Esurance Launches Star Trek Promo Site w/ Behind The Scenes Shots + Contest

Today Esurance, a new Paramount promotional partner for the new Star Trek feature film, has launched a special Star Trek website that has a new video with the first behind the scenes footage for the movie. The new promotional site also has a contest to win tickets to the premiere of the movie and some other goodies, details below.


Esurance Trek
You can visit the site at There is also an ‘Esurance & Star Trek’ banner on the Esurance home page and a big banner on the Space Camp home page (there is some connection with Space Camp, but that is not clear yet). When you arrive at the landing page for the Trek sub-site you are immediately presented with a video which intertwines parts of the theatrical trailer with interview clips of the entire ‘supreme court’ of producers on the film (JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman). There are also on-set interview clips with Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Zoe Saldana (Uhura). The video also includes the first glimpses of behind the scenes shots on the film, including a set we have not see before (see screencaps below).

Esurance Star Trek promotional site landing page with new video

Contest – win a trip to the premiere
Once you get past the intro there are two choices, the first is the ‘Biggest Trekkie Contest’ where you can win a trip for two to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek by uploading video explaining why you are the biggest Trekkie. There is a video already there from an Esurance employee and Trekkie explaining the contest. You must enter by March 5th.

Biggest Trekkie contest page

The site also has a link to an ‘Out of this World Content,’ with desktops, the trailer and some AIM icons, all using previously released imagery. There is also a spot for a ‘game’ called "Erin’s Mission to Delta Vega," which is ‘Coming Soon.’

Assets page with promise of more coming soon

All in all  is a cool site, which like the Intel/Lenovo, promises to grow and bring us more exclusive Star Trek content.

Here are screen caps of the intro video, showing some new imagery or angles we have not seen before.

Abrams on the bridge

Camera operator in cave on ‘ice planet’

(Possibly) JJ and Pine, unknown location

Chris Pine on bridge of USS Enterprise

Zachary Quinto on bridge of USS Enterprise

Zoe Saldana on bridge of USS Enterprise



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That’s pretty sweet… Glad to see that they’re taking interest in Trek. :)


coolio never saw this many toys/promotion for a ST movie before at least in my life time.

Zachary, how can you wear those glasses?!


I’ll have to wait until after work to check out the video…but the screen caps look cool.

Re; #4

He’s preparing for his next role as Clark Kent.


More contests that New Zealand Star Trek fans can enter

( and other places too!)


How about a contest for us!!

HOT DAMN! The Bridge looks WAY BETTER with all of the spot lights off!!!

Interesting behind the scenes images. I suspect the publicity is now going to ramp up quite a bit.

4. He’s trying to hide his shaved eyebrows. You can still see them there. I like Quinto but all he can say is how cool it is?


“Where No Man Has Gone Before” reference??????

This is a big blowout adventure…
Bring it on!

If Esurance does an “animated” commercial with a Trek theme I hope they make it look like TAS! That would be sweet!

is that music from the movie in the background?????

Zack Quinto and his glasses rock!

What’s with the dude in front of the fireplace?


Thats supposed to convince us to enter the contest?


So far I’m really proud of the work being done to promote the movie. Trek has never really gotten this kind of promotion before. All mediums are being assaulted with trailers, contests, interviews, and screenshots.

is this competition worldwide????!!!??!!

this is totally kewl to have Star Trek BACK, and on this massive a scale.

keep them coming.



Any thoughts on the music?

Anthony, what do your sources tell you?


I was thinking the same thing. Doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. And I doubt they create a score just fr an online-featurette… :-)

Nimoy wore the same kind of thick-rimmed glasses during TOS to hide his shaved eyebrows. They make Quinto look more like Nimoy than ever.

Somebody needs to tell the Esurance site people to fix their aspect ratio. The video is too squished horizontally.

I just added my entry!!!

Didn’t see any other vids though?

Maybe I’ll be the only one to enter and win by default!!

A man can dream.

Great! When I finally get a set of wheels, I am naming it the Carship Enterprise, and I will insure it with these people (assuming they can beat the “you’re in good hands with the Tribbles” blooper).

And I’m getting the Knight Rider GPS.

Where does the background music that starts when JJ Abrams pops-up come from?

Is is another re-used cue from another movie, or is it our first ‘glimpse’ (as it were) of the score for the new movie?

I know that the ‘revving-up’ warp drive sound-effect as the movie loads is from The Voyage Home, but I don’t recognise the music…

Yes, 23., GIANT pet peeve of mine… there is NO reason for the aspect ratio to be jacked like that. It’s video embedded on their own web site, they have complete control over it. I suspect they just wanted to fill that wide rectangle they blocked out on the page, because it is reminiscent of the viewer on the bridge.

I cringe whenever I see that restaurants/bars (or worse, videophiles who should know better) have spent thousands (well, hundreds nowadays) on widescreen HDTVs, only to show 4:3 video all stretched out on them. So, you spent all that money on new TVs so it could look WORSE. Good job.

OK, you can see it again in the Pine pic. Exactly which Starfleet engineer decided to point three halogen lamps directly into the eyes of the communications officer?

Erin has always been hot, but now she’s SUPER HOT as a Vulcan! SWEET!!

(Is it wrong to be turned on by a cartoon character?)(don’t want to be right…)

Nice layout and graphics on this site. I like it.

BTW, the actors are not actually on the “bridge” in those interview shots – those are in front of green screens with blurred out set photos.

These scenes and Interviews are nicely put together…including some new ….Look closely…..I guess this is the first time we see footage of Nero’s ship materializing ??? …it is just before the scene of Kirk bedscene…

I’m with several of you on the music… what was it? The music played during the interview is not the same as the music in the actual trailer and am curious if it is in fact from the movie. With all these new treats (toys, interviews, promotions, etc.) from the movie, the one thing I am now looking forward to the most is hearing at least a few clips from Giacchino’s score!

Less than a week until we at least get Star Trek’s first ever Super Bowl commercial!

Wow – the backgrounds of the bridge in the interviews – looks GREAT! Come on summer!!!

Now thats what im Talking about. Pretty cool. But whats with the Glasses. Could it be he is trying to be the next Clark Kent. Hmmm. Could Work.

Everyone, don’t forget to get your free paper 3D glasses for some of the commercials during the Superbowl. It’s pretty cool watching them. I don’t remember, is ST going to have a spot during the superbowl on Sunday. The glasses are in a superbowl display for Sobe water at your local grocery store.

Hmm, I wouldn’t have expected a tie-in with Esurance. The more the merrier though!

That was great.
Thanks Anthony.

Anthony that was Great. Thank you. Oh and I won’t ask you for your Agoniser Today.

#9- Exactly my thoughts! Looks very effective!

Wish they had a Quicktime HD download as the Flash stream is juddery as hell on my 1mb broadband.

in hindsight it was a good decision to move ST to next summer as how would they have had time to market and promote this new trek effectivley like they are now doing?? everything wouldve had to have been fast tracked out – posters, trailers, toys, chatshows etc etc

if it had come xmas 08 maybe the movie going public wouldnt have been so aware and just treated it as just ‘another’ star trek film…when it isnt.

not to mention the rush to fine tune FX, sound on the actual film etc…

plus releasing it in the summer in the crowded may shows confidence

Nice job editing the trailer with the interviews. But where oh where was Leonard Nimoy?

I like these clips; they’rrrre excitin’!

#31: “BTW, the actors are not actually on the “bridge” in those interview shots – those are in front of green screens with blurred out set photos.’

They’re *animated* set photos, then.

42 – Also, here in Vermont, it’s freezing to go out to movies at Christmas. It’ll be nice to see it in an air-conditioned theater come spring — that’s if spring ever comes. Brrrrr…..

Alright, Trekkers.

Cancel your Geico and State Farm. Time to go Esurance!

Sorry, I’m stickin’ with the lizard.

Okay, seriously. Was that the music from the movie? That was incredible music whatever it was. It’s like John Williams and James Horner all mixed up or something.

If that wasn’t from the movie, what was it from then? Anyone know?

#23 and 27:

EXACTLY. Can’t anyone get the aspect ratio right? I see stretched or squeezed video clips all the time on CNN and many other major sites, as well as on YouTube. WTF? Even the screen captures are still stretched.

Erin the Esurance mascot also has a myspace page that been Trekked out.