The Collective: TOS Chair Details + New DS9 Figures + Minimates Wave 5 Review

This week brings great collectible news for fans of Captains Kirk and Sisko. Diamond Select Toys has released more details on their life-sized TOS captain’s chair and also announced a new Sisko & Dukat DS9 7" figure two-pack. We also have a review of the the latest wave of Star Trek Minimates.


Command your den – more details on DST TOS chair
More details have come out regarding the life-sized TOS Captain’s Chair from DST complete with lights and sounds (see previous TrekMovie report for details on lights and sounds). DST has released a new photo and announced the chair will have a limited run of (of course) 1,701. The full-sized chair swivels and weighs 140 pounds. It will be released in April  with a suggested retail price of $2,717.01. The chair is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $2199.00

Take a seat, captain. (click to see higher resolution at ToyNews)

Deep Space Mine! — new 7" DS9 figures announced
Showing that DST is continuing to support the various versions of Star Trek even though most attention is on the new movie, DST has announced a new Sisko and Dukat action figure set. The figures will be sold as one of DST’s "Two Pack" sets (a popular line of usually pairing a hero and villain character). Both action figures have accessories, including a Bajoran Orb of the Prophets. The set is scheduled for April and is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $27.09.

New Sisko and Dukat figures (click to see higher resolution at ToyNews)

Review: Minimates Wave 5
Continuing our DS9 theme, this week the fifth wave of Star Trek minimates arrive at retailers. Minimates are much like "Lego" minifigs, yet are more detailed and have been very popular for DST. This wave includes seven new figures, packed as four pairs (with one repeated figure), usually sold together as a Set of eight. There are a few "firsts" for DST in the line.

Captain Benjamin Sisko and Dukat
These are both the first ever DS9 minimates and the first Dukat toy from DST.


Commander Sisko and Dukat
This is a limited edition version of Sisko with the same version of Dukat from the previous two pack


Ilia and Decker
This is the first TMP offering from DST, and the first Decker toy since 1980.

Captain James T. Kirk (green shirt) and Janice Rand
This is the first Janice Rand item from DST.


Minimates are a niche item and very stylized, yet the faces capture the essence of the characters. All of the minimates in this wave have excellent expressions, and the detailing on the uniforms is amazing consider these are barely two inches tall. Notice on the Kirk figure that DST has the flourish on the hem line, while Sisko’s Minimate has the slimline pant hem of the modern version shows. Even more impressive is the very good detail on the accessories, which include phasers and tricorders.

Minimates tricorder accessory

Packaging a hit and a miss
The only mistake with the new Minimates is the packaging. While Trekmovie is a fan of the new unified packaging required by CBS of most of its licensees (which is a good marketing technique when items are going to be sold at retail and something that mostly every other toy line does), here it shows it flaws. The past two waves of DST minimates has featured the unified packaging (with the color, artwork and logos and images of Kirk and Spock). The problem is to feature Kirk and Spock on packaging of items for TNG or DS9, both because it is confusing and slightly insulting to the sequel shows who have their own iconic characters. We would recommend that CBS utilizes the example of Star Wars, which has unified styles, yet feature the proper characters on the packaging (see example from Hasbros Minimate-like "Galactic Hero" below). Hasbro uses the Star Wars unified themes, yet the proper characters are featured on the packaging. Keep the Enterprise, keep the Star Trek generic logo, keep the color scheme, but it would be better to feature the proper characters.

Why put Kirk and Spock on all ST products? Star Wars shows you can do unified packaging and individualize it to be character specific

Bottom Line
Minimates are meant for both collectors of unusual items and for appropriate aged kids (there are many small accessories and like Legos, these come apart so they are not meant for the youngest fans). However, for the "older" kids this is a great item that is fun to play with, and Minimates have a cute factor important to this age group. Because of this, Minimates has double duty. They are both a fun and detailed collectible, and they help Star Trek appeal to more kinds of fans. Despite the packaging problems, the fifth wave of minimates is very good, and features characters that might not sell as large sized action figures.

Available now
Wave 5 of the Star Trek minimates is available now.

But them online at Action Figure Express

Minimates Series Five – 8-pack

The last two waves of Minimates are also available at Action Figure Express:

Series Four – 8-pack Mirror Mirror – 5-pack
$25.59 $15.99


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