New Images From Star Trek – Including Behind The Scenes

Over the weekend Paramount released their electronic press kit for Star Trek and today they released even more. Most of it we have seen before, but there are a few new photos plus some behind the scenes. Check them out below.



New images
Most of the images from the press kit are things we have seen before, but here are a few that are new, including a couple of behind the scenes shots.

Click images to enlarge

Pike boarding shuttle headed to Starfleet Academy

Chekov at his console on the USS Enterprise

Uhura meets Kirk in a bar in Iowa

Spock during Starfleet Academy hearing

JJ Abrams with Anton Yelchin and John Cho in the set of the Enterprise bridge

JJ Abrams with Zoe Saldana on SFA bridge simulator set

Behind the scenes video
Speaking of behind the scenes, over the weekend this behind the scenes clip was made available, here it is again if you missed.


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First! Seeing it tonight

Nice pics.

On Friday, May 8, 2009, a group of us (fans and newbies) is going to see the it at the Edwards Marq*e IMAX, 7620 Katy Freeway, HOUSTON, TX (the 9:55 p.m. show on IMAX). You’re welcome to joins us.

I’ll have “Trekmovie: Houston Chapter” sign or something to help you find our group. You can contact me through my website.

I like the perspective the behind-the-scenes shots provide…

Good LORD that pic of Quinto as Spock is SMOKIN’.

bump~ six on da screen.. just wanna say cant wait for the movie but just a note to PARAMOUNT. The Promotion of the movie in MALAYSIA IS CRAP!!!!!!

Where can I get a Bad Robot cap like JJ’s wearing?

@5 SaphronGirl

Love that behind-the-scenes photo of most of the cast on the bridge.

Gawd, that bridge is ugly. Every time I look I see MORE stupid barcode scanners and bad store bought props.

Quinto does look great as Spock.

I’ve got my IMAX tix. $75 for a family of four (not including popcorn!). Ouch.

@ 6 – It wasn’t great in the UK till recently! I went to see wolverine yesterday (it is rubbish, btw, but I missed my press screening so had to pay) and there was still no Star Trek trailer! Although during sex with my Misses yesterday one came on, didnt stop, obviously, but I noticed it! Was a shorter version of version three trailer (the one with the decent music)

I am buzzed, can’t wait! Pike is my favourite, and McCoy, well to be honest I think they’re all well cast, definetly starting the I Wish Cpt. Pike Was My Dad club…anyone else want to joing IWCPWMD?

I can see they really didn’t change the console chairs much.


11. – during sex with my Misses yesterday – lol brilliant – engage!

When are we going to get some ‘Making of’ books? Those are always my favorites.

Must disagree – that bridge gets more and more beautiful every time I see it! And just look at all the COLOR ;)

Greenwood simply has “Starship Captain” written all over him.

You can never re do a classic… boldy go where no one has gone before….wish paramount would get the message…..


Lol, what kinds of stores are YOU going to? I can understand not liking this particular design, but it’s still a pretty damn expensive and sophisticated looking bridge.

Barcode scanners or no.

I love the bridge image, just look how Anton is looking straight into the cam, he seems a bit confused (“What is this guy doing there?”)

He looks like Chekov in that pic :D

The question is not will I see Star Trek, it’s how many times will I see Star Trek?

And #13… seriously?

Neat how they installed “Lens Flare Generator Lights” on the bridges pointed directly at the actor’s eyes facing the consoles. Useless except for blinding the crewperson and making the screen flash dramatically.

Note how on the still of JJ directing on the bridge, Pine is leaning on a piece of wood. Another reason to have more bridge railings like TOS. I miss that the most from this new design. They seem to have replaced them with the rectangular glass panels everywhere. Bets are, somebody is gonna go through one of them at some point…

Love the expression on Zoe in the KM photo.

Question: Got a Med. drink at BK today, and they gave it to me in a Trek paper cup. On it, the Enterprise had Red collectors, not Blue…VERY NICE photo angle for a change.

Maybe it is a warp travel thing?

These pics are great, but I really would like to see a pic of Pine wearing the gold uniform and a group shot.

The more I see him, the more I think Pike looks like Burt Rutan (big name in aviation). Let the ‘burns go for awhile and he’d be a spitting image!

Wow, even the behind the scenes pics have lens flares.



Heading out the door for Mann’s Chinese right now! Should be fun! Most of my reservations were reflected in Mark Altman’s review and with that being said I’m looking forward to seeing this….:) Maybe afterwards I will change my name to ‘The Happy Klingon”.

I’m digging this a lot. Oh man. Thanks for the BTS photos!

# 10

If you hate the look of the sets so much, why are you seeing this movie? Let alone paying $75 to do so?

Sounds to me that the “store bought props” aren’t the example of stupidity here…

I’m starting to get used to the bridge set. Except for the barcode scanners.

27 — LOL, so true… I wish JJ wasn’t quite so in love with lens flares.

now im no fan of JJ’s and i havent watched any intv or what not with him. so maybe some one else knows more then me on this. but after watching it once. maybe it was me but did he use the term “ya know” a little too often.

also on the bridge dissc. im no fan.

#17 Greenwood simply has “Starship Captain” written all over him.
You are correct. He does look like a Capt and even has a bit of resemblence to the late Jeffery Hunter. He should be a great Capt Pike ahnd i can’t wait to see him or if they do him in the power wheel chair.

Bridge is alot bigger than the originals looks very deep

hey what gives?
wheres the lost trailer thread?
were not done yet

i can understand the removal of the viedo but at least keep the thread open. lock out /remove the link as well as the poor quality link that was posted.
But keep the thread going.
what gives?

What! You mean this ISN’T REAL?


Say it ain’t so!

I would have enjoyed seeing a gorn slowly meander by during the outdoor scene. ARGHTHHHHHH


Agreed, I’m going to base my opinion on his abilities as a director on the number of times he says “ya know.” Finally, we’ve found a true litmus test concerning his competency in helming Star Trek.

That it no more star Trek for me. Yep I’m one of those.

is that like or a dsslike?

as to the issue of size. It’a a movie ver as opposed what a tv show has to work with. I would have made it bigger, maybe 10% or whatever. not too larger that it bevomes a problem. but barely larger than you could tell. thers only so much im sure that you could do with cameras and lenses.

JJ looks, in that BTS shot on the bridge set, a little like he’s posing for the Zephram Cochrane statue.



The SFA uniforms are pretty sweet!!

3. The Original Spock’s Brain

H-Town Holla!!

I will also be watching the movie at the Marq*e IMAX. However, we have plans to go to the early screening Thursday night. Why aren’t you going then? Hope y’all have fun.

theres gotta be a pirated version out somewhere!!

Good stuff. Behind the scenes stuff would be nicer on the DVD release when that comes. Keep it coming!

Zoe is just beautiful…..


So Anthony, I see that the Lost thread is gone. But what about the link to the rest of the clips in one place? Where do I find that?

So where did the story about the movie preview on ‘Lost’ go?