Kellogg’s Introduces Limited Edition Eggo Waffles With Star Trek Images

The Kellogg’s promotion for the Star Trek movie has been one of the longer running for the feature film with items starting to appear in stores in March and continuing to this summer. While the Kellogg’s website lists almost every product featuring ST09 images or offers, there have been a few surprises not listed, with the most recent being a limited series of Eggo waffles


Kellogg Update on Kellogg’s waffles
(as reported by Ensign Kellogg submitted to John Tenuto)

This is Lt. Kellogg from the USS Enterprise 1701 E once again reporting for TrekMovie on my assigned mission to find all the Kellogg’s Star Trek promotional products.




Kellogg’s Has One More Surprise: ST Waffles

TrekMovie has already reported on the offer for a Star Trek Warp Plate on nearly every variety of Eggo Waffles. However, those boxes feature Star Trek art yet regular waffles. Now, Kellogg’s has surprised fans with waffles that have edible images on them of Star Trek characters, planets, logos, phrases, and technology. There are more than 25 different waffles available with this limited edition item. The packaging shows the Enterprise and some of the waffles, and includes a Starfleet Delta Shield Game.

Limited Edition Star Trek Eggos box

Those familiar with my career in Starfleet know that this isn’t my first experience with Earth’s past as I helped defeat the Borg during the First Contact mission. However, it is the first time I have eaten waffles with images on them. Amazingly, they taste exactly the same as regular Eggo waffles with the bonus fun of the Star Trek images. As you eat your Nero waffle, say things like "I would rather suffer the loss of Romulus a thousand times than not eat my Eggo Waffles!" I purchased 6 boxes of Star Trek Waffles and got 22 of the "more than 25" different designs (there are 8 waffles a box). For those desiring a checklist, here are the confirmed waffles.

Nero the waffle

Character Waffles: Kirk, Spock, Kirk & Spock, Kirk sitting in his Captain’s Chair, McCoy, Sulu, Nero, Uhura, Chekov, and Scotty

Kirk and Spock on a waffle!

Logo Waffles: Delta Shield, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan Greeting

Scientific waffle

Technology Waffles: Communicator, others?

Toast me up scotty

Planet Waffles: Earth, Saturn with moon Titan, others?

Leggo my planet

Phrases Waffles: Live Long and Prosper, I’m Giving Her All She’s Got Captain!, Beam Me Up, Highly Illogical

Life long and Waffle


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