Update On Life-Sized TOS Captain’s Chair

Since we first reported from the Las Vegas Star Trek convention that CBS announced that Diamond Select was making a life-sized Original Series captain’s chair, there has been a lot of buzz about this hot new item. TrekMovie has now got some clarifications and more info and pictures of the one chair to rule them all.


Take command of your living room
According to CBS the life-sized chair is a "fully operational replica" of the captain’s chair from Star Trek The Original Series using "expert measurements and the highest quality durable materials." This replica is actually a real piece of furniture, complete with lights, sound effects and built in phrases from the original Captain Kirk himself.

The sound effects included are:

  • Intercom Hail
  • Phaser
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Buttons SFX
  • Battle Damage SFX
  • Warp Speed
  • Bridge background noises

The phrases included are:

  • Full “Space: The Final Frontier” prologue
  • “This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise”
  • “Lt Uhura, Open a channel to all decks”
  • “Security alert to all decks”
  • “Kirk to engineering. Scotty Report!”
  • “Position Report Spock”
  • “Prepare for attack all hands Battle Stations”
  • “Chekov, Arm photon torpedoes”
  • “Resume course to our next destination Mr. Sulu”

Take a seat

$2000 this holiday season
We have some good news and some bad news. The chair will actually be available sooner than originally thought, but also more expensive than first reported. It is expected to debut this holiday season and will sell for $2000 (retail). It will be available at the Diamond Select website and other retailers. Entertainment Earth tells TrekMovie they hope to carry it but have not yet finalized plans with DST. As of now the chair is not yet available for pre-order at DST or any other site.

More views

TrekMovie will provide more updates on the chair as they become available. Until then, start saving.

What about the Roddenberry chair?
Recently TrekMovie reported that Roddenberry.com, who make a number of their own Star Trek replicas, was making a single Captain’s chair available as a prize. This chair from Roddenberry is not the same as the DST chair and is something they had hand-made. The folks at Roddenberry.com tell TrekMovie they are seriously considering offering their own TOS captain’s chair, but being that they would be hand made to order, they would likely be even more expensive than the one from DST. However for now you can still enter to become a Roddenberry member of the year and get the chair for free.


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