Detailed Look At Star Trek Movie Barbie Figures – Including Detail on Prop Accessories

TrekMovie has previously reported that Mattel will be doing a line of collector figures for the new Star Trek movie in their Barbie line, and today CBS Consumer Products and Mattel have provided us with more details and some high resolution images, showing just how impressive these figures are. The images also give us a good look at the movie props.


Kirk, Spock and Uhura – via Barbie

This is not Trek’s first foray into Barbie figures, but unlike the Barbie and Ken Star Trek dolls from the 90s, this new set of three figures is actually modeled after the actors playing the roles of Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

All three of the new ‘Star Trek’ Barbie figures from Mattel
(click to enlarge)

From the looks of the images these dolls are very detailed and have excellent likenesses, especially Pine. At the standard 12" Barbie size and priced at  $43.19 each, these figures will primarily appeal to Star Trek and Barbie collectors, but the quality of the figures may extend that to some more casual collectors and Trek fans.

Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (click to enlarge)

The Barbie Star Trek figures should arrive April 20th in Wal-mart stores and Barbie collector dealers, as well as online at, , Entertainment Earth and elsewhere. They should also be sold in select international markets.

Uhura (click to enlarge)

The figures come with some very detailed accessories, giving us some of the best ideas of what the movie props will look like.

(L-R) Tircorder, Communicator and Phaser accessories
(click to enlarge)

All in all these new Barbies are a great surprise and something we are very much looking forward to.

Trek Barbies in TV Guide
And in another sign of the mainstreaming of the new Star Trek, these figures are also featured in this week’s TV Guide. See more at TV

More Trek Toy news coming soon
Of course the bulk of the figures and toys related to the new Star Trek movie will be coming from Playmates. They will have a full line ships, role playing toys, and three different sized lines of action figures (3 3/4", 6", and 12"). More news on the first wave of Playmates Star Trek toys should be coming soon.



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Props look good so far. True to the original yet modernized

The phasers look like star trek III, V, VI phasers.

Looks okay to me. Phaser def. very reminiscent of movie era phasers. Barbie Kirk looks more like Kirk than Playmates Kirk!

Thank you John!

The phaser looks good

Not sure about the Spock one, but Kirk looks right!

Nice props.

OK! Feeling MUCH better about the props now! =D

Eh, I ain’t buying Barbie dolls, I don’t care who they look like.

Phaser does look good, communicator looks like one of those early samsung flip phones, and the tricorder…looks like its trying too hard to be like its TOS counterpart. As for the barbie’s them selves, seems like a waste to make them, because I think only the hard core Trek collector is gonna buy those, and they look horrible.

Yeah, for guys these figures are way too “soft” looking, not to mention the “Barbie” stigma…

everyrhing looks fine !

but the communicator looks strange….

cant wait to get my hand on one of these phasers….theres something i have to “talk” about with my neighbour muharrrr.

I like the Phaser- it’s a nice blend between TOS and movie versions. And let’s face it- blows away the broom handles on TNG.

Phinally! The phaser!
Hmmm. Not bad, but why go the route of the post-TOS movies??
As I keep asking regarding the direction of this movie- WHY?

Though I have to say- a barbie with a gun is just wrong…

They all look fine ,Kirk the most accurate of the bunch. Spock looks like a good reproduction of a generic Vulcan. I am glad we finally see some of the gear! Now…..more pics of the Big E please!!

as far as the look of the phasers go..I know there is back story as to why one looks different than another from tos, to film 1, 2 etc…but I just look at it as…they wanted to make it look a bit different..but it is still the same thing.. a phaser.. or tricorder or whatever…it isn’t necessarily supposed to have story surrounding the change…it just is..I dunno..I mean I love trek..but continuity issues when it comes to props like the look of a gun or tricorder…just never have bothered me….

The phaser looks like a xenomorph.

I have to confess, I really do like those props.

The Phaser is proportioned similar to the original, but with the detailing appropriate to the overall look they’re going for. Looks kickass to me.

The Communicator makes sense, even if it is slightly odd.

The viewer is a departure, but it makes sense, especially considering where communications technology currently is.

The Tricorder is actually pretty awesome, and definately seems like it functions similar to the original show version.

So far, thumbs up on these !!!

If the PlayMates reproductions are good, I’ll get them for sure.

I’m also hoping that Rubies do a good job with the costumes.

I’m probably not going to buy any of these, but I have to admit they look pretty good.

16 – Good thinking.

Is it me or do they have long necks? Spock seems to have rather thick hair. overall these look way better than the action figures and I think I would put my money to buying these rather than the Playmates ones.

Yay to finally getting a good look at what the props will look like! I’m loving that tricorder and now the communicator makes some sense as well.


no offense to gay trekkies or trekkers. But, Kirk and Spock look gay.

I’m not a figure guy, but these look like high quality products to me.

The Playmates figure looks more like the uniform has scales than the textured (actually printed, it appears) fabric we’ve seen elsewhere.

They’re not dolls.. they’re action figures! ;)

Hockey jerseys and Motorola cell phones with Star Trek III phasers and a TMP tricorder…

What girl did they model the Spock doll after? The face and the hair are very feminine.
Nice popr CUs.
It feels like all of the art direction (sets, props, ships) came from the movies while completely ignoring everything that ever appeared in TV.


see #16..

The Phaser actually looks like it evolved from the Phase Pistols from “Enterprise”.

Definitely a TMP influence in this film(the Enterprise’s primary hull and deflector dish and the tricorder and phaser). Since I happened to like that look back in the day, I like what I see here.

Wow, very detailed. Even down to the delta shields in the fabric!

I have to say I’m really liking these props.
Thanks for posting this Anthony.

: )

I wonder if Kirk and Spock will both be wearing those flesh colored underwear that most my sister’s Ken dolls had on complete with the little flap. I never understood why Barbie was all but nude but Ken wore underwear. Should’nt she have been wearing a flesh colored bra and panties? We know from the movie Trailer that Uhura wears a bra. I wonder if she comes with that so some of you more weird fellows can reenact that scene. hehe

Did anyone else kidnap their sister’s Barbies and behead them or pose them in obscene ways?

Me- “Barbie needs a little operation”
Sister – “NO!!! Please! Don’t!”
Me- “Trust me, it will be ok, now, it seems Barbie has a brain tumor. We better amputate her hear if you want her to live. MAHAHAHAHAHAH”
sister- “MOM!!!!!!”

The dolls themselves look like quality. Well done. I would have segmented Kirk’s middle stripe (he’s a real USN Lt. Commander now) but that ain’t my call.

Kirk and Uhura look perfect. The props are gorgeous. Spock looks like a girl who is not even distantly related to Zach Quinto.


2 – agreed – Treks III and V similarity for sure…

speaking of phasers does anyone know if DTS will be doing Trek III and V phasers (and the new movie phaser) like they’ve done for TOS and Trek II

plus what about communicators? will DTS do ones for the movies? (Trek II ‘lunchbox’ and IIIs TOS style?)

#13: Dr. Image

Because they look cooler.

#8—“Eh, I ain’t buying Barbie dolls, I don’t care who they look like.”


37 – No plans as far as I know, but the Trek II Phaser and TOS Tricorder are coming out this year for sure.

They are also releasing a Tribble, that even makes the Klingon angry reaction when shaken.

These figures are way too “barbified” for my tastes. The uniforms are ok, but still too much focus on the, what should be subtle,.shield patterns on the tunics. The heads..well…Uhura looks great, as she should coming from the Matell Barbie line. Kirk and Spocketta are way too “Ken” looking…but hey, it is a Barbie line after all.

The accessories are cool. Aside from the “un-flip-ability” factor of the hand held communicators, the props look great. Can’t wait to see the full size phaser and tricorder in action.

Actually, the Spock doll looks a lot like Selar.

I remember reading that the movie phaser has a cowl that “pulls back” for a different setting (ie. stun or vaporize.)

From the toy, it looks like the cowl is forward, and if pulled back the emitter would be exposed and look like a classic TOS phaser.

If so, that’s an ingenious way to combine the TOS and TMP looks.

Now I see how you switch from Stun to Kill ;))


So you mean that as a compliment then?

It’s got to be tough to give a Ken doll a REAL Spock haircut. Nimoy’s hair was plastered to his skull. I think that if they had given the Barbie Spock a more significant schnozz the likeness would be better.

Kirk/ James Dean is ok I guess.

Spock looks like a drag queen.

Uhura looks good. Wish I was a Ken doll right about now…

#46—“Wish I was a Ken doll right about now…”

That would make you rather ill-equipped!

Would it not?

Phaser is very, very reminiscent of Trek II-VI phaser designs…I’ll miss the good ol’ classic design, but there’s no denying that it looks good. Tricorder and communicator are…interesting. Very Retro, but with a little bit of the 21st century ‘smooth, sleek n shiny’ design philosophy.


Oh, and as far as the tricorder is concerned:

There. Are. Three. Lights.

Now THAT’S retro.

47. True. Just shrink me then…