ST09 Tidbits (T-77 days): New Footage Coming to MTV, Germany Cover Story + More Grunberg, Saldana & Art

The little bits of Star Trek movie news are coming faster and faster so our ‘STO9 Tidbits’ will also increase in frequency, always noting how many days to go to the movie. Today we have news of new footage being aired on MTV this weekend, plus more from Greg Grunberg on his cameo, more Zoe pics at London Fashion week, a new German cover-story (w/ JJ interview), plus ST09 as art.


Star Trek on MTV’s ‘Spoilers’ show
This week MTV has announced what is coming on this month’s episode of the movie show ‘Spoilers’ airing this weekend, and Star Trek was listed…

On February 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET, MTV will air the second episode of "Spoilers," a quarterly movie special that will deliver first looks at the year’s biggest upcoming flicks, including behind-the-scenes action and exclusive scenes.

Taped in front of a live audience, the second episode will spotlight "Watchmen," and will feature appearances from the entire cast of the eagerly anticipated superhero flick. Hundreds of die-hard movie fanswill attend MTV News’ screening of the film, with the stars walking the blood-red carpet to chat in front of our cameras.

In addition to "Watchmen," the episode will also give viewers exclusive access to scenes from such upcoming blockbusters as "Star Trek," "Land of the Lost," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and more.

TrekMovie has confirmed with Paramount that what MTV will be airing is new. So tune in to MTV Saturday at 8:00 PM to check it out.

UPDATE: MTV just posted a report on the taping of the "Spoilers" TV show, which includes a little more info:

The fans did much more than merely watch the Watchmen on Wednesday. "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto recorded a special greeting that unspooled on the big screen for the cheering "Spoilers" crowd, followed by some new footage focusing on the skills of director J.J. Abrams.

Nero says: "This weekend the wait will be over for something new for you all to obsess over"

Star Trek German Cover Story [submitted by Thorsten Wulff]
The February issue of Cinema, Germany’s biggest movie magazine, has a Star Trek cover story, featuring another shot of Zachary Quinto as Spock photographed by Jill Greenberg. The cover headlines read "Mr. Spock and co. starring in new space adventure of the Enterprise” and “Comeback of the year: Star Trek." Cinema devoted six pages in three spreads to the new Star Trek, starting with an intro to the plot. However the writer, who apparently saw the same 20 minute preview in Cologne that I reported on in November, got some of the plot points confused in the article (like saying Kirk and Scotty save Vulcan and that Scotty is the father of the Transporter, oh well).

The article also includes an interview with J.J Abrams headlined "A Star Trek movie for tomorrows Trekkies." Abrams said that the reason to go back to Kirk and Spock was "obvious" as it was "the heart" of Star Trek, and that the film taps into Roddenberry’s idealistic vision, even though we live in cynical times. Abrams also noted that Paramount was shocked that the most important group of filmgoers (young people) "ignored" the last Trek film (Nemesis), and so clearly that is something he is hoping to fix. Abrams also again emphasized the importance of the ‘real’ feeling of the new movie and on Chris Pine he said the film would have been "impossible" without him. 

Germany gets ready for ‘Das Comeback’ of Star Trek

More from Grunberg on his role and Star Trek 2009
In a ‘Tidbits’ post from two weeks ago we reported that JJ’s friend Greg Grunberg kept with tradition and has worked himself somewhere into the new Star Trek movie. In a new interview with The Daily Beast he explains that he wasn’t able to do the part originally lined up for him, but he still got in there. He also talks a bit about the movie itself.

I was shooting the new movie [Group Sex] that I co-wrote and produced, so I wasn’t able to do the role. I actually am in the movie but you have to look for me really carefully.

It’s going to be the best movie of the year in that genre. It’s terrific, so good. My kids are excited to see Uncle JJ’s movie. They saw the commercials and didn’t know anything about Star Trek before, but were excited to see it. That means it’s going to be a monster hit.

Grunberg with Abrams at Laker game last month – looks like Uncle JJ also scored Grunny some awesome courtside seats

More Zoe at London Fashion Week
In the last tidbits we reported that Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, continued to help make Trek fashionable by showing up at every major fashion event…or maybe she just likes clothes. Anyway here are a couple more shots of Saldana this week hobnobbing with the fashion elites at London Fashion Week.:

Saldana w/ Giorgio Armani & Solange Knowles (L) and Emmanuelle Beart (R)
– maybe Armani can design the uniforms for the sequel

Thorsten’s art show – LOGIC
Thorsten Wulff’s ‘reimagined Naked Time Corridor‘ went over well, so we have decided to make this Thorsten’s Star Trek 2009 themed work an irregular feature of the ST09 Tidbits. This week he starts off the first of his ‘ST09 as art’ series with a Star Trek version of Shepard Fairey’s famous ‘Hope’ poster from the 2008 election.

Vote for Spock – polls open May 8th

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Way to go Thorsten!

Captain Charbles

Haaa nice. Thorsten all the way

Captain Star Knight

Will have the TV on saturday. ^.^

I wish I had MTV to see the extras…now I just have to hope it makes it online somewhere :(


Zoe Saldana is soooooooooooooooo hot!!!


4) you KNOW it will be online before it even airs on MTV ;-)

Is that MTV special at 8 P.M. EST, CST?

THE REAL Kobyashi_Maru

it’s almost hard to find something to comment on until the movie comes out.

Already six posts and nothing about the BIG E, Nothing about Shatner, Nothing about Caaaaaaannnnn…. I can’t even say it.

I think everybody is just exausted and ready for the movie.

Alright,…a German cover. Ja is good. Dig that airbrushed looking Spock. Looks as touched up as a Playboy cover.

Anthony Thompson

Another wax figure photo of Quinto – weird!


Figures, not on MTV Canada at all… :(


I’m pretty sure it will be online. The entire first episode of Spoilers is on

Just Moxi’d the show so that I won’t miss it! Can’t wait for the new footage!


Das Comeback’ !!!!

i am will be in germany during the early summer with my german gf , i think i will go see trek in german just to see what its like (i will have already seen it in english a few times by then i guess lol)

Tim Lade

I didn’t think it was going to be a voice-over cameo. Yay for being right!


great idea, Irishtrekkie. They even have decent stout on tab!

Funny I made an Obamized poster of Nimoy’s Spock a little while back!



@14, Whatever about German, can you imagine it As Gaeilge?

Spás…..An teorainn deireanach.

Innealtóir, tá Warp Fachtóir a seacht á teastáil uaim ANOIS!! Fostaigh!

Just wouldn’t really be the same, would it?

Mr Lirpa

still getting more and more excited, can’t wait for May!

Alex Prewitt

Can’t stand that weird plastic looking image of Quinto. It’s like a fake wig and forehead glued onto his face!


“Scotty is the father of the Transporter” is from the OFFICIAL Paramount Germany press release description of the movie.


Oh and who sent you the info about MTV? Who posted about it in the comments? ;P

C.S. Lewis

I love the “Logic” poster with Spock


T-77 days! Two odd hours of movie followed by seventy quadrillion bits of fan analysis. Oh my goodness.


Another hideously air-brushed Quinto-as-Spock cover photo taken (I’m guessing) long after his eyebrows grew back.


@8. CAAAANNNN-what? Canada? Canned Spaghetti? Can’t seem to get any news article right?


Shepard Fairey of course, being an exposed plaigarist:

I hate the whole phony “Russian Revolution” / “Murderer Che” revolutionary vibe of that style. It’s too much political baggage to attach to Trek.


I find your style highly amusing, Odkin. Like this here:

“All the banning and outlawing (as opposed to denouncing and condeming) always seems to come from the Left. It stems from their inate fear that wicked greedy people will beat them up and take their lunch money unless a wise and powerful state protects every experience in their lives.”

King Of All Blacks

o i c.

The Governator

Shooooooot. I’ve got plans on Saturday Night. Anyone know if it will be posted online?

Kirk's Girdle

There’s ol’ Plasti-Spock again.
I find his complexion most disturbing.



I hear ya… What’s up with that plastic look?

Quinto didn’t look like that in the trailer.

The Last Maquis

#5. Bruce_Wayne

Excuse me, That’s My line.


“Quinto didn’t look like that in the trailer.”

Thats Magazine air-brush covers for ya.

If I didn’t know better I’d swear all these photos are CGI.

Air-brush the female models if you must, but let a man be a man, pock-marks and all!

At least this pic of spock doesn’t look too photoshopped…love the logic pic

Trek Nerd Central

Nice wax effigy of Quinto. Where’s the wick?


ich bein Star Trek!


@ 39

I leg Star Trek?

McCoy's Gall Bladder

Even the gay guys where I work think Spock looks gay.

We cracked up over this one.

Quinto? Pine? Anything you want to tell us?

That picture of Spock screams the NBC Promo for it, with the painted artwork and the intro that said “Soon, the galaxy premiere of Star Trek, blasting off on NBC week!”.


I want to see Star Trek really Schnell!


MTV what a joke, it died years ago it’s now RTV Reality TV I will wait for it to come online and the pic of spock looks fine to me!


Yeah, who the heck still watches MTV or VH1 anymore?


I read the cover story in “cinema”. And the fact that they even did a cover story is good news. That never happened before.

There was only one thing concerning me. They said that it was revealed ( in the 20 minute footage) that Scotty invented the transporter. Could anybody tell me that was bullshit? Thanks!


Stanky McFibberich

Man, am I excited about that Grundberg news!

Tony Whitehead

Whoa, there! Easy on the Photoshop airbrushin’, pardner!

“The wait is over”, my ***! Still got 77 days to go until blast off.

Slight topic detour.

I think they should capitalize on John Cho’s Sulu character a little bit more. He’s been in a lot of “cool” movies lately like Harold and Kumar and that Nick and Nora movie. I think if they showcased his bad-ass-ness in a trailer, it might get a younger demographic into the theater. Maybe a short clip of that sword fight on the Drill with the Kill Bill theme in the background; plus various other cross cuts.

You could also have short clips featuring various characters/aspects of the movie.


Hey, that “LOGIC” poster? I took a picture of it (with my NEW PHONE) and put it as my Cell Phone background. xD I should print one out and tape them up all over the school.

…Okay, maybe not.

‘Cause I know everyone would probably figure out I was the culprit. I kind of never shut up about Star Trek… especially around my Trekkie friends.


Anyways… Ah, nice, gettin’ global! :3 I just love seeing Quinto. I could stare at his face forever. -giggle-