Exclusive First Look At 2010 TOS and ‘Ships’ Star Trek Calendars + Movie Calendar Announced

Every summer the new year starts a little early with the release of the Star Trek calendars. Just like last year, Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing will have a Star Trek TOS and a ‘Star Trek Ships of the Line’ calendar for 2010. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at the inside of the TOS calendar and the cover for the SOTL calendar. Plus we have news of a third calendar based on the new Star Trek movie. 


Spend a year with the original crew
The 2010 cover uses an image made by ILM artist Thomas Knoll, from Solow/Justman "Inside Star Trek" book . 

Star Trek 2010 Calendar cover

Each month for the 12-month calendar features an image from the original Star Trek. The calendar portion covers all the major international holidays, plus birthdays for the Star Trek stars. Here are exclusive first looks at January and December 2010 from the calendar.

Star Trek 2010 Calendar – January

Star Trek 2010 Calendar – December

The Star Trek 2010 Wall Calendar has a retail price of $13.99 will be shipping by Mid July and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon for 20% off ($11.19).

Pre-preview of 2010 Ships of the Line Calendar
As they have done for many years, there will also be a Star Trek Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar featuring brand new artwork of Star Trek ships. Next week TrekMovie will have an exclusive first look at the inside of that calendar, including the first reveal of the USS Aventine. Until then, here is a first look at the cover for the 2010 SOTL Calendar. 

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar – cover (by Max Rem)

The Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar comes out in August and is also available for pre-order at Amazon for $11.19. Note that Amazon has an early dummy cover, the above one is the final.

Star Trek Movie Calendar Announced
Pocket has also just announced that they will be doing a third calendar based on the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. According to Pocket it will be a twelve month calendar with images from the feature film. There are no images from the calendar yet, but TrekMovie is told that the images will not just be from the same set of ubiquitous publicity photos seen here and across the media. We will provide an update when a preview is available. The Star Trek: The Movie 2010 Wall Calendar will be available in September and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon (discounted to $11.19).



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Hmm. Looks pretty….basic?

Two months have pictures from the mediocre “Mark of Gideon?” I mean, the second picture is a nice one, but the first one with Kirk is rather “meh.”

I want that Calander. Looks Totaly Cool. Even for Geeks.

Its sad to what happened to the shuttle “Galileo”,,,,


I wonder where she is today,,,


What I wanna know-will there be any trek movie 09 calenders and last year there was no trek desktop calenders-will there be any for 2010?

4. SirMartman

Well, considering she hasn’t been built yet, my guess is she isn’t anywhere. We still have a couple of centuries to go. ;)

Looking forward to another great SotL calendar and the first look at the Aventine.

2nd! Two months have rather zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pictures from The Mark of Gideon? Talk about a yawn fest! With all the action/fight/battle/alien sequences TOS has..why does Pocket consistantly choose such dreary lackluster stills? I passed on last years version, and I guess I will again this year. Too bad there’s no NEW Trek Film tie-in calendar! I’d get a ships of the line, but they’re so damn odd lengthed for the average wall space.

sirmartman #4

dont worry mate. some TOS fan bought the wreckage of the Galileo and fully restored it. Im pretty sure they have even kitted it out insire as well.

It now does the rounds in the USA at various parades and attractions etc. Its in safe hands dont worry. if i find pics ill post the link for you.

Greg UK

Oh man I can’t wait for the new Ships of the Line calendar – maybe they’ll have some scenes from Star Trek: Destiny?

I wonder why Doug Drexler is using his “Max Rem” pseudonym for the SOTL calendar?

I want to see a calendar from ST09.

They must have decided what was going to be in the calendar before Trek XI came out. I used to use the daily calendar from Trek, and I’ll bet you even quatloos that there’ll be a movie calendar when this time rolls around again.


Will movie ships from ST09 be in either calendar? Or is that now permanently separate?

A couple of those pics were from older calanders, WTF???? The Mark of Gideon and that behind right Enterprise were already used

You mean to tell me with all that new gorgeous remastered print footage they can come up with some fresh pics??


I guess my questions were answered.


I may be mistaken, but i’m sure I read that the Galileo was refurbished after it was found in that scrapyard.

I love the ships of the line calender. I never actually use it as a calender but rather just look at the pretty pictures of ships. It’s like ship geek porno.

talk about your slow trek news days…this story should be run in Otober, not June…does anybody care about this in June???

Isn’t Max Rem Doug Drexler?

oops didn’t see earlier post

Hoping for some ST09 inspired shots in Ships of the Line 2010.

This is far from definitive, but there is hope for the Galileo….as of ’05, thought to have been restored in Ohio somewhere…


LCARS calendar anyone?

17. THX-1138

“I love the ships of the line calender. I never actually use it as a calender but rather just look at the pretty pictures of ships. It’s like ship geek porno.”

Oh man, I almost sprayed soda all over my laptop. Why? Because it’s true…dear God it’s so true!!

While it’s true that the ST calendar shots are from a “Meh” episode, they’re actually quite striking images. Look at the dramatic compositions! Kirk in the foreground with hands clasped and a determined expression on his face while a mass of humanity seethes behind him. The bridge shot is a very photogenic portrait of the crew.

“Forget all you know” and enjoy them as stand alone images.

So why on Earth aren’t they offering up a Remastered calendar? Seems obvious and I’d sure plunk down the green the buy one.

Ships of the Line just gets worse every year…

I tried to email Anthony…he never got back to me.

caprica75 {@} gmail.com

I wanted to send him my work…no response…

What a BEAUTY that Enterprise is on the cover. Now THAT’s how you build a starship, JJ. It could always be updated and enhanced, but you’ve got to have real talent to keep it beautiful at the same time.

I hate how they only use a small portion of the page for each picture. Ripoff! They used to print the photos to the edge, now they just have a small box in the middle. But, I still buy them, even though they re-use some of the same pictures from previous years; like that one from “Gideon” which is a re-use. There really is NO excuse for that. Regardless, I have them all (TOS) since the first put out in 1976.

Can’t we have both a TOS calendar and a STXI calendar?? As for the former, has there ever been a calendar strictly from ST 1-6? That would be a nice change. If I ran things, this is what we would have available to us for 2010:

Wall calendars:
*ST movies 1-6
*24th century Trek (TNG, DS9, & VOY)
*TNG movies 7-10
*Ships of the Line from all iterations of Trek

Desk calendars:
*Star Trek Quotable, one per date
*Star Trek trivia, one question per day from everything Trek

that type-f shuttle’s rear pad is missing it’s lower, extending armature…

a glaring oversight!

see mine, for reference:


cant land without it!

I’ll be sure and include it on the 1/9 scale model a friend and I are building later this summer.

Yeah, we’re building it to have Mego action figures as crew.

I’m happy that they are continuing to give us the SOTL calendars! The only thing that is weird about them is having to hang them sideways.

Re,,#22. Andrew C – June 4, 2009
This is far from definitive, but there is hope for the Galileo….as of ‘05, thought to have been restored in Ohio somewhere…


Ive found the guy that was trying to rebuild the Shuttlecraft Galileo, has sold the sheds and everything to another guy that started business there, that lasted only a short time, and he has since moved out and everything in the yard was ,,,”cleaned out” as of Jan 2009.

No-one knows what happened to the Shuttlecraft Galileo, and its concered to be “lost” again.

Ive been following this link,,there are people out there , that are trying to find it again…..


I hope they do,,

If anyone knows of any updayes on this,,please keep us posted,


A Star Trek calendar for the year 2010.

Man . . . . .

Star Trek LIVES!

Good to hear they’re sticking to TOS calendars.

It’s really too bad the TNG, DSp, VOY, ENT and the desktop daily calendars are gone, but it was hard keeping up with them all, although I don’t see why the publishers couldn’t do a calendar that combined the separate franchises.

oops… that should have read DS9

i would have thought the next star trek calendar would have the new film on it.

Can’t wait for the new Ships of the Line calendar. A terrific series.

PLEASE issue a 6 inch edition like many of the other calendars do. I have a wife who doesn’t ‘get’ my Trekdom. I have my bathroom — that’s it. I NEED a Ships of the Line 6″ edition! Pleeeeease. (I even had to box my micro machines collection and all because I’m 46 and married. Jeeez.)

There’s only about 350 million screen grabs from TOS, you can’t possibly expect the calendars to stay fresh from one year to the next.

I got tired of the boring close-ups of the main cast they choose for the Pocket TOS calendars, so I started creating my own ST calendar a couple of years ago for a Trek-fan buddy of mine and me from online screen grabs. I put in birthdays of obscure actors from the show and write silly captions for the pictures.

I knew that graphic design degree would come in handy one day! :-)

Scott B. out.

I’d only buy a calendar with James Clyne’s amazing concept art.

RE: #4 – SirMartMan,

Wow! That is TRULY a shame! To see such an iconic vehicle rusting in an R/V and Bus boneyard! That’s just plain blasphemy! What I wouldn’t give to have that and put some of my childhood automotive bodywork knowledge to good use.

Guess I should have scrolled down more before posting. I got my hopes up with Andrew C’;s post…then they were dashed again by Sir Martman’s follow-up. Egads! Someone find that poor shuttlecraft! LOL Seriously, I’d truly love to know what became of her. Too much of Hollywood history is lost due to apathy. May the Galileo 7 land safely somewhere soon. :-)


Will you email me….

caprica75 {@} gmail.com

I did a month for the SOTL calendar…I’d like to send you the proof we sent it.


Another websie that deals with finding the Shuttlecraft Galileo, this seems to be the most resent news on it,,,


The desktop calender from 2007 was great-it did combine all the trek shows ad movies with little factoids for each day and each day a different full color pic-imagine one for next year which includes st 09? I would sure buy that puppy if it existed.