Super High Resolution Images For ‘Star Trek’ 2009

This morning Paramount Pictures released their ‘2009 Press Preview Kit.’ It includes brief overviews and some images for each of their 16 feature films slated for 2009. For Star Trek none of info was new and the four images were all previously released, however they were in super high resolution (including the image of the new USS Enterprise). Check them out below


HIGH resolution images from Star Trek
All of these images had been shown before, but since the press kit is for all media (including print media), the images are very high resolution so they can be used in magazines. Usually online sites resize image, but TrekMovie is the first to present the following in their full (up to 5484 x 2332 bandwidth hogging) size. These new images allow you to really get up close and personal and see new details, especially with the Enterprise exterior and bridge.

Images presented below with the ‘official’ captions provided by Paramount. Click the images to see in full size and download.

The Starship Enterprise in "Star Trek."

(Left to right) The crew members of the Starship Enterprise include Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban), an unidentified crew member, Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Sulu (John Cho) in "Star Trek.

Chris Pine (center) stars as Captain Kirk and John Cho (right) stars as Sulu in "Star Trek."

Zachary Quinto stars as Spock in "Star Trek."

Official Paramount ‘one pager’ and synopsis
The Press kit also includes ‘one pagers’ or single page breakdowns of each of the films. The one for "Star Trek" is actually almost identical as the one from the 2008 Press Preview (see Dec. 2007 TrekMovie article). But here it is all the same:

Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment Present
A Bad Robot Production
"Star Trek"
Executive Producers Bryan Burk Jeffrey Chernov Roberto Orci Alex Kurtzman
Produced by J.J. Abrams Damon Lindelof
Based upon "Star Trek" Created by Gene Roddenberry
Written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
Directed by J.J. Abrams

John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, with Eric Bana and Leonard Nimoy

From director J.J. Abrams ("Mission: Impossible III," "Lost" and "Alias"), producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk and screenwriters Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman ("TRANSFORMERS," "MI: III") comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all time, "Star Trek," featuring a young, new crew venturing boldly where no one has gone before.

May 8, 2009

This film has not yet been rated.


"Star Trek" is a Paramount Pictures Release


Note for credits junkies
The only real change we see here is with regards to the production partner. Sometime during 2008 Paramount switched its Star Trek production partner from Level 1 Entertainment to Spyglass Entertainment. This is very ‘inside baseball’ stuff and has no real impact on the film itself. It is common for studios to bring in financial partners on big budget films to share in the costs (and profits), and for some reason they changed partners in 2008.


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Cool! Very cool

This movie looks great… I can’t wait for it to come out!


Awesome! I was just looking for a big pic of the new Enterprise this morning. Thanks!

Wish the shot of the Enterprise didnt have that shuttle in front of the lower hull…

And I noticed that a backside shot of the E from the latest trailer doesn’t, to me, seem to match exactly with the shape of this ship…..hmmm..

Wonderful… the new Enterprise is simply gorgeous.

Are there two E’s? I’m starting to think there might be. Especially with this whole Time thing. I think the movie is an alternate reality due to Nero’s screwing around, and then when all is put right, the “normal” reality we know will be revealed.

I think the last reveal will be an Enterprise that looks far more familliar than this thing we keep seeing. Well, I hope it’s not just wishful thinking..

Wow you can see 1701 under the dish in that pic, talk about Hi-res

Still shocked by this new Enterprise. It just strikes me as wrong.

John Cho, aka Sulu, gets first credit?

Wow…you’re not kidding, Anthony, when you say these are super hi-res pics. lol They are HUGE! It’s fun to try and check out the detail. I do like the exterior of the Enterprise (think I’m in the minority on that one). However, I’ll have to see the bridge on the big screen in its entirety to form an opinion on that one. It just seems soooooo white, but then again, I thought the same thing of the TMP bridge when that movie first came out. In any event, seeing this new version of Trek is my big movie experience of 2009…bar none.

Thanks for sharing these pics, Anthony…its always “one stop shopping” here. :-)


Less quantum legerdemain and more pics!

I am glad they are releasing info slow, but it would be nice ot get a few more angles on the E.

At least this ship is recognisably the Enterprise, recognisably, INSTANTLY to even the most hardcore of fans, as a constitution class configuration. Not only did they stick to that- they stuck close as hell to it. They could have gone for a whole new shape. I still think this is not the best shot they could have released, with the wide lens distorting the shape, but eh, it’ll make it all the more beautiful when we see her on the big screen.

Why is the Enterprise so much darker in this shot? Interesting. Amazing quality though, woohoo!

Enterprise is fine, just a little jazzed up. Hardly a big deal.

I should’ve seen it 5 times already! I wish they hadn’t put it off until May, but I understand why they did.

When I saved the pic of the big E, the thumbnail on my PC shows Spock in front of the viewscreen. But when I click on it, the pic is of the Enterprise. Odd…

I don’t care what anyone thinks of my opinion but personally I think the new Enterprise is a thing of beauty inside and out.
Cant wait for release day :D

9. Driver – December 30, 2008
John Cho, aka Sulu, gets first credit?

The actors are listed alphabetically with the exception of the big names, Bana and Nimoy.

9, heard of alphabetical ordering?

I so want to love the “new” Enterprise.
I so want to love the new bridge — but with all those bar-code scanner, looks more like how WalMart will look in the 24th century.
Maybe, just maybe this new look will grow on me …..

OF COURSE this is “reboot”
“comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all …..”

Is Star Trek being shot digitally? If not, why not? I thought its supposed to give higher resolution detail than normal film stock. Whats the score

These dont seem very hires to me, more like blown up low res jpegs..very grainy..


So we “might” see Shatner in this movie???

Just wantin’ to stir the pot a bit!

/Gotta run!

9 & 22

I was wondering how long it would take for people to start complaining. For some fans, it seems like they just want to hate everything and constantly moan…it is kind of sad

Please forgive my possible impertinence, but since these are official Paramount publicity photos, is it really (at all) appropriate to tag them with obtrusive watermarks?

These images don’t belong to you, so you shouldn’t really be treating them as proprietary, plus I think most of us would greatly appreciate having them “clean” — just as the studio intended and released them. Thanks.

(And yes, I’m not unsympathetic to your bandwidth expenses, but isn’t that what your site’s ads are for?)

Talking about time travel and parallel universes, in my opinion there will be a brief cameo of the original TOS Enterprise. I feel it.

25. Chill. Im loving the shots, loving the trailer and trying to stay spoiler free so I can have a blast come May. I just was questioning if they shot it digitally or why they didn’t, I thought its become cheaper to do it that way than on film and at the same time yield higher res pictures. The ones from Paramount are great but not what I would call HiRes thats all…doesn’t mean Im ‘hating’ it because I called that into question? Im a huggggggggggge fan of this new movie.


@ 27

It would be cool if they at least sneak it in the background. Like the Millennium Falcon in First Contact.

These high resolution images are very nice Anthony, but a waste of bandwidth. You see, movies are usually mastered at 2K, in other words, all film is scanned and edited into a size of about 2048×870, being anamorphic in this case.

So seeing these images at high resolution is nice, but at anything larger than 2048 in width, you are not seeing any extra detail, because it wasn’t there to begin with. Star Trek might be mastered at 4K, but I doubt it, as the effects would become quite expensive at that size.

As to the new Enterprise, at first I hated it, but now I can tolerate it. As a matter of fact, looking at the various components, I think they did an awesome job on the saucer, nacelles, and neck. I’ve come to realize the only thing that bothers me is the odd shape of the secondary hull. If the secondary hull where a mix between what it is now, and the TMP hull, man, they would have knocked this new Enterprise design out of the park.

#27 …..I WISH it were TRUE!!! I hate to break this to you, it ain’t happening. There’s a greater chance of Bugs Bunny making a cameo than the original Enterprise. I have said many times before (being an “old-schooler myself). In spite of the changes, looks, etc. etc. — We have to assume that Abrams and company know what they’re doing OR at least know what they’r trying to do.

Fancy sets, images, scenery, trailers will not translate into critical or box-office success!!! Yes many of us have had many grievances and disagreements about this project. ONE THING we can ALL AGREE ON — is that we’re Star Trek fans (be it avid, casual or light), and for that reason alone we should ALL WANT this movie to be a blazing success!!!!!!

Quinto has a condom in his pocket! Wow, now that’s hi-res!!

More to the point… how do I maintain the correct aspect ratio when I flagrantly steal the pic of the new E for my wallpaper?

CmdrR, depending if you have Vista or XP, most likely XP, when you go to the Desktop settings, there should be something that says “Center.”

Or if you really want to edit it down, you can go into Paint and edit the image by moving it around. Or, I can do it for you.

re 26. John Whorfin – December 30, 2008

AP pays for this site. If you want them without the trekmovie logo, find them elsewhere. It’s that simple, and I dont appreciate people attacking AP for the great site that he provides here. When you attack AP, you are attacking me. I was appalled by that statement, sir. A nice “thank you, AP” would have been much better.



Thanks, TOG. I’ll try your suggestions. I’d have you do it, but then I’d never learn computers. My wife is getting tired of coming in here every time I need her to turn it on.

And whilst I’m being pathetic… I JUST NOW am seeing that the reflection in the nacelle cap is Earth. I mean, DUH, of course, but I can see continents now. WOW!

Maybe the shuttle is hiding something?

#25 you can’t be serious. How does my faux pas and #22’s post translate to hate? Incredible.

21 – I just noticed them and was checking to see if anyone else had.

35. hitch1969 – That was totally uncalled for. I wasn’t attacking Anthony in any way — I was making a fair, reasoned and valid query. Chill the frak out. (And btw, we help pay for the site through the advertising, thank you very much.)

Looking at those high-res pictures, I just noticed that Karl Urban’s McCoy is wearing a ring on his pinky finger like DeForest Kelley did. That’s a nice little touch that I think fans will appreciate.

When they show Earth in the movie I hope they show Florida, like they do in every Sci-Fi movie, especially Trek! Call it selfishness!!!!

re 40. John Whorfin – December 30, 2008

You know what, you’re right. I am sorry. I just get a little sensitive about people being critical of AP. I guess I defend him in that way. Would you not admit, that in the very least, your comments come across as a bit off-putting and… non-appreciative?

Theres a word for this. Cant think of it … like, if you were AP. And it was you putting this whole thing together, bringing the news, sharing the stories. How would you have taken those comments?

I’m not AP, I am just a good internet friend of AP and I was insulted. I was insulted for AP. And I think that responses like yours would cause me to pull the hi-res images were I him. And then it’s all ruined because of one bad apple, now innit?

Are you capable of seeing this point of view? Sir?



And you can see that Kirk’s black shirt does, in fact, have a (darker) black Starfleet delta shield symbol on it in the usual position. Cool!

addendum – prefacing something with “Please forgive my possible impertinence” IS NOT the same as “With all due respect”; which is basically a license to say anything you want.

And I do say that with all due respect, sir.


that viewscreen could use a reflection suppressor…

i like the idea of the main viewer being an actual window that can display data and communications, but pocketed, zippered trousers are so two centuries ago.

paramount couldnt have released a better angle of the 1701? maybe thats the best angle of the old girl?

i still say that saucer section on that stardrive looks like the head of a pit-bull on the body of a poodle.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about the resolution on those photographs?


What?! Nine thousand?!

I don’t see any differences. They may have been rescaled, but there is no more information in them. This is nothing new, I think.


The CGI E almost looks like a model. NICE!

I like the design lineage from the Kelvin to the Enterprise, too.

Holy cow…

You can tell the Simon Pegg is involved with this because, with the high-res photos, Kirk looks like he’s “got wood” in the captains chair.