract niche demographic audiences, retail stores such as these attract all kinds of people and helps educate about Star Trek’s return. This gift set is recommended both because it is a first, and its respectful and fun presentation of the original crew. Star Trek and PEZ are a delicious combination!

Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and Scotty PEZ [click to enlarge]


Kurt Adler Christmas Spock Statue — Its A Wonderful Trek Life
Kurt S. Adler, Inc., a world renowned holiday collectibles company that started in 1916, is a new licensee to the world of Star Trek. KA’s first offering is a doozey, and one of the best Star Trek statues in a long while.

Kurt Adler Spock and Tribbles Christmas statue (packaging top and front)
[click to enlarge]

The "Spock and Tribbles" hand crafted and hand painted fabriche statue is about 7 inches tall. The statue is heavy and heirloom quality, offering a stylized "animated" design to Spock’s likeness that brightens the item symbolically and appropriately as a Christmas decoration. This style, which has incredibly popular for Star Wars statues from Gentle Giants and Kurt Adler, doesn’t go for the exact imagery, yet seeks to capture the character’s essential look in a style that imitates the animated design aesthetic.

Kurt Adler Spock and Tribbles Christmas statue (front and back)
[click to enlarge]

The statue also boasts some incredible details. The best has to be the gift tag that reads "From McCoy" something that brings a smile to one’s face thinking that McCoy probably would give Spock a Christmas present of multiplying Tribbles just to annoy him a little. The ribbon is flowing, and moves when touched. The tribbles are colorful, and they are somewhat soft, yet retain a solidity due to the fact that this is a quality statue (in other words, these are not fuzz balls such as those that accompany action figures or the like).

Kurt Adler Spock and Tribbles Christmas statue (detail)
[click to enlarge]

The Collective recommends this item because it is well designed and attentive to details. This item reminds us that Star Trek is meant to be fun.

Kurt Adler Star Trek Spock & Tribbles Christmas Fabric Mache Statue

Next up for Adler
Previously reported by Trekmovie, Adler also has two holiday nutcrackers, Kirk and Spock, available this November. Kurt Adler has a history of taking big franchises, such as Star Wars and DC Comics, and making quality Christmas and holiday themed items, from statues to nutcrackers. That Star Trek is getting the interest of companies like Kurt Adler and joining other "cool" franchises is a good indication of the idea that Trek is coming back, and in a big way during the next year. Let the holidays begin, Trek style!

Kurt Adler Star Trek
Mr. Spock Nutcracker
Kurt Adler Star Trek
Captain Kirk Nutcracker
(pre-order for November availability)
(pre-order for November availability)



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FROM McCOY ! Hilarious!

Star Trek Spock & Tribbles Christmas? Not Cannon! j/k

I see some nice presents for under the tree this Christmas!

John, you need to fix the caption under the photo of the Pez dispensers for Uhuru and company…

Those are sweet. Get it..sweet. You know, because they contain sugar which has a sweet taste. Yeah, I think you get it.

that pez kirk is actually pretty good in likeness – better than some action figures

Tell me , who doesn’t want a tribble for Christmas ? Those cute fuzzy pets multiply you know (by New Year you will have 150 – you will be able to sleep on them) ? See ! Spock likes them ? !! Thats canon to me !!!!

The gals have been raving over the PEZ items for a couple of days now. Those are nice pieces. I can see why they would be sold out. and they hand put candy! Woot!

Even though this collective does not feature ships and tech, I am THX-1138 and I approve of this article.


Spock looks like he’s about to eat that Tribble….

From McCoy! Genius!

GUH. LOVE the “From McCoy”. Brilliant ^__^

Why can nobody ever make anything look like Bones? Always been a pet peeve of mine, how McCoy figures never seem to bear much resemblance to him whatsoever…

Spock seems to have the first sign of Depression… Over eating.

I think they’d want to do two more nutcrackers…


Lol, the Kirk nutcracker.

Oh, the articles I have to read to see Kirk in the right colored command shirt.

Poor Nurse Chapel – she never makes the cut anymore.

I got my second set yesterday and now have all my little dispensers sitting around on my desk looking at me. The first set remains in its box, though it was hard not to tear it open. The likenesses are excellent, even going so far as to give Uhura her trademark greenish-yellow hoop earrings. PEZ rocked out on this one.

My family gave me the PEZ set yesterday for my birthday.

I’m 40 years old and my my family thinks I’m still a geek. And they’d be right.

19. GNDN

Happy Birthday GNDN!

honestly… who in the world needs such things?
no wonder some people consider us fans… the way we are considered.

I just purchased the Star Trek Pez Set at there on-line store.
Type in “Star Trek” in there search box.

NCC#21- So what types of things do you take pleasure in? Whatever you enjoy collecting, I am sure there are those who would scoff at your idiosyncrasies as well… Perhaps a little less judgment and a bit more humour would be in order insofar as your attitude is concerned.

I saw the Pez at my local grocery store the other day, I don’t think that the likenesses are all that good to be honest, and I’m not a fan of the new “bust” style Pez to begin with, so I’ll be passing. The only one of the 8 that I thought I might pick up as a single won’t be available as a single anyway (the Enterprise).

I’m not a hater on Pez, far from it. I buy them for my wife all the time, but in this case I’ll pass. I know for the scale they can do better, and in a limited box set like this they should have.

Denise, you are far too nice. I would have phrased it something like, “Buzz off, creep.”

“no wonder some people consider us fans… the way we are considered.”

I read that four times and then my head exploded. Somebody get me a UT.

Nobody NEEDS such things. But many of us derive pleasure from them. Perhaps they bring back a childhood memory. Or they allow us a brief moment of peace from a world that is ever changing and increasingly difficult to get by in. Someone who collects things might just be you, or your mother or father. It could be a respected member of your town or a clergyman. To paint such a broad judgemental stroke is not a very enlightened stance to take. And it is impolite to boot. I’m certain that you can find better things to do with your time than comment on the collective article. Try doing that.

I’m sorry, but this stuff is JUNK!! Who in their right mind would buy this crap?! Stop designing such idiotic pieces of plastic and make something that’ll actually sell!

Yulin#26- Some consider me to not be in my right mind at times, but I am indeed sane … Really, maybe you do not care for these FIRST TIME Pez Star Trek collectibles, but I think they are delightful and unique. As for them not selling – the Pez website has already sold out of their allotment and I had a devil of a time finding a site to grab a second kit when I received my first and decided to buy another. Why so hostile?


Let’s see…

I am a tenured professor of sociology…

I have a great wife who is also a professor of sociology…

I have a great son who loves Star Trek

I own my home…

I consider myself a good citizen who volunteers to help others…

Oh, and I bought this and really like it…

I am not someone who denegrates Star Trek collectors ON a Star Trek website, in an article about collectibles. What I am is like most Star Trek collectors, good people who enjoy collecting fun Star Trek items to divert from everyday experiences.

Not something to get if you want it to look good. Good stuff for kids.

My wife and sons came home last night and told me that they had a suprise for me…It was the PEZ collection!! How Cool—My family and friends know of my love for TOS and this was something I’d heard was on the horizon..It made me and them happy!!

It’s good to see TOS being the center of attention again! Gone are the days when TOS was regarded “the old series” by the majority of Trek fans and the producers…

The PEZ store has them in stock, on sale for $19.95 as of 10-31-08 3:15pm eastern. Go get them, they are truly a limited edition. I just bought 10 sets, at 20 bucks. you have to type star trek in the search box and click on the link.

The McCoy dispenser actually looks great in person, especially with its blue eyes. It’s my fave besides the Sulu.

Is that a Kentucky Fried Tribbles bucket at Spock’s feet? Mmmmm…tastes like chicken.

I don’t know if I could bring myself to spend $50 on that Spock xmas statue, but it IS pretty cool!!

#21 Well let me think , I’m sure this is a star trek Fan site ?! the people who run the site , like to inform us all about star trek and fan things as an entertainment pasttime ?! If you are too strict (vulcan like) , you could go crazy ! Have you seen that ?! Are you like that ?!
#16 Anyway , I’m wondering if there might be a scene with McCoy and Nurse Chapel in the Sickbay , in the new Movie ?!
#13-14 It’s an interesting nutcracker ?! Does anyone know how it works ?!
#6 This is one of the best spock dioramas , I’ve seen ! I lreally ike the Christmas wrapping and the multicolored tribbles !!
#34 Ha ha , the KFC bucket – could be , couldn’t it ?!!

Does this mean when I go to my corner Walgreens I might find the Star Trek PEZ collection there? I would really be surprised if I did!

Got my PEZ delivery finally! Great set. And I also got that Spock/Tribble statue and think it’s great.

“Nobody NEEDS such things. But many of us derive pleasure from them. Perhaps they bring back a childhood memory. Or they allow us a brief moment of peace from a world that is ever changing and increasingly difficult to get by in. ”

Amen. I’ve collected since childhood and really don’t care if people think I’m nuts. My Trek Room gives me great pleasure — I can walk in and go down memory lane, all the cons I’ve been too, the lovely people I’ve met over the 30+ years of fandom. It IS a nice respite from life.

I’m the biggest ST-TOS fan that I personally know and
I think the Spock statuette is a bad joke.

The Pez set offends me far less.

I guess your mileage may vary.

I cant believe they hadnt done a Star Trek pez head yet.

#21 & #26

these comments dont surprise me- i hear the same attitude from people even fans all the time.

I also collect Transformers and He-Man memorabelia and hear it all the time.
Collecting is a hobby, a passtime and it is a connection to my youth and happyer times.
I dont understand people who critisise people for this there are much weirder hobbys.
Happy collecting fellow fans- the next 6 months will be full of wonderous Trekkie treats…

I’m liking the new packaging look. Looks like theyve establshed a uniform look for new merchandise….no matter what company is the manufacturer.

looked for the Pez set at Walmart, looked in the candy section and the toy section, can’t find it.. anyone guess where it might be..?

Even though I shop at Goodwill, I’ve seen them at Walgreens, but couldn’t afford the price of 20 bucks. As a security guard in Mesa, AZ, I’d like them to come up with a security officer pez. They could use me as a model, tall, fat, and missing teeth. That would be kewl.

Just got one at Kroger for $15.

i got one for christmass and would u belive it has 2 kirksand no sulu it is number 203,959 of 250,000

I’m not a collector of Pez or a Star Trek fan but the Star Trek Pez’s presentation was so unique and attractive that I forked over $14 for a set at my local Safeway. Too bad Mr. Chekov has such a poor likeness but I guess he’s expendable. :-)

Has anyone heard of errors of these collector pez sets?

Because I’m pretty sure I just bought one…the one I bought has two Kirks and no Chekov. It is the numbered set, and it has not been tampered with.

So error collectible or what?