ST09 Tidbits (T-52 days): Comic Preview Reveals Nero Backstory Spoilers + more

Even over a weekend, more tidbits for the new Star Trek movie still come in. Today there is a big one in the form of a preview for the upcoming issue of Countdown Comic book, full of Nero spoilers. But we also have some more stuff, including a real Italian version of the trailer, a fake new poster, a response to that angry San Franciscan, and more. [comic Spoilers below]


Countdown #3 preview gives hints at Nero motivations
The “Star Trek Countdown” comic book series is a prequel to the new Star Trek movie, set in the post Star Trek Nemesis 24th century. The previous two issues have already given us some insights into the events that lead up to the film, focusing on Spock and the the villain Nero (see TrekMovie reviews: #2 & #3). Now AICN has an exclusive preview for Issue 3, which is where we really start to see Nero’s motivations, and also where we see Nero get his tats. Check it out at AICN, but there are spoilers. [Note: AICN refers to the TNG era as ’25th century,’ but that is just a mistake…there isn’t a new 25th century element  being added to the mix]

Nero gets his ink in Star Trek Countdown #3

Olympic class ships appear in Countdown #3

Countdown #3 hits comic shops this Wednesday. Look for the TrekMovie review early this week.

Countdown #3

Countdown #4

Countdown TPB
@ Amazon



(Pre-order – April. 29)

Il Trek
Here is more proof that the new Star Trek is molte bene in any language — check out the official Italian version.

New poster NOT released…yet
Trek fans are a creative lot and often like to make their own posters and desktops, we have even featured many here, but we always distinguish the real from the ‘fan made.’ However, sometimes the fakes work their way into the media, like the following poster which was reported on by a number of sites in the last few days. TrekMovie checked with Senator Vreenak, and it is definitely not a new Star Trek poster, or even a poster made by Paramount. 

It’s a faaaaaaake

On the subject of posters, we have seen lots of convention speical posters and teaser posters, but we have yet to see the official movie poster (or posters), but those should be coming up soon. So stay tuned for that.

Trailer Remix w/ official site music
Speaking of fan made stuff, Argentine reader Juan Pablo de La Fuente sent us his new fan made trailer using the new looped music on the official movie website. Note that even though most assume the music is from Michael Giacchino’s score for the film, Paramount has not confirmed this.

A message to that San Francisco guy
Last tidbits we pointed to a video by Zennie Abraham who has some issues with the San Francisco skyline as depicted in the Star Trek trailers. This got a lot of play on the Interwebs on this site and beyond, so another fan has a simple message for Zennie (and one many people could embrace).

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Pike
Thorsten Wulff has worked his way through the entire classic bridge crew in his ‘Trek Cast As Art’, series. However, our resident artist and designer is not done yet. Today he shows off his Captain Pike poster ala Uncle Sam.

Pike recruits
(click to enlarge)

ST09 Bullet
If that isn’t enough for you, there is even more



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I ordered the countdown at amazon. As I life in the Nehterlands I have to wait a long time before I can read the comic. Looks promising thoug. So I hope it’s worth the wait.

That can’t be the music for the actual film. It sounds like it was done on the same keyboard they used for Timechasers.


Shame the poster is a faaaaaakke, I like it

I love that fake poster

Excellent work Thorsten. You are indeed a talented artist.

I look forward to learning more about the Romulans fate. Hopefully they still have a bright future.


Thanks, LSTF!
And sorry for the other thing.

Star Trek: Countdown Vol. 1 & 2 were AWESOME. If you’ve been reading, you know that Picard and Data (with a side of Spock) are directly responsible for a very, VERY, serious tragedy that happens to Nero (through inaction), and more devastation happening overall. I think the only reason Nero doesn’t go after Picard or Data is because he told Spock he would hold HIM responsible. I cannot WAIT to see how the next issue carries the story…


The Aint it Cool preview gives a few extra tidbits, such as referring to The Forge, and to some character who we will all know but Kirk hasn’t met.

Personally, I’m thinking Borg technology here.

But also, this Forge thing reminds me of the Greg Bear novel The Forge of God, where an alien race of planet killers put black holes inside the Earth to destroy it.
Sound familiar??

Sorry thorsten. but that poster needs work

LOVE the re: to the SanFrancisco vid

Italian dubbers rule. Seeing the trailer in an italian theater in front of Watchmen was a pleasant surprise.

I’ve decided I’m not going to read anymore spoilers!! I’ve resisted the one here!! I’m not going to read countdown either. Although I have ordered the paperback….

Too bad that the iconic Nero’s “fire everything” has been translated into a bland “fire at will” in the italian trailer.


well, in german it’s “Alles Abfeuern!”…


“It’s The Star Trek Count Down…….”

Can’t wait to get my fingers on those Comics in April…

“Mi piace questo nave , è Eccitante!!”

I preordered the TBP of COUNTDOWN half a minute ago on amazon.
Happy now?

Ti sfido a fare di meglio (:
Sarebbe “questA nave”…

Anthony, do you know the release date for Countdown #3?

I s’pose the novel will include the prequel comic story. And for those (hopefully)millions of mainstream moviegoers who haven’t a clue about the comics, will there be nothing from the comic to prep them before the film starts?

That music definitely sounds like Giacchino’s style.
If it is, I have no problem with it. Thank God its NOT a 60’s riff.
This may be another case, as with TMP, where the score elevates the material to another level.
Jeff Bond? Thoughts?

#20: I was going to ask the same think. I thought it was coming out in two weeks, but AICN says this week… Is that correct?

“News Flash: Star Trek is Just a Movie”

that may be true now, but it wasnt always the case.

now it is indeed, just another movie, nothing differentiating it from any other tripe coming out of hollywood… a shame.


Oh man! I hope Gob makes a guest appearance, riding in on a Federation issue Space Segue!

Maybe I’m a little late for this, but has anyone ever noticed the ‘shimmer’ effect that looks like light refracting/reflecting from the lens in a lot of the footage? An interesting stylistic choice. Maybe we can get an explanation for this? Perhaps?

The music that is on the movie website makes me think of some tracks from “lost” I find that it carries the same kind of emotions… It has to be from the same composer (Giacchino)

The writing on the ‘Countdown’ series isn’t the best, but it’s still a pretty good appetizer for the big meal to come in May. I look forward to getting the next two issues in the mail.

@25 JW Wright:

just another movie, nothing differentiating it from any other tripe coming out of hollywood… a shame.

It is? You’ve seen it? You’ve watched the movie from beginning to end and have the authority to declare this movie is, “tripe”?


Why do folks come to this site to trash this flick anyway? is obviously a site that is exited about the new movie. All of the posts are pro-movie. The majority of the people who follow this site are anticipating that this movie is going to be (gasp) an enjoyable experience!

We WANT it to be really good. If it sucks, oh well. We’re not going to know that until we see it for ourselves.

If you people want to bitch and moan about something you haven’t even seen yet, make your own blog. Go post your own thread on TrekBBS and hash it out with those dudes.

Just quit crashing our party.

Wow…Those five pages are enough to warrant a purchase (After I idiotically missed out on #2).

So Romulus is no more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the planet shown in the trailer is Vulcan being ravaged by Nero’s Drill. It would make perfect sense. Quid Pro Quo.

de La Fuente’s fan trailer isn’t the only one:

Cant wait for the official movie poster to come out!

I’m still having trouble following Nero’s motives and line of thinking here. Romulus is destroyed by a natural disaster – and Spock was apparently the only one who tried to do anything about it. So why be angry at Spock (or Kirk for that matter)? I do hope this is explained satisfactorily in the movie…


Star Trek is shot with anamorphic lenses, and they create the beautiful horizontal lens flares you describe, Nick…

Concerning the music: Paramount may not have confirmed anything yet, but Jeff Bond at FilmScoreMonthly has written in a discussion somewhere that the piece of music on the Star Trek site is by Giacchino, probably not the main title music, but a version of the main theme that’s used for some pivotal moments in the film. He seemed to know for sure.

That is by far the creepiest recruiting poster i have ever seen.


Oh, please. Save me from your bleeding heart! My god, man, you’ve seen as much of the movie as we have, so unless you managed to sneak in to a press screening or the private screening for the cast and crew, I don’t think you have much to say that’s based on anything resembling fact.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve watched the trailers for the past ten Trek movies, but they didn’t have a lot of emphasis on the deeper storylines and meanings behind the events of the film. They’re pretty much all about the action and eye-catching FX. That’s what trailers are made for: to capture the audience. This movie has a lot of work ahead of it, trying to regroup a large number of fans who want to write off Star Trek as a too-often-beaten dead horse, and so far, the trailer seems to have rallied the troops quite effectively.

And, besides…spare us the dramatics. You’re going to see it anyway, if for no other reason than to have more fuel for your flames. So, just….CUT IT OUT, already.

well that music is on the official site so it’s an authentic Giacchino for sure.

Those mining bombs and Nero’s ship look vaguely Cardassian to me.

28, 37, etc.

Hasn’t it been reported on this site that the trailer music is from a company which specializes in that and is NOT from Giacchio?

Actually, come to think of it, they also look like those star-shaped things that pop out on the skin when the borg tech is taking over the body.

I have been reading Countdown with mixed emotions. I think the frame for Nero is plausible and well thought out, so I have to give props to Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman for that. However, the gentlemen scripting this for IDW are really blowing a lot of the detail work (especially last issue and nearly every Vulcan detail: high command? Praetors? Really?). Spock’s “We share the same ears” line was ST:V worthy in issue 1.

I am having a tough time accepting a supernova which could wipe out EVERYTHING, so if that plays into the film I hope there’s a little more technobabble to suspend my disbelief.

The comic reminds me a bit of season 3 of ST:Enterprise; it was good SF, but was it Star Trek? I kept having to forget the fact in 35 years of Trek no one had ever mentioned the Xindi, and now they were a crucial part of Earth and Federation history.

I suppose I am afraid that this comic’s surface similarity to Star Trek which is not borne out in the detail work will carry over into the movie as well. I am glad to see they are thinking of how to tie it all together, but I am hoping the execution does it better than this enjoyable, yet flawed, set up.

#42 (Anthony Thompson):

You’re right, but we’re not talking about the music in the ST09 trailer, but the piece of background music on the official Star Trek website, which is probably from the film.

Are you sure it’s not 25th century?

From AICN by Hercules:
“Spock identifies Romulus as “my home of the last 40 years.”
The Spock episodes of TNG were set in 2369, according to the official Star Trek timeline; he said he arrived on Romulus a year earlier, which would be 2368. Add forty years to 2368 and that takes you to 2408.

And that, my friend, is the 25th century.

Nemesis is set in 2379. 2408 minus 2379 is 29 years.

Decades. ”

Sounds convincing to me.

#46 “Are you sure it’s not 25th century?”

We’re sure. The comic book writers answered that question on this site.

“Around eight years after Nemesis.”


Plus Picard would be ancient by then….not looking nearly as young as he does in this comic

The music on the main site is almost certainly official. In parts it sounds identical to portions of the Lost score, which was also done by Giacchino.


PS I just saw the new trailer last night in front of Last House on the Left. I got shivers.


“Spock’s “We share the same ears” line was ST:V worthy in issue 1.”

That was a joke, and we know that Vulcans are not good at joking. So the goofiness of that line is there for a reason, in my opinion.

“The comic reminds me a bit of season 3 of ST:Enterprise; it was good SF, but was it Star Trek?”

You know, I was actually waiting for this exact thing: good SF that keeps a distance from Trek as we know it. I am excited by fresh and new points of view.

Anthony Pascale- “Olympic class ships appear in Countdown #3”

Not for long it seems.