ST09 Tidbits (T-63 days): 2 Movie Images, Takei, Morrison & Quinto Quotes, TNG Rumor Fallout + more

For today’s tidbits, we have images from the Trek issue of Total Film with some Zachary Quinto quotes, plus fallout on that TNG rumor (with reactions from Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton). We also have comments from Kirk’s mom (Jennifer Morrison) and the original Sulu (George Takei). Finally there is the McCoy entry of our ‘Trek as pop art’ collection.


Beam in and fire + Quinto on Spock
The April issue of Total Film Magazine went on sale today and TrekMovie reader Neil sent in a couple of new images that appear in the issue. There is a a wide angle look at the drilling platform and the first look at the transporter room. We have lower res versions of those here, pick up the magazine to see them even better.

Two to beam out (or in)

Kirk and Sulu do some damage
[We will link to higher res versions when available from Paramount or Total Film.]

TotalFilm also has some quotes from the actors, including Zachary Quinto who says of the role of Spock:

I was always compelled by this character, I understand his duality.

Quinto also notes that Nimoy helped him with the role, but he made it his own:

Leonard was very available to me. There were many conversations between us that were helpful to my understanding of the character…The character wouldn’t exist without Leonard, but I inhabited him in a different way – a way that is uniquely mine.

More images and interviews are in the April Star Trek issue of Total Film, which has four collectible covers. More info at

Total Film goes Total Trek for their April Issue

The TNG rumor that wouldn’t die – Spiner and Wheaton weigh in
On Sunday TrekMovie squashed a rumor being floated about TNG actors possibly being in the new Star Trek movie, although Data, Picard (and possibly others) do show up in the Countdown Comics, alas they aren’t in the movie itself. Latino Review replied to me on Twitter saying that they never said there were TNG actors in the movie, only reported what was said at the panel, but the ‘Breaking News: Is The Next Generation In The New Star Trek Movie?’ headline did get them a lot of coverage on other sites, most of which (like TV Squad, Cinemablend and SciFi Wire added our update). However the big daddy of all geek sites AintItCool News picked up the story with no mention of our update, which set off a new wave across the web. So just in case anyone is wondering, there still aren’t any main cast TNG stars in the movie.

The rumor got to such a critical mass that Brent Spiner even sent out a tweet about it to his Twitter followers:

Just to set the record straight, I’m not in the next ST movie in any way. At least, I don’t think I am.

That resulted in Wil Wheaton sending out a number of ‘spoiler’ tweets:

Just to set the record straight: I play Data in JJ’s new Star Trek movie. Apparently, @BrentSpiner was not available, or something.

SPOILER ALERT: A huge part of the reboot is that Data now has a beard. He also wears totally awesome boots that have little ducks on them.

I also insisted that Data carry a Tricorder that said BAD MOTHERF—ER on it. There was some resistance, but it was futile, of course.

To which Brent replied:

I am happy, that my good friend, Wil, wil be Data. If there’s another movie, it wil be 100 yrs in the future and I will play old Wesley.

All this TNG in the movie rumoring also prompted some unnamed fan to produce a new ‘secret poster’

Vreenak says ‘it’s a faaaaaaaaaake’

Kirk’s mom talks
In a new interview with Blogcritics, mostly focusing on her role on the FOX medical drama House, Jennifer Morrison also talks a bit about her time on Star Trek, playing Winona Kirk, mother of James T. Kirk:

The whole experience was phenomenal. JJ Abrams is just incredible to work with. I can’t even put it into words. I came out of that a better actor from working with him. It was, by far one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in the industry so far. I feel so lucky to be a part of it

Morrison’s ‘incredible experience’ on Star Trek looks painful

Sulu Classic gives thumbs up to Sulu 2.0
In a brief red carpet interview, George Takei says that John Cho has the ‘swashbuckling panache’ to take over the role of Sulu

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Dr. McCoy has a warning for you
Today we continue Thorsten Wulff’s series on ‘Star Trek cast as pop art’, this time looking at Dr. McCoy envisioned as a C. Everett Koop medical warning poster or ad. Do you have the facts about space travel?

Listen to Dr. McCoy
(click to enlarge)

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That’s a big laser drill.

Looks like Stardate 5.08.09 will be some ride!


Awww…. No YouTube link to the actual Vreenak?

I’m also surprised the new trailer hasn’t popped up anywhere online. On the other hand, I’m actually excited to see it the way it was meant to be seen: on the big screen.

I have a tiny 13″ laptop, so the other trailers with their YouTube versions haven’t exactly been stellar. But today will be different. Not only do I get to see a great movie, I get to see a great movie’s great trailer.

To the AMC!!!

Fun little bits and pieces coming out now — 63 days and counting…

:) Whee!!!

Come on May 8th! I’m dyin’ here! Want new Trek now!

God bless!

And Thorsten,
Great work as usual!

I will attempt to avoid the void.

good stuff

also, for eagle eyed viewers living in the UK, this week’s episode of ‘film 2009 witth jonathan ross’ contains a VERY brief glimpse of the new movie.

the second feature, about 9-10 minutes into the show, was an interview with ben burtt about his work in the field of sound effects. the article focused mainly on his work in wall-e, but there is a short clip of two members of his sound effects team providing the noise for a bar scene.

for all of 2 seconds, there is a sight of what they’re working on, and you can clearly see zoe saldana, then two bartenders mixing drinks. the bar is unquestionably supposed to be from TOS era – i was reminded of the star base in ‘trouble with tribbles’

film 2009 is available to view on bbc iplayer online – i don’t know if it’s viewable outside the UK. but don’t get too excited – what can be seen is barely on screen for any time and is on a cinema screen in the background of the shot – but while were clamouring for new images etc, i thought i’d post it here

I love the secret poster! There may be no cameos in the new film, but I’d say we’re in store for a surprise. Maybe Captain Data’s voice on the com perhaps?

That Picard poster makes me wish for a new TNG movie.. c’mon boborci.. I will buy another ticket if you at least THINK about it.. (like I won’t get another ticket anyway.. ugh trekkies.. so predictable..)

I like that drilling rig pic – Kirk & Sulu: Gettin’ medieval on yo’ ass……….

The transporter room looks very neat. Very REAL… Not to cause more debate but upon the first glance the Power Rangers Movie (1995) Control Room came to mind… just a thought though…

Doesen’t Karl Urban look like Torchwood’s Captain Jack in this picture?

This movie looks better and better every day.

The new transporter effect is awesome!

While I’d like see another TNG movie as well, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Especially after THIS reboot. It won’t sell. We’d have some new folks introduced to Star Trek, ie. via the “new world” of TOS characters and suddenly they’d see a completely different cast they never heard about. I don’t think so.

this article made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckle. The tweets are hilarious!

@ #10: I would support another TNG movie also. Mr. Orci, we know you can make it happen. Pretty please? That Picard poster mock up gave me goosebumps.

who’s seen watchmen? did the trailer live up to the hype?

Ashamed to admit my cluelessness…. I am a big fan of ‘House,’ but I never made the Jennifer Morrison connection until just now. Duh.

I love the Picard poster! If only…

Can’t wait til the movie, loved the Picard poster and the McCoy piece.

May caanot come too quickly.

Since the guys that wrote this movie are big Trekkers, I have every confidence that we’re not going to see a cadet-to-captain career leapfrog for Kir.

After all, if we can’t buy it, I highly doubt that they would either.

I really hope that time is altered in such a way, that someone awakens khan up and thats the premise of the story for the movie after this new trek. HOPEFULLYY !!!!

To set the record straight:

I will be the Dude playing Data playing Wesley playing another Dude…

But seriously, I hope this is sending a message to TPTB at Paramount that there is a lot of interest in a new Next Gen movie.

#13–vaguely, yes…

I like the Transporter shot. Can’t wait for the Hi-Res versions to crop up.

And it looks like Sulu’s sending a lot of Rapid Nadions the way of the Romulans on the drilling platform.

Sure, the Picard poster is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaake. But it does still look greaaaaaaaaaaat…

The drill platform and transporter set designs look great, however the transporter effect IMO looks a little too fake… almost cartoon-like.

Didn’t we see that drilling platform in one of those aerial news shots a while back?

Transporter room certainly looks different.

interesting transporter effect.

I can’t see much of the second image.

Still anxious to see the movie.

Hey #24 You are in montreal too? Good to know that Trek has not died in Québec! :D

@ # 25

This rumour doesn’t mean there is interest in the next gen franchise. The actors are also really old for the characters also. Data cannot be played by a old/fat brent spiner. Patrick Stewart is just busy with other productions and really doesn’t want to revisit trek anytime soon. And i’m trying not to be really mean, but Jonathan Frakes is getting a bit chubby. Plus, it would be weird having a TOS-era movie and then right after a TNG-era movie. Everyday movie goers would get confused by that. Lets just keep the TOS-era crew in the big screens only. The TNG cast should belong on the smaller screen with Direct to dvd movies. The TOS crew are just more interesting characters compared to the TNG characters in my opinion. But when it comes down to the wire, THERE WILL BE NO TNG MOVIE ON THE BIG SCREEN…… EVER !!! so stop blinding yourself with rumours and lies everyone !

For sure, AJ.

what you see there are Sulu and Kirk on the drill platform hovering over Vulcan. They planned to use explosive charges to destroy it, but these are gone with CE Olsen. So they blast the thing with rifles…

So is the ‘Bring Back TNG!’ refrain this year’s futile equivalent of the ‘Bring Back Bill Shatner!’ campaign?

Jeez, TNG fans, you had seven years of 26-episode seasons and three and a half films. TOS had three seasons and six and a half movies! On balance, I think us TOS fans are owed a lot more screen time than TNG! Stop being so selfish!

You got far more TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise than TOS fans ever got of their shows and films, so accept that you had a phenomenal run and join us TOS fans to enjoy our new film series!

It amazes me that fans of something are so constantly negative. We’ve got a great new film on its way that will hopefully take Trek back to mass appeal. This should be the biggest thing for Star Trek fans of all stripes since TMP started filming!

#33 This rumour doesn’t mean there is interest in the next gen franchise.

Uhhh if there was no interest then I doubt there would be much “TNG Rumor Fallout”.. which apparently there has been.. and will again.. hehehe see what I did there?

need to embiggen the pics soon………………………..


Embiggenation/embigginification would be most excellent.

#36 It amazes me that fans of something are so constantly negative.

Exactly why you should be SUPPORTING a TNG movie :P Oh and don’t be so divisive.. I’d say most fans are looking forward to the new flick and I for one like to use the ole imagination and say “what if” to a TNG flick.. so its all good in the hood yo: relax, chillax

*rotflmao*@Brent and Wil …. Ah…I needed a good laugh for today and that definatly did it. :D

Love the poster, Thorsten!

A new TNG era TV series bringing together characters from TNG, DS9 and Voyager would be a great idea. Riker, La Forge, The Doctor, Ezri Dax, and Tuvok, could make up a crew.

I don’t know about anyone else but that Picard pic is amazing though not authentic.

In the picture of Jennifer Morrison there is a man standing in the background kind of blurry. Is that Ash from ‘Alien’?

The characters in TOS brought their advancing ages to their films to great effect. Even Scotty, who became somewhat portly, did not diminish as a character due to his girth.

For TNG, only Data is an issue, but they could use FX and Spiner’s voice. Don’t think it’s in the cards, though.

The drilling platform laser just isn’t enough…Nero should’ve gone all the way and had sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads as well.

However, the movie hasn’t come out yet. Perhaps there’s hope. *strokes chin*


“A new TNG era TV series bringing together characters from TNG, DS9 and Voyager would be a great idea. Riker, La Forge, The Doctor, Ezri Dax, and Tuvok, could make up a crew.”

I don’t think you’re going to see that….ever. And I really don’t think Paramount is interested in producing anything from the old universe, outside of books, games and comics. In essence: cheap to make stuff.

In terms of what they’re going to spend money on, what they’re going to put on screens, they want a new, fresh, streamlined universe….not one that people largely stopped caring about.

The ratings for DS9, Voy and Ent are one of steady decline. None of the characters from those shows resonate with the public. On the incredibly remote chance that you see something “TNG”…’ll be the next generation of the new universe, not the old.

Ok. this is getting close. I loved the Stewart poster on the Trek movie. I thionk that we may hear Datas voice in the movie and I hope be get a look at the Enterprise E as well. But thats just my thought. Long Live the Terran Empire!!!

Wil Wheaton is a hoot.