5 Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Sets Released Today + Retail Exclusives + TrekMovie TOS Movie Blu-ray Giveaway

Today Paramount releases five new Star Trek titles on Blu-ray and DVD and they also announced retail exclusive offers at Best Buy and Hollywood Video / Movie Gallery. Plus we have our own TrekMovie.com giveaway contest for two Collection sets. Details below.


Sets being released today
Today Paramount is releasing five total Star Trek products: two Blu-Ray sets and three DVD sets.

Blu-Ray: TOS Motion Picture Collection & TOS Movie ‘Trilogy’


DVD: Motion Picture Trilogy & Best of TNG & TOS sets


Free Poster at Hollywood Video / Movie Gallery
Buy select new Star Trek products at Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery and you get a free poster featuring the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Star Trek poster at Hollywood Video (click for more details on promotion)

Best Buy Klingon Bird of Prey Token
Buy the new Star Trek movies at Best Buy and get a limited edition exclusive Star Trek Scene It? Collectible Token of the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey. [Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection, Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trilogy or Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 (Blu-ray) – while supplies last].

Klingon token at Best Buy

TrekMovie giving away 2 TOS Movie Collections
TrekMovie, in conjunction with Paramount Home Entertainment, has a new trivai contest going where you can one of two Star Trek Original Movie Collections on Blu-ray. The two winners will be selected randomly from entries who answer the trivia question correctly. More info on the TrekMovie Contest Page. [Please do not discuss the trivia question in the comments below].


Reviews coming
TrekMovie will have reviews of the new Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD sets coming soon, so keep an eye out for that.


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Those look pretty darn snazzy! :D

I bought the best of TNG and still recieved the bird of prey.

I was looking forward to buying the original movies in this collection but do yourself a favor and read the horrible reviews on amazon for them. Only STII is in true HD – the rest of the films were re-mastered from the original DVDs with a ton of noise/grain reduction, causing details to be lost. Do not buy this movie set if you are expecting all films to be in HD :(

They’re all in HD, only Trek II was remastered from the original negative.

I am at one of three Star Trek screenings in Ottawa Coliseum. The supervisor told me that all three 7:20 p.m. Screenings are sold tonight. Whoooo! I got five minutes left to enjoy it!

The Best of TOS are the digitally remastered episodes, yes?

I’ll wait for the director’s edition blu rays. These are all the theatrical versions if I’m not mistaken.

Still waiting for the directors edition of TMP, then i’ll bite…


Well I’m not an expert, but my regular DVDs already look pretty damn sweet on my blueray and 50″ plasma (compared to the old dvd player I used to have), so any improvement over THAT is perfectly fine with me. : D

#4 – They are “true HD”. They simply weren’t given the remastering treatment that TWOK got. The new BDs for 1 and 3-6 have had too much DNR applied, according to some reviews, so the fine detail is lost.

This really won’t be noticed on screens smaller than 50″. I’ve got a 46″ Aquos.. I’m on the fence about these sets, but moreso because they aren’ t the director’s cuts, especially TMP.

For exact details, and a review, be sure to visit Bill Hunt’s review at The Digital Bits: http://www.thedigitalbits.com/mytwocentsa167.html#trekbd2

Luckily Netflix has the Blu-ray films for rent so I’ll be renting them first to see how horrible the DNR is on my HDTV.

@7. Yea

I have a better topic, where’s Diamond select Toys’ ST:II TWOK Phaser at? It is still lised as coming out on May 6 2009.

@ 11. Yea, i agree. I saw someone try it out on their tv screen. It really feels not that great in HD. Well its surely better then DVD, but its just not as great as what it should have been. Especially The Final Frontier (which is one of my favorites in the trek series). I was dissappointed by that. I might just get the trilogy set to save some money. I’m sure the TNG blu-rays will be stunning !

I just want to know when Season 2 on blu-ray comes out. Just purchased TOS season 1 blu-ray a week ago and my I could not belive my eyes. I mean we all know how much the dvd’s look compared to cable TV, I assumed star trek looked back in the 60’s on cable TV as it does today but wow cable broad casts looked terrible back then. After buying dvd’s of all the seasons it looks so good its hard to go back to watching it on cable tv. I didn’t think it could get much better than dvd…but I was wrong. I have never seen and heard star trek the way it is on blu-ray at 1080p with phenomenal sound. Its not too sharp either, the colors are rich, the picture is smooth and crisp, its just pops. With the new special effects, the magnificent image quality, its like a whole new adventure again. I was beyond impressed. It would be great to have ILM work on television, but the people at CBS have truly outdone themselves. I am beyond impressed. I cant wait to see if they will tackle TNG. The Enterprise D looked incredible in the final episode of Enterprise.

That does it then. Not going to buy. I hope Paramount remasters them and soon.

I might wait for the star trek movies to come out individually, id go for a box set as well…but….they all have to be DIRECTORS CUTS…or even better….UNCUT!!!!!!!!!! How about spock in V’ger’s huge computer memory core.

Any word on when the TNG movies will be available on Blu-Ray?

18: Uncut? Seems like that would be a bit of a mess to deal with.

When will the new film be out on DVD? :D


I’d say sometime around October/November.

I might have to get a blue ray player now.

I just bought the 10 movie, 20 disc special/collectors/directors edition box set of the movies. Went to a local FYE about 1 hour ago. I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, and hadn’t gotten around to buying them. Then I looked last night and say that they were out of print! I’m like what the heck? In fact, all the major websites (fye.com, amazon.com, buy.com, etc.) were out of print, and it was selling for a lot of money on ebay. My local store still had a set, brand new, $89.99.

Anyone know if the movie collection set will be available on regular DVD?

Not going to be buying movie trek until they release the DIRECTORS editions as they have on DVD. I do have the first season of Star Trek on blu and it’s great! I can’t wait until the second season!

Easy contest, any true fan should be a valid entry :)

Darn, I bought the Blu Ray set of the movies since I never previously owned any on DVD, I’m a bit disappointed that people here are saying that they’re not really that great… :(

When do we get Next Generation Remastered? I watched season one episodes and the FX looks horrible. Come on CBS, cash in on the new Trek wave! I’ll buy a remastered Next Gen DVD set.

DS9’s FX actually holds up pretty well, how can you improve on perfection ;)

BR edition of TNG? Don’t hold your breath.
Remastering TOS was no doubt easier.
Yes- TMP in HD!! Daren? Back to work!

i want that poster!

I want it!!! … I, a young trekkie, am going to have to wait like a week to accumulate enough allowance to get it. :(

#4 — Not exactly accurate but essentially right. The films were rushed to Blu-ray and only TWOK is for sure a new master. It looks like TMP is also newer.
When some film restoration pros in Europe got the set (it was released 4/27 in Europe) they saw evidence that ST:IV and ST:VI appear to be based on the 1080i masters that were preped in a hurry some years ago for use on HD cable premium channels.

The set is backordered all over the place including the sample I’m supposed to get for review, so I haven’t seen them in person yet :-(

#19 — Rumor is November along with the J.J. Movie

#16 — The word floating around the ‘net is that TOS on Blu-ray Seasons 2 and 3 are supposed to be Fall and then Winter 2009.

I just went out and bought the Best Of TNG disc at Hollywood video…only so I could get the poster.

Anybody wanna buy my copy for 5 bucks? ;)

the TNG blu-ray will be a must because it has me! (and Jeff Bond and Larry Nemecek and other superfans). i had a great time doing my STFC commentary with Damon Lindelof…i played somewhat of a straight man to his jokester.

I bought the blu-ray set and started watching TMP. I don’t understand the negative reviews. The image quality is incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. The level of detail is astounding. I have a 42 in samsung, so I don’t know what happens to the image on larger screens. I have only looked at TMP only so I don’t know what the other discs look like. Also, the second trailer for the new movie and a trailer for season 1 plays before the menu starts.

I have watched Star Trek 2 and 3 and thought that TSFS looked amazing while TWOK didn’t look nearly as good. Which was strange because of the full restoration that TWOK supposedly received.

FWIW, I was really surprised how good 3 looked.

I got the trilogy on DVD – TWOK seems to be looking pretty good

New commentary is ok but it is hard to tell the difference between coto and meyer.

No Okuda subtitles this time around though

37 — When you watch it on a 100″+ screen from a home theater projector like the big reviewers do you’ll see a difference. Also when you look at a screen capture up close on your PC you can see it.

38 — TWOK has new color timing that gives it a much steelier blue tone, perhaps that’s what you’re reacting to?

There have been so many home video versions in my collection that I am wary of purchasing any new version until I know I’m getting my money’s worth. If there is the possibility that Paramount will remaster the others later, I will wait. I can always rent STII in the meantime. Paramount has succeeded in persuading me to purchase no less than five different versions of TOS and the films in the last 25 years; the old CED discs, Beta, VHS, DVD and then the DVD box sets. (Yes, I know I’m showing my age!) I held off on the HD-DVD (thank God) and I can hold off on Blu for a little while longer. Paramount has enough of my money for now, but that Season One Blu sure is enticing!!!

What? Only US and Canada residents can participate in the trivia contest? Awwwwwww (pronounced Zoidberg-style)

Hi from Germany, we got them a week earlier, and I saw TMP, it looks fantastic. I also know the hd-television version. Its no comparison. For this movie alone I would have bought the set. ( in fact I did..)big fan.

Und dieses supergeile Poster kriegt man auch nur, wenn man im Laden in Amerika einkauft! Awwwwwwwwwwwww

No, thanks. Not till A) the prices go down for the DVD’s, and B) the prices go down for Blu-Ray players.

My “old” DVD’s looks just fine.

Ebay…in a couple of years.

I’m done getting bled dry by these folks for the same damn shows/movies, over and over.

If it’s not TMP Director’s Cut, I’m not interested.

40 – I think screen captures can be deceptive and watching any blu-ray on a massive screen degrades the image. I am very happy with my 42 in, but that’s just me. There are better blu-rays for example I watched the curious case of benjamin button last weekend and the image quality was incredible, but it was mostly shot with a digital camera so that can be expected. TMP is 30 years old and now seeing it for the first time in more than double the resolution 480 – 1080 is a marked improvement. It’s not perfect, but nothing in life is.

What’s with the OLD previously released, formely a mail away offer for one of 405 posters for Trek titles on vhs several years ago?
What’s so exciting about this?
These are still avail in overstock online and ebay!

48 — Sorry but what you say about watching it on a large screen is misinformed. 1080p has 2 million pixels, it is made for high resolution, large displays. The typical human visual accuity can’t even begin to resolve all 1080 lines of visual data if you’re over ~6ft. back from a 50″ screen.