Great Links: Christmas Edition

Ho Ho Ho, the Great Links is celebrating Christmas with a holiday themed entry with a stocking full cheer. We have the Enterprise in 2008 holiday parades, new Star Trek Christmas music, and a new fan made Trek episode all about X-Mas. Plus a few other things, including a very special holiday bunny.


Trek on (Holiday) Parade
Star Trek has shown up in a couple of holiday parades this year. Firstly, check out this beauty, part of the Parade for the East Peoria Festival of Lights held at the end of November.

And check out Santa’s new ride from the Pacific Beach Holiday Parade in San Diego last week.

Merry Trekmas – The (Free) CD
Are you a fan of filk? How about a Star Trek/Christmas themed filk? Musician Rick Moyer, a regular contributor to the TreksInSciFi podcast has put together a whole new CD of Star Trek Christmas songs called ‘Merry Trekmas’ and you can download the whole thing (including album art) at his website. Here is a promo piece for the album.

Klingon Kristmas
Want something harder core, then try out ‘A Very Merry Klingon Christmas’ song from  Chimps Run Strong, which was recently uploaded onto YouTube.

Pic of the week…Trek the tree
There are tons of images of Star Trek ornaments from 2008 Christmas Trees on flickr, but this one from Robert Long (featuring Hallmark’s first ever Trek ornament), is our favorite.

Video of the week: Star Track – Animated Christmas
Golden Media Studios, the folks behind the humorous live action "Star Track" fan series, have launched their first Animated Adventure, which has a holiday theme. Check out "On the Fifth Year of Christmas." [note some adult humor]

And there were a few other non-Christmas related links for the week.

  • Picard’s First Contact speech shows up in a featured video on Yahoo "40 Inspirational Videos In 2 Minutes."
  • A study of drivers by the University of the West of England has determined that they fall into two camps "Homer or Spock."
  •’s December "Babe of the Month" April Eden, describes herself as "queen of the nerds," and tells Playboy "when I was a kid, all I did was play video games and watch Star Trek."

Trek fan April Eden all snug in her Christmas sweater 

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Best Enterprise float, yet!

I think it’s a float?!?

Ive got my trek ornaments up! Proudly awaiting the new movie…

“’s “Babe of the Month” April Eden, describes herself as “queen of the nerds,” and tells Playboy “when I was a kid, all I did was play video games and watch Star Trek.””

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but my phaser is definitely set to stun.

Anthony, consider this my gift to you, especially since I’ve been a pill as of recently:


That One Guy

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the ship
Nothing was stirring, not a duotronic chip
The corridors were decked with garland and lace
While the Enterprise course was set for K7 Base.

With Spock on the bridge the crew slept with care
Uhura in quarters, brushing her hair
While Kirk in his room with a green alien fling
Sulu was on the rec deck, practicing fencing

McCoy, Chekov, and Chapel all slept in their beds
With images of Christmas, dancing through their heads
When all of a sudden the red alert flashed
In the side of the hull was a large open gash.

Spock cried over the comm, “come Kirk, Sulu, and Chekov to deck one,
McCoy and Chapel, to sickbay run!
Mr. Scott please report to engineering
To secure the core from commandeering.”

On deck seven the hole continued to grow
While men dressed in red ran to-and-fro
To fix the massive breach that filled them with dread
Because they wore the fatal color red.

Ensign Ricky grabbed onto a rail
When suddenly a forcefield near him failed.
Away he went, into the fray
His death as a redshirt incredibly clichéd.

Kirk on the bridge yelled “Put it on screen!”
And there, on the viewer appeared a ship of dark green.
A bird of prey! The Klingons! A B’rel-class craft!
Scotty yelled “Put the shields up, Captain, or are ya’ daft?”

“Sir, the Klingons are hailing the Enterprise.”
To the bridge crew this came as quite a surprise.
“Let’s see what they want,” the captain said
“Or soon we might wake up all very dead.”

Koloth appeared on the large viewscreen
A look of apology, instead of mean
He explained that a torpedo had slipped away
When a malfunction infected their torpedo bay.

Kirk grimaced and grinned at his friend of old
“We lost a few people to the void, so cold.”
“My apologies, my friend,” Koloth maintained
“No, it’s fine, the breach was contained.”

Not much later the hull was repaired
And the two ships parted, relations unimpaired.
All was well on the seventeen-oh-one
“Ahead Mr. Sulu, engage at warp one!”

From there the Enterprise took off at warp flight,
And to all a merry Christmas, and a wondrous Trek night!

#4 that was beautifull. It brought a tear to my eye. Oh. That Enterprise float is NOT!!! Cannon. Ok just Kidding. To all of my fellow trek Fans I wish you all a very merry christmas.To All at Trek Movie and to your familys A Special shout out to you for a very Merry Christmas. Anthony you have one big time class Site.Ty for this great site and Merry christmas to you.

when i first saw the enterprise float I thought it was some sort of CGI model, but yeah, good float.

Wow, who does a Youtube video without the video?

My phaser is set to….

I’ll be right back.

*Runs to bathroom*

hahahaha lol


And that absolutely stunning girl is a big time trekkie and (most of) you guys are talking about the float.

AND she’s a gamer!

Wow… my heart…

i think that first one is better than JJ-Prise.

love it ;)

Oh my,

Geek babes…. the RAREST kind.

Ms April, a Trekkie/gamer? Wow, it is cool to be a nerd again :-)

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

‘ ‘Pic of the week…Trek the tree – featuring Hallmark’s first ever Trek ornament’ ‘ Not correct, that ornament is from 2006

This is the first, from 1991

And i dont think that was the first ever, The very first was the Shuttlecraft, ‘Galileo’ …Voicing, “Spock here. Happy Holidays. Live long and prosper.”


The Shuttlecraft Galileo was the second, I have it.



The last link is the greatest one. Cheers Anthony! :)

Merry Xmas to all of the crew and passengers of USS Trekmovie ;)

Merry Christmas to fans around the globe!

From one fan site to another: Big thanks to the TrekMovie team for digging up Trek-related news from all around the web! Even bigger thanks for brining awesome scoops and interesting exclusive interviews to the community of Trek fans.

Have a wonderful 2009 everybody!

April Eden wrapped in nothing but a red Christmas bow.


And she wants to be a sci-fi actress? That’s like Icing on the Cake.


If one more person spells canon with two n’s (re;cannon) I am going to set my phaser squirt gun on super soak and let them have it (grin)!!!

Merry Christmas from Afghanistan!!!

(I’m on my way of home in seven weeks and will definitely be home in time for the movie.. I cannot wait!!!)

nu-huh! The Galileo was NOT the first Star Trek Hallmark Christmas ornament, but he second.

I have to say that first year Hallmark made a TREK ornament I thought, “no way! That’s dumb!”

That attitude cost me $200.00 cause I was stupid and waited a year to find the first one. Won’t make that mistake again (grin).

Happy Christmas all Trekkers in the world.

Great article, as usual. #13 T-bird and #24 Doug are correct, that isn’t the ’91 ornament. I’m the proud (and often buyer-harrassed) owner of both the ’91 and ’06 (and all ships in between). Doug, safe trip home, and thanks for serving.

Love that the STVI-style viewscreen is stuck blinking on 12:00.

#1 … Best … float …. ever …. :)

Thats a work of art. Happy Holidays all.

incidentally actress megan fox is also a trekfan :D

I like that Light-Enterprise.

Happy X-Mas to everyone!

“Trek fan April Eden all snug in her Christmas sweater ”
thats the best thing i ever heard!

Happy Holidays to fellow Trekkers around the world (and beyond?)!

No mention of Voyager being tethered to a Christmas Tree in the Q episode?

Wishing everyone here at a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!

“Trek fan April Eden all snug in her Christmas sweater ”

Maybe she’s the Eden all those space hippies were trying to find…

#13 + #14 T-Bird

You are correct on both accounts. The E shown in the story is the one released by Hallmark last year, It can hang as an ornament but also comes with it’s own stand for display the rest of the year.

The stand also plays the original intro music but it sounds horrid!


J.K. ;-)

Happy Holidays to All.

Live Long and Prosper!

East Peoria?? That is fantastic.
Great links too, thanks!
Speaking of FANtastic… love to reach (April) Eden…YAY brother!
Merry Christmas to all (or celebration of your choice!)!


A Happy Christmas to everybody at, you guys do the best job!


A Happy Christmas to all readers and posters.

Next year, let’s have a big party or something….? I’ll bring the Blood Wine.

Lance x

Yes Blood Wine! Blood Wine! Blood Wine!
I need it. This year!!!


Happy Holidays to all! :)

And, cool rhyme, That One Guy!

Happy Holidays Everyone.
Fun article and #4- nice poem!!

Happy Holidays to all, and a big thanks to Anthony for another wonderful year of well done Trek news!

Happy Holidays everybody….

Who’s going to the midnight premiere of Star Trek tonight?!?!?!?

Oh wait…. : (

Happy Holidays to everyone and the creature who live at the center of the galaxy who needs a starship blesses everyone

45 – You had to go there …

You’re all forgetting the most important question – where exactly is her Star Trek tattoo?!? I’ll be wondering about that for days.

That was Paramount’s decision, not JJ’s, Bob’s, or anybody’s.

I completely agree. Spelling “canon” as “cannon” is not canon!

April Eden. AWESOME!

Thanks TrekMovie! The dream is stll alive!