Watch LeVar Burton Drop By The Soup

Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton was a surprise guest on tonight’s The Soup on E! and it is pretty funny and something we though you wouldn’t want to wait until next week’s CelebWatch to see, check out the video below.


Tonight LeVar sent out a tweet pointing his followers to the following:

Thanks for the tip LeVar and thanks to YouTuber WatchTheSoup for the clip


Pegg on The Soup
Burton isn’t the only Trek celeb to show up on E’s The Soup in the last year, over the summer Simon Pegg (Scotty in the new Star Trek feature) dropped by to push his Spaced DVDs.

And he showed up again to promote How To Lose Friends and Alienate People in September.

Thanks to iUpload Soup blueheeler for those clips


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What is Burton doing with his life?

Yeah that was a great clip!

Freakin’ hilarious! Laughed my butt off!

I’ve heard whispers about Reading Rainbow Reimagined. 2010.

is it me or has levar burton gotten much cooler since twitter?

fifth, right on!!! Just kidding, love levar from way back kunta kunte.

HAHA! Love it! :)

Betcha LeVar gets a part in ‘Mad Men’ after that. At least, I hope so.


That was awesome!!!! ROTFLMAO !

My business partner was on some football movie with levar, and he claims he was a complete diva…

Funny stuff…

Well that was better than I thought it would be. ; )

Most amusing.

ehehehehe “why is LeVar Burton with you?” xD …he’s starting to look old though :/ …and wow, Vincent Kartheiser o.o …he doesn’t look as good as he did when he was younger but he still looks pretty good <3

He did a good job on Twit (This Week In Tech) podcast last week.

Well, he’s got to be over 50. He’s allowed to look old. :-)

IIRC, he’s been directing television shows. Mostly on Enterprise and Charmed.

Hey, if he can play Joan Holloway they could have had him play Dr. Crusher, too! ;-)

@5: Nope, he’s always been cool! We just can’t thank the TNG writers for doing his character any real favors sometimes…

Man, I was watching The Soup last night and had no idea this was coming. It was frakkin’ hilarious.

George Takei is on the Soup all the time. I watch that show religously.

19, Me too, it was a nice surprise!

“it’s Mileeeeey!”

Hilarious! LOL :)

The Soup is funny. McHale does a good job.

mad, mad, mad, mad, maaaad props to LeVar

I agree Klatu – Levar was excellent on TWiT. One of the best episodes – they really do need one with him and Wheaton. Can we say Geekfest?


..and in Miley Cyrus news…
–It’s Mileyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!