Details On Gene & Majel Roddenberry Memorial Spaceflight + Send A Tribute With Them

At the Memorial for Majel Barrett Roddenberry earlier this month it was first announced that portions of the ashes of both Gene and Majel Roddenberry would be sent into deep space. Today Celestis, the memorial spaceflight company, has provided TrekMovie with more details on their final voyage, along with information on how fans can send a message along with them. We also have the video shown at the memorial.


A Deep Space Memorial for Majel and Gene
Celestis, Inc., the leading company doing memorial spaceflights, announced today that it will launch the remains of late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and his wife, actress Majel Barrett Roddenberry – “The First Lady of Star Trek” – on a mission into deep space, thus fulfilling Majel Roddenberry’s dream of journeying through space with her husband and creative partner. The launch will take place in 2012 as part of Celestis’ Voyager Service.

This is not the first time Celestis has launched Star Trek ashes into space. Ashes of Gene Roddenberry were part of Celestis first launch back in 1997, joining Timothy Leary and 27 others. Those were sent into orbit, but eventually re-entered the atmosphere a few years later. In 2007 Celestis launched some of James Doohan’s remains in a suborbital spaceflight and in 2008 some of Doohan’s ashes were part of a Celestis orbital flight, but the rocket failed. However, for the 2012 flight, the plan is to send the ashes of the two Roddenberrys out of Earth orbit, likely to the L1 point, where they could remain in perpetuity.

Celestis Flight Capsules and Flight Modules are integrated on board the spacecraft

You can be part of the tribute
Celestis is offering fans of Gene and Majel Roddenberry a chance to send your tribute along with their remains for the 2012 flight. They have set up a section of their website where you can write a message of tribute. All the tributes will then be digitally stored on a chip and launched into space along with the remains. Visit the Celestis site to write your tribute. You can also read other tributes online at the site.

Majel memorial images and tribute video has put up photos from Majel’s public memorial and provided TrekMovie with a couple as well. Click on the images below to see the full gallery at

Part of the stage from Magel’s Memorial

Gene and Majel’s urns, displayed at the Memorial

Roddenberry Productions also provided us with the tribute video shown at Majel’s public memorial. 

(note: the section from the new Star Trek film shown at the memorial is not part of the online video).

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that would be so great if they could get put into space. that would really be a great tribute to them.

The photo of her sticking her tongue out is quite funny.

I love the photo. I always thought Majel approached Trek with a more grounded attitude than some others. It’s imagination, fun, business, maybe even art.
Warp Speed Majel.

To go boldly, where no couple have gone before. Very fitting. Kaplah!

It was nice to see Majel acknowledged at the SAG awards last night during their past away segment.

Do ashes have DNA in them?

Being a Star Trek fan, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if aliens got hold of the spacecraft?

A scene from the end of The Menagerie comes to mind (or was it The Cage): a happy couple reunited in new bodies.

This making any sense to anyone? :)

Looks like the Rodeenberrys are Boldly going where no Couple has Gone Before. Best wishes to Rod and the rest of the Family.

A very well put together video tribute. I think I spotted one error, though. One clip from ST:TAS refers to Lt. M’Ress, but it appears to be a human character she was voicing, and not M’Ress.

It has even made the news down in Australia,22049,24969460-5001028,00.html

Not often does this happen.

We are all made up of the same cosmic star dust how fitting to become one with the universe. Fair winds Majel!

We are all made up from the same cosmic star dust. How poetic to become one with the universe once again. Fair winds Majel.

Love that photo of her sticking out her tongue! And they look so lovely in their wedding photo. She was so beautiful.

#8 – I thought the same thing.

Farewell, Mrs. Roddenberry.

Very fitting — the two of them off to the final frontier together. Wonder if they ever dreamed of that when they worked on the show in the 1960s.

Godspeed to you both, Mr. and Mrs. Roddenberry.

Immortal ashes from stardust now forever borne
Across gulfs of space into tomorrow’s new morn.

The power of imagination helped carry them there –
A final testimony to an extraordinary pair.

Those left behind on Earth hereafter awed and inspired
By the love of life and possibilities for humankind they fired

Within the souls and hearts of millions of believers worldwide.
Now they make a true star trek across the interstellar divide.

Their legacy challenges millions to embrace their visions
Of a world no longer torn by humankind’s foolish decisions:

Or one emphasizing artificial differences between one another.
They believed each woman their sister, each man their brother.

Now more than ever their quest for the final frontier
Reminds us of the brevity of our precious lives held so dear.

They gave us hope for the future, no matter how bloody our past,
And dreams to chase after, and a beautiful legacy to last

Beyond the wars and tempests that trouble this world –
And belief in a better one, as the future is unfurled.

Their visions reached further than most ever have seen:
God bless you and keep you – and thank you – Majel and Gene.

God’s speed to you both. Boldy go…

i could’ve done with out the Titanic music in the tribute video….but…to each his own.

warp speed and good luck!

Beautiful video, very sad, but happy at the same time. She will be missed.

I have a lot of respect for the Roddenberry’s legacy, but this launching of ashes thing is just a bit creepy for me. I mean, if someone associated with Star Trek in any way decides to be just plain ol’ fashioned ‘buried’, are they going to be ostracized?

New plot – their ashes are launched into space, found by aliens, the chip with the tributes are read, they are assumed to be gods, their DNA is used to reproduce the two – and they are reunited as king and queen of an alien race!

Hey Melissa! The chip will be called the historical documents!

May they both boldly go where no one has gone before…

The video is great. And I love that they used “Rose” from the Titanic OST.


I can’t help but feel I’ve heard your “new plot” before somewhere…


Jamie – yes, I started with your idea, but yo forgot about the chip. I was not trying to rip you off, just add to it.

Thank you so much for sharing that video. Some very private stuff in there, all of it touching.

OK then.

Thank you for the wonderful article and fantastic video memorial for Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Her and Gene’s life, love and adventure is awe inspiring and beautiful. It makes me hope for a soul mate of my own.

And she will always remain one of my all time favorite Star Trek characters, as Nurse Chapel. RIP Majel, my heroine :)