New Version Of Star Trek Trailer – Now with three FOUR Spocks

One of the big missing pieces from the Star Trek movie trailer released last week was Spock. Of course Zachary Quinto appears as young adult Spock (and Jacob Kogan as kid Spock), but what about SPOCK (as in Leonard Nimoy). In the TrekMovie comments co-writer Roberto Orci has been dropping hints that a new Nimoy-iffic trailer was on the way, and today it has arrived, check it out below.


Now this isn’t a new trailer, but it does drop Nimoy Spock into the one we have already seen. The trailer was given as an exclusive to AICN, and is available in 3 QuickTime resolutions. Click the image below to check it out.

Click to see the new Trek trailer in HD, Triple Spockfied

UPDATE: According to Paramount, this is an online only trailer.
And there is no new footage except for the shot of Nimoy at the end. This was done by taking the Nero ‘the wait is over’ shot and moving it earlier replacing a shot of Chekov.



If you are not QuickTime friendly it is also available (in lower res) via YouTube
(thanks jtrekker)

What is this scene?


This specific shot of Spock saying ‘live long and prosper’ was part of the four scene presentation that JJ Abrams has been showing around the world (see TrekMovie detailed report from LA). This is from a scene where older Spock (Nimoy) has met up with Kirk on a frozen planet after he has been ejected off the Enterprise by younger Spock (Zachary Quinto). Spock and Kirk visit Scotty (where Kirk meets him for the first time) to seek his help beaming Kirk back to the USS Enterprise. Just before Scotty and Kirk beam back to the Enterprise, Spock gives Kirk the ‘live long and prosper’ Vulcan salute.

For more on the original trailer see the full TrekMovie Analysis.



UPDATE 2: There are FOUR Spocks!
Star Trek co-writer has nitpicked TrekMovie (which is some kind of honor) by asking the question below "are you sure you only see three Spocks?". And indeed we are now sure we actually see four Spocks. Here are the other three Spocks.

Infant Spock held by Amanda (Winona Ryder)

Child Spock (Jacob Kogan)

Young adult Spock (Zachary Quinto) – seen before and after entering Starfleet



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Wha? The awesome trailer PLUS Nimoy? It’s like everything I ever wanted!

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, thank you for the link, this is awsome, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Long Live JJ, this is going to be great.


Downloading it now!

Fanboys ASSEMBLE!!!!

with each new frame of this movie i get more and more excited

and also it seems that paramount is continuing is promo game

Simply awesome!

Awesom shot of Spock, and I am not even going to say first.

OK. I got teary-eyed.

Who else?

Somehow it looks more ‘complete’ with Mr. Nimoy there.

Spock dressed in Rura Pente Garb! Or Zephram Cochran outfit

AHHH! This made my day! I love it!

#7—-Not quite, but I can see it happening in the movie theater…


or in Spies Like Us (according to the comment thread in AICN). LOL.

If we can get the other 172,800 frames (give or take a few thousand), we’ll be all set.

#11 … If I see a grown man being escorted out crying, I’ll know who it is!

Gotta love it!

How do you make an already incredible trailer even more incredible?

With a cup full of 1080p and a dash of Nimoy, that’s how!

To quote the great one…how sweeeet is is!!

Big thanks to JJ and the powers at the studio for this holiday treat!

Why does Spock look sick?

I’m lovin it!

MAYBE, he was at the Frozen Planet (I once read somewhere that he’ll be there in moment of the movie)…

Wow, he looks just like an older Zac Quinto. LOL

It made me teary! I’ll not lie!

Seeing Nimoy himself utter that famous line again makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy.

Here’s a YouTube version if you’re having trouble with the QuickTime files:

Wow, I love it! I think the “The Wait is Over” part seems a little forced now, it probably should have come in a little later in the trailer, but it’s still GREAT!

Nimoy/Spock, finally! Wonderful.


PETA’s gonna hate Elder-Spock.

But they’ll like young-Spock. He’s wearing synthetics.

To no. 9

It was what he was given by his old buddy James who was imprisoned there by the Klingons. :)

Wow… now THAT gave me the chills! I can’t wait to see this movie!

Yes, I’m getting teary eyed as I can’t download the frickin’ links :-(

LOL Peta is going to be all over this

Where are canon fanbois?!?!!??! lets hear the next arguments


jesus christ this movie is 6 months away…but with the trailer and J.J. on tour with clips…wow….can they sustain this for 6 whole months??

Denny is missing, with gun. :D

Hello again, Mr. Spock!

It is always great to see you again on movie. :)



yeah I mean Vulcans are vegetarians….but I guess they still take animal furs for clothing.

just messing….the pic looks great. Especially the grey hair.

wow! may is a loooong way off!

Fantastic….I never thought I’d see him as Spock again….very, very pleased.

Ahh, now it works!!

Fascinating, I cannot see my PC screen, it’s gone all blurred and my face is wet………

It’s been 16 years since we’ve seen him… the picture alone is like being reunited with an old friend.

I’m overwhelmed with emotion all. Logic be damned. =)

#26—-“PETA’s gonna hate Elder-Spock.”

Freezing Vulcan…

Large furry animal…

‘Logic’ can be a b%tch!


Now that I am in the first 6 or so, I want to talk about canon. The time line for star trek was altered by the all the times Kirk and Co. went back and when Picard and Co. went back in time. For example, when the borg attacked Earth this would change the timeline, when the enterprise crew saw cocrane and he was told about his future and about the federation and was allowed to see the enterprise, this would all set the stage to change history and would. It is similar to the butterfly effect. History was changed and would never be the same.

#43. In the first 6 or so?


Nice. Had a bit of an All Our Yesterdays deja vu.

This was a nice little surprise.

I’m putting together the Teaser and now both Trailers on a personal DVD for home.

It’s to keep my hand at DVD Authoring.

This is a pleasant surprise indeed.

Truely a GREAT DAY in Trek History!! Cool how he kinda looks like Sarek!?

I love having Nimoy in this movie.

My only impending regret is that from what I have read, it’s basically a cameo and he’s in the movie for a very brief period of time.

Does anyone sense otherwise? Talk me down please.

Amazing. I was hoping to see Nimoy soon. The moment was just perfect. Can’t wait to see more of him in the film.

JJ waited and is now teasing us full force. This is going to be a wild 6 months.