Big Bang Theory ‘Nimoy Napkin’ Being Auctioned Off This Weekend

Last month we reported that the Trek-crazy CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory incorporated the gift of a Leonard Nimoy autographed napkin into their Christmas episode. As it turns out, there really is a genuine Big Bang napkin signed by Nimoy, and it is being auctioned off for charity this weekend. See below for details and an exclusive picture of the napkin in question.

Sheldon gets a Nimoy-ific gift
The napkin appeared in the Big Bang Theory Christmas episode "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis." The set up is that Sheldon (one of the nerdy scientists who are the core of the show) is obsessed with gift-giving etiquette. Basically, Penny (the neighbor) informs Sheldon that she got him a little gift for Christmas. Sheldon see this as a huge imposition as gift giving is nothing but a laying upon of an obligation to reciprocate with something of commensurate monetary and sentimental value. Not knowing what Penny might have got him sets him off on an elaborate plan to be prepared for any eventuality. However, nothing could have prepared him for the gift she bestowed, a napkin from her cafe signed with a ‘live long and prosper’ by Leonard Nimoy…see how it played out:

TrekMovie asked Mr. Nimoy if he had seen the episode and he revealed that he actually did provide Big Bang with a genuine signed napkin. He also suggested a charity where it could be auctioned. CBS has provided TrekMovie with a picture of actor Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon) showing off the real thing.

You can own this unique autograph (click to enlarge)

The napkin can be yours
The Nimoy Napkin is being auctioned off at The Beit T’Shuvah "Steps to Recovery" Gala, which takes place at the Beverly Hilton this Sunday, Jan. 25. Beit T’ Shuvah is the only residential Jewish addiction program in the USA, and is based on the integration of Jewish traditions and spirituality, 12-step recovery and traditional therapy. More information about the Gala, including tickets info, can be found at

Parson talks Nimoy Napkin
TV Guide has more coverage of the Nimoy Napkin auction, including a video interview with actor Jim Parsons.


More Big Bang Trek
It is clear the folks behind the show Big Bang Theory are big Trekkies. We have been talking about the show here at TrekMovie for a while, and their Trek references show up in our Great Links columns on a fairly regular basis. For more on the show, including video, goto The show airs Mondays at 8 PM.



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Wow, now that’s TWO napkins that I want.

There’s this one, and the one that gave birth to most of Pixar’s movies.

Now that is cool!

Cool! This show is so good!

Nice one! …probly my favorite sit-com…

Decloaking . . .

I bid 20 Quatloos!!!


if that’s the show with that hot a$$ kelly cuoko then sign me up. I need to start watching.

I meant kelly cuoco

That was VERY funny.

Corporate synergy much?

I love BBT…it’s the best laughs every week and chock full of Trek and comics references. I’ll forgive them for the occasional Star Wars ref.

They shouldn’t auction it … they should just have a Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock tournament for the napkin …

I love this show and this napkin would be amazing! It ties my two favorite shows together, but I know I wont be able to make it to beverly hills to bid.

I say that Nimoy should autograph 5000 of these, at his own expense, and simply “give” them to the fans. The diehards like myself. Just to be nice and say thank you for my career, my house, all the chicks I’ve had because of my money.

Thats what I would do. And that’s what I WILL DO. mark my words. and that includes all my friends here at trekmovies dot gov. I wont forget you.
I’m large like JC that way. And by JC, I don’t mean Jesus Christ… I am talking bigger than that. You know who JC is that I am speaking of.



I’ve been watching this show per the articles posted at this site. I never knew about it until I heard about it here. And I love it, great show, clever and very funny!

isn’t leonard supposed to have wiped his mouth with that napkin too? I can’t see any trace of that! XD Love the show!

I watch this show faithfully! I about fell out of my chair in laughter when I saw this episode! It is hilarious!

Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows on TV! I love it. I hope they make some good $$ for their charity…

Has anyone been to a taping of this?

I think “Bath Gift Hypothesis” may be the BBTs “Best of Both Worlds”.

é a melhor cena de todas no seriado (até agora ;)

Truthfully, I would rather have the “fake” signed napkin that was actually used in the taping of the episode than the one they got Nimoy to sign. Now, if I could have both…


It’s really fun!

Now I have found here, but I’m glad that I could see. :)

Barbara from Hungary, Debrecen