Pine To Present At MTV Awards + Quinto Wants To Host SNL + more ST09 Celeb Tidbits

Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, continues to move up the celebrity ranks, as MTV has just announced that he will be one of the announcers at this weekends MTV Movie Awards. We have more details on that, plus all the latest on the new Star Trek celebrities.


They may not yet be household names, but with the success of the new Star Trek movie, the new crew of the Enterprise are getting more and more buzz. Here is the latest on each of them.

Pine to present with Sutherland
MTV has made their final presenter announcements for the MTV Movie Awards and according to People, Chris Pine is on the list, to be joined by 24’s Kiefer Sutherland on stage. Other previously announced presenters include Will Ferrell, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgens, Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Leighton Meester, Jonah Hill and Lil Wayne. The MTV Movie Awards airs Sunday May 31st at 9PM. More info at

The new Kirk also continues to be the on the list for the Paparazzi and Gossip sites, who continue to be abuzz about his relationship with Hills star Audrina Patridge.

Quinto wants to host SNL
Earlier in the month we reported when Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy made a cameo on Saturday Night Live. Quinto later blogged about that on his website, noting:

such a mindblowing convergence of childhood dreams and creative freedom.  i mean – come on.  gilda radner?!  kevin nealon!  jan hooks & phil hartman!!!  the history of genius and hilarity and instinct.  the possibility of it all.  the cast and writers could not have been more generous or welcoming.  justin timberlake slaughtered it.  and all i can say is: SNL knows how to throw an after party.  and after after party.  suffice it to say i boarded my 8:30 sunday morning flight to tokyo with literally no sleep.  not being hyperbolic.  but it all evened out.  in the end – and i welcome all of your support in this matter – the simple fact remains: i must host saturday night live imminently.  we’re working on it.

Not willing to wait for them to ‘work on it’, Quinto’s fan club (Sylar’s Army) has started a petition to get Zach to host.

Photo from Quinto’s site in blog about SNL

And even though Pine has been getting most of the paparazzi attention, Zach’s higher profile has got them on his radar, even catching him playing hula hoop.

Zoe goes to Cannes
Last week was the Cannes film festival and Zoe Saldana was spotted at one of the big parties, the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009 benefit. And of course, she looked beautiful. However the Splendicity celebrity blog isn’t too sure about Zoe’s dress, asking hot or not?

Zoe in Cannes (WireImage)

Speaking of Saldana, Star Trek is actually not her only big scifi movie of 2009. Saldana stars in James Cameron’s Avatar coming out Christmas time and some cool new concept art was just released today at MarketSaw.

Pegg gets Rogen for ‘Paul’
Star Trek’s new Scotty, Simon Pegg, also made news this week by casting Seth Rogen for Pegg’s geek comedy Paul, co-written by Pegg and Nick Frost. Paul is a road movie about two sci-fi fans who meet an escaped alien (Paul) on their way to Comic Con. Rogen (who is a Trek fan and played the leader of the Trekkies in Fanboys) will voice the alien Paul

Yelchin gets Terminator buzz
Anton Yelchin, Star Trek’s new Chekov made his second May sci-fi movie debut with Terminator Salvation, playing Kyle Reese (originally played by Michael Biehn in the 1984 The Terminator). The reviews have mostly not been kind to the film, but Yelchin is getting good marks, A good example of this is AICN’s Harry Knowles who in his review said that he ‘hated’ and ‘loathed’ Terminator Salvation, but still he had praise for young Anton:

Anton Yelchin’s the real deal folks. His CHARLIE BARTLETT was great. His Chekov was spot on in JJ’s STAR TREK, but his Kyle Reese. Man, I just wanted to spend time with him. He’s perfect. He’s playing Kyle as a young man trying to find a way to become a member of the resistance, but he can’t get his radio to even work.

Yelchin a high point of Terminator Salvation


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yelchin rocks


Does skynet also have nuclear wessels?

True the dress is formless but Zoe could make a potato sack look hot!

Zoe=beautiful. Make no mistake about it. But that dress. Yurgh. Sometimes I think super hot actors and actresses have too much access to the latest fashion and forget to “edit” some of the style choices they are offered.

Either that or all of their taste is in their mouth.

I hope Zachary gets his wish! He’d be great on SNL.

People who bitch about his Chekov aren’t getting it. He was hilarious!
Hopefully in the sequel, Kirk will have him make shipwide announcements like Pike did.

Terminator Salvation was better than Star Trek. Sorry folks, but true. IMO

“I can do zat! I can do zat!!!”

“Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!”

Chekov rules! Sure, he failed to save Amanda… but, hey, can’t fault a guy for trying. :)

Star Trek, as of Wednesday, is the Number One Movie of the entire year thus far:

Are you loving it?

I am loving it.


Star Trek, as of Wednesday, is the Number One Movie of the entire year thus far:

Are you loving it?

I am loving it.


Chekov rules! Sure, he failed to save Amanda… but, hey, can’t fault a guy for trying. :)

“I can do zat! I can do zat!!!”

“Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!”

Sorry for the double post, comments weren’t loading for some reason…

Hat Rick had the same issue apparently. :)

And I thought it was just because I was just so durn enthusiastic!



Sorry, boyo. The critics and the box office would seem to disagree. McG’s vision is dull. They should have made this movie instead.

I can’t bring myself to drive and pay to see TS. I’ll probably catch it on ppv—if not when it premieres on HBO/SHO/MAX/TMC/STARZ/etc.

I was skeptical when I heard they were making another one, but if it had gotten better reviews, I probably would have checked it out. Needless to say, it has been getting trounced from all directions.

No thanks. I’ll save that for a rainy night of futile channel-surfing…

Nice to know that Anton is dodging those blasts, though.

Here’s another Terminator movie, starring Jesus

I had a better film-going experience with Terminator Salvation than Star Trek, but Yelchin was definitely a highlight in both films.

For some strange reason I couldn’t recognize Seth Rogan as the Trekkie leader in Fanboys! Maybe it was the hairstyle…

8. John from Cincinnati — Counting some comments on IMDb, you’re probably the fourth or fifth person I’ve read saying something like that. The majority of people disagree with that assessment, and I have to say, I agree with the majority. Having seeing both movies, I honestly don’t know how *anyone* can like Terminator Salvation over Star Trek. Salvation was just so… dull… and stupid. Star Trek, on the other hand, was exciting, fast-paced, and well-written, despite the obvious plot holes. And the characterizations in Star Trek were soooo much better. The visual effects were better, too.

As for the “truth,” an opinion and a truth are not the same thing, as I’m sure you’re aware. Actually, what’s that saying, “truth equals consensus?” If that’s true, then your statement is false. RottenTomatoes has Terminator Salvation at 34%, while Star Trek is sitting pretty at 95%. Users on IMDb have Star Trek at 8.4/10 (about where it’s been for the past week), while Terminator Salvation is at 7.4 (dropping like a stone). MetaCritics has Star Trek at a metascore of 83 (universal acclaim), while Terminator has 51 (mixed or average reviews). So, if truth equals consensus, then the truth is that Star Trek is better than Terminator Salvation. What you have is an opinion, not a truth. :)

btw, all of this is meant to be as lighthearted as is humanly possible. You’re as entitled to your opinion as anyone else here, just, you know, don’t be calling it the truth. You know? :-P

16. Closettrekker — I would see it at least once. The visuals are pretty cool (not as cool as Trek’s), and Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin do a good job. I’d see it as a matinee, though, so you’re not spending full price to see it.

I still say McG should have teamed with Bay and done Transforminators. (see 15)

I wonder if Shatner will crash the Pine’s presentation for a little Kirk vs. Kirk fun; MTV’s awards show is pretty irreverent and just the kind of program where something like that would happen.

Yelchin was really excellent in Terminator: Salvation; the film itself was pretty entertaining and definitely not deserving of the critical drubbing its received.

Yelchin is being mentioned all over British radio the past 48 hrs – BIG TIME !!

I think he will be the “BIGGEST” star of Trek 2009 !!!!

Happy Weekending To All !!!!

Now I need that much needed PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

I usually don’t care too much for SNL but if Zachary Quinto hosts it, I will be watching that night.

I just have to comment on the latest poll. To ask whether we want a new star trek TV show, movie, or don’t any new star trek is not really…well….how do you respond to that when you want both? What we want more is different than asking what will happen, but honestly star trek “XII” is inevitable, especially with the success of the new movie. Yes I would love to see a new movie but I am not worried about it being made, I am however fretting over how long it will take for a new TV show to be released if ever. I don’t think we will see a new star trek TV show until 2013 or later. A new TV show is what I really want the most even though I voted for the movie. The movie will be out in 2 or 3 years, a TV show would take longer than that so even though I really want to see another movie, I have far greater anticipation for a TV show overall but for right now, at this moment I would love to see this new cast continue in a new movie adventure. Geeze..sounds like I cant make up my mind, and that’s just it…I WANT BOTH!!!!!

Jack Bauer better not headbutt Captain Kirk! ;)

@ #2. LOL I love it. “I can do zat I can do zat” “Yemayu!”

“Russian whiz kid, what’s your name chenkov, chirpoff”

“wictor wictor”

Ah, all you know all the parts.

Oh man out of all the star trek movies this was the most humorous, I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did for a star trek movie. Usually its dry undertones that you kind of kindly snicker at.

@ 27. Funny you say that, my buddy calls Captain Archer “Space Bauer”

Zoe looks great no mater what she wears.

I love Anton Yelchin! I thought he saved Charlie Bartlett and though he was the weakest character in STXI, I couldn’t help but like him for his charm and accessibility as an actor.

Yelchin gets a lot of flak on this site, but my hat’s off to him. Without hesitation.

typo, sorry.

I am happy for all the cast. I just hope they keep their heads on straight, especially Pine. He seems ok for now, but we all know what fame cando to one ego. I feel so bad for him being chased by the pzz’s. It is a shame there is no amendment to the Bill of Rights called “the Right to one’s privacy : no unwelcome photgraphers should be allowed to takes pix for public disiplay.” Privacy is a human right , but apparently our forefathers didn’t have the nosy papazzari to deal with.

Anybody who says Terminator Salvation was better than Star Trek has to have their head up their, well you know…Star Trek better characterizations, better special effects, fast paced, funny…Terminator Salvation boring performances (specially Bale-never seen an actor play a role and give such a one note performance-he actually complained to the Cinematographer that he messed up one of his scenes LOL WOW-maybe he should concentrate on his own performances from now on), ho-hum special effects, slow and BORING. Star Trek made me want to line up again, Terminator Salvation almost put me to sleep. The evidence is in the box office.

NBC would be crazy not to bring Quinto on as a host. He could promote Heroes as well as Star Trek. I hope he does more movies and less TV. I think he’s too much for the small screen. He overpowers the other actors on Heroes (except for Jack Coleman. They are a great team.) People say that Sylar has too much power but the truth is the affect would be the same if he had only one power…. as long as Zachary played him.

I loved Anton Yelchin’s performance as Checkov. His character’s mix of naive kid and enthusiastic young officer was endearing. Plus he had some really funny lines. I will probably watch Terminator Salvation when it comes out on PPV. I can’t wait for Paul! I am a massive Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fan. This film will be so funny! I don’t like Seth Rogan at all, but him playing an alien seems like appropriate casting. I hope he wears a mask (or make-up). Scotty is my favorite character and Simon was fantastic.