Script Review For Pegg’s SciFi Comedy ‘Paul’ Reveals Star Trek Refs

Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg’s next project is the geek road picture/sci-fi comedy Paul. Pegg co-wrote the film and now the script has got a positive review, which also reveals some of the Star Trek references. See below for the latest details on what is sounding like a fun movie.



Paul is a sci-fi comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two sci-fi fans who come across an escaped alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) near Area 51 and try to help him find his way back home. Currently in production, Paul follows Clive and Graham (Pegg and Frost) as two comic book creators who decide to take a detour from attending the San Diego Comic-Con for a road trip to New Mexico to look for Area 51. Though they fail in that endeavor, they do find an alien named Paul (Rogen).  Paul ends up hitching a ride with the two in hopes of finding his way back home. Sigourney Weaver (who knows a thing or two about aliens) was just recently added to the cast but her role is currently unknown.

And now Bleeding Cool has got their hands on a draft of the screenplay and have reviewed it.  Overall they came away very impressed:

This script is chock full of gags, bursting at the seams. Comedy of repetition,  plenty of pull-back-and-reveals and overflowing pop cultural references including one Back To The Future gag that had me gasping for breath I laughed so hard. But these references aren’t surface, they are used to describe the relationships that the characters have with each other. Why use words to explain how you feel, when you can just find a common episode of Star Trek that does the job a lot more effectively. It’s honest, it’s true, yes it’s mocking but in a way that both validadates and celebrates both the actual reality and the often unrealised potential of the geek lifestyle. Damn it if the screenplay isn’t moving and poignant in places. But mostly it’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revisiting their past screen partnership performances, the friends who know each other so well, forgive the other’s eccentricities as their own are forgiven and would likely die for each other. As long as they were trying to Capture the Flag. No one does bromance like these boys. It’s not surprising that Paul is the character who seems, well, most normal most of the time.

The site also included the following script cut-out featuring a reference to Star Trek:

Paul will film at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Keep it here at TrekMovie for further developments.

If you haven’t seen one of their many collaborations, here are Pegg and Frost in their last film, Hot Fuzz.

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gonna be awsome! Love Pegg and Frost!

Pegg is awesome. This movie sounds like fun!

Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are utter brilliance. If the absence of Edgar Wright is not too harshly felt, then this will be a brilliant movie.

I’m sure this will be great, he always has my trust for a good laugh.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are absolutely frigging hilarious. Sounds like a good movie!

I am so looking forward to Paul! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are my two favorite comedians. I have Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in my DVD collection and have seen both films multiple times. I played the You Tube clip above and laughed until I cried. If you haven’t seen the UK TV show Spaced, please check it out. It is available at Pegg and Frost are just brilliant! The geek and pop culture references are just priceless. Paul sounds like it is the same vein.

Everytime these two pair up for a film, you know there will be a line or two that will be emblazoned into our lexicon.

Can’t wait for this one. Frost and Pegg are great together!

Sweet! More Pegg/Frost is always a great thing! Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead are among my favorite comedies of all time.

I love how now Pegg can make Trek jokes in EVERY film he’s in, because he’s PART OF IT NOW! :D

Sounds like it has a few elements from Pegg’s TV show SPACED, which if you have not watched before I HIGHLY recommend!

I like this movie! It’s exciting!

Just wait until I tell my son. His name is Paul!

And he’s just starting to like a lot of the same movies as me.


I betcha Clive’s next line is “Oh don’t give me that Star Trek smeg, it’s too early!”

Oh my god…. I luv Pegg nd Frost more dan any other bromance in the universe!.. even kirk nd spock! I could quote the entire movie of hot fuzz off by heart from start to finish… Probably because i’ve watched 5 MILLION times!
Bring on Paul!

Where could I read the screenplay?

My god … a Red Dwarf shirt? Trek refs? Pegg and Frost helping an alien find its way home? I’m gonna be in heaven all the way through this film. Never have I been so excited to know the release date of a film.

Sounds an awfully lot like StarChild, also starring a Grey Alien, held for the same period in the same place. The picture was also financed by by Relativity’s Ryan Cavanaugh who also optioned StarChild away from paramount. He asked the author’s agent for another copy of it just prior to Paul’s release. Sounds supernatural.