TrekMovie Hollywood Premiere Video Interviews w/ Trek Celebs (Past & Present)

On Friday we had all the pics of the Star Trek stars at the Hollywood premiere of the new Star Trek movie, and now better late than never we have the TrekMovie black carpet interviews and snippets from 12 Trek celebrities past and present videos, including Simon Pegg, Damon Lindelof, Bob Orci, George Take, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis .


For the Hollywood premiere the black carpet was much like an airplane. There was a first class section behind the photo wall with little studios set up for the stars to talk to the big networks (E!, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Insider, etc) and then the coach section for the rest of us (myself included). But us folks in coach got some time with a few Trek stars past and present. I have split the video into two parts, with the ‘classic’ Trek people in one and cast and crew from the new Star Trek movie in the second.

New "Star Trek" Stars chat with TrekMovie
For the most part the Supreme Court and main stars of the Star Trek movie stayed in the sectioned off makeshift TV studio, but a couple of that group swung by ‘coach’ to say. Plus I got to chat to a few other members of the cast who stopped and answered some questions.

Video highlights:

  • Simon Pegg (Scotty) about working with Chris Doohan and his thoughts on using industrial locations for Engineering on the Enterprise
  • Greg Ellis (Olsen) on wearing a red shirt, comparisons with working on Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean and doing wire work
  • Ben Cross (Sarek) was very jocular and we talked about his prep work for Trek and what he would like in a sequel
  • Faran Tahir (Robau) talked about the toughness of Robau, the Robau internet phenomenon, and how he as a Trek fan views the film. (we also talked off camera about mutual friends back at college)
  • With Clifton Collins (Ayel) I have a long interview with him coming up (including discovering we went to the same High School a few years apart), so I just asked him to show off some of his Romulan skills
  • Damon Lindelof, who I recently recorded an commentary track with for the upcoming TNG movies Blu-ray release, stopped for a couple of questions: one on the difference between time travel in Star Trek and Lost and one on the Star Trek sequel
  • As time was running out, Bob Orci stopped to give a message to the TrekMovie community

TNG/TOS Stars drop by
There were also a few stars from Trek past on hand to see the new Star Trek film.

Highlights of the TrekMovie black carpet video:

  • Walter Koenig (TOS – Chekov) about seeing a new Chekov and meeting with Anton Yelchin
  • Marina Sirtis (TNG – Troi) and Jonathan Frakes (TNG – Riker) on not being in the movie and Sirtis says the TNG cast is "done" but they speculate on who should play the young versions of their characters (picking Zac Efron for Riker and Vanessa Hudgens for Troi).
  • Rod Roddenberry on his thoughts on the new movie and his mother’s final work as the computer voice
  • George Takei on the difference between premieres and John Cho’s Sulu
  • William Shatner was not there, but Kevin Pollack dropped by to sub for him


More photos
On Friday we showed off the great photos from our friend Al Ortega, who was in the main photographer area. But here are my not so great photos, from the press interview.


Thanks to Paul Camuso of ShatnerVision for video assistance (although all the bad camerawork was my own doing). Also thanks to my red carpet buddy Staci Layne Wilson of SciFi Wire, for sharing celebs and questions and answers.

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Everybody likes it?? Good!!

can’t wait for the movie 3 days and counting

LOL First pic is of somebody’s dress falling off… That’s totally bra. LOL

George and his husband read all! Cool!

I love Frakes “No, were not done!” But no young TNG crew please, though it would be awesome to see what JJ could do with the crew of the 1701-E…and Titan.

I am happy to see all those Trek luminaries, past and present, turned out for this event. Can’t wait for this week.

My party starts with Cinco de Mayo and doesn’t stop till after I see this movie. Oh yeah.

Bring it on.

Great interviews A.P.!

On Friday, May 8, 2009, a group of us (fans and newbies) is going to see the it at the Edwards Marq*e IMAX, 7620 Katy Freeway, HOUSTON, TX (the 9:55 p.m. show on IMAX). You’re welcome to joins us.

I’ll have “Trekmovie: Houston Chapter” sign or something to help you find our group. You can contact me through my website.

Id love to know what frakes thought of the movie anyone know if he has said anything about the movie yet

And shout out to Orci too!

And thank you BobOrci for listening/putting up with us!

The Trekmovie props were awesome. I know George Takei is gay but does he have any kids? (i realize i can answer that with a google, but it’s relevant to my point) Dude comes across like he would be an amazing father. The way he talked about Cho was pretty awesome you could see an awesome twinkle in his eye.

Also, I’m not 100% certain but I think I would be willing to do hard drugs with Anton Yelchin. ( I don’t do hard drugs but he does have a “johnny depp in blow” look to him)

Takei reads every word of DAMN!! Now I’m trying to remember anything I ever wrote about him!!

“I’ll never do time travel again”
Great Job, Anthony.


We believe you! Thanks for listening.

Anthony. We say it a million times, but thanks for getting it all together.

I think it’s pretty unprecedented for fans and writers to have such close quarters. Bob is a Trekker, and he’s immersed in the fandom by visiting your site, lurking and commenting.

We’re not a focus group, it seems, but a sounding board for Mr. Orci. I think it’s unprecedented. A great thing.

Now let’s go make some cash and start talking sequel!


Oh, boy, a paycheque!!!

Nah, screw the paycheque…….I’ll settle for a cameo in the sequel!!

A really small, petty, little cameo………PUH-LEASE!!! Two seconds on screen, tops!

I photograph well………..(whimper)……

I’m still bummed that Zoe Saldana didn’t make the Australian premier.

JJ’s gonna be on Colbert Report Monday night… should be cool!! =)

Pine is gonna be on Letterman on Tue!

Read the full interview with Takei, and once again he as to bash Shatner.

I honestly get tired of reading interviews with him. Its been 40+ years…get over it already.

LOL! Like Jonathan Frakes idea of “re-imagining” TNG with a younger cast. But it already showed that crew getting together on “Encounter at Farpoint” the TNG pilot.

Already got my ticket to see this new movie Thursday at 7pm MST.

@18 I think you would be an excellent Tribble in the next Movie ;)

I am hoping this does well and that we get a Squeal and hey I am up for a TNG re-imaging or a Titan Movie! But first I like to see a Squeal to this movie, and see where it goes! A new TV show would be cool too! George is a great guy and I like that he reads this site hope he post on the boards sometimes and Mr. Orci please Consult with us again on the Squeal we like the work you do for us!

22, we don’t know what else is going on between the two of them. As a result, it would be best not to pick sides.

I’m impressed to hear people say they come to and read the articles and what Trekkies have to say. That’s awesome!

Great job, Anthony and the excellent staff of and keep up the great work.

I’m excited about this movie and May 8th can’t get here soon enough! (Yes, I know that technically it comes out May 7th but I won’t be able to see it until the 8th).

16, I completely agree. Such communication between producers/writers and fans is incredibly rare. It’s nice to see.

The New Gen of TNG could be done in the Universe that this Movie creates and doesn’t have to follow ‘Encountar at far ponit’ Even though it will be cool to see who they cast as the crew and Q and I hope Q would be in the new TNG re-imaging!

Mr. Takei reads

George, three things –

– Always impressed with your dignity and class
– Great job on the New Voyages fan created episode

– I understand a scene was filmed showing you getting promoted to captain, but it didn’t make it into a previous movie. I wish that somehow it could make its way to a CD. That would be very cool to see.

Your really embody the values of Star Trek.
Best wishes.

this is from trekbbs and made me lolz:

Captain Robau once shot down a Romulan Bird of Prey with his finger by yelling “PEWPEW”.

i love it.

Marina Sirtis is such a milf!

oh, if you’re reading this, george:

i loved you in the Futurama episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before… its my favorite episode.

Cant believe that Jeremy Clarkson (british trekkies only) got to go to the premier and not me! anger!

Looks like a … very very noisy time was had by all on the red carpet. I’m impressed not only by the fun of seeing these people, but also by their hearing, which must be very acute to field questions over that din :)

Like many others, glad to know Altman & Takei are reading. George, your blend of dignity and wit is a lifelong inspiration (but so far I’ve only managed wit) … and Brad, take good care of that guy for us; we love him too.

And what #30 said.

NOOOOOOo no young take on the TNG crew.

lol @ Kevin Pollack

ok who ever did the filming of these interviews needs to seriously learn how to handle a camera! I love seeing the older cast making excellent comments on the actors in this film! I personaly think that this ovie is going to be a huge hit and will bring many fans back to the trek table sort of speaking!

Great stuff. And nice to get that nod from Mr. Orci. Especially for Anthony!


I vote for Michael Rosenbaum as the new Picard when TNG gets recasted. I mean come on it’s a no brainer, he’s perfect for the job. :-P


Anyway, great interviews here. :)


I’m going to have to agree there. WTF is going on with the camera?!

Did I hear Marina Sirtis say ‘Everyone thinks I’m an Aussie’ LOL I was in New York last week and everyone thought we were Australian

Not that that’s a bad comparison.

Mr. Takei: I love you, man!

Thank you for being such a positive role model for sexual diversity. Here’s hoping they have a strong gay or bisexual character in the next movie!

I laughed my arse off with the Zac Efron comment

I think they should’ve just brought along a second person so the one dude wouldn’t have to divide his concentration between interviewing stars and holding the camera steady. :) Wonderful to hear the glowing comments from all those people, though!

Looking forward to Thursday night……That’s when I get to finally see this thing!

Look- I’m neither neurotic nor squeamish, but that Burger King guy as a Klingon with that smile is going to give me nightmares. Creepy.

Anthony, I am not about to complain about the camera work. I’m a professional and am volunteering to be your videographer at the next available opportunity, maybe the premieres of the sequel. ;-)

But seriously, I would in a Binar heartbeat!

No shatner? gee thats a surprise.

Whats that u said about TNG Blueray’s?

Great interviews, nice to see Sirtis (Troi was my Favourite character growing up).
Anthony thank you so much for putting this together, I know you hear this all the time on here, but it has been such a great experience following everything on TREKMOVIE. Never has a film had such a great dedicated site, the years have gone by a little faster thanks to you, and your contributers.
And now, i’m hoping that the movie is as exciting as I think it will be.

Thanks Anthony, you are a legend!

Simon and Bob rule!!!