VIDEO of Entertainment Tonight Star Trek Exclusive

As promised, Friday night’s broadcast of Entertainment Tonight included an exclusive sneak peek at the new Star Trek. The segment had about two minutes of footage, including interviews, some behind-the-scenes shots and some new footage from the film. Check it out below. [SPOILERS]



ET Exclusive look at "Star Trek"


Star Trek and Entertainment Tonight – a tradition
Entertainment Tonight is currently produced by CBS Paramount Television and for the history of the film franchise was part of the Paramount family. And so it is no surprise that ET has run many ‘exclusive sneak peeks’ at past Trek films (and TV series). Here are a couple of ‘classic’ ET/Star Trek clips.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

Also from 1986 – ET Star Trek 20th Anniversary: Part 1 & Part 2


Thanks to our friend Kelvington for the new ET clip


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Dang, that Mary Hart is a freakin android. She looks the same, still has that cheezy charm and that same smarmy smile.

It begins



dang it!

Nice spoiler there at the end of the video. Way to go ET.

QUinto? or Keento?

Love the old clips

“A quarter every hour for me in the meter”…. Damn not any more in this city!

It looks like Nero was mad at Captain Robau for telling him what day it was, lol.

Robau: “Hey man, it’s only Tuesday.”

Nero: “NNOOOOOO!!!” [then proceeds to kill him]

Star Trek isnt the only thing with awesome effects. They need to do the same for Mary Hart to keep her looking like that with that fake smile

Lame end for badass Robau.

ST:TFB is going to be sweet,,,

Im STILL Spoiler free,,,!!!

( only the true fans are )


Dangit, Picard’s Barber, now that’s all I’m going to think about during that scene!

Poor Robau. In the very first interviews they said he was a heroic Captain. He doesn’t look that way here.

Was that Hell Boy sidled up to the bar next to Kirk?

still think the clip was too quick. I CANT WAIT ANYMORE!

This year was just flying by..THEN ..april came
and now its dragging.

Hmmmm….how spoilery are we talking about here? I’d hate to blow it now, this close to the end…

So the ET video is basically a “do you have a shot with these hot male celebs” segment… why else would they put up the dude’s age, hometown, and relationship status.

On the plus side I totally rememeber the ST:VI exclusive and being anxiously excited to see it. 1991 was such a good year for Trek: the 25th anniversary celebration, TNG – Unification 2 parter, and The Undiscovered Country :D

On his website Zachary pronounces Quinto the way an English speaking person would with a Q sound not a K sound. I am shocked that the “reporters” on Entertainment Tonight didn’t do even the most basic research. I happened to catch that episode and most of it was devoted to Twilight so I guess that says it all about who they think their audience is.


No, Robau made the deadly mistake of telling Nero that he had a case of the Mondays. :O

sucks to be Robau

The sad thing is, ET used to be an actual entertainment news reporting program.
Since then they’ve really degraded into a “where are they now” for the D list of former entertainers kinda show.
For about 15 years now all they’ve done is report what Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith are up to. ( They are still doing, “Our exclusive interview with Anna Nicole’s dog walker!” type stories on a daily basis. Sad.)

Sorry ladies! Mr. Spock’s less than married but more than betrothed!

What was so “Exclusive” about that?? It was more lame than exclusive. Entertainment Tonight sucks!! Boooo on them!

Again. Why didnt Robau prepare to get out of the way of Neros lance as he charged him?

The fact that the new ET clip about the new film was short and didn’t mention the other series’ bothers me

1:48 “You can check out the hunks of Star Trek when it flies in theaters May 8th!”

This sounds like the movie is going to crash into my theater. Will I have to step over the hunks of Star Trek to get to my seat?

I wish the Canadian theaters would have online tickets to purchase! None of our theaters have tickets for this yet.

Just watched Simon Pegg on Johnathan Ross last night. He had some nice stories about working with the cast and especially Nimoy. Speaking of which, does anyone know how much screentime Nimoy has because he does not feature heavily in the advertising.

I hate American TV. So over the top and camp. I look forward to Film 2009.

They should have used that trailer music in the film.. It blows everything we have heard of the real score out of the water!

Oh I have loads of video during the time of Trek’s 25th celebration.

ET, Showbiz Today (NOT that abortion titled Showbiz Tonight w/BJ Hummer!) lots of ST VI promotion too!


Just got my ticket for 7pm on the 7th, love how they’ve pretty much moved it up a day. But yeah, that ET clip was kinda cool, but shoulda had way more. Its gonna be interesting to see where this takes the franchise, but I do think it’ll draw a lot more people in.


Looking at the old clips from ET against the latest, sure does look as if it has gone way downhill in it’s interesting content category. Or is this more evidence that the perception of people today generally having shorter attention spans and only being interested in meaningless trivia is actually true?

Sorry, forget what I was talking about, I saw something shiny…. :)

What’s unsaid is that Entertainment Tonight and other “entertainment” shows have ignored Trek in recent years until its nouveau popularity. Gee whiz, Star Trek might be a blockbuster…let’s cover it since our show is owned by our company CBS/Paramount. Same limited mentality focuses on American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, The Biggest Losers, The Celebrity Apprentice, The Bachelor, and other crap.
As I’ve mentioned before, E.T. selectively ignores genre coverage of singificant stories such as the passing of legends like Jonathan Harris or Patrick McGoohan.
Mark Steines’ adoration of Cher is enough to make me hurl.
E.T.’s fixation on Julianne Hough is a joke. Give her pointed ears and I might take notice.

“What’s unsaid is that Entertainment Tonight and other “entertainment” shows have ignored Trek in recent years until its nouveau popularity. Gee whiz, Star Trek might be a blockbuster…let’s cover it since our show is owned by our company CBS/Paramount.”

Actually this is not entirely true. I remembered they featured Nemesis (they had the broadcast debut of its trailer) and some other news items. I seem to even remember some ET pieces from First Contact when I was young! I *think* they covered the red carpet. Also ET (at least I’m sure it was ET) went to the set of “Enterprise” a few times and did short pieces with the actors. In fact, I remember one or two of the reporters got to be extras on the show as aliens.

#26 – “Again. Why didnt Robau prepare to get out of the way of Neros lance as he charged him?”

Didn’t you see his face? He said “Bring it on, biotch”

Yeah, Captain Robau is just THAT badass.

I don’t think that Capt. Robau dies by Nero’s hand. I think that Robau blocks Nero’s attack with such force that he creates his own time rift and is transported to the future thus living out the rest of his bad-ass existence in an alternate future timeline. =) Sounds feasible, right?

My fav ET clip is Star Trek II

I couldn’t watch the clip because for some mysterious reason I started having seizures as soon as it started. I wonder why?

Seinfeld Reference

Man, I even REMEMBER seeing the ET “TREK II” clip for the first time back in 1981!

Oh ET…. I remember when you were Entertainment journalism, not tabloid television. Glad I didn’t cancel dinner plans to see 10.546 seconds of new footage. That said, i did DVR the spot and in Maine at least they listed Chris Pine as single. I thought it odd that Pine and Keento were both single. Worried me after all this bromance stuff I keep reading about.

Its clear that Paramount wants this to be a “more than fans” event… not ONCE did ET use the term “Trekkie”.

And like Kramer on “Seinfeld”, the sound of Mary Hart’s voice sends me into convulsions.

That new (at least for me) scene in the bar – the alien between Kirk and Uhura… is that the same kind of alien that Morn was from Deep Space Nine? Kinda looks like it a little.

Mary Hart – it’s QUINTO rhymes with PINTO, moron….
Unless you want us to start calling you Mary Fart….
She can’t pronounce half of the Stars names properly….
WE, know how, because it’s Star TREK, not Star TRACK….

– W –
* As fans we learn this stuff early on *

Anyone recall back when ET first started way back when (when it was actually a worthwhile show to watch) the 1701 from TMP was a part of the opening montage?


”don’t you want to know my name before you completely reject me ? ”

”i’m fine without it ”

lol, that was hilarious.

emm, seriously wheres the rest of it haha, oh well, not even two weeks left!! ahhhh

// I thought it odd that Pine and Keento were both single. Worried me after all this bromance stuff I keep reading about. //

This is very innnnnteresting….

ummm! Chris is single…..Hollywood loves to bring up gosip about stars and chris happened to get caught up in it! I have a friend who works at paramount and knows a few of the stars of trek .