BSG Preview: Season 4.5 Is Here + Olmos as Picard?

The ragtag fleet is back! Tonight the first of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica airs and so TrekMovie brings back our weekly BSG previews. Tonight’s episode "Sometimes a Great Notion" is the first BSG (not counting webisodes) in six months. We have all the latest on BSG (plus some Trek connections) to get you started.


“Sometimes a Great Notion” [Season 4 Ep. 11]
Airing on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight , January 16th at 10 PM (9 Central)

Synopsis: Kara struggles with the foreboding prediction of the Cylon Hybrid, while Adama and the Colonial fleet face despair over their shocking discovery.

There is not a specific promo for tonight’s episode, but here is one for ‘Seasons 4.5’ as a whole.

DVR Alert: the episode will run 3/12 minutes long

Final Webisode
The 10th and final part of "Face of the Enemy" webisode is available on Hulu and at

Go to a Frak Party
Want to watch BSG with a crowd? Well there are public ‘Frak Parties’ all around the country, Galactica SitRep has a breakdown.

BSG 4.0 Marathon today of SciFi
If you need to catch up with Battlestar, you can watch the first ten episodes of season four (and some of season three), airing in a marathon today, starting at 8:30 AM on SciFi.

BSG 4.0 on DVD
The first 10 episodes of Season four, plus an extended version of the ‘Razor’ movie, were released last week on the Battlestar Galactica 4.0 DVD set. Here is a promo:



Olmos talks Picard with Whoopi and Barbara
Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) was on The View today promoting Battlestar along with co-star Mary McDonnel (Laura Roslin). During the segment show co-host Barbara Walters asked Olmos why he turned down the role of Picard on Star Trek The Next Generation, check it out:

Ron Moore talks Trek lessons in BSG
BSG co-creators Ron Moore and David Eick did a conference call all about the return of BSG last week (see full transcript). Here is an interesting comment regarding what Moore learned from Trek:

Ron, having worked on Star Trek in years past, we’re there any lessons that you took home from those spin off series that you’re now able to apply to Caprica as a spinoff of the Battlestar universe?

Ron Moore: Probably first and foremost that you don’t try to repeat the formula. You know, I think that, you know, I questioned at the time Trek’s, when Star Tre – after Deep Space Nine when they developed the Voyager, and then subsequently Enterprise. Both those projects felt too similar to Next Generation and to the original series for me and by my lights.

I felt that, Deep Space was the way to do a spin off series of an existing franchise where you really are doing a very different show. It’s a different format. It’s a different feeling. You know, and the Deep Space Nine station lent itself to continuing stories. The Next Generation was episodic. I mean they were just very different animals. I felt that it was more creatively satisfying to do that instead of doing a, you know, a spin off that just felt like a different version of the mother ship. And so that definitely informed, you know, the process as we went into Caprica.

BSG Auction
Want to own your own Viper, or Tricia Helfer’s famous red dress, or any ohter piece of BSG history. Well there is a live auction taking place this weekend, more information at (also check out the info on the Ebay auction). The auction is being run by PropWorx, owned by friend of the site and contributor Alec Peters. Alec was interviewed by BSG Cast about the auction, check it out:

Frakkin’ Links

  • There are too many frakkin interviews and articles this week to link to, but our pals at GalacticaSitRep have a full breakdown, check it out.


The comments section below is for the majority of Trek fans who are also BSG fans. It is to discuss the series, the week’s episode and anything else related to the preview article above. If you are not a fan of the show, then why are you even reading this far down into this post? There are plenty of Trek stories so just move on. Any flaming of BSG will be considered trolling. If you have issues with this site having one BSG column a week, then make a note in the site feedback page.


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came here for the line “public Frak party” and was not disappointed.

Tip the veal, try the waitress….

Can’t wait to get my hands on those DVDs. :D

woo! the final episodes FINALLY! :D I can’t wait… though, I’m also sad it’s ending ;_;

It’s hard to believe it’s been four seasons since it all started, isn’t it? I still remember that evening when I stumbled upon the very first episode of the miniseries. Here in Asia, the show is aired on Cinemax Asia. I made it a point to see each airing every weekend. When they finally reached the end of season one (and at the time, I didn’t know season 2 was in the works) where Boomer shoots Adama and Baltar & Co are left stranded on Kobol, the TV announcer proudly declared, “And that was the last episode of Battlestar Galactica!” and I went, “WHAT?!”

I was so thrilled to find a copy of season two. XDDD

BSG today, Lost next week – the two best series on air again. I hope they don’t blow the finale and the choice for the last cylon won’t be too absurd.

Wow, now I can’t stop wondering what TNG could have been with Eddie as Picard…

It definately would have been a different TNG, I can’t imagine the Q episodes with Mr. Olmos….

The final Cylon turns out to be….

Oh, how I wish.

#7. Mike Ten – January 16, 2009 “It definately would have been a different TNG, I can’t imagine the Q episodes with Mr. Olmos….”

Script-writing notwithstanding, Eddie’s interpretation of Capt. Picard’s dealing with Q might have been closer to what Sisko thought of Q – but then, even there, that might have ended up precluding Sisko’s awesome line, after punching Q in the face on DS9, “…I’m not Picard!” LOL!

(As an actor myself, I know better than to think Eddie, or ANY professional actor, would have taken it upon himself to change the script – unless he thought it ‘played’ better – and then only with the episode director’s approval. As Brent Spiner has been heard quoting, “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.”)

But this is an amazing topic to think about. I’m glad Barbara posed the question. Now, just who ELSE auditioned for all the various roles in each of the Star Trek series’? (Besides Cap. Janeway, which most of us know – and which has online YouTube videos showing the first day of shooting ST:VOY’s pilot episode before Kate Mulgrew came on board….) That alone is what the above interview on The View brings to mind – the long [Hollywood] process of choosing the “right” person to play any role in question can’t be an easy job.

BTW, I just love BSG (both versions, actually, for the original is what in time would inspire Ron to do what he has done with the new show, and so well). And Mary is simply tremendous in Ron’s remade series. And more: she won me over long before BSG and even her small role in the movie “Independence Day.” As the character STANDS WITH A FIST in “Dances With Wolves,” Kevin’s cast for DWW wouldn’t have been the same without her – which to me is what this discussion is all about. Wow, what tremendous talent – everyone on BSG, both in front of and behind the camera. You can bet I’ll be watching tonight. THIS is what we have been waiting for.

From a grateful Star Trek fan and BSG fan: thank you, Anthony, for posting this thread topic – and the YouTube link to The View.


I was always very fond of Geneviève Bujold

His creed is “Don’t repeat the formula,” so he immediately goes out and faithfully repeats his formula of “Every week is a shocking revelation that irrevocable shatters everything you thought you knew about the preceding weeks?”

#8 – LOL!

Lucifer or Count Iblis!

Hmmm…methinks Mary has had some work done…she looks very re-imagined :)

I have avoided spoilers (the few out there) for 6 months, and I can’t wait for tonight, yea!!!!!

Battlestar Galactica, the best show on TV.

Finally, the final episides…I’m both exited and very sad. My phone had better not ring tonight, I’ve been waiting for this for the last year!

Picard (muttering under his breath): Guano!

Woulda been cool.

#I agree, cell will be shut off and phone off hook. It’s bittersweet for the final 10 episodes airing. But can’t wait for tonight and read the final episode will be 3 hours, maybe longer on DVD 4.5. I can’t wait for the entire series to be released on blu ray, I have season 1 on hd DVD and there is a big difference. I found a blu ray HD DVD combo player(open box) at best buy for $139.00 2 weeks ago, works great on both formats.

Rehashed here for relevance:

Here in Portland, Oregon, all final episodes can be viewed (free admission) on the big screen, at a local brew pub. The establishment is a beautifully renovated movie theater, complete with a glitzy balcony section, reminiscent of a venue from the 1940s:

“Southeast Portland’s marvelous relic of Hollywood’s Golden Age is a stunning movie palace full of wonder and surprises. For nearly four generations now, the Bagdad’s Mediterranean and neon persona and daily offerings of celluloid adventures have made it an icon of Portland’s vibrant Hawthorne District. A movie hall of the best sort, the Bagdad’s interior is an attraction unto itself with barreled arches, ornate, wrought iron fixtures, brilliant-colored mosaic work, and painted and stenciled Mediterranean designs and mythical characters. Kick back in the theater and enjoy a slice of pizza and a handcrafted ale during the show, or come early and enjoy dinner in the casual pub that fronts the theater. But be forewarned — outdoor tables in the summertime may be hard to come by!”

Check out these cool pictures of the theater:

That’s about as close to being in “The Opera House” as it gets!

Just a heads-up for anyone who happens to acquire a screener copy for tonight’s premiere… the last scene has been cut from the screeners. A big reveal happens that they don’t want to get out. The screener is not the complete episode. Condier yourself warned.

Thanks, as always, for the shout outs! I hope my fellow ST/BSG fans will come over to Sitrep this season on weekends — we are going to have open threads every Friday this season to discuss the eps properly. :)

BSG=Best Show Going.

And now, sadly it comes to an end. Like dessert and sex,you wish it could go on forever, but the finish is always satisfying.

I have to gig tonight so the DVR is going to get to see it before me.


Yeah, but have you seen those takes with her as Janeway? Yikes. She’s stiff as a board. I think it was better for Trek and for Bujold that they parted ways.


Oh yeah, Sean, I watched it. Would not have worked.

For once I agree with Mr. Berman, she would have been fine for a
Motion Picture, but Mulgrew was the right choice for TV…

Double emphasis on those who haven’t watched the webisodes at SciFi now that all ten are up.

“Face of the Enemy” is superb. It’s the type of “Below the Decks” story that Battlestar does *right*. I only have minor quibbles in the way one of the lines is delivered by the actor who plays Hoshi… But that’s the only nit I see. I hope it’s on the 4.5 disk…

Frak! I knew buying the Mini-Series DVD and the Razor DVD separately was a mistake…

OK — I’m a goof. I thought in the writer’s commentary she was calling Grace Park “Hoshi,” and thereby confusing her with Linda Park’s character on ENT. Duh, me.

I can’t wait for BSG tonigh!!!!

For those recording it tonite…I read that it will run four or five minutes long…so set your DVRs accordingly…

Very excited about tonight’s episode and the bittersweet ending of it all.

I’m waiting for the ultimate battle between the civil war skinjobs and the skinjobs that joined the Humans and the Colonials….noone survives…end credits….

Just kidding….Can’t wait to see the episodes myself been addicted to them since day one…

EJO was offered the role of Picard?

Would he have been better than Patrick Stewart?

It’s baaack, and im guesing it’ll be better than ever!! It is sad that the series is ending, but nice that it’s on their own terms. Can’t wait for tonight!!

They’d never do this in a million years, but my personal pick for the Final Cylon would be Doc Cottle. It would be abso-frakking-lutely perfect!

Doc Cottle would be an interesting choice as the final cylon. Given his comment on New Caprica about the blood, “it is all the same to me”, when he was helping a cylon who was attacked in one of Tigh’s attacks.

Wow. If Olmos had done TNG, he would have been featured in two of my favorite shows of all time, TNG and Miami Vice…..yes, I’m old.

He would’ve made a cool captain, I believe.

Oh yeah, I made the same mistake of buying all the DVD’s and Razor and then finding out that you get Razor with season 4.0. Oh well.

I considered Cottle as well but I remember a line from the episode when the Prez and Baltar and the pilots are kidnapped on the Base ship and one of the Cylons says that 4 of the final 5 are with the fleet. If you have the new season on DVD and watch the bonus feature “Season 4.0-The Untold Story-Untold”, there is, I believe, a great big clue to the final Cylon.

I won’t give up my guess, but mark my words, if I’m right I’ll be back and crow.

Re; 36

I could just see Picard with a skinny tie, eyes fixed squarely downward on his desk. “Riker. Data. Go check it out.” *Phil Collins starts playing*

#34, #35

I thought about that, but I think it will be someone younger. I don’t have 100% proof, obviously, but here’s why:

1’s – Cavil
2’s – Leoben
3’s – D’Anna
4’s – Simon
5’s – Doral
6’s – Natalie
7’s – Tory (conjecture)
8’s – Sharon
9’s – Anders (conjecture)
10’s – ???
11’s – Chief Tyrol (conjecture)
12’s – Colonel Tigh (conjecture)

Since the original, known models seemed to follow a pattern of decreasing age based on higher model numbers, I think the pattern might restart going the other direction after reaching the median age in the middle (right around Sharon & Tory). It’s a total guess, but for some reason that seems to fit.

I don’t know what Roddenberry’s obsession with the French was in his later years, but if you’re going to have a French Captain, it should have been Jean Reno.

I read that Roddenberry’s original choice for Picard was Stephen Macht, hardly a celebrity, then or now.

Re: #38. Hilarious.

I think BSG might be the greatest program ever created and I don’t say that lightly.

I think BSG might be the greatest program ever too…

…but I say that so very lightly that you’d think I’d hit the fizzy lifting drinks at the chocolate factory.

It’s about frakking time!

Ron Moore sent the Trek franchise off course.


I can’t think of a single character to be revealed as the final Cylon, who wouldn’t seem like a lame cop-out. They wrote themselves into a corner with that one.

Boxey is the final cylon

It’s going to be Ellen Tigh.

I’m bidding on a few pieces for the auction, but I probably won’t get anything. Still, I think this auction hasn’t been promoted very well, so who knows?


In what way did he send it off course? DS9 was the best post-TOS Trek there was.