BSG Preview: “Daybreak” Parts 2 & 3 – Series Finale Airs Tonight

This is frakkin it! Tonight is the two-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Tonight’s episodes, "Daybreak, Parts 2 and 3", will see Adama leading the Galactica on one last mission. We have previews for that, plus the latest frakkin links and more, including a follow-up on the United Nations panel.


“Daybreak, Parts 2 and 3” [Season 4 Eps. 20-21]
US: Airing March 20th on SciFi at 9 PM (8 Central)
Canada: Airing March 20th on Space at 9 PM (6 Pacific)
UK: Airing March 23rd on Sky1

Synopsis: Admiral Adama leads the Galactica into a dangerous mission, one which he admits could be the final one for the aging ship.

DVR Notice: Finale Running 2 hours and 11 Minutes
SCI FI has announced that the finale will be running 11 minutes over its two-hour time period, so be sure to set your DVR/recording device accordingly.

Preview (SciFi – USA)

Preview (Space – Canada)

Preview (Sky1 – UK)

Last Week’s Episode ("Daybreak, Part 1") Roundup

The episode is not yet available for streaming, but here is the recap:

Also check out Ron Moore’s podcast for the episode, it is enlightening.

Ratings analysis
"Daybreak, Part 1" drew 1.66M viewers, slightly above the audience of episode 18, which drew 1.57M viewers the week prior. Through nine episodes, the second half of season 4 has averaged 1.70M viewers (-19% from the season 4.5 premiere).


The Plan and Caprica Details
This past Monday, the SCI FI Channel hosted a press screening of tonight’s finale. But don’t expect any spoilers, as creator Ronald D. Moore was on hand to have the gathered press swear not to reveal anything.  On the plus side, there were some new details to come out of the event on spin off "Caprica" as well as the two-hour standalone movie "The Plan".  Here are some highlights, via Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune.

  • "The Plan" will "probably" air in the fall (possibly November).

  • Edward James Olmos, who directed the movie, says "When [‘Battlestar’ fans] see ‘The Plan,’ they’re all going to have to go back and watch the entire series again.”

  • Paula Malcolmson, who stars in "Caprica", had the following to say about the show: “Battlestar” has “come to an end, and it’s a beautiful end and [fans] should mourn that show,” Malcolmson said. “You can’t just come along with another show that’s going to replicate it. That’s not what we want to do, we want to give them something else.”

Head on over to the Chicago Tribune to read much more.  You can also read another report on the finale screening at the LA Times.

Footage from BSG UN Panel
Last week we reported on the panel at the United Nationals panel and now you can read some reports on the event over at the Chicago Tribune and at Alan Sepinwall’s site.  But if that’s not enough for you, don’t worry, the entire United Nations panel has been archived on the U.N. Webcast Archives.  The panel runs about 2 hours and 4 minutes.  You can also skip to specific chapters of the event: Introduction (15 minutes), Human Rights (35 minutes), Children and Armed Conflict (30 minutes), Terrorism (20 minutes) and Reconciliation and Dialogue Among Civilizations and Faiths (20 minutes).

Frakkin BSG links

Even more BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.

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battlestar is over reminds me of when some trek shows ended

Here’s hoping they go out in a blaze of glory!

great show, and fantastic cast and crew,
BSG, you will be missed

Possible correction: sci-fi/bsg website lists 9/8c for time. I actually checked it a little while ago to make sure because it seemed odd it would go to eleven.

As much as I couldn’t wait for this day, I am also sad to see it has come.

5. So say we all. I’m tempted to take a page from Adama himself and not watch it so in my mind it never ends. Not so tempted that i would actually be able to resist, however. lol

For someone who has watched the series since the beginning its very sad to watch it come to an end. Its funny how its been 10yrs since DS9 ended and now 10yrs later a series that is very much its cousin comes to an end. I will miss you BSG but I will always have the DVDs.

Everybody blows up! Woo-hoo! I am being facetious…but its sad but I just hope the show is put out of its misery at this point.

Black Hole + Lazy sci fi writing x Star Trek writer / series finale = “Infinte Loop”

So say the odds.

I really hope Baltar gets his. Of all the characters he deserves it the most!

But either way I think this will be a great finale!

I am preparing myself to be disseminated tonight….didn’t love last week’s episode.

FYI: If you are thinking of posting a ‘why is this article here comment’ I suggest you don’t. It is here because I want it here, it is the finale so just move on

1, 2, 3, and LUCIFER!

5. So say we all!

#11 – Why is this article here? Because it is a frakkin’ fantastic show!

I can’t believe how mixed I feel about this. It was a great ride, and I’ve really looked forward to seeing how it all turns out. It’ s just a sad thing to think that this is it, there ain’t no more.

I’m really intrigued by Edward James Olmos’ comments about how one would have to watch the whole series again after seeing ‘The Plan’. Just when I thought that BSG would have no more plot twists and intrigue because its the end of the series, we find out that this might not be so. That sounds pretty much like the mantra of BSG that’s existed all along…expect the unexpected.

Thanks, Ron Moore and Company!

Agreed with you #11. People need to give us a break for one last week. After tonight they won’t see another headline from BSG for a long, long time.


I don’t think anyone has said anything yet……

Anthony look up freedom of speech. You could stand a good dose of it. Did you design this website to serve your own purposes or to raise the level of debat about science fiction. Given the number of rising threads with the theme of “what is wrong with trekmovie? trekmovie sucks” you should consider re-evaluating what/why you are doing this.

Feel free to delete the comment or ban me. It just makes me even more right.

Back on topic though, should be an occassion to remember. I feel that RDM has lost interest in the whole show. There is a tonal shift about half way through season 3 when the show stopped being about anything happening. A show can be about characters and still have plot. BSG has moved away from plot and focused instead on characters with absoloutly nothing happening. It’s a shame because it seems from the interviews that RDM has gotten bored with the whole show. His interviews seem forced and I even read that they have felt hampered by the show’s title. If you don’t want to make Battlestar Galactica then don’t make it…but don’t drive your show in a very different direction from where it began. If you watch the mini-series it has a great deal of plot and character. It was a fine piece of writing, outstanding acting, and the special effects and music are top notch. RDM et al has often held up ’33’ as being the best episode they ever made. Fair enough, but look at the structure of that episode. A good dose of plot with a good balance of character moments, and an excellent overall story. I sort of feel that the writers room has been drinking from the keg of character too much and the tonal shift has had an effect on the show. Interesting to see where ‘The Plan’ takes us.

Fire at will.


We have to wait until Tuesday to see it here in Ireland on Sky!! For Frack sake!

Here’s hoping we have a Sci-Fi show that ends without any Time-Travel involved. To me, that would be a novelty!!

Can’t wait to see this though. Please give HUGE BIG warnings if TrekMovie is going to post a synopsis of the episode, with SPOILER ALERT for those of us who have to wait for the ship to cross the Atlantic with the tape!!!

Well. Tonight is it and I hope they give us what we all want. Finding Our Earth. I hope we see all the action and drama and suspense that the better eps had and even more. I will be glued to the Tv tonight and Hopeing for one Fracken Ride!!!!!!

It’s fair to say, it just doesn’t get any hotter than this!!!!!!

I could be one of those viewers! Sadly I’m never able to watch the episodes when they air, so Torrent it is for me!

And the memories… I remember when I was 12 and watching the series finale of TNG; still the best episode of Star Trek of all time and what should have been Generations.. or Insurection.

#17 “Given the number of rising threads with the theme of “what is wrong with trekmovie?” I don’t know what or where you are finding these threads at, but I haven’t seen any! IMO, Trekmovie rocks! Don’t like it here? Simple solution: Don’t come here, don’t post. Problem solved!

As for BSG, I am hoping to be able to see this ep before I have to go to work tonight. I am sure that no matter what, it will be a bittersweet ending! But from the looks of the preview, we are sure to see more than a few fireworks!

The truth will be revealed! (I hope!)

Being one of the many who were turned off on BSG when they shifted to the whole Cylon soap opera after New Caprica, I have to admit to not being so interested any more. I hope that they can wind up the series in the way they started it.

It was a good run, and glad they knew when to pull the plug.


regarding theshift in tone, every season in BSG has delt with different themes and events and the effects caused, its not like voyager where the crew walked around in pristine uniforms on a pristine ship facing a villian of the week.
As for drinking from teh keg of character, please i want more.
I feel i know more about how confused and lost Kara Thrace feels after a few episodes than EVER getting to know Beverley Crusher after 6 seasons and 4 movies.
BSG have been a quality product with a few slips up, but nothing is perfect.
Regarding freedom of speech, when it comes to websites, the site admin is king and your posting here at the admins discretion.

Can’t wait… except I want it to last. Hmmm…

Looking forward to “The Plan.” I have no idea whether I’ll jump into Caprica. Not knowing how much of a ride it could be…

Anyway — GREAT SERIES! Thanks and congrats to all involved.

^Yeah, we know more about the people of BSG than the ciphers that were the TNG characters.

There are some things that I disagree with in regards to how things were handled in BSG, but it’s still the best FRAKKIN’ show. I’ll miss it when it is gone.


Sigh. I keep watching, out of inertia. The first two seasons were smart, layered drama.

From S3 on, when there’s a bit of allegory, so they dress it in a cartoon allegory suit, plaster a big neon “ALLEGORY HERE” sign on it, march a marching band past it playing “Hail to the Allegory,” turn the characters into mouthpieces to dissect the allegory, replace the plots with simplified frameworks on which to drape the allegory, and then dedicate a follow-up episode to recapping the allegory in case anyone was thick enough to miss it the first time.

RE: #21 – Warren

I’m in the same boat as you. But there is a bright side…Saturday morning, cup of coffee, kicked back in front of my widescreen computer monitor…and no commercials. lol

I’ve enjoyed this show a great deal. Even the weak episodes (such as last week’s). Another fine show comes to an end…I only hope it’s a fitting ending.

And I agree with #10 (Enterprisingguy)…I hope Baltar bites the big one. I hate that mealy-mouthed little wuss. lol

Anticipating the end of BSG is almost as exciting as anticipating the new Star Trek movie! This is fun!

I’m really sad but excited to see the finale.

I’ve watched & stuck with BSG since the 2003 miniseries, and it has been a great frakking ride!

Thank You Ron Moore & Cast & Crew for this great show!

So Say We All!!!

17. do you own stock in if not then shut up. you have no say in goings on. let us know when you get a site up so we can tell you how to manage it.

Man, I was so damn lucky to get to see this show. It was ( and still is one more time) Must See TV. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and I dread tonight’s episode, knowing that it is all over with. I have a gig tonight and will come home after my last set and turn on my 2 hrs. and 11 mins. of the last BSG episode and probably get choked up. Just like I did when I watched All Good Things.

BSG= Best Show Going, Going, Gone!



“Anthony look up freedom of speech. You could stand a good dose of it. Did you design this website to serve your own purposes or to raise the level of debat about science fiction. Given the number of rising threads with the theme of “what is wrong with trekmovie? trekmovie sucks” you should consider re-evaluating what/why you are doing this.

Feel free to delete the comment or ban me. It just makes me even more right.”

I may be wrong, but I think he created the site to talk about the new Star Trek movie. Feel free to correct me, Anthony, by all means.

#17 There is no freedom of speech on someone else’s owned website. Just sayin’. You’re a guest here, we all are, don’t forget! I’m in this thread because I’m enjoying BSG and want to read about it. If I want to read paeans to an imagined free speech right in a publication one doesn’t pay to provide… I’ll go to or something.

As for the rest of your comments, just because you think you’re right, doesn’t mean you are. Anthony’s a superb fellow, who takes a lot of flack, and at the same time provides a great service to his fellow fan at no cost to us. He’s the bigger fan, he won’t delete your comments, nor will he ban you. You’ll do that all on your own.

So say we all? I say we all jump on the ship and jump one last time and take the whole damn thing out. No more loops!!!

Battlestar Galactica is the single best program of any genre ever made.

“So say we all”

Sad to see it’s finally coming to an end, but it looks to be a damn good episode!

I’m pretty sure its starting an hour earlier than usual at 6pm Pacific time in Canada. That’s what I last saw advertised.

I’m staying awake all night till it appears online. Then that sucker is gonna be downloaded & watched whether both my eyes stay open or not.

Great show, just hope it doesnt end like Babylon 5 did. More or a whimper.

Two hours, 11 minutes… so little time, so MANY answers to be revealed!!

Today is a sad day :(

Well, Galactica making an FTL jump does obviously features to a fairly major degree, seeing as they have a specific shot of the FTL key being turned in the Sci-Fi preview.

Just wanted to also note that there will be previews tonight for several of SCI FI’s upcoming shows: Warehouse 13, Caprica and Stargate Universe, as well as a preview for the BSG spinoff movie The Plan.

I am so looking forward to the show tonight but sad at the same time. This has been one of the best series ever. I love all things Trek and this replaced that Trek fix….but it was more than a replacement, it was a revival of what science fiction should be….thought provoking. The music, direction, mystery, and stories were all top notch. It is going to be a sad night to see it all end.

Alas, as one era ends, another one begins. It is interesting to note of BSG’s demeanor. This show lived during a period of time where there was doubt, fear, and a sense of hopelessness. Now, as BSG comes to an end, and STAR TREK, is about to premiere on May 8th, we are now living in a period of time where hope and optimism begins to flourish. Indeed, television and movies seems to be a reflection of present situations. BSG has a good run. May she forever be immortalized in conventions, syndication, and DVDs!!! SO SAY WE ALL!!!

Spoiler Alert Condition Red…

BSG-75 = SDF-1

Daedulus attack on the Cylon Colony…now all we need are some Veritech Vipers!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No spoilers! dammit!

Can we all agree to wait to comment until tomorrow?

This is the XO

Did you see the Trek 09 trailer?

Explosions make everything better :)

I can only hope Trek 09 is half as good as BSG


Just finished watching the final episode…no spoilers here, except to say it was a fantastic story, absolutely fantastic. Abso-frakkin’-lutely wow.

Well, all’s well that ends well. This series should win an emmy.

Funny thing is, I work for a company that builds Cylons


I mean humanoid robots…