New Star Trek Ice Planet Clip (Officially) Online + Paramount LA Premiere Video

Last week viewers of Lost (co-created by Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof) were treated to an exclusive NEW clip from the Star Trek movie. We put it up, but it was removed due to copyright claim, however today Paramount has officially made the clip available. Check it out below, plus Paramount’s official video from the LA premiere. [note that the clip below is a spoiler]


CLIP: Ice Planet

All the clips in one place
TrekMovie has uploaded the Ice Planet clip and all the previously released clips on one convenient page (and we put them in the order they appear in the movie). Check it out here. We will be uploading all the trailers and commercials and more media from the electronic press kit later on.


SPOILERS – What is going on?
The Lost clip is from when Kirk is on Delta Vega after Spock has had him ejected from the Enterprise. The first monster that is chasing him is called a ‘polarilla’ which gets eaten by the lobster monster.


LA Premiere Video
Paramount has also released their official video from the Hollywood Premiere last week.

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114th! Oh drat.

Ohhh that’s why i couldn’t find the LOST clip last week.

Neat. I don’t want to see too much more though.

Ok. Enough already. Im seeing to much. I need to hold out for 3 days and 3 hours and 45 minutes. But loved the clip though. So and i mean so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if its like Phantom Menace or not, “always a bigger fish”

It’s pretty dang cool!!!!
Not since the Ceti eels have we seen monsters on Trek!!

I don’t care if it’s like Phantom Menace or not..”always a bigger fish”
It’s dang cool!!!
Not since Ceti eels have we got monsters on Trek..for better or worse…
though I see some Star Wars and Star Troopers as well… whatever though..whatever gets butts in the seats!!!!

Oh, Capt… THERE be monsters here!!

Nero: I been waiting for this day for my whole life
Me: I kno u aint the only. Helmsman set course to may 8th maixuim warp

I stopped watching trailers after the second one. Too much info. I have been rewarded by winning 2 tickets from one Chicago radio station for tonight’s special screening and another two from a different station for tomorrow’s at an IMAX theater. I am blessed!!

What sort of animal is the monster? The polarilla looks like a mammal, but what is the red one?

Is it Thursday Yet!!!!!. So close. Kool Monster scene. Can’t wait to see how that one ends.

9 — I’m not sure that terrestrial biological classifications will really work for life on Delta Vega, but it looks like it has elements of a reptile, an insect, a mammal, and some other funky things.

I’ll just go ahead and call it scary. I think Kirk would agree, based on his reaction…

I hope there’s a whole lot more happening plot-wise than what we’ve seen and glimpsed so far. I mean, I wonder if the big finale is something we’ve already got a look at and are now spoiled?

I’d hate to think that the mine platform fight is the last big scene. There has to be something much bigger and more exciting, I hope.

We’ve seen too much, I’m afraid.

4 – The monsters on Delta Vega remind me of an old Ray Harrihousen classic.

some people ask “why does the monster chase kirk when it already caught food (the first animal)”

to which i suggest: the big monster is yet another alien female which is seduced by kirk and must mate with him.

This Ice-Monster sounds like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park xD

I just want to say thank you one more time to What an incredible job this site has done to keep us fans up to date and in the know.

This is one of the first websites I check each morning while drinking my first cup of coffee.

#14 – perhaps Kirks smells better, with “Tiberius” after shaven ;)

to frederick:

Yes, there are some things bigger and it’s fascination to see the scenes as a whole, not cuttet in little snippets – some things are quite different from what I thought before and some are stunning and shocking in a very emotional way – so “buckle up” ;) …

14. Sci-Fi Bri

I think that’s probably going to be the most plausible answer.

Starship Troopers + Empire Strikes back + Phantom Menace

The music on the clip reminds me of the old scores for TOS!


Tha’ finale of tha’ film includes an all-Mugatu dance number. Here’s a taste, mates:

Now with these new fangled special effects
We actually look feirce with fury and full of furry
No more like an albino Dr. Zaius with defects
Just ta’ see us dance you’ll pray for the film to hurry

We’re the deadly biting unicorns
That you want to see with your popcorn
Who cares at all about old Spock and new Kirk
When the last scene you’ll see is all Mugatus berserk!

Bite! Bite! Deadly bite!
You’ll need a shaky root to make you alright!
What you’ll see at the end is out of sight
You just gotta get past Kirk and Nero’s fight!

Uhhhhhh… mayhaps JJ left that bit on tha’ cuttin’ room floor?

Dunna think I wanna see apes dancin’ their private little warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…


To some, all the cliches may be new – big catches little, dumps that for our hero, hero falls, slick escape, it’s Ray Harryhausen’s monster and Sinbad.

I just bought my tix for Imax! I’m ready for a geektastic weekend!

We are truly a funny lot we Trek and genre fans. First there was kvetching about not enough info or pics or vids or what have you. Now it’s too much. I think the word is persnickety. :)

As for the monster. So we can’t have any monsters anymore? Or a bigger monster killing a smaller monster? It’s not what it is folks, it’s in how you do it. As Driver points out, Harryhausen and O’Brien were doing these things long long before ILM or their ilk did them.

And I loved the ‘alien world’ sound effect. We haven’t had that in Trek in forever. Made me smile.


The way this movie is being marketed by Paramount is, as Spock would say, fascinating. In addition to the ice planet clip above (which looks great) check out this MTV clip (MTV being part of the Viacom family, so Paramount has been using the connection to advertise Trek).

Given that almost 40% of the attendees for Wolverine were women, this appears to be an attempt to reach out to that under 25 year old demographic that, a few weeks ago, Variety reported Star Trek was trailing behind Wolverine in.

Then there is this new review from the Boston Globe. Ty Burr is pretty tough, and I rarely remember reading reviews from him where he raved about movies. But he loves Star Trek, calling it, in his byline, “the best prequel ever.” NOTE: there are spoilers in the review, so don’t read it if you want to remain spoiler free:

Could it be that we might have our first $100 million dollar Star Trek opening weekend?

Is it just me being an old fart or is all that “give us the Vulcan sign, look left, look right, take off the sunglasses” stuff annoying as hell? No wonder some stars dislike the paparazzi so much. Guess I’m not cut out to be a celebrity.

Lobster monster. I know this is Trek and scifi but why would such an awful creature exist?

It’s a Rock Lobster!

Got tixs for Saturday for IMAX, can’t wait.

Thank God that Berman & Moore didn’t make this film – would have been nothing but crap including Will Wheaton cameos – total garbage…..

#27 – Because the Boulder Monster was already signed to a sequel of Galaxy Quest.

Just a guess. :)

Can hardly wait for Friday … my wife and I are cutting out early from work before all the kids are out of school. Heh!

Was this filmed in Iceland or no?

The Only problem I have with Iceland is that they still hunt Whales there.

Very UN- Star Trek IV.

Hopefully a little CGI spared the filmmakers and moral dilemmas.

this creature gives me castration anxiety… vagina with teeth.
thanks mr. orci, i was almost over this, and nearly out of therapy.

Kirk running from a big, rubbery looking monster…How much more Trek can you get. Some people have asked: How could such a thing exist? It exists because the forces of natural selection have caused it to exist. It fits some ecological niche on that planet. It is probably chasing Kirk for the same reason that sharks chase surfers. In his cold weather gear, Kirk probably looks like the creature’s usual meal the same way surfers in wetsuits look like seals to sharks who have notoriously bad eyesight. However, the creature will be surprised if it catches Kirk, human meat probably tastes terrible.

#30. Mike In Iowa, LOL, right on man, that is exactly what I thought when I saw it. So much for not making this a parody.

No doubt the movie will be a fun ride, but, seriously, Lobster monster!? LOL C’mon!

Everyone knows the real Kirk could kill those beasts by constructing a rudimentary lathe of some kind. Oh well.

@29: I am positive that Moore would have delivered a KICKASS script with all the freedom that Orci and Kurtzman were given with the source material.Bring on Virtuality!!!

May the fourth be with you.

For the Shatner die-hards, MSNBC has a relatively informed ranty article up:

i noticed when listening to the planetary background – a very TOS feel to it.


Very kewl.

It’s amazing how, before Trailer #2 was released, people were crying out, “Show us something! Show us something!”

Now, some are saying, “We’ve seen too much!”

Funny how that goes….

I thank guys like J.J. Abrams who want to save us from ourselves and hide away the spoilers. It’s inevitable that they have to show something, but the way I figure it, I’ve seen five minutes of a two-hour movie. I’m sure the best is yet to come!

19. McCoy – May 4, 2009

“Starship Troopers + Empire Strikes back + Phantom Menace”

Yes; and eggs + flour + sugar + heat = cake!

Different things can combine to create something new.

Four Stars from the Boston Globe?! Holy Frak! The raves just keep coming!

(Hey…has anyboy noticed…the Talifans have gotten awfully quiet.)

And on a separate note, if a medicore (at best) movie like Wolverine can pull in $87mm, I wonder how much a critically praised tent-pole movie can deliver the first weekend..and the second…and the third….

Star Trek Lives!


No it’s not just you. The media is really annoying. I wouldn’t be able to stand it! haha


Check the Circuit:

“if a medicore (at best) movie like Wolverine can pull in $87mm, I wonder how much a critically praised tent-pole movie can deliver the first weekend..and the second…and the third….”

Unfortunately, it means that the reviews mean nothing. I spent lots of time on the weekend lurking forums and reading poor reviews of Wolverine, with Harry on AICN boycotting it, and then relenting. It’s all meaningless.

Just like last year with Indy IV, a hot brand draws the moviegoers more than a good film. I think Trek will sock away lots of cash, but if you look at all the extra work that’s gone into promoting it relative to Wolverine or Terminator, you begin to understand why they’re doing it. Thank God it’s a good film.

Really awesome action scene. I just don’t think though that the Kirk I knew would be yelling like a sissy though as he was running.

I hope Playmates makes these critters to go along with the 3.75 figures.

Perhaps it’s some of Mr. Scott’s transporter experiments gone bad!

Why that monster could be Porthos XVI! :)

I found the first “meh” review (2 1/2 stars out of 4):

The “twist” thing they keep harping about makes no sense to me.

Still like the clip. I think it’s a great scene. I shelled out my $$$ to get my whole family in to the advance screening on Thursday and I like to get some action for my money. Besides, I like the big bug movies too, so the more monsters the better.

And it seems ridiculous to have to point out to the intelligent Star Trek fans out there that it’s all made up. The reason that there is a large red animal that lives under the snow is because it’s not a National Geographic documentary. Maybe the things made of ice crystals. Or it’s a great big carnivorous red ice lichen. Chances are though you won’t find it in any book on terrestrial flora and fauna. Because NONE OF IT IS REAL.

Now THAT sounds like a TOS alien world. Bravo!!!

#47 –
I read that same review. It’s from AP… whoever wrote it just doesn’t seem to like the plot twist involving Nimoy in the film.

You know what? Star Trek has always been hit and miss, even within the same movie. If you recall, Gene Shalit LOVED Nemesis. He may have been the only one. Take this review with a grain of salt. It’s really only as good a review as the reviewer.