ST09 Trailer Countdown: A Look At ST:Insurrection’s Trailer

While the Trek world absorbs more and more descriptions and reviews of the upcoming Star Trek trailer, the anticipation mounts. With just two days to go, let us distract you with the next film in our trailer retrospective, 1998’s Star Trek Insurrection.


Who the hell are we…
Theatrical trailer for Star Trek: Insurrection.

The trailer begins as does the feature film, with images of the idyllic Baku village, before revealing the sci-fi adventure to come. Trying to get the same audience as the successful First Contact, Paramount amps up the action through the use of faster and faster edits and trying again to dip into the worlds of catch phrases, with Data’s "saddle up…lock and load" delivering much better than Picard’s "Who the hell are we to determine the next evolution of these people?"). Yet this trailer reveals that Insurrection, possibly more than any other Trek film, focuses on the moral issues faced by the crew. The film taps into the late 1990s individualistic zeitgeist with its notions of being defiant and joining the rebellion. But, in the end, the trailer doesn’t really sell the film well beyond saying "there’s a new Star Trek movie coming with Picard, the gang and that guy from Amadeus." But hey, Riker shaved his beard, that alone should be worth the price of admission right?

Teaser: There is a world…
Can you get more clichéd the starting off a trailer with the gravelly-voice guy saying "there is a world…"? The teaser gets better from there, setting the stakes of the film and even showing some of the effects shots.


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Well, what can be said. Good trailer, bad movie. The beginning of the end for TNG. Who thought that plastic surgery would be a good Trek plot?


Pretty tame movie.

Move on, give us the new trailer!!!

arggh-i was beaten to first.

I rescind my earlier remark!!

I thought it was kinda cool how the Paramount Logo disappeared and the camera went down to the Baku planet surface.

This was the first Star Trek movie, based on the merits of the trailer, that I did not see in the theaters, and is also the only one with the distinction of one single viewing.

But how about Picard slowing down time with the power of love?

I love love power.

Yeah same here. I didn’t even bother to see it opening day. I knew I would see it eventually.

Look, any movie with No Riker Beard isn’t for Remington Steele.

No Beard = No William T. Riker charisma.

LMAO and here I thought Nemesis was bad. I completely forgot about this junker!!! Almost as bad as that new Enterprise design…..almost


Well, the new Enterprise is gorgeous, but for the engines looking a little too like an American car of the 1950s…

This film, by contrast, was another abomination. Nearly as unwatchable as Generations, it showed once again why Star Trek 6 should have been the last film for a long, long time.

Tedious, inept, juvenile garbage. A waste of celluloid.

Just to add to my previous comments that I DO appreciate any attempt to inject philosophy back into Trek after the disturbing increase in violence in recent films but this was just very poorly handled here. Very poorly conceived and executed.

As an episode of TNG, this would have been great. As a movie? No.

This was a so-and-so movie, the first one a walked out of the cinema and thought: “So what?”

It wasn’t big, no event whatsoever, just a lame TNG two-parter with some nice SFX…the story would have made a great episode, but that’s not movie stuff…

– nice visuals of the Briar Patch
– romantic moments for Picard and Geordie
– Riker beardless again
– nice use of the quest for the “fountain of eternal youth” idea
– great acting by Patrick Stewart

– So’na makeup and background story (too contreived)
– the entire holoship conspiracy…lame NG gimmick…
– the joystick
– lame score (just the themes was nice)
– some bad SFX (shuttle pursuit)
– that collector was a lame rip off of DS9’s Bajoran “Explorers” ship
– lame and unispired directing by Frakes (what the hell happend? His job on FC was pure genious!)
– poor lines and partly bad acting by Brent Spiner (those jokes were awful)
– no action for Troy, Crusher, Geordie…it never worked as an ensemble movie like FC

Overall, a major let-down, only made worse by its horrible successor (which had a better plot but even worse directing and cinematography)

My favorite Star Trek movie, very TNG, excellent family movie, great use of the whole crew and we finally see some of the Enterprise E in action. Brilliant

For the second time, i feell asleep in a star trek movie. The first was TMP.

While the movie has its few moments. I felt that i didnt care about what the enterprise crew was doing, I could care less about the sona or any of the villians in this debacle. I didnt care about the admiral either , even though he wa a great villain in omega man. all i can say is that they tried to make a decent movie but we all got short changed in the end I think i’ll try watching it again soon, maybe illlgive it another chance.

Enough with the “gravelly-voice guy!!” I’m pretty sure it was Don LaFontaine!

I quite enjoyed Insurrection in the theater, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

They somehow lost the lesson of First Contact’s success, which was to make the story matter. Something must be at stake worthy of a movie, either to humanity (TMP, TVH, TUC, FC) or to the characters (TWOK & TSFS.)

The prime directive and previously unknown Baku don’t really pull an audience’s hearts.

I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, how can you make THIS movie after such a rip-roaring dark and successful grown up film?!?

Whilst Insurrection was boldly killing Picard and Co. there was such a rich storyline developing in the same era with DS9!

This along with the studio’s wish to set Trek back on a ship and tell stories that were TNG/X-Files hybrids (Voyager) killed so much potential set by DS9 and First Contact.

the fall from grace had never been so fast.

Lazy ass and cheap movie, such cringe-worthy contrived moment’s – “Hey Data what do you think we should do?!”. Hated it when i saw it first time, don’t hate it anymore, just dont like it! uh and some of those fx shots, thats wot u get for being cheap berman.

This was the first Trek film I did not see in a theater. Waited until the dvd and even then I was not so happy. Can i fully say how yucky this is?

Overblown (yet mediocre) TNG-episode. ’nuff said.
(Nice trailer, though)

guess what? did y’all look at the trailer closely? hello…AGAIN those bermanesque idiots reused enterprise-d footage from generations and moreover added fleet battle footage from first contact…

The closest thing TNG ever did to the original series. Too bad so many fans lost their way and couldn’t see that this truly did contain the essence of what Star Trek is all about.

The teaser trailer has some really good music, the piece in the beginning is from the Star Trek V score. It fits perfectly.

I would love to get my hands on Michael Pllers ‘Heart of Darkness’-draft of the script, before Berman and Stewart decided they want to do a comedy instead of a First Contact-followup. I guess it would haven been 10 times better than this piece of garbage.

And whoever was responsible for the effects in that one should never be allowed to touch a computer ever again.

Zzzzzzzzz – oh wait. It’s been 10 years? What the?

Hmmm……You All Know What I think about it.
So rather than be predictable and just bash it, I’ll tell you why I wanted to go and see it in the first place. coming off the Heels of all the Life and Death and Doom and Gloom of FC and Generations, I just had a Feeling that a More light hearted Movie was going to follow. And that’s fine so long as It’s interesting. The Voyage Home was Funny, but it was also filled with character development. I read the Original description of what Insurrection was going to be and I got excited. It said something like The Crew betrays Star Fleet to protect an Alien Planet and the (Baku) who have Magic like abilities. I thought “Oh wow it sounds Very interesting.” I instantly began to picture How Alien the Baku would look.(They didn’t, they look Human) I kept thinking why are they picking on Worf so much?
I mean He just lost His Wife for crying out loud You silly bastards.
(AND yes I know Klingons Don’t F%#$ing Grieve!!) My point is that Frakes did Everything he possibly could to turn anything into a joke
in this film, and None of it was Funny. Afterward I was definitely Feeling Aggressive tendencies.

Clearly the turkey of the bunch then. Even those who tried to like it just plain can’t. I’d rather watch Nemesis. Which is saying something. But on the strength (or weakness?) of Insurrection, I didn’t bother going to see Nemesis in the cinema.

I just remembered something: Frakes did record an audio commentary for IX, but they did not put it on the DVD, apparently because he was very open about what went wrong with the project. I remember it being available for download somehwhere in the net ages ago. Does anyone happen to have the thing? I never listened to it.

******************BREAKING NEWS*************************************

I just read in the papers that George Takei is going to be in the new series of “I’m a celebrity……..”

Oh yeah, sorry I had to put it in here-its the most recent thread!

Oh where d poop did “Transport Inhibitors” come from, oh and how selfish are the Bak’u they had a good run on the planet, the few hundred of them could have helped “billions”, but no, they insisted on “living in the moment”, thats a bit rich, considering they can’t age!! Ah i could go on and on, Oh yeah and that relationship between Data and the boy just freaked me out lol, my favourite scene would have to be Worf’s return to the enterprise, they really had a plausible explanation for him being on board.

Picard – ” Mister Worf! what the hell are you doing here ”

Worf – ” Oh i was just in cough cough cough cough, mumble mumble mumble mumble” lol priceless

..okay one more scene, picard returning to the ceremony of the oompa loompa’s joing the federation, – Door closed, no smile, Door Open’s, Picard Smiling – shame he did’nt realise the door was glass.

I kind of always liked the special effects…

There’s a rich, dark, painterly quality to them that you don’t see every day. However, INSURRECTION holds the dubious distinction for me as the only TREK film I intentionally missed in the theaters. It just screamed: “Typical TNG episode stretched out to 2 hours.”

like the trailer. but movie is a failier.. unfortunetly

Okay, I just watched it again….

Yeeesh … how could anyone get excited about movies with this cast of boring and derivative characters? And this one is a turkey right on time for Thanksgiving. It runs like a long episode of the show … very dull when compared to the original series. Glossy, slick and boring. Glad the new film has the sense to return to Trek’s roots with the characters from TOS.

30 – “Typical TNG episode stretched out to 2 hours.”

I read this right after my previous post and couldn’t agree more. Look how ugly things get when stretched too thin — just like F. Murray Abraham’s face! ;)

#7 – Riker has charisma? Where’s he been hiding it all these years?

A massive disappointment after first contact.

#35 – Of Course the man has Charisma.

This picture proves it:

#16 – I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. There just wasn’t enough at stake. As Admiral Dougherty points out, “it’s only 600 people”. It’s not as if they were being exterminated or anything.

Yes, I get its about forced relocation and prime directive – would’ve worked fine as a 2-parter (even a 3-parter), but not as a feature.

‘They somehow lost the lesson of First Contact’s success, which was to make the story matter. Something must be at stake worthy of a movie, either to humanity (TMP, TVH, TUC, FC) or to the characters (TWOK & TSFS.)

The prime directive and previously unknown Baku don’t really pull an audience’s hearts.’

There are analogies in the real world, of people we do not know, who need our help in the face of ultimate defeat and/or Genocide. Rwanda for example. How is the analogy not pretty straight forward?

I thought this film, better than any of the other next generation films, captured the essence of trek at its finest. The philosophy of caring about the fate of those who you may not have identified with yesterday but whom surely impact your life today.

This coupled with the moral Dilemma of the eternal life question make it one of the best trek moments in the history of trekdom. So what if it’s not paced like a feature film? So what if it’s subdued by philosophy?

I nodded off during this movie. THAT had never happened at a Trek film before.
CGI ships: piss poor, especially the alien horseshoes.
Inflatable Data: dumb dumb dumb.
Plot: felt recycle.
Casting: Mixed. Main parts were fine. Love Donna Murphy. But, the rest of the villager looked like Southern California mall rats.
Locations: Mixed. Nice mountains, stupid, tiny village with four feet of tilled earth.
Trailer: Even F. Murray Abraham… and Don LaFontaine… couldn’t save this movie.

i think if they had gone in this direction insurrection might have had a lot more impact —- WATCH – – far superior to what ended up on the silver screen i think you’ll all agree.

This film had a good story, but in the end it seemed like an episode. And this little village, a few buildings for 600 people?? Really not believable! And most of all it had very BAD CGI, the worst since STV:Final Frontier.
BUT…the typical TNG-idealism was very positive and really I missed it for the last two feature films before this one here.

welcome to the worst trk film ever….TrekV’s marshmellons and Scotty’s bump on the head have nothing on Worfs zits…….

37 – LMAO! Yes, I don’t have it — nor do I want it (or dysentery, malaria, STDs, etc.) ;)

For those haven’t had the pleasure to read this gem yet:
The REAL script:

The beginning of the teaser with the paramount disappearing behind the forest, still gives me goosebumps. It’s almost magic. The theatrical trailer is OK I guess. In difference from other posters, I love both Piccy’s and Data’s lines, they’re dead on!

@21 HSIV:
“guess what? did y’all look at the trailer closely? hello…AGAIN those bermanesque idiots reused enterprise-d footage from generations and moreover added fleet battle footage from first contact…”

Calm down for heaven’s sake and stop blaming Berman for everything. Obviously the effects weren’t finished in time for the teaser. Big deal.

@22 Phil
“The closest thing TNG ever did to the original series. Too bad so many fans lost their way and couldn’t see that this truly did contain the essence of what Star Trek is all about.”

I agree. If you don’t appreciate that with this film then I’m afraid you simply haven’t got what Gene’s vision was all about and I suggest you watch Stargate-SG1, Battlestar Galactica or any of the other just-for-some-cool-space-action, dumbed-down sci-fi series without a real spirit. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too thrilled about this film the first time I saw it, but I’ve learned to love the soul of it and it has actually become one of the most important ST films for me.

Yes, it is flawed, the whole revenge theme from Son’a against the Ba’ku isn’t quite working. But if you focus on that, then you will completely lose the heart of the film. First of all, Jerry Goldsmith’s score is simply amazing. The scenes between Picard and Anij are pure gold. It’s a film with a lot of sensitivity and warmth. As a romantic feature it works brilliantly.

I can’t quite understand people relentless hate for this film, even saying that Nemesis is decent in comparison. Now Nemesis is pure trash, it has nothing that makes Star Trek unique, but more about that tomorrow I guess.

Insurrection is about standing up for something, and caring about your fellow man, so if you think that is nonsense and prefer “every man for themselves” well then I guess you’ll hate everything with this one…

“Insurrection is about standing up for something, and caring about your fellow man…”

The problem is that that theme is buried in a boring movie. Who cares about the B’a’a’k’u’? If the S’o’n’a’ had just built 15,000 five-star resorts everywhere on the planet except their village, and then moved in, there would be no conflict. But no, they had to build a huge CGI thingie in space that would kill the B’a’k’u’u. It’s all so contrived… and cheap. The film looks cheap. The jokes are cheap. The villain looks cheap (2-dimentional.)

I have no problem with the ideas. I have a big problem with the crappiness of this movie.

@47 CmdrR: Yes, but didn’t I just tell you to look beyond that? ;-P

The first movie that was not a R. D. Moore and B. Braga collaboration…and it shows…

I have fallen asleep on this movie EVERY time I have tried to watch it. Still not sure how it ends? -CSM