Exclusive 4-Page Preview Of Star Trek Countdown #2

Next week the second issue of IDW’s "Star Trek Countdown," the prequel to the new Star Trek movie, hits comic stores. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive SPOILERIFIC four-page preview. Plus we have some new comments from Orci and Kurtzman about how this comic series ties the whole franchise (past and future) together. 


Star Trek Countdown – 4 page preview
(click images to enlarge)

(Star Trek Countdown #2 first four pages – click to enlarge)

Star Trek Countdown #2 hits comic stores Wednesday February 25th. Look for TrekMovie’s early review next week.

Star Trek Countdown #2 hits comic stores Wednesday February 25th. Here is the cover:

(Star Trek Countdown #2 cover – click to enlarge)

Orci & Kurtzman: Countdown shows ST09 = prequel + sequel
The story for Star Trek Countdown was written by Star Trek screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who worked closely with Countdown writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones. In a new interview at ComicBookMovie.com by our friend Ed Gross, Kurtzman explains how this movie is both a prequel to TOS and a sequel to the TNG era.

This movie is an interesting paradox in that it’s both a prequel that introduces new audiences to Kirk, Spock and the gang and also a sequel if you’re a fan of everything in that the events of the movie are somewhat a result of the action of Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock and the last time we saw him in continuity.

Of course Kurtzman is referring to the two-part TNG episode "Unification", but co-writer Roberto Orci takes that notion of Star Trek as a ‘sequel’ to the next level, noting:

The entire continuity of Star Trek prior to our movie is necessary for our movie to exist; it is literally caused by continuity and the comics are a way to make that patently clear.

Read more from Bob and Alex at ComicBookMovie.com. And while at ComicBookMovie.com, check out Ed’s latest Trek themed comic strip.

Pre-order Countdown #2 – before it is too late
Issue #1 of Countdown sold out fast (and is already at Amazon resellers for $11.99+). So it is a good idea to reserve your copies of issues 2-4 in advance at your local comic shop (or online at TFAW.com). Or you can wait until April and pick up the trade paperback, which includes all four issues.

Countdown #1

Countdown #2

Countdown #3

Countdown #4

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Star Trek Countdown
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BobOrci called TNG his favorite series of all time…
for me it is logical to call the movie a sequel.

If I read this I’ve read 20% of the issue. Like ’em, but they’re oh so short…

Has anyone yet surmised that perhaps Spock melds with Kirk in the movie – thus supplying him with the necessary back story and satisfying us canon junkies?

PS. These comics are cool!

The screen from A Final Unity is still there, but smaller.

the art is rather good

So Data took over B4?

I love the TNG era, I hope Spock mentions this somehow in the movie

I am so glad that I ordered these comics; it was such a great idea on the part of the screenwriters, because it makes fans like me even more excited for the movie to come out in May!!! I am an ardent TNG fan as well. Even though the new film does not contain any TNG characters, I hope that maybe we will hear a reference to Captain Picard, Data, Riker??? Only a couple months now…amazing!!!

I wonder what the incentive variant cover will be for this one. I’ll be picking this up when it comes out!

I don’t remember the Enterprise-E looking like such a, uh, gigantic floating orifice.

The pictured “issue 2” is actually the first issue’s cover. The second issue features Data in red.

Picking this up on Wed!

I thought Data was dead? Is this supposed to be canon? Are they dismissing all the events from Nemesis? From just what I’ve seen here, these comics make no sense. Am I wrong? Help me understand, that is if anyone does understand.

B-2 or whatever he’s called keeps Data alive.

You know…like Spock came back?

This is great! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Countdown #2. At least this makes the final months of waiting less difficult to bear. And I guess we’ll learn how Data is still alive (More than likely something to do with B-4.)

God bless!

Wow. Awesome.

B4 was a dullard! Remember he was built “B4” Data & Lore, he was a prototype. All he has are Data’s memories. There have been rumors that if there were to be another TNG movie that they would bring Data back, but rumors don’t constitute canon. If it was accomplished in a book, that doesn’t matter either, the books aren’t canon, if they were then the X-Men would exist in the Star Trek universe.

I ordered the paperback. I want my Trek all in one shot!

Not gonna lie, what ive seen of these countdown comics has me more interested story wise than the new movie. Burton and Frakes keep kinda hinting at some new TNG movie, maybe what we see here could be part of that if the new movie goes well. Like a countdown TNG movie? I think a lot more people would be down for that. Either way, I hope some place local sells these cause despite that Im not too into comics, Id love to read em.

I wasn’t going to but … third frame second page.

Data: ‘Continue firing at the *remain* weapon arrays.’ (?)

What’s the lettering word for a typo?

Well. These comics are great. I see a tie in to the Movie and I believe everything will make a lot of sense when the Movie comes out. Just 2 and a half months to go.

Ok. On the Countdown. 11weeks to go till Trek.

The concept of this series is very good, but I still think the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired:

“Captain Data! What a pleasant surprise!”

“We share the same ears.”

“No time to explain, big boy. Just get your ass up here!”

That’s the only problem I have with the comic. The graphics, the concept, and the pacing is pretty nice.

Why does Data have the FC uniform on the cover, but the STO uniform in the comic?

Oh and if this is the Narada, how does she “grow”? Something like in VOYs Year of Hell, when the ship size is suddenly altered by a change in the timeline?

Where in the timeline do these comics take place? I’ve read that they take place 40 after the events of “Nemesis” and I’ve also read that they take place only a few years after “Nemesis”

Could someone clarify this for me? Thanks

#20 – It does say “Reman.”

Did you guys seriously miss the nuke that was just dropped?

You B-4 mongers are missing the forest from the trees.

Seriously. Re-read the Orci quote nice and slow. He just gave a ton away!

“The entire continuity of Star Trek prior to our movie is necessary for our movie to exist; it is literally caused by continuity and the comics are a way to make that patently clear.”

– That’s not B-4. That’s Data.

– He says “the continuity of Star Trek prior to our movie (ST11) is necessary for our movie (ST11) to EVEN EXIST.”

– A TOS story does not depend on the continuity of a TNG story, because a TOS story would have happened first.

– Orci is telling us that the TNG continuity is screwed up in the context of this comic book series.

– Orci says “(ST11) is literally caused by continuity” and the comics are a way to make that “patently clear.”

– You’re supposed to notice that Data’s supposed to be dead, and assuredly other things are out of place.

All you cannon Nazis keep pointing out that ST11 seems to be jumping the cannon tracks. If continuity is already fouled up in the TNG timeline (before Nero even goes back in his ship to muck things up), then perhaps the whole point of ST11 is to set everything straight again!

#20: I believe it says Reman. Refer to “Nemesis’ for more on the Reman.

Why are people assuming that Data could absolutely have not been manifested through B4? At what point in Nemesis did they establish that without a shadow of a doubt, there was no return for Data?

They did not do this at all! B4’s whistling at the end of the film was to suggest that Data’s memory engrams may be beginning to take over. It was meant to leave the viewer with hope that we may again see Data.

This is obviously what Orci is suggesting happened in these comics.


I see what you’re saying. Given all of that information, is it safe to assume that everything that Nero did (or is about to do) in the ‘Star Trek’ movie prevented Data from dying in ‘Nemesis’? If that’s the case, then does Nero’s motivation to keep going back in time constantly exist? Based on what we’ve already seen, Nero should have a pretty good personal justification for going back in time and messing everything up (even if we haven’t learned what that is yet). Let’s just assume that the death of Nero’s wife is a major contributing factor. If that took place in the post-Nemesis timeline that we remember (Data being dead), then would that keep happening, even if the changes in the timeline were strong enough to keep the original Data alive? The implications of this are endless. For all we know, Kirk could still be alive and doing God knows what.

Forgive me, I’m not really good with time paradoxes. I’m not challenging anyone’s thinking, but I believe this would make for a great discussion, or maybe everyone else knows something I don’t. Hahahah

28. B4 or After?

I like your theory, but Data is more of a program than a machine. The destruction of his body does not mean the destruction on his identity.

Under your theory, the timeline would be ‘messed up’ before Nero even goes to prison. And we’re given to understand that Nero gets out of Rura Penthe with tattoos and an evil plan.

I think it’s unlikely that Nero is the cause of Data’s Captaincy or continued life.

The first issue was horrible. The writers obviously don’t know what Romulans are or how they’re supposed to act. I’m not a continuity nut, but if you’re going going to do Star Trek, at least get the characterizations of the aliens right or call it something else.

I originally planned on buying all 4 issues, but I was so turned off by the terrible writing that I cancelled the rest.

32 – You’re assuming Nero is the root cause of timeline problems. He may be a victim along with everyone else.

And stop worrying about Kirk’s ‘death,’ the moment the Kelvin is destroyed, the time and place of Kirk’s death is reset. Fresh shuffle. New deal.

This May, TOS will become an alternate universe where Starfleet wore velour pajamas and analog switches were used on the bridge… and all the aliens look like humans.

I am assuming that, you’re right.

Nero’s story is obviously important and he will probably be a tragic figure, but making him a victim is like gilding the lily. Too complicated.


I’m not sure they would have been “screwed”, if Nimoy would have said no.
They simply would have told the story different or more likely a different story altogether. It still leaves the bitter taste of whiping out everything that came before, even though it’s caused by it.

Yeah, I buy the explanation that B4 became Data, but its all conjecture until there is an explanation of the process in a television episode or movie of how this happened. Because nothing in Star Trek is true or real when it comes to canon unless it happened in a television episode or a movie.

#28: I am not all about canon, its just that I don’t like things that have been established for such a long time in Star Trek mythology to be abruptly changed without explanation. I haven’t been tough on this movie, & am very excited to see it.
You have opened a whole new can of worms if you are suggesting that Kurtzman is suggesting that everything that happened after “Unification” or the things that happened as a result of Spock’s actions in “Unification” weren’t supposed to happen. That puts all of what we know of DS9, Voyager, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, & of course the aforementioned Nemesis in limbo.

Temporal mechanics is all very confusing, & is making me get a headache. So I’ll drop it, just read the comics, & try to figure it all out on my own on a later date.

Re: Anthony regarding variant cover

I had figured it would be something along those lines. I am fortunate enough to get easy access to a lot of variants since my girlfriend works at a comicbook store! Usually, I get the issues the night before they officially go on sale since she always works putting out comics on new comic day!

@39: Doc Brown: “Marty, you’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally.”
Marty: “Yeah, I have a real problem with that.”

Wow. The Narada is sure in for a make over.

@10: Now that’s what I call one dirty Trek-fantasy (:

I really wonder whether we might see some post-Nemesis Starfleet personnel in the new movie – these uniform designs look intriguing (harking back to the good old DS9-/TNG-cadet-style uniforms yet still kinda interesting – I like the simplified Badges as well…)

Ah…very interesting. My comments?



Aaaanyway…look’s cool. And bringing Data back to life? Whatever becomes of the new movie, Orci and co will have my eternal gratitude for rescuing Data from his sad fate at the hands of the Star Trek: Nemesis.
But otherwise, looks very cool. Can’t wait to see and/or hear more…

…And did I mention that Data’s alive? Yeah…

I get the exact oppoiste from Orci’s comments. He’s saying that their events continue what has come on TNG before it. And the fact that B4 has become Data is so obvious it doesn’t even warrent explanation.

isnt it concievable that the event of ‘Nemisis’ never happend? IF nero does travel back in time, he may just change the time line. therefore Date never dies.

Want to get comic book an want to see movie

I would have prefer a complete new start. Like they did with Batman in Batman Begins. This whole time travel thing is just stupid. Only TOS canon should have been important for the new movie. What we “know” about what happens after TOS, should have been completely ignored. All the races that get introduce in TNG, DS9 and VOY and the places they went to, is a ballast to the new movie and to its sequels, should there be ones. The Enterprise without a letter in its name should be able to explore places, where no one has been before. They should been able to meet races, which weren’t introduce in later series and at the same time they should go to parts of the galaxy without necessary meeting Borgs, the Dominion, Cardassian, Ferengi and so on. This continuity nonsense was the main reason why Star Trek: Enterprise wasn’t so good. They couldn’t discover anything NEW anymore, although at this points in time mankind were just beginning to explore the galaxy. The script writers obviously had huge problems because they couldn’t write any REALLY new discovery stories. So they invent this whole stupid temporal war plot, so that they can explain away the Xindi and why no one has heard of them in the future just because they don’t want to breach this stupid “Don’t violate Star Trek canon” rule, some fans care so much about.

I am still hopeful about the new movie, because from the things already released, it seems the movie will be mainly about how the old TOS crew come together for the first time. But I see black for GOOD sequels, if they don’t throw CONTINUITY overboard. If there will be a movie about a war with Klingons, I DON’T want to know, that their home planet won’t be destroyed and that there will be peace one time. I don’t want to know that the Enterprise will meet the Borg, if they go to the delta quadrant or if they go to the gamma quadrant, that they will meet ugly drug addicts who are controlled by moving brown puddles.

The adherence to canon and continuity is massively limiting possible plots, restrict the imagination of the scripts writers and make new Star Trek movies much more predicable for the viewers. Completely forgetting EVERYTHING, which happen after the end of the TOS series, is the best thing those involved in making new Star Trek movies could do.

I’m curious as to why the storyline in these comics wasn’t added to the movie to include all fans of the different versions of Star Trek. I am merely speculating as I have no idea as to how this movie begins, but it would seem as though you would want a dramatic build up to this is you are indeed redoing the timeline of TOS. And don’t tell me the movie would be too long. I sat through all 3 Lord of the Rings!