ST09 Tidbits (T-44 days): New Image + Countdown TPB [NOT] Early + 3 New Interviews

Today in the Tidbits we have a brand new image, thanks to the Star Trek movie collector’s card set. Plus the complete Countdown prequel Trade Paperback is coming early [UPDATE: in two weeks]. And there are a number of interesting new Star Trek related interviews. Check it all out below.


New image – from Rittenhouse cards
Just this week Rittenhouse has released a promo card with a new image of Chris Pine as Cadet James T. Kirk. The card is from their upcoming set for the new Star Trek movie (see TM article for more details on the set). The promo card is in the new issue of the card collecting magazine, Non-Sport Magazine, with some of these Cadet Kirk cards showing up on Ebay.

Cadet Kirk on Rittenhouse Card

Countdown Trade Paperback coming this week in two weeks
The trade paperback version of the Star Trek movie prequel was not supposed to be released until the 4th issue came out until April (the official release date was first announced to be April 29th). But over the weekend IDW publisher Chris Ryall announced on his blog that the TPB for Countdown is coming out tomorrow (Wed. March 25th), ahead of Countdown Issue #4. Just to make sure this wasn’t a mistake, TrekMovie double-checked with Ryall who confirmed it. One reader sent in an email that Amazon had already shipped him his issue, even though it is still listed at Amazon as a pre-order.

UPDATE: OK forget all that. IDW have now given us another update on the release of Countdown. Issue #4 comes out next week on April 1st (available in comic shops and via the Android and iTunes). Then a week later the trade paperback comprising all four issues comes out (in book stores and on Kindle II on April 7th, and in comic shops on April 8th).

Countdown #4

Countdown TPB
@ Amazon

(April 1)

(April. 7)


New interviews – Prop Master + more Sonita + Roddenberry Jr. + more
In the last couple of days some new Star Trek related interviews have shown up online. Here are some links and excerpts.

Screenrant talks to Russell Bobbit, prop master for the new Star Trek about the new movie props. Regarding the new tricorder, Bobbit had this to say:

There were several items where we made great leaps in design choice. One is the Tricorder. I presented a TOS Tricorder to the actors and their reaction was that the size was too big with the amount of action there is in our film. So I immediately went to my ace-in-the-hole designer, Doug Brody, an adamant trekker who became our tech advisor. I gave him the task of designing a smaller version of the Tricorder, which would not be like any other, but would include all the elements needed to scan the environment appropriately.  

Tricorders: TOS Replica (L) & ST09 Toy (R)

SciFiWire talks to Sonita Henry, who plays the doctor who brings James T. Kirk into the world in the new Star Trek. The actress reveals more about the make-up and CGI magic that will create her face and also described the scene of Kirk’s first big moment:

It was a very intense scene, because things are blowing up, so they actually had things blowing up and … gangways moving, and then we had a ton of extras running against us…And I remember Kelvin Yu, who plays one of the med techs, one of the extras just ran straight into him. … And the next thing I know, he’s gone flying up in the air, and just landed on his back on the floor. … Yes. So there I was, and there’s sparks going off, and my hair is full of product, and I’m like, … ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to burst into flames. I finally get to work with J.J. Abrams, and I’m going to die.’ … So there’s a lot of running around corridors and pushing a wheelchair and, yeah. Everything’s going on at once..  

We will have to wait to see Sonita’s face…but Kirk’s birth sounds epic, like the man himself

Mania talks to Eugene Roddenberry Jr, son of Majel and Gene Roddenberry. Rod talks about visiting the set and how he thought his dad would embrace JJ Abrams new Trek. He also gave some details on Majel recording the computer voice before she passed away:

Her health had been declining for a number of years. As it got worse and as her energy level and voice declined she would have ups and downs. I had very serious concerns when they contacted us and said they wanted her to do the computer voice again. I said, “I don’t even know if she can do it.” They would have to have somebody come to the house and they would have to accommodate her in every way – not because of her ego but because of her health. I thought to myself I still don’t know what they are going to get even with all of that. So the day comes around to record her voice work and I am just wondering what is going to happen. I am wondering if they are going to do it and just say it is not useable. Apparently, when her friend, Reina, reminded her about this her entire mood changed and she became uplifted and happy and came out with plenty of energy. She wasn’t just putting on a show. She genuinely loved doing this sort of thing for the fans and for the show. She was a “show must go on” kind of lady. I think, in the end, she was doing it for my father. Her love of him and of Star Trek was special. I heard that it was phenomenal. They taped all of her lines right there at the house. She couldn’t travel at that point.

Roddenberry details how his mother left her final legacy as the voice in new Star Trek

Thorsten’s Gallery – Iowa Redux
In honor of William Shatner’s recent birthday, our resident artist Thorsten Wulff offers this Shatneriffic version of that Iowa motorcycle scene in the new Star Trek.

Hey…isn’t the Enterprise being built in Space Francisco


ST09 Bullets
more bite-sized Star Trek movie news:


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awesome stuff !

I am getting Countdown already then. :] Any word on why they (IDW) decided to release it ahead of schedule? I wonder if it means anything.

Doing, like that Iowa Redux Picture :D

The shatman ridding a hog. How cool is that?

Woo, premiere tickets for me!! :-D Hope this is UK only!

I just want to add that what Roddenberry said about his mother was very touching, and it’s a fact that the fans loved Majel and everything she offered us. She is missed a lot.

Mi Gusta. Thorsten oughtta do Shatner on a motorcycle in the Kelvin Vs. Narada scene.


What day should we expect the trade issue collection to be released then? As a side note, will the graphic novel be initially released in hard cover or merely as a soft cover?


Thorsten you produce some great stuff thanks, and Majel sure is a class act I remember serving her at Quarks and she was the nicest person, I am thankful she is part of this new movie.

Just ordered Countdown from Amazon. I like to get my Star Trek material from Borders/Waldenbooks but since Amazon is said to be shipping it already, I’m going with them, linked through this site.

Reading Countdown has very much increased my interest and enthusiasm for this movie, even though it was already at high levels before. Knowing where Nero came from as well as how TNG characters influenced aspects of the movie will make it even more exciting. Because of the way that the movie writers and the comic writers have brought this all together, this could be one of the most satisfying Star Trek movies for fans, a real valentine to fans, as the finale of Enterprise was supposed to be.

The latest trailer shows how this movie is going to work– the feeling of everything we know about our beloved Star Trek universe being threatened by Nero and the future events that we’re reading about in Countdown. It makes me hope that somehow Kirk, Spock, McCoy etc. have some pity on him and find a way to help him save his world even as he goes so strongly against them.

Does anyone know when issue #4 was due out? It looks like the book will be out before the final comic.

I kind of feel those of us who have been going to the comic stores every month to get the next single issues are being given a raw deal, not getting to read the end unless we buy the trade paper back on top of our single issues.

what up with that?

Great work, thorsten!

Where’s that from?

Is it a head-paste, or an actual photo of Mr. Shatner?

I hope the DVD is absolutely bristling with extra material. The Majel story is inspiring, and someone should tell it.

Thanks, everybody!
@9… I’ll drop by for a Budweiser Classic, QB!
@12… It’s real, AJ, he was cruising the desert after shooting Trek sometimes, I found it on Trekcore…

I “pre-ordered” the TPB on Sunday. I guess it wasn’t ‘pre-‘ afterall. Sweet.


You can still buy issue #4 for 3.99 when it comes out.

Personally my favorite way to read it has been using the iPhone app. which costs 99 cents per issue and displays them in a really nice, single panel per screen format. But I’ve bought the comics for collector’s sake and the trade paperback because this might be the quickest way to read issue #4, which I can’t wait for anymore than I can wait for the movie.

Thorsten if your ever in Vegas I have some Romulan Ale from the Experience and some vintage 2301 Blood Wine

2301? That’s my year!
I’ll be there!

Sort of ticks me off IDW is releasing the trade paperback this early. If I had known that I would have waited instead of ordering 3 separate issues thus far. This stinks!

From all accounts, this sounds like a movie where Things Have Happened, which bodes well for the future.

Kirk looks rugged in that new image, and perhaps even a bit of the cowboy appropos to the style that was later to be engaged as a form of diplomacy in the byways and spaceways of and beyond the Federation.


Thanks for the heads-up on the TPB. If I hadn’t checked, it would have been shipped to my ex-wife ;-(. Amazon’s still saying 4th of May to me.

I wonder how the delta shield logo becomes the symbol of Starfleet BEFORE the legendary mission of Kirk, Spock and McCoy?


well, that’s my birthday!

I am very happy that Majel was able to record the voice before she passed. Hearing her as the voice of the computer, will be worth the price of admission.

#12 – That is actually a real photo of him.

Love the manip of Shatner on his motor cycle

seeing the original tricorder and the reimagined one, I have to say I prefer the original design.

Ha ha, I KNEW I made a good choice to wait for the Countdown paperback. : D

And wow, that is one hot doctor.

15-I am a poor man, that’s my point. I prefer single issue comics in general anyway, but it’s easier on my monthly wallet too.

–I can’t afford to buy both, and it seems like i’m being punished.

“You can’t afford the trade paper back, well then you have to wait to find out while those who can afford both find out early.

I can’t think of any other time a trade edition was released before the last single issue.


I do agree with you in that sense. I’m not rich myself. I also prefer the individual comics. I wish issue #4 would be out as soon as the paperback book. But the sooner I can read the thing the better. You should just go to the store and read the final part there and then get the 4th issue to complete your collection.


You’re right, browsing shall be my revenge!

I am ordering that comic now.

Thank you for the heads up Anthony.

Shatner/Kirk in GEN rides horses. Rob Halford rides a Harley. This is a canon violation.

cheers! nice one idw! ive been scrapping together my £3.30 every month because im on monthly pay and i get peid on the first and now your going to release the whole set a month early? i knew you were up to something when issue three came out early! and now you punish (or rob!) those of us who have shelved out to make your series a sell out far! many thanks!
even berman never did stuff like this!

Does anyone know if they are releasing the tpb early in the UK as well? still has the original 29th of April release date. Anybody got any news for the UK fans?

on another note i cannot wait to hear majel! my love for trek will not die!
the new tv spot was amazing!

2- It’s clever marketing. IDW should sell more of the Trade Book to people who have bought the first 3 and just gosh-darn can’t wait until the end of April for #4. And then, at the end of April, they’ll go buy #4 anyway just to complete the collection. Or so the PTB @ IDW hope.

I’m an old guy with bags of patience to spare. I’ll buy # 4 in April and all will be well.

It’s a good plan to rope in those who want it all and want it now.

Is that the bike Mr Shatner stole ?

I hear it chews thew the gas,,,


I cant wait to see the ST : TFB cards

i had it on preorder and it still says may on amazon… why has it not changed

I think it stinks that they are releasing the TPB early. The least they could do is release issue 4 early as well.

OMG countdown TPB… tomorrow!?! This better not be a joke. YEAAAA.

11 18 28 39# at least im not alone on this one!

Just get the TPB from TPB and read it then…
Or will it be on iTunes like the other issues maybe?


I will wait till the 4th issue comes out. It just seems to be no reason to release it so soon, and as someone pointed out above, why release it before the final issue??? Sounds like someone might be a little in need of money maybe? I demand a Senate Investigation into the matter. They investigate everything else !!

PHOTO. Hey…isn’t the Enterprise being built in Space Francisco

How funny it looks for a Shatnerized Kirk to be on a bike as in the trailer.
I immediately think what is this seasoned service man doing out in the desert.

I really hope this new movie does not center on cadet Kirk too much.
I like to see the plot progress over several years, showing Kirk & co. early years training in Star Fleet and rising through the ranks.

Fingers crossed!

I am so pumped that I placed my order for the TPB weeks ago!!!!!!! So I could be getting it as early as this week??? Sweettt!!!

Although, considering I have four papers due, it may not be the best timing.

Great article, Anthony. Some very moving stuff from Mr. Roddenberry about his mom and her love of Trek, and a great photo of Shatner touched up by Thorsten!

I hope the film is dedicated to Majel…

That’s a pretty cool bike The Shatman is riding…

Anybody know what it is?

I like the original series tricroder better!

49 Add some flashing lights and a lite morie pattern and there you go!