GoAnimate Announces New Star Trek Animation Mashup Features + Contest

Back in February we reported that CBS had granted GoAnimate.com a Star Trek license and since then lots of fans have been playing with the free site creating and sharing fun animations with TOS characters. Today GoAnimate has added a feature that allows you to create ‘mashups’ between their Star Trek channel and their other licensed channels, including  Street Fighter and others.  And to kick it off they have a contest to create the best mashups including Star Trek prizes, details below.


If you aren’t familiar, GoAnimate.com is a fun (and free) website that allows you to easily create and share animations, including the ability to animate several TOS characters. Lots of Trek fans have been using it to recreate classic Trek episodes and moments, make fight scenes, and of course lots of parodies. It is pretty easy to use (see Kayla’s write-up) and a lot of the animations on the Star Trek channel appear to be from TrekMovie.com readers.

Today GoAnimate announced a new feature to their site – the ability to mix the use of our various licensed channels.  This means that you can create animations with characters and assets of Star Trek, Street Fighter, Underdog, the mean-but-cute It’s Happy Bunny, and even Willie Nelson! Here is a screencap of mashing up Star Trek and Street Fighter, with a little Willie Nelson.

And here is an example of an animation of Willie and Spock that shows off how you can also import your own audio (in this case they chose some interesting music).

GoAnimate.com: Midnight Cowboys by Mojochi

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!

Mashup and win!
In honor of this new feature, GoAnimate.com we will be running a MASHUP CONTEST from May 12th until May 26th.  What you can do is sign up on GoAnimate.com, create an account, and create a mashup animation that features at least two of the channels mentioned above. [note you have to put the word ‘mashupmadness’ in your tags for it to be considered in the contest – http://goanimate.com/contest for full rules].

For this contest, they have collaborated with our various licensors to provide winners with really awesome prize packages, containing themed prizes from each of the licensed channels. Grand prize winners will get Star Trek UNO and Star Trek SceneIt!, along with a copy of Street Fighter IV for Xbox360, a set of Underdog DVDs, one copy of the Willie Nelson CD Naked Willie, and one It’s Happy Bunny tote bag

Star Trek games included in the Grand Prize for the best mashup

TrekMovie.com will also be showing off all three Grand Prize-winning animations from May 28th until June 4th right here on TrekMovie! Winners will be determined by the total number of views their mashup animations get. For more details, please see http://goanimate.com/contest


Mashup ideas?
If you are looking for some ideas, GoAnimate offers some suggestions:

  • On a mission to a foreign planet Kirk and Spock discover alien life forms – It’s Happy Bunny and Underdog! 
  • Have the good guys from Star Trek and Street Fighter team up against the bad guys – Hikaru Sulu and Chun Li teaming up against Khan and M. Bison!
  • Have Uhura and Scotty jam out with Willie Nelson and his friend Mickey Raphael!

And here are some screencaps of what it could look like:


Please stay tuned as more contests will be offered by GoAnimate, featured here on TrekMovie.



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4th !!!!!

5th / 6th!?

A number representative of my place in line!




Im just curious this has nothing to do with Star Trek, but has any of you seen the movie Creepshow 2?

I like the premise of creating your own trek but the mashup stuff seems really corny to me…but have fun….

Awesome. xD I loooove creating mashups, because it’s fun to create MAYHEM!

Star Trek vs. Capcom!

@10 , i have , lol why ?

Bwahahahaha!! Star Trek and Street Fighter – Yay XD

Loved the Spock and Willie Nelson song too. Way cute!

– 24th CRS

15. I have always enjoyed that movie and I am thinking about buying it, just wanted to tell some people..I like the raft story.