Trekkies Guide To Twitter

Social networking and microblogging are the latest buzz words around the internet these days. Twitter is a social networking site that has become home to many celebrities, news organizations, and companies that want to join the conversation. Lately, there has been an surge of Star Trek alums, and even TrekMovie has joined in on the fun. Now, we take a more in depth look at life on Twitter, from a Trekkie’s perspective.

What is Twitter anyways?
It seems like we’ve been hearing all about the new social networking and microblogging buzz around the internet lately. But, what does it all mean, and where does Twitter fit in? Well, simply put, Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: “What are you doing?” You can send ‘tweets’ and follow others tweets on the web, via a number of applications, and via mobile devices.

Now, many celebrities, websites, news organizations, and companies are joining the conversation. There has been a recent emergence of many Star Trek alums on the scene lately, and TrekMovie has joined in as well. To get started and join the Twitterverse, head over to to set up your free account.

Who’s tweeting?
A few big Trek celebrities are tweeting. The King of all Trek Twitter is @wilw (Wil Wheaton) who with around 90,000 is ranked 15th in total followers. Other Trek Twitterers in the top 200 are @LeVarburton (LeVar Burton) and @BrentSpiner (Brent Spiner). Rounding out the Trek celeb list are @georgetakei (George Takei), @WilliamShatner (William Shatner), and @jj_abrams (JJ Abrams).

All the Trek Tweeters have different styles. Both Wil and LeVar are truly classic tweeters in that they embrace the microblogging style of communication. Wil updates followers on new posts to his blog, new projects he is working on, and interesting little things that go on during his day. LeVar updates followers about little goings on in his day-to-day life. Both seem to enjoy the ability to directly interact with so many people. For example, LeVar has just quit smoking, and has sent out thanks to those who are sending encouraging tweets. Check out what LeVar has to say about his first couple of weeks on Twitter at CES last month:

George Takei’s tweets are of a similar flavor; he tweets about his thoughts on current events in his life, but not so often as Wil and LeVar. While you tend to know where Wil is or what he is doing or thinking about at just about any given time of day, George is not so forthcoming. He is a more reserved tweeter, and saves his communications for only the very important updates. Brent Spiner seems to tweet rather sporadically, and his tweets do not always seem to, well, make sense. Often times it seems like we only see one side of a conversation Brent is having with several people at once. Other times, he just makes crazy comments about random things, like a proposal to make his and LeVar’s birthdays a national holiday. While often confusing, they are definitely entertaining! William Shatner’s tweets are not so much on a personal level, but more of self promotion for his website and video blogging. They are informative, but do not make his followers feel like we have become friends as with the rest of the Trek Tweeters. Lastly, JJ Abrams seems to have signed up back in 2007, but has only made one tweet since that first day, maybe he lost the password.

@BrentSpiner commenting on @LeVarburton‘s Bday

Trekkies Tweeting
One of my favorite aspects of Twitter stems from the function to send messages directly from user to user. Many of the Trek Tweeters have used this function to have public conversations with one another. Wil, LeVar, and Brent generally share the most banter, and play off each other very well. It is nice to see our favorite actors from the Star Trek of so many years ago in active friendships. They invite each other to lunch, exchange birthday wishes, and send each other links to funny YouTube videos. You know, the same kind of stuff you do with your friends.

@BrentSpiner and @wilw share friendly banter

More Trek Twitter
There are Twitters for Trekkies to follow. There are a couple of Star Trek novelists who are fairly regular tweeters @kevindilmore (Kevin Dilmore) and @daytonward (Dayton Ward). Novelist @bobgreenberger (Robert Greenberger) is also on Twitter, but doesn’t update as often

You can also follow some of the companies behind Trek: @paramountpics (Paramount Pictures), @idwpublishing (IDW – Trek Comics), @crypticstudios (Cryptic – Publisher of Star Trek Online) [also worth following @crypticZinc – Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on STO].

Lastly, you can actually follow a number of Star Trek characters, or people who have decided to adopt the personalities of a number of characters from Capt. Kirk to Spot the cat. Check out Capt. Picard’s followers page if you want to fill your twitter screen up with ‘trek chatter’

Tweet-a-Thon with Wil Wheaton
In order to demonstrate the power of this new venue, New York Times best-selling author and Internet television Producer Joel Comm has pulled together the world’s largest collection of Twitter celebrities for the very first LIVE broadcast Tweet-a-thon. Teamed up with, a non-profit committed to helping battle waterborne disease, the Tweet-a-thon will be a way to raise money to bring clean water solutions to developing nations. Among the ranks of celebrity tweeters is Star Trek’s own Wil Wheaton. The Twitter Power Tweet-a-Thon is a 12 HOUR charity event that will be played out concurrently in two social media venues; a live video broadcast on and on itself. The action will unfold this Thursday, February 19th. Check out for more info.

Join Wil Wheaton in Tweet-a-thon 2009

TrekMovie on Twitter
Now you know what Twitter is all about, and how much fun it can be! Following @TrekMovie is a great way to keep up to date with the latest in Star Trek news and goings on in the trekverse. All the articles get updated automatically, plus the editors also send out Tweets on various things such as advance previews of articles, TV tune-in reminders, mini reviews, and some random thoughts. Anthony also sends out requests for suggested questions for interviews he is doing (some of the questions in the recent Frakes and Burton interviews came from our Twitter followers).

Although we are a fairly new addition to Twitter, TrekMovie already has over 1,500 followers which puts it in the same range as other nerdy and media sites like AICN, GeeksofDoom, Screenrant and even Variety.

Follow @TrekMovie on Twitter!

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Cool, I got to check that out!!!

I follow the Trek Movie twitter!

I actually use Twitter in a Political Science class at my University! Cool stuff.

You know, I don’t have a lot of interest in yet another networking site, but I still feel somewhat left out by not doing it.



I like to follow @porthosthedog

I still don’t understand it, but I DO, at least, get the impression that there’s something very cool and interesting that I’m failing to understand. So that’s progress :)

4/5 “firsts” got their by tweeting ;)

Great article, though I think you left out one important thing that could help others who haven’t tried understand the value: Tweets can be set up to send and receive from any cell phone with text (sms) messaging.

When more of these Web 2.0 people get to studying and obtain their amateur radio licenses, then I’ll reciprocate and consider jumping into these new things like Twitter.

I have a blog…isn’t that webby enough? Then again, I had a blog even before the term was coined, so I guess maybe folks consider that Web 1.3 or something. :P

Very Cool!

Star Trek: The Continuing Mission just released the latest episode and We also has a presence on TWITTER!

It’s awesome to see Wil, Brent, LeVar and others chatting online.

All the best,


As a fan of the series I can tell you that the term “Trekkie” is considered derogatory. The correct term is “trekkers”. Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock prefers the term trekker.

I have to say that the Trekmovie twitter is great. I’m always aware of when a new story is posted, you guys rock!


oh i see, you are a fan of the series. None of us here are fans I take it? I wonder what show it was I have been watching…it had all these space ships but maybe it was Gunsmoke.

well I prefer Trekkie, and actually it is the prefered term by most in the polls we have conducted…here are the most recent results

Which do you prefer?
* Trekkie (42%)
* Trekker (18%)
* either/don’t care (31%)
* Other/Don’t like either (9%)

I don’t mind Trekker either, but it bugs me that people seem to think there is a ‘correct’ term and one is wrong….so sorry but TrekMovie will continue using Trekkies

Can we hear some more about the individual Trek characters? I mean, I follow a lot of them, but it could be helpful for others who don’t use Twitter yet to know who are the best ones to follow. Also, for those characters that have multiple tweet-pages, choose the one that is the best, that is really THE character.

For example, there are three or four Spocks on Twitter, but is the best, imho. That one actually does something other than quote the show–actually thinking how the character would talk and respond to given situations is harder. But it produces a more entertaining result.


Actually, Leonard Nimoy has said that he doesn’t really care one way or the other–he doesn’t see the point in arguing about it. There are one or two interviews on youtube where he covers this.

The term “Trekkie” is older and came from the early days of the show’s syndication. “Trekker” came more recently from people who think as you do, and apparently want to disassociate themselves from, I dunno, the more fanatical Trek fans.

And actually, it really shouldn’t matter. As long as we’re fans and get enjoyment out of the show(s) and movies, who cares? Trekkie, Trekker, fan, nerd, whatever.

We all love Trek, and that’s what matters.

Trekkers are Trekkies who worry too much about what others think. :)

CK: “IT’s Called Trekker” AnthonyP: [::slams head on desk::] “not again, must I always be the authority” BP: This seems like an amazing opportunity to bring a lil @wilw twitter power to the comments section. AP: [:: HIGH FIVES Blake Powers::] iTunes: “WTF are you guys talking about?” BP: “Shutup or i’m switching to Pandora”

Sounds like the tomatoe or tom-AH-toe syndrome! Who cares? IMO. If you love TREK you be as you wish. Trekkie or Trekker. Wow! Lets NOT slam each other over preference.

That is all my fellow shipmates :)

Just adding further…I do like Trekkie myself. LOL! With all due respect to you all.

Good article. I didn’t think to look, but I didn’t think the Shat or Nimoy would be on Twitter.

I too follow TrekMovie on Twitter…



Anthony: Do SW fans have a name?

Trek has had visible fandom for over 40 years, I take “Star Trek Fan” over the others because lots and lots don’t know what a trekkie” or “trekker” is, at least where I have been these past years.

I am so glad that is tweeting, I have really enjoyed it. It really is a lot of fun to follow some of these folks. mine is @moyer777

instant communication…

How were they able to score the LeVar interview on the bridge set of the new Enterprise!?

just watched a fantastic downfall parody of star trek – fantastic!

not sure if anyone has seen it?

Thanks, Kayla…

we just talked in TMChat about Twitter, and boom you come up with the whole story here. Good Work!

I was wondering when this article would be written. I’m allready following most of the people mentioned, about to follow the rest!
Shamless plug: I’m @roneyii and this Wednesday I’ll be doing 24 hours of ALL KLINGON tweeting!

lengwI’ jIH. I’m a Trekkie.
For those interested in the Trek RP on twitter & who to follow, I enjoy the Enterprise group the most. They’re the most active and the most canon. I’d start by following @trip_tucker and go from there to see who is active.
There are also TWO Orion females @gosg & @Orion_Girl who interact with them.
You should also follow @Gowron.
Maybe even @kwotd & @_KKS.
Those last two weren’t RP characters.
And I’ll finish up by pointing out that the hashtag for tweets *in* Klingon is #tlh and for tweets *about* Klingons is #kli.

once again, I’m @roneyii

I am a trekkie.


#4– lol I hear ya. I got a myspace a few years ago.. I was really unsure about that, then I got a facebook, and I think I might get a twitter

It’s hard to resist…. ugg!!




No offense to the author, but I read the article and I see nothing about Twitter that would interest me nor make me understand why it is apparently popular.

Trekkie, Trekker, Trek fan, heh you. Whatever.

To respond to #30:

If all those Trek people have a twitter… why not?

In fact I just made one. Tis really easy.

Someone once defined the difference between Trekkie and Trekker:

Trekkie is a loyal ST fan

Trekker is the guy building the full-scale mockup of the Shuttlecraft in his garage, and took out the second mortgage to finance it.

shouldnt we make the founding-day of the federation a worldwide holiday?

Huh. Just joined up – I’ll give it a try and see if it isn’t just a major-league time-waster.

Although I did add Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton to my list – as well as users who purport to be Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural (I know Jensen’s dad). We’ll see.


6th of April should be First Contact Day. Very appropriate here in the UK, as it is the first day of the new tax year. If you’re especially unlucky, it will be first contact… from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs!

#21 AJ

I was wondering that myself? If they do what do they call themselves other than Jedi or Sith?

But the real question thats probing my mind is: Who is more extreme in their viewpoints? TREK loyalists who debate over words or SW fans that wait 30 days in line for a movie ticket dressed in FULL COSTUME?

Can soneone explain that one to me? Or is it all preference again? IDK.

Twitter is simply a way to let people know what you’re up to, whether it’s an update from your blog, your cell phone, etc. It also has the benefits of a social networking site. It’s Myspace or Facebook with all the extraneous applications/crap stripped away. A way to keep in contact in a busy world.

I “tweeted” for about 2 weeks, following Wil, Levar, Brent and

IMO, it’s about the most annoying thing around. Celebrity or not, why do I care what you’re thinking while you’re in line at Starbucks??

But, maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy.

I always found Trekker to sound more masculine!

On the other hand, I consider myself a geek…
not a nerd.

And yes, the European Union outlawed the good old Light bulb today.

30. Stanky – That’s because you’re profoundly self-absorbed. ;-)

I am following you guys, I am @captserek .

Yup, I’m there. @etm3


Well there you go. If TNG was good enough for Frank Sinatra, it should be good enough for everyone! ;)

re: 44. John Whorfin – February 17, 2009

30. Stanky – That’s because you’re profoundly self-absorbed. ;-)

I don’t need you to tell me that.

Follow us @spacestationk7

Trekkie and proud of it!!!

the actors who play Matt, Ando, Peter on HEROES have twitters.

Stephen Fry has one
Shaquele O’Neil has one.
Jimmy Fallon has one.
Lance Armstrong has one.

Ashton Kutcher has one.

Demi Moore has one.

Miley Cyrus has one, but it hacked few days ago.