Playmates Week (Day 1): Review Of Star Trek Galaxy Collection 3.75″ Figures

This Sunday (April 19th) Playmates Toys will unleash their first wave of Star Trek movie related toys and figures. Each day this week TrekMovie will feature detailed overview and review of a different component of the Playmates line. Today we take a close look at the Galaxy Series of of 3.75" action figures.


The Galaxy Collection
It has been a decade since Star Trek action figures were rendered in the traditional "play friendly" size. Now, with the new feature film, Playmates Toys returns to world of Star Trek toys in a big way with 10 3.75" action figures

The Galaxy Collection consists of 10 action figures, each sold individually for around $7. These figures are scaled in the 3.75" line, similar to Star Wars line and a bit shorter than the previous and well-remembered Playmates Toys Star Trek figures of the 1990s. The size is scaled to playsets and the price point means this figures are intended for play, although many fans collect them for display also. Each figure includes various accessories and a piece of either the Bridge or Transporter playsets if fans wish to build those environments for more playability. The playsets themselves (which will be featured in an upcoming article) each include an action figure. The Bridge includes Kirk (which is the same as the individually available figure) and the Transporter includes Scotty (there is a significant difference in facial gestures between the playset Scotty and the individually available version which we will discuss).

8 (of 10) of the Playmates Galaxy Series 3.75" Figures

Now to grading each element of the new figures (one a scale of 1-5 stars)

The Packaging (4.5 out of 5 stars)
The packaging is nicely rendered and compliments in color and style the promotion of the film itself providing a unified look. The promotional posters, theater displays, official website, and the Playmates Toys all appear to be from the same "universe" which is a smart idea for marketing. It will very difficult to mistake a Star Trek product at Toys R Us or other retailers. Also nice is that the packaging provides useful information, especially which pieces of the playset are included. As a father and fan, and considering the economy, I appreciate that Playmates Toys didn’t randomize these playset pieces for those who wish to build the entire Bridge or Transporter. Kirk always includes the B9 piece of the Bridge. Spock always includes the B1 console. A bit more text about the characters would have been nice on the back, yet this is certainly cool Star Trek action figure packaging. What "non-opening" fans who like to keep their toys in their original packaging will enjoy is that the packaging stands nicely on a shelf and allows for visibility of the accessories and figures. In fact, the figures are posed nicely in the packaging (Original Spock with his hand in the Vulcan salute, for example, or Pike posed as if starting to run) which is also nice for those who don’t open their figures. I recommend opening and playing with these as that is what they are meant for and the memories of playing with friends or your own children are worth more than anything.

Playmates Galaxy Series Packaging (front and back)

Individual Figures

Kirk in Enterprise Outfit (3.5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, and B9 Bridge chair and console

The Shatner curse continues. Regular readers of the Collective column know that many toy companies lament how difficult it is to render a good likeness of Shatner in toy form. There is something about his face. That appears to be true with Chris Pine, also. The Captain Kirk action figure is recognizably Kirk, yet not recognizably Pine. The chest is also a bit out of proportion. However, it should be remembered that the smaller the figure, the more difficult the likeness. Hasbro has problems with this despite having the Star Wars line for decades. Our six year old son recognized the figure instantly as Kirk, so it isn’t a serious problem, however of all the figures, this is the likeness that needs the most resculpting and repainting and by wave 2 of figures, the problem should have abated.

This Kirk is also available with the bridge playset, although that doesn’t include all the accessories.

Playmates Galaxy Series Kirk with stand and accessories

Spock in Enterprise Outfit (5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insiginia, Vulcan greeting hand, and B1 Bridge chair and console

One of the great things about the Playmates Toy line is that it has themes. For example, the 3.75", 6" and 12" "Quinto" and "Nimoy" Spocks both include the Vulcan greeting hand that replaces the regular hand. This is a minor detail, but it shows the care among all the various lines and the unified theme of the toys.

The Spock action figure features a good likeness of Zachary Quinto and it is fun that it includes the Vulcan hand which could be swapped with the regular appendage.

Playmates Galaxy Series Spock with stand and accessories

McCoy in Cadet Outfit (5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Data Tablet, Hypospray, Gold Delta Insiginia, and B10 Bridge chair and console

There is a similarity between the movie McCoy and the action figure McCoy. The enthusiastic fan reaction to what looks to be an incredible performance by Karl Urban as McCoy is likely to be the reaction for fans of the 3.75" line. The McCoy figures (in all the various sizes) are among the very best in both likeness, but also in including a fun array of accessories. The Cadet McCoy figure also gives us a nice look at these uniforms.

Playmates Galaxy Series McCoy with stand and accessories

Uhura in Enterprise Outfit (5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insiginia, and T2 Transporter playset piece

If any figure deserves a 6 stars), it is Uhura. The likeness is incredible and almost photorealistic. This action figure provides a detailed version of Zoe Saldana’s character, including eyeliner, and is the best figure in the line. That is nice considering that in previous Star Trek lines, the Uhura character is often ignored or the likenesses are not very good. Here, Uhura gets the respect she should.

The Transporter T2 accessory links with those from Nero and Original Spock and then attaches to the playset.

Playmates Galaxy Series Uhura with stand and accessories

The Uhura likeness is especially good

Scotty in Enterprise Outfit (4.75 stars)
Includes Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, and B11 Bridge chair and console

There are two different facial gesture sculpts and paintings available for the Scotty figure depending on whether you get the figure on its own, or if it is the toy included with the Transporter playset. One has a grin and the other is a more neutral face. The likeness of Simon Pegg is good although the wildly varying colorizations between the two versions of the figure are disconcerting. It would also have been nice if Scotty included some of his tools or technology. However, this is a very fun figure for what looks like a very fun character. We hope that Playmates Toys is considering a version of Scotty in his Delta Vega clothes because that we would like that. "It’s exciting!"

Playmates Galaxy Series Scotty with stand and accessories

Chekov in Cadet Outfit (5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Gold Delta Insignia, Data Tablet, and B13 Bridge chair and console

A wery vell done figure, Cadet Chekov features an excellent likeness of Anton Yelchin’s character. The hair is especially nicely rendered as are the facial features. Like McCoy, the action figure includes an extra item, the Data Tablet.

Playmates Galaxy Series Chekov with stand and accessories

Sulu in Enterprise Outfit (5 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, B4 (not that B4!) Bridge chair and console

Sulu, like Uhura, is given the royal treatment with an excellent likeness of John Cho. The figure includes a good sculpt and facial features. The Playmates Toys line should be noted for the painting of the action figures’ eyes, too. They are incredibly detailed, as is noticeable with Sulu. We hope to see a Sulu in his mining rig battle outfit in a future wave which would be the coolest Sulu figure ever.

Playmates Galaxy Series Sulu with stand and accessories

Pike in Enterprise Outfit (4.25 stars)
Includes: Phaser, Utility Belt, Delta Insignia, and B2 Bridge chair and console

This figure dares you to do better! There is a portion problem with this figure similar to Kirk in that the chest is tad big, but the likeness of Bruce Greenwood is perfect. It is fun to have an action figure of Pike in the yellow shirt and it is nice to see his character included in the first wave because of his importance in the film.

Playmates Galaxy Series Pike with stand and accessories

Original Spock (4.5 stars)
Includes: regular Vulcan hand, Starfleet emblem display stand, and T4 Transporter playset piece

It is wonderful to have a new version of Leonard Nimoy and this figure has a very good likeness of his character as he appears in ST09. The only disappointment is that the figure doesn’t include more accessories (unless Spock never uses any items in the film?). However, the stand that is included is perfect and it would have been nice if all the delta insignia stands would be replaced with this style.

Playmates Galaxy Series Chekov with stand and accessories

Nero (4.9 stars)
Includes: Romulan Disruptor, Teral’n staff, Starfleet emblem display stand, and T3 Transporter playset piece

This is an excellent figure with nice tattoo detailing and a good likeness. It also provides one of the first looks at the back of Nero, including his head tattoos and outfit. His scepter which has been an icon since the trailer is named here the Teral’n. The texture of the action figure’s outfit is also nicely presented and bends, allowing the action figure to be used for what it was designed for: play. The only improvement would have been to Nero-fy the display stand. Otherwise, and excellent figure to help challenge our heroes.

Playmates Galaxy Series Nero with stand and accessories

Detail on the back of Nero

The Accessories (4.5 stars)
Each figure includes accessories, and instead of giving everyone the same items, the Galaxy line customizes when necessary. The character with the most (and perhaps coolest) accessories is McCoy. What is nice is that the Bridge or Transporter playset pieces included work well on their own as accessories even if a fan isn’t thinking of buying the playsets. You could sit Kirk at the chair and console included with his figure as its own toy.

The phasers and utility belts that some figures include are especially nice in detail. Unlike some toy lines, the Playmates Toys action figures are appropriately designed so that items stay in character’s hands. Also, for those who enjoy "toy spoilers" we get a good look at Nero’s items that he uses in the film with this line. Each figure also comes with a Delta shield insignia which can be used as a stand or worn for role playing fun. What is nice about them is that the "Cadet outfit" figures have a gold insignia based on those worn on the collar and the "Enterprise outfit" figures have a gray insignia and the contrast does look nice on the shelf.

The 3.75 line from Playmates Toys is in the same league of quality as Hasbro’s Star Wars line, and it didn’t take Playmates Toys a decade to get there. While the Kirk likeness needs some work, it is amazing the amount of detail that is included in these figures. A test of the quality of the line is how long it has interest for play. The variety of figures and the accessories included were enjoyed by our son. That could be an indication that this is a line to enjoy. Playmates Toys promises another wave of 3.75" action figures soon this summer and autumn and they are welcomed.


Playmates Galaxy Series goes on sale this Sunday. They will be available at Toys R Us, Wal-mart and Target as well as other retailer. If you want to save a trip to the store, or guarantee you can get all of them, you can pre-order:

NOTE: Some Toys R Us stores have broken the embargo release and started to sell some Star Trek Playmates toys early.

Next up: Playsets
Tomorrow we will have an article (with video) on the new Star Trek bridge and transporter playsets, sized for the 3.75" figures


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Ah finally, I’ve been waiting to pick some of these up. Mostly, I want the Enterprise for the sole purpose of putting it on display in my room, provided that it looks good.

Gonna try to get them all!

That second Chekov looks really old, man :)

Toys R Us has had Star Trek toys the past few days. I picked up the Enterprise on Saturday, and I have it sitting on my desk right now.

That’s a hell of a cleavage on Uhura. Starfleet must promote the development of incredibly muscular boobage.

John- “This Kirk is also available with the transporter playset, although that doesn’t include all the accessories.”

I think that’s Bridge Set John.

That looks really cool. :3


That photo of the Nero figure from behind reminds me too much of that atrocious NEMESIS teaser poster. Oh, the pain…!

And is Chekov already being attacked by the Ceti Alpha ear slugs in that top photo? Looks like he’s having an attack in that chair of his!

#8. SPB: “That photo of the Nero figure from behind reminds me too much of that atrocious NEMESIS teaser poster. Oh, the pain…!”

At least Kirk and Spock’s heads aren’t peaking through a cloud.

Which part(s) of the Uhura likeness is ‘good’ exactly?

Wow Kirk has long skinny legs and a wide body.

Will there be any other villians ? How about the ice monster, what is that anyway? Anyone know ?

@11. Stan Winstone: “Which part(s) of the Uhura likeness is ‘good’ exactly?”

Uh, the fact that she’s the ONLY female character in an almost all male group of characters.

For fans in Vancouver, BC. I called around to the Toys R Us’ in town and abroad. They all mention that they will be getting figures in about this time NEXT month. So, we are kinda stuck for now.

I think that it’s fantastic that the helm console includes the bar-code scanners. I think Chekhov got hit in the eye by one of the lasers from one and is having a seizure.

All hail toy accuracy!

my TRU has their stuff out early, 6 inchers are pretty nice.
read a slightly different review over at Michael’s reviews of the week,

Do I understand that I get a Kirk with the bridge, but still have to buy the individually packaged Kirk to complete the bridge playset? I am a bit concerned with the hip articulation on these, and kind of wish they were a bit more like the GI Joes or the Hasbro Marvel figures, but they do look better than Mattel’s DC Infinite Heroes articulation, and more playability than the Indiana Jones line.


Let’s just hope that the villain in the next movie won’t be bald. Two in a row is good enough (no offense to bald people either)! ;D

Great to see new details on Nero! :D

I saw Uhura and Spock dolls at either KMart or Wal-Mart this weekend. They were something like $60.00. I’m sure those are going to be rolling off the shelves in this economy.

These are pretty cool I bought a few over the weekend. My only hope is that one of these days we can get 3 3/4″ figures and playsets from all the other shows too! These figures definately have me nostalgiac for Playmates and Galoobs old lines!

“Facial gesture?” Maybe if your face happened to be on your arms and / or hands, which are what you use to gesture.

I think you mean “facial expression.” :)

They had the new figures out in Ontario, Canada at TRU – I picked up Classic Spock (3.75″ & 6″) – The Galaxy figures didn’t come with any accessories other than “Bonus Stand” – This really sucks up here in Canada, with our dollar being much lower, to order the US Galaxy figs for the completed playset parts. The likeness of Spock is great, but sadly, the 6″ Spock is noticeably disproportionate when compared to the 7″ Trek figs from AA.

My 6 year old daugher, starfleetkid, will love these!
She got some Mego fiures from the Easter Bunny. :-)

I think they must have lifted the release date. Wal-Mart is selling these now too. I got all the 3.75” figures, some 6” and the Enterprise.


Wal-marts around here have the 3.75″ figs, the 6″ figs and the Enterprise in stock as of Saturday. I picked up the small Spock and Kirk, typical playmtes quality (c-). As for the Enterprise, playmates could really take some advise from Diamond Select. This line is really bad. Waiting to see what the Phaser, communicator and Tricorder are like. Very dissapointed!!

“The Bridge includes Kirk (which is the same as the individually available figure) and the Transporter includes Scotty (there is a significant difference in facial gestures between the playset Scotty and the individually available version which we will discuss).”

“Facial gestures”?

anyone see these out in the UK yet?????? i sooooo want them all including the ship, communicator and Phaser.

I want to know, why are there two colors of chairs? And which figure comes with which color chair? Are they supposed to be arranged in some kinda outerspace feng shui pattern that is explained in one of the toys?

‘Playmates Galaxy Series Chekov with stand and accessories’

FUMBLE!!!! LOL :-)

Hey, it’s Monday evening, which I always designate for the ceremonial Picking of the Nit. >;-)

Dang! I just came back From Wal Mart AND Fred Meyer, and they didnt have ANYHTING yet. Well at least i got mine pre ordered from New Force Comics, so it should be on its way when it gets there.

Praise be Playmates for finally dignifying one of its female action figures with a phaser on the first try.

I wont pick up all of these, but I will definately get the younger Spock. After seeing the pictures here I might get the elderly Spock and Nero figures as well.

The accessories look cool, and it’s a nice extra. I do wish though that Spock came with a tricorder, and that elderly Spock had some sort of items. Oh well, time to get creative and customize!

Any idea what the international release plan for the toys is? Say, for example, in Ireland? (Europe)

I’ll definately get the younger Spock, and after seeing the pictures here I might get elderly Spock and Nero as well.
I probably won’t pick up the others.

The accessories are cool, and they’re a great bonus. I do wish though that Spock came with a tricorder, and that elderly Spock had some sort of smaller gizmos. Time to customize!

So far no Canadian Retailers have advertised or even hinted at carrying the PlayMates Toys lineup. I just want to get my hands on a model of the Enterprise, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.

So they didn’t get Chekov’s age right after all. He looks at least 70!

My local Walmart had the 3.75″ and 6″ series out on an endcap today.

I couldn’t resist getting some of each.

I am underwhelmed.

I got the Enterprise tonight, and by no means is it a Diamond Select piece, But I was impressed with the detail that Playmates applied to this unit. It looks very good and Playmates did away with the sticker decals which is a big deal. All the ships of my youth had crooked stickers. The packaging was not bad either. The coolest thing about it is that I can finally understand the shape and detailing of the new Enterprise!


I agree with you on that one. I don’t think most of these figures are up to snuff. I still think Playmates’ “First Contact” line was the best. I look back on getting the entire crew (and the Borg sphere) for Christmas and I still smile…even though I don’t have them anymore. :(

Yeah, the 3.75’s aren’t doing a lot for me. Some are sort of OK, and some are terrible. Although I’m not an action figure guy. Time for a real review of the Enterprise. Should I get one, as I am a ship freak, or should I wait until someone inevitably makes a better one? A model, perhaps.

Oh and a Landing Party gear review would be nice too, John.

I have to say I LOVE this line. I think the quality of them and likenesses are excellent.

I just picked up my Enterprise and what is a complete set of Galaxy figures that are currently released. I just can’t wait to find a bridge and transporter playset.

They are cool but I think I will be sticking with DST.

DST’s new Gowron figure is excellent

Whooohooo! My wife went to Wal-Mart on an errand and got me all of the galaxy set and a ship! wooohooo! the ship is cool- sturdy and detailed, but boy are those sound effects/voices loud! I was trying them out while my wife was napping and she woke up.

“Let’s just hope that the villain in the next movie won’t be bald. Two in a row is good enough (no offense to bald people either)! ;D”

I think the goal of this movie may be to show the director of Nemesis that they can use the same themes: bald ‘Romulan’ arch enemy, duplicate emotionless characters, hideous-looking Enterprise (oh I’m going overboard with that one), combine them with the themes of First Contact: time travel & borg technology (oops, that’s a spoiler), and produce an awesome movie.

…That I won’t be seeing because I don’t want to give Chris Pine money for what he’s doing to that poor girl in green paint. Smut is free on the internet, don’t put it in Star Trek!

48. Valar1: You are a very lucky lucky man. :)