Frakes Up On Star Trek 2009 & Up For More Star Trek TNG

This weekend TNT airs the latest installment of their The Librarian TV movie series (directed by TNG’s Jonathan Frakes). In a new interview with iF Magazine promoting the show, the Trek veteran talks about the franchise, past, present and future, including commenting on his visit to the set of the new Star Trek movie.


Frakes on Star Trek 2009 and beyond
excerpts from iF Magazine

iF: And of course there’s STAR TREK – but of course there was a long time between the original series and the movies and it was a logical progression to go from CLASSIC TREK to NEXT GEN movies. Speaking of STAR TREK, are you excited about the new J.J. Abrams movie?
FRAKES: I’ve very optimistic about the new movie. I’m a big fan of his as a storyteller and I was there and it looked great. I was lucky enough to visit the set and was overwhelmed how beautiful the [Enterprise] bridge was.

iF: You were just there to hang out – no top secret cameo?
FRAKES: [The] First [A.D. – Tommy Gormley] was my first [on Thunderbirds], and J.J. is married to a girl I know in Maine, so we had these connections and we’ve been trading notes back and forth and finally went over to have a little schmooze with them and it happened to be the day they were on the bridge. I must say, it was very emotional to be on someone else’s STAR TREK set, as you could imagine.

iF: At the same time, do you feel sad that the NEXT GEN movies have come to an end?
FRAKES: Yes. By all means. I had dinner with Patrick [Stewart] last week and we were both ready to go back to do another one.

iF: Do you think that ship has sailed that NEXT GEN anything is pretty much off the table.
FRAKES: I don’t think so. I think if this is successful, it opens up any number of possibilities for the whole STAR TREK franchise, so we’ll see how this does.

…much more from Frakes on Trek, including the Star Trek Enterprise finale at iF Magazine.

Frakes at Librarian Wrap Party in LA – November 19th (wire image)

Catch The Librarian this weekend
The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice, directed by Jonathan Frakes, airs Sunday December 7th at 8PM on TNT. See a behind the scenes video, including some clips of Frakes in action. Also see part 1 of iF Magazine’s interview with Frakes, focusing on The Librarian.


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TNG has its own network now? Sweet

Frakes is the man. Class act all the way. I hope they do more Next Gen projects.

While it’s true there’s nothing to prohibit members of the TNG cast to return to the screen in a Star Trek project, I do not believe anything concrete will come along soon, and if and when it does, it will be in the manner that Scotty and Kirk appeared in Generations — as a tie-in.

I’m all for that kind of thing if it’s done well, but it has to be organic and serve the story, unlike, say, the ending of Generations.

It was stupid to kill Kirk for dramatic effect, and it would be stupid to pull the same kind of stunt with any of the TNG cast — but alas, it’s already been done with the ‘death’ of Data in Nemesis.

Frakes is just a gracefull guy, seen him in many interviews and he’s always impressed me. Maybe there’s room for a Next Gen ‘Titan’ also, its a big universe?

#3 Death of Data = *sigh of dissapointment*

It would be great to see some post Nemisis Trek. Maybe while Riker’s ship Titan is back at Romulus for talks they find Data’s head in the debris cloud from the explosion, and the plug his damaged head into Lore’s body. Brent Spiner then wears a mask that hides his age. His head has survived explosions before on the series. Problem solved.

While I’m at it, after all of Nero’s messing around in the timeline, Kirk survives and doesn’t die in Generations.

Well Frakes is the man in the know, superb man, with connections.
I think some TNG TV movies or a mini series would be fantastic, and appropriate.
Whether Titan or enterprise-E.

Bring it on Jon! (direct too please!)

#3 The saddest thing is that Data’s death was patheticly handled and contained no emotional punch whatsoever. I blame Stuart Baird first and foremost for that, but John Logan the supposed big “fan” should take some blame as well. If Nock Meyer had of handled Spokc’s death as badly there would have been no Star Trek III.

How great would it be to have a really epic story that spans TOS and TNG, with Nimoy and Shatner in it, too.
But without real time travel… Imagine a story that starts in TNG, some catastrophic event is happening and the answer to this lies in the past. The story could switch between TOS and TNG and old Spock is there to help and the key to solving the problem is to ressurrect old Kirk.

# A Titan miniseries I could see, but Patrick wouldn’t come back for a TV movie and the former is unlikely since Berman is no longer at the helm.

I’d be interested to know whether Bob Orci thinks the door is closed on TNG now.

While I wouldn’t be averse to a Titan TV movie or show – assuming they got some good writers and dropped all that self-indulgent nonsense the show fell into – I have a feeling that TNG’s time has come and gone. Other than its core fans (who simply could not supply the box office to sustain the show on their own) it has really slipped out of the public consciousness. It doesn’t have any significant presence at all on TV anymore and any inroads it made with general audiences have long since crumbled away.

I do hope some TNG feature springs out from this new movie, if it gets to be a hit. With a new wave of possible fans, it may just be the right time to make at least a new mini-series.

I wouldn’t really want to see a new TNG-movie, since for some reason TNG as episodes always felt more “right” for me and TNG movies were never really greatly successful (with the exception of First Contact).

As much as we are expecting the new TOS-era movie, don’t forget TNG has many fans too!

#11 since his future paycheque rides on the succes of the “re-invigorated” Kirk & Spock I’d say that as a fan he might want some more, but as a professional absolutely not!

Paramount has sold the sets, costumes, etc and anything from this movie foreward will be new. Sorry folks but TNG, DS9, Voyager,Enterprise are over and have been for 6 years. The only thing Paramount will do is sell merchandise on the Next Gen era and even then it’s just letting others make the stuff and they get the checks…….

Pull the Turkey, it’s done…..

Darth “Let it Go” Ballz

I’m excited about XI, but I also love TNG. If another movie is done, I just hope it’ll feature Q this time.

NEVER! As long at the main cast lives, there are always possibilities!

I think a Next Gen project is more unlikely because Spiner’s age would create a LOT of CGI repair were B4 to become the new Data. But a Titan series with Frakes and Sirtis (and hopefully Burton, McFadden and Dorn) would be worth a shot. Anything well written and well produced would find an audience and this one would come in with an establish fan base.

And there’s also a possible visit my the new crew to Picard’s century in the next movie.

I agree with #11. I wand to hear what Bob Orci has to say.

I grew up with TNG so I really wanna see these guys back one last time… Im sure the aftermath of Nemesis could be interesting perhaps Picard and Riker in the E and Titan could battle some renegade Rommies then a new spicies like the Kessok get involved ala Bridge Commander ;)

The big problem with TNG films versus the series is that the studio simply rehashed the themes and overall tone of the original six films in all of the TNG outings and betrayed what TNG was all about while on the small screen. I felt TNG was very dumbed down for the films.

I love both the Original series and TNG, but I was always disappointed with the TNG films…yes, even First Contact. Though definitely entertaining and fun, it was merely a mishmash of Wrath of Kahn and The Voyage Home.

i just don’t get this spiner-data-aging-problem. data’s aim was to become more human. so bring data/b4 back and let him age. do it like robin williams did in the bicentennial man.

@10 El Chup – How can you be so sure about that? He’s not an American actor so he doesn’t care if it’s on TV or in the movies. I don’t think he would have any problem with that at all.

Somehow I would prefer a TV movie, because I think that would make them focus more on the story. A theatrical release is also probably not very realistic.

Glad to here Pat is keen on doing it too! In other words this mean that:

Pat is on.
Jon is on.
LeVar is on.
Dorn, Sirtis and McFadden doesn’t have anything else to do and would probably be happy for the money.
We also know that Wil Wheaton would happily join.

So that leaves with only one problem – Brent Spiner. I really loved Data, but I don’t think it’s a disaster if wouldn’t be in it. But honestly, I think he would come around if everybody else joined…

watch from 4:37 on! this is what star trek is about imho. i want tng to continue devotet to what q sais to picard…

Notice that he dodged the secret cameo question with the usual ‘friend of a friend’ answer. LOL I think that if there were one obligatory character cameo used to tie the timelines together, Riker would be the fan favorite. USS Titan as launchpoint for Spock’s timeship, anyone?

The new bridge looks good?! Obviously he doesn’t know anything! Everyone who has only seen a few shots of it knows better than someone who has seen the whole set that it looks horrible. He and Nimoy are in league with JJ. Off with his head!


You’re an idiot.

It will all be explained….all in good time…young padawan.


CGI motion-capture. Spiner can still act and use his voice… CGI will make Data ageless and more android-like. That’s the way to go, people!!! The technology is there…

Star Trek XII: How Data Got His Groove Back

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic android. Steve Austin, err Data, will be that android. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Sorry Mr. Frakes, but the TNG ship has sailed, there’s a new kid in town.

Frakes is one of the most good humored and down-to-earth actors associated with “Star Trek.” Good for him.

I’m actually less sure now than six months ago that the “ship has sailed” for TNG. If this movie is a huge success, CBS might be interested in any number of projects on the television side.

A TNG movie or continuing series might be off the table, but who knows what the suits might dream up to leverage those parts of the Franchise they already own.

Bear in mind that the seven year TNG television series was one of the most successful “Star Trek” projects that Paramount ever produced. If they were looking to try to put some kind of TV or direct-to-DVD short form Trek project into motion quickly in the year or so following Abrams’ movie – well, they probably couldn’t do a variation of TOS and given the choice between developing something new from the ground up and doing something with a proven ratings winner they just might choose something TNG-based.



game over

gameous overus

its over

had it


no more


end of

“Persona Unknown” sounds really interesting. I hope it gets picked up by a U.S. channel, or eventually comes out on DVD.

I’d love to see some kind of TNG reunion, but it’s have to be done just right. My feeling is that it should be small-screen, though.

#30 I agree. Its done.

The only way tng could ever come back is to make it a “direct to DVD movie” …like stargate.

You guys are all forgetting that Trek 2009 re-writes the entire Trek universe

I would love to see a next gen movie WITHOUT Data. No B4 either. Data was always a Spock rip off anyway. They wrote Phase ii with Xon, not Spock, and they can write TNG Phase II without Data. I dont think Dorn wants to be Worf anymore either.

I always thought Dr Crusher was underused, and counselor Troy was overused. But being married, Mr & Mrs Troi would be in the next Next Gen movie.

They could put it on the Titan, center it around Frakes, Stewart guest stars, no Worf, Data, or Wesley. Maybe include someone from DS9 or Voyager, not Janeway or Paris or Kim. Tuvok would be good to replace Data & Worf.

Bob, get cracking!

#29 … That makes sense. I wouldn’t mind seeing more TNG with Stewart and Frakes, as long as it was written well. I think it’s sad that they never got their fair shake on the big screen; they deserved better. It will be interesting to see what, if any, tv projects result from JJ’s movie (assuming it’s a hit).

I’ve never understood why people dislike TNG. I thought it was an excellent update of the series. Intelligent, thought provoking, and often (like it’s predecessor) made clever social commentary.

No, it was not the same style as TOS, but why should it have been? Not all conflicts can be solved with fist fights and grand speeches.

TNG was at it’s best on television. They tried too hard to convert the formula into blockbuster films. That decision was doomed from the start. Sure, it made the studio money, but it never felt quite right.

More importantly, I believe the series brought a broader range of fans to the series than TOS and its movies could. Let’s face it, the reason we’re all here sharing our different viewpoints is in large part a result of the show’s success. It deserves more respect than has been demonstrated here.

Two words: mini series.

I highly doubt that a return to the big screen would be a possibility, and even if it was, I’m afraid that the new movie may set a standard that will be too high for TNG to achieve. In fact, my fear would be a re-working of TNG so that it looks more like the new Star Trek, and I think that may take away from the movie as a whole. Let’s not forget that the last attempt at making TNG “more accessible to a general audience” was the idea of bringing in Stuart Baird – and look what we got. I think we should be careful what WE ask for. Remember, a lot of these websites and posts are being monitored right now. Maybe some good ideas are starting to filter out from our discussions each day to some people who might be able to make something happen.

On that note, I would certainly be up for a television movie featuring the TNG cast that TIES INTO a new series. Whether or not that is a new Titan series or if it becomes a new cast altogether, I think that the time is almost right for a new trip down Star Trek series lane. Although, I do suggest that someone come up with a unique idea. Something a la DS9 with a little more space travel. There’s plenty of great ideas out there. Time to put one of them to use. Oh, and if any former cast member were to be brought on as a regular, I would certain lobby for Frakes as Riker. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Colm Meaney return as O’Brien. I certainly miss his character from the ol’ DS9 days.

Showed my wife the trailer for the first time last night. HER reaction: “THAT’S STAR TREK???? It might actually be good!”

What they should do is make a a show comprised of the characters that they killed off.

Name of the ship: USS Reconstitution

37 –

Two words: Its Over

anyway it looks like TNG is gonna get some sort of final final closure in the forthcoming 4 part prequel comics..(not that it needs it as the final 10 minutes of Nemesis was fine in presenting closure to TNG )

Regarding Patrick Stewart coming back, remember while he had his big X-Men movies, he has done ALOT of TV movies for smaller networks. I think I saw a promo for a remake of The Isle of Dr. Monroe for Lifetime or TNT something like that. He would do a TV movie if they asked I’ll bet.

BTW, #25, re-read my comment. I was being sarcastic.

#37:”Two words: mini series.”

Or an animated series. If “Clone Wars” is a particular success, CBS might want to copy that approach to some degree.

If the twists and turns in the forty-plus year history of this Franchise have demonstrated anything, it’s that declaring any aspect of it “over” is always premature.

Looked at from CBS’s perspective, the choice between exploiting an already-existing and successful television version of Trek and trying to develop an expensive new Trek project from the beginning forward may not be a complicated one.

As for this movie “changing the Trek universe…” well, TNG was created with as much of a “firewall” against TOS as the producers chose to incorporate – for a year or two references to the original series were very, very slim, and as the series wore on (and Roddenberry stepped way back from the project) the writers chose to incorporate more and more.

I doubt that there’s anything in Abrams’ movie that’s specific enough to contradict TNG in a big way, with that hundred-year-separation between them.

Frakes what a class act.

Yes people. All in the room have your say to Mini series:

Nay ?


I would like to see a smallscreen trek series featuring Riker and Crew. Paramount can milk that cash cow with a mini-series similar to what was done with Galactica before it became a series.

I would have also liked to see Riker as Captain of the Enterprise! He waited so many years to get her, and then he accepts the titan. So I would start off the miniseries by gloriously destroying the titan w/ Picard getting promoted and giving Riker the enterprise E! LOL, wishful thinking on my part, but seriously I do think a star trek miniseries featuring Riker and Crew would be great! :-D

Like it or not, TNG was a success as a series a generation ago. As a film series, it ultimately crashed and burned miserably. It had a successful run on TV, then was stupidly cancelled. They should have gradually recast the show, like most ensemble series, and it could have run for 14 years! In the course of its run Picard could have been superceded by Riker, there could have been an Enterprise E and heaven knows what else!

Anyway, with the wholesale rewrite of the Trek universe and, frankly, a very different style of Trek replacing the softer 80s stylings of TNG and its bedfellows, what would be the point?

Better surely to spend money on a decent cartoon series using Kirk, Spock and McCoy, with the style based on the new film.

Only a complete idiot would relaunch a major franchise, then go back to a series that ultimately failed. If Paramount want Trek to stay relevant to the public, then the last thing you do is muddy the waters with a different incarnation.

New Star Trek: TNG, to be brutal, will kill all Star Trek stone dead!

I would love to see one more Next Gen picture. I would like to see it with Frakes as captain of his own ship with his own new crew helping Stewart as captain of the E. That would make for some good film.

It’s less likely than an appearance from the Shat !

I would love to see another TNG movie or something, but let’s face it, I don’t buy these optimistic comments from people like Frakes and Burton. As unfortunate as it is, TNG’s ship has sailed.

Just as Leonard Nimoy’s appearance is going to be the last time–period–we ever see any of the original series actors in Trek, we will never again see a TNG movie.

No more DS9. No more Voyager. No more Enterprise. (Yes, I know I’m in the minority when I miss that one.)

At least we still have our DVDs. But any future projects featuring any of the actors that have come before (unless they are guest spots, or something) just aren’t going to happen.

After this movie, if it’s a success, we’ll get a sequel or two. Then Paramount might think about another series. It would be a new series, I think, with an entirely new crew. And that would be great.

If this movie tanks, we’re in serious trouble.

But I’ve made my peace with the end of TNG. Thank you Mr. Frakes, and the rest of the wonderful TNG cast, with the entertainment you’ve given us over the past 20 years.

Would it be practical to do a made-for-TV ST:TNG movie, I wonder? That would make a pretty spiffy TV event that they could air near the time of a reboot movie release as a kind of cross-franchise promo. If they still have enough of the sets lying around, anyway.