ST09 Trailer Countdown: Taking A Look At The Voyage Home’s Trailer

We are now just about a week away to the new Star Trek trailer in front of Quantum of Solace (in the US and Canada). To pass the time TrekMovie is looking back at previous Trek trailers with today’s stop in 1986 with the cinematic trailer for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.


Stardate 1986
Theatrical trailer for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Featuring music from the previous two Star Trek films, this trailer is much more fast paced than previous offerings, which mostly speaks to the the influence of MTV editing styles entrenched by the mid 1980s. The trailer starts with the sci-fi mystery of the probe, but then quickly changes tone to the reflect the more light-hearted time travel fish-out-of-water comedy of the film. Of all the Trek film theatrical trailers, this is probably the one that is most geared for a general audience (which could also be said of the film it represents). The trailer also gives away pretty much everything in the movie. This approach obviously worked as Star Trek IV was a box office hit.

The new Star Trek 2009 film has similar goals of reaching a general film audience, but we will have to see how Paramount positions the film to reach that goal. One thing that we can be pretty sure of is that JJ Abrams will not be giving away as much of the plot as this STIV trailer does.

The STIV DVD features this theatrical trailer, with no TV commercials or teaser trailer.

Alternative Foreign trailer and intro
Due to previous Trek films performing poorly in foreign markets, the film was sold as ‘The Voyage Home’ with the ‘Star Trek IV’ part of the title becoming secondary. Here is the UK trailer which reflects that and has a different narrator.

Since this film capped off a ‘trilogy’ starting with Wrath of Khan, there was also a special prologue created for foreign markets to catch people up to what they missed.


Thanks to YouTubers SnapeSoul, TvFilmMedia and THX1138


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The first Trek film I ever saw and the best. Harks back to Gene’s original social message and away from the militarism that made the previous two films so distasteful.

The third in the great TOS Trek movie Trilogy! Marks the height of the Trek Franchise!

Loved the line “Remember where we parked”

First time I saw it I was a bit bemused… why weren’t they in the future? What’s with all the joking around? Why no big space battles?

I certainly never expected to laugh (and groan) so much at a Trek film, this must be Trek’s most ‘feel good’ movie to date.

A pretty brave film to bring out, with a big in your face message. It’s great that it was so successful.

My DVD has that intro on it. I always thought it was just part of the movie

Still an interesting approach for a trailer: Show the entire film…. :-)

This trailer is just a lot of fun; like the film, it’s a joyous romp. The use of the Horner score is outstanding; the voiceover and copy are excellent. All in all, just the right way to give everyone an idea of Star Trek being something that CAN be for everyone. (That’s something that, ultimately, the production operations for Trek lost.)

While it’s unapologetically Star Trek, it nonetheless is a perfect trailer to draw in the larger audience – an excellent balance!


Yea my copy has the intro too , and it has one for TWOK before The search of spock , as far as i know they where normally only put on european editions of star trek.

Also the music for Star Trek IV was great

I vividly remember watching this movie for the first time as a fire refugee in Yellowstone Natl. Park back in the summer of ’88 – the summer when almost the entire park went up in flames. Ironically, I stayed up until 2:00 am watching this movie, only to be evacuated because of the fires that were consuming the National Park four hour later.

Talk about a summer to remember – STIV and massive forest fires. What a way to spend a summer, eh? :) :) :)

admiral, there be whales here!!!!

,,Due to previous Trek films performing poorly in foreign markets, the film was sold with ‘The Voyage Home’ as the focus with the ‘Star Trek IV’ part of the title becoming secondary,,

Despite that strategy TVH foreign box office was disappointing and TVH didn’t do any better then TWOK & TSFS in foreign markets..
However TMP did very well in foreign markets compare to rest of TOS movies. Amazingly if we look at it, TMP made more money overseas then TWOK, TSFS & TVH combined.

A fun, smart trailer for a groovy flick. This is still the Star Trek movie I can show to any members of my family, Trek-fan or otherwise, and that’ll always make it special.

I Love all the Trek Movies and Trailers, just check out my full-screen versions at:

You will need Quicktime, though on your desktop.
To choose a trailer just click below the main screen.

And I can’t wait for the new trailer, the new series of LOST or the next episode of FRINGE.

JJ. Abrams, Alex Kurtman, and Robert Orci rule!!

Also why not check out my Blog: STAR TREK

It’s still under construction, but has a gallery of pictures dedicated to the new movie.

No infringement intended.

What Insurrection tried to be and Failed!!!

“Nu-Clear WESSLES!!”

I saw ST-TVH in Los Angeles in December 1986 the day after the premiere when my wife and i were over for a holiday from the UK.
The day after we saw the film we got to visit the still standing sets at Paramount thru Gene Rodenberries assistant Richard Arnold, sat on the bridge (yes the Kirk’s chair!!) and stood in the transporter amazing memory!

I also remember Gene was in his office at Paramount next door to Richard’s working on TNG!!! Also got to meet Nimoy as he cycled into Paramount on his bike!

It was the first I saw on rental video in 1993. I had to watch it twice. I really like it. It is the funniest and most entertaining, however, I don’t think it’s the best! TMP, TWOK and TUC mean a lot more to me. But it’s movie number four, and the fourth best so far…

I missed cub scouts on a friday night to see The Voyage Home, my dad wanted to watch stock car racing – but I convinced him to take me to the cinema.

I remember it like it was yesterday.


Also, does anyone remember the original title card in the UK?

As the article suggests, it went THE VOYAGE HOME with star trek iv underneath in much smaller letters.

The “O” in Voyage was made up of the glowing ball of light from the probe, but they seem to have dropped this version in recent years.

Anyone remember that version?

“Damage control is easy, reading Klingon, that’s hard.”
Nothing is better than seeing that Bird-of-Prey under the Golden Gate Bridge. It remains my favorite shot to this day.

All hail the greatest TREK film… to feature two whales!

(Shatner and Doohan don’t count.)

“The trailer also gives away pretty much everything in the movie.” … I don’t think so. Apart from one shot, you would never guess its about whales.

18# I had the “3D” cardboard video display in my bedroom for ages, the cuts out of the Golden Gate with the faces and the logs … my mother killed it trying to dust it :(

UK dudes, can anyone else remembering Spock doing 2 minute guest spots on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 1. I have vivid memories of him calling up the show in the afternoons doing random stuff before the film came out …

This is where my Star Trek memories begin…
I remember seeing the adds for ST:IV on TV about the same time they showed ST:III on TV- i couldnt travel to the city to see ST:IV but I remember watching ST:III on TV as well as repeats of the original series being shown on sundays for the 20th anniversary including the Galileo 7, shore leave and devil in the dark.
I also managed to get my mother to buy me 2 Star Trek comics from both periods of trek DC #37 which attempled to pick up where ST:IV left off and DC #38 an original series tale with purple pointy eared coneheads!

The Star Trek IV Trailer was the best – the quality of the trailers corilate with the success of the films well- the trailer for ST: V is light and trivial and the Nemisis trailer is dark and trying to be anything but a trailer for a Star Trek film- trying to be dark, sexy and action packed- the only triler not to use the Star Trek theme or previous music scores… but i’ll get to that one when we get to it next week.
The ST:IV trailer has an excellent build up and gives me goosebumps every time i watch it with some volume.
In regards to the film- i love it- i was dissapointed with how little time they spent in the 23rd century when i first saw it- as with the Masters of the Universe live action movie but it soon grew on me and i find it has not aged- the humor gets me everytime I watch it.

The australian DVD has the additional Captins log/last time on Star Trek segment before the credits- unlike the U.S. collectors edition- i dont know if that was always the case with the VHS & DVD releases before that.
All these Previews are making me crave a Star Trek movie Marathon…


“No, I’m from Iowa… I only work in outer space.”

“Admiral, there be whales here!”

“Hello, computer!”

“Just one damn minute, Admiral.”

“Kin you till me vhere they keep the nu-clear wessels?”

And so on. Unlike any other TREK film, I have very fond memories of seeing this in December ’86 and people were rolling in the aisles. Great stuff.

Is there a bad frame in this entire film? I don’t think so! Seeing TVH was one of the most enjoyable times I ever spent in a theater. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I still think this is the best Trek film. It made great use of the characters and the story was brilliant. And it was nice to see the cast out in the real world, away from claustrophobic sets. My favorite scene is the restaurant scene where Kirk tells Gillian the truth. I also think this film is fabulous proof that a movie does not have to have a “bad-guy” villain, tons of violence and lots of explosions to be a good film.

When TVH was released I was perturbed to find out it was a ‘funny’ Trek. It meant I’d have to wait years for some ‘serious’ Trek. I’ve always had a strong preference towards (what I think of as) ‘serious’ sci-fi and Trek. I wondered for a very long time at the extreme popularity of ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’. And other humorous eps of the various Trek series as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE humor. From Marx Brothers to the Farrelly Bros., from Red Skelton to Lenny Bruce to Chris Rock, Dane Cook, David Cross, Katt Williams. I’m in to Monty Python and The Office and Thirty Rock. Wayne’s World is one of my favorite movies.

I love to laugh so eventually I come around to enjoying light Trek outings such as TTWT and TVH, really enjoying them. They ARE great Trek. And in fact the scenes with Kirk, Spock and Gillian in TVH, particularly the one in the pick-up are some of the best and my favorites.

Of course later came The Final Frontier and Insurrection with some rather badly handled, awkward wince-inducing humor.

Oh well.

thar be whales!
okay, maybe the most GR of films, but maybe the best of the movies…

TWOK is the benchmark for fans.
TVH is the benchmark for fans who don’t want to lose their friends.

The “trilogy” was accidental, but it works well in TWOK and TVH because these films can stand alone and yet tie-in. There’s nothing worse than a trilogy middle that doesn’t bring anything to the party — i.e. Pirates II, Matrix II.

Nolan seems to be determined to make sure his Batmans all stand strong on their own. Here’s to hoping JJ doesn’t cop out on ST2011 on his way to ST2013.

Goood trailer. Aside from the one tail in the water, there’s no reference to whales and no desperate need to give away the entire plot in the trailer. Very nice.

They do highlight the comedy, which reminds us of the Trek virtuosity. The Trouble with Tribbles and I, Mudd showed that the crew can have uncharacteristically funny days on the job. This film was one of those days.

God, I just love this film – love it love it love it…

Watching it just makes me feel comfortable.

– Nothing is better than seeing that Bird-of-Prey under the Golden Gate Bridge. It remains my favorite shot to this day. –

Same here.

Speaking of previews…
Do u or anyone know if the new STAR TREK trailer only showing with Quantam of Solace in the U.S. & Canada? can anyone tell me when it screens in Australia & with what film- surely they have this organised by now?

The nice thing about the film itself is that by using a series of vignettes, all of the characters get some moments to shine. Seeing Chekov teamed with Uhura, and the Laurel and Hardy combo of McCoy and Scotty provided some real variety. McCoy also scored big laughs with his cranky rants at the hospital. Sulu came up a little short in this one, but hey, at least he found a helicopter.

I was in what’s called a “Magnet School” here in Philadelphia, which are public schools for kids with above-average grades. Mine was a music school, and I was in the concert choir.

For my senior year there (1989, only a few years after this movie), we did a choir tour/competition to San Francisco and Monterey.

I ended up seeing quite a few of the locations from this movie, as well as the aquarium in Monterey (re-labeled Sausalito in the movie).

That was quite a trip, to see all the places I saw in the movie!

This was a great movie. Of course many plot holes but a movie that did the job. I didn’t like the movie soundtrack though, just way too messy.

I’ve never been a fan of funny science fiction, but this one pulled it off.

Do you like Italian?

Yes… No… Yes… No… Yes, and so do you.

The trailer is pretty good, one that could be made today. I think it’s a good idea, that the trailer reveals some of the story, because I want to know more before I go to see a movie (I avoid nearly every movie, when it’s trailer shows only some scenes but no glimpse of the story.)

TVH was great and the first Star Trek I’ve seen on TV since TOS. That movie made me a Star Trek fan and so I think much of it und I like it even today. The humor was great and even my sister and my mom (absolute non-trekkers) liked it. TVH had some of the best moments of the TOS-crew ever, especially between Bones and Spock and it’s a great fun to watch it, even the 600th time.

Do you think it’ll come out early on the web before the Bond movie??\

“It’s ok to cheat…if you really just don’t like to lose.”


I’m with you on the soundtrack. My least favorite music in a Trek film. I thought the music created too much of a carnival/cartoonish atmosphere. To this day, I am still amazed that it was nominated for an Academy Award (alright, what do I know?). I think Danny Elfman would’ve done a better job melding the light-hearted with the dramatic.

If I had not been a Trekkie my entire life and you came up to me today and told me that one of the best Star Trek movies was about the crew traveling back to the 80’s to save whales from extinction, I would laugh my head off. I got into Trek well before I realized the environmental message of the film, and I still have to stop and think “Oh yeah”. It’s just so much fun. Just what the series needed after so much death and chaos.

Good film, but the title sequence music (was the title sequence attached to the foreign trailer?) strikes me as much more happy and “entertaining” rather than noble/grand/awe-inspiring. Listening to it now it sounds like it would belong to a Harry Potter movie rather than Star Trek. (I am in agreement with #33 and #37.) Perhaps that was a part of the strategy for this film: to appeal to a wider audience rather than just the core fans. Definitely one of the more enjoyable movie adventures – my favorite moment was Scotty designing transparent aluminum on a little Mac! Priceless product placement.

I feel like I’ve watched the whole bloody film after that “trailer”!

Quantum of Solace will debut in Brazil today (friday), is it possible the trailer arrive before in others contries than USA?

“May fortune favor the foolish!”
I remember sneaking into the theater and watching the tail end of the early showing for IV. It was the montage of images during the credit roll up. I had been waiting in line for the later show, and was becoming extremely bored. I was only eight at the time, but that didn’t warrant restraint on the faces of adults as I returned to the line up and blurbed out that the Enterprise was cruising the stars again. As I side note The Voyage home was the first official VHS tape I ever received. The trailer for the Next Generation was included at the beginning


Always thought the dedication for the Challenger explosion was always a nice tribute! For a youngling during those years that was a pretty big-to-do.


I’ll never forget seeing this movie in the theater in 1986…

That shot of the shuttle swooping up and over the Excelsior to reveal the Enterprise-A in all its glory is, to me, one of the greatest moments in the entire franchise…

Almost as great is that scene near the end when Sarek admits to Spock that “it is possible that judgement was incorrect” when Spock joined Starfleet…

I remember hearing the opening score and thinking, this is going to have a different feel than the other movies. It did , but I still enjoyed the movie.

They were decommissioning the Enterprise in ST3 and, I imagine, trying to keep the Enterprise A a surpise for Kirk. Then he went bug nuts and stole the ship.

Re: The score.

Danny Elfman was way too frenetic at the time. He had only worked on his first (brilliant) musical score for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure the year before with a small group of musicians and would not have a full orchestra at his command until Batman a few years later.

Rosenman’s score had clever “vignette” portions, but often the background music often sounded atonal and somewhat cheesy.

The thing about the Trek series is that with its constant changing of musical scores it never seemed to have a coherent musical theme like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, or even James Bond. In the last two, there have been several musical writers in the films, but they try to maintain a musical continuity throughout the series. Trek, however, with its Goldsmith-Horner-Horner-Rosenman-Goldsmith-Edelman seemed never to know what it wanted to be and introduced brand new main credit themes every time – which is almost unheard of. I did like Edelman’s Star Trek 6 score a lot, by the way.

A friend once told me that the score for TVH always remided him of “Christmas In Space”, and that always comes to mind when I watch this movie.

That being said, the use of TOS score for the ending was very well-used, IMO. Very grand and fitting for the return of Enterprise.

…It really *was* the best of the TOS movies, even if it didn’t have Roger Carmel or Eddie Murphy in it in the end. :-(

RE #48

That’s due to the heavy use of DING DONG DING DONG DANG DANG DONG DONG in the main credits, which I actually like.