Exclusive First Look At Star Trek Movie Enterprise Model + More Round 2 Trek Model Previews

Since the film came out, many have been asking if there was going to be a model kit for the new USS Enterprise from Star Trek. And the answer is: yes! TrekMovie has all the exclusive details and a first look from Round 2 at their first Star Trek movie model, along with all the details about for the other ‘classic’ Trek models coming out later this year and into 2010 and beyond.


The New Movie Version of the USS Enterprise
During the second half of 2010, Round 2 will be releasing a brand new 1:2500 scale (11.5") snap-together model of the Ryan Church redesigned USS Enterprise from the new Star Trek feature film. While snap together, Round 2 has created their model directly from CGI scans provided by ILM and promises that demanding and talented model makers will not be disappointed by the detailing. Being snap together, the model is accessible to both novice and experienced model makers. The model will also include decals and a pose-able display stand. 

Early packaging design for Star Trek movie Enterprise model

More from ST09?
Round 2 is considering other ships from the Star Trek movie for 2010 and 2011, including the Jellyfish and the USS Kelvin, and there is also some discussion, depending on sales of the smaller model, of releasing a 1:1000 scale Enterprise (28.5"). Round 2 is looking for feedback, so let your thoughts be known in the comments below. 

The classic designs of Matt Jeffries and other artists have not been forgotten. Under the AMT and Polar Lights brands, Round 2 is releasing both new and retro models meant to celebrate both the original show and the 30th Anniversary of The Motion Picture. Here is the release schedule of their models.


AMT USS Enterprise ‘Blue’ Collector’s Edition [October 2009]
In 2008, Round 2 had an incredibly popular sell-out re-release of AMT’s 1:650 original 1960s USS Enterprise model featuring a collector’s tin and original artwork packaging. Later this year, they are releasing a second edition featuring green artwork and a special surprise — the modeling plastic of the Enterprise is blue, reminiscent of one of ATM’s earliest versions of the model. The 2nd edition model features all the original detailing of the classic model and will retail for around $40.

AMT Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship [November 2009]
Although not directly related to Star Trek, the UFO Mystery Ship model is based on a ship design by Star Trek designer Matt Jeffiries. The 1/500 scale glow-in-the-dark model is a reissue of a 1970’s kit. It retails for around $20. 

AMT Mr. Spock [December 2009]
Many fans remember this classic model of Spock defending himself against serpentine alien creatures. The regular edition re-release features 35 parts to assemble with vintage style cardboard packaging and a faithful reproduction of the model for fans. There is also a Collector’s Edition that is packaged in a retro tin and includes a poster of the original box art work. It has been 30 years since any version of the model has been available. The regular kit retails for around $20 with the collector’s tin version for around $35.

AMT ST: The Motion Picture Vulcan Shuttle [December 2009]
One of the favorite designs of the original feature film was the Spock’s Vulcan Shuttle Surak and its warp sled (hey, didn’t George Lucas utilize this same idea in Episode II for the Jedi ships?). This retro releases offers a few improvements on the original AMT model of 30 years ago, including revised warp nacelle grille detail as well as shuttle and sled connection skid plates. The shuttle attaches to the warp sled with included neodymium magnets. The box features new art and the kit retails for around $20.

Polar Lights 1:1000 USS Enterprise 1701 A [December 2009/Early 2010]
This is a new 1:1000 scale snap together model of the TOS movie-era Enterprise which will be about 11" long. The model features 70 pieces and a sheet of aztecing decals and marking decals. Also cool is the display stand that allows for the model to be turned in various directions. This is one of the first original Star Trek models in years. This kit will retail for around $15.

These 2009 models can be pre-ordered at culttvmanshop.

More TOS era in 2011
Round 2 is hoping to produce a 1:350 scale version of the TOS era USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (32.5") for 2011. Stay tuned to TrekMovie.com for all the details about Round 2’s variety of Trek models. After all, if you build it, they will come.

Check out the Round 2 Star Trek website at round2models.com/models/star-trek. Plus, for genre fans, there are everything from classic Batman to Forbidden Planet models at round2models.com

Models Available Now
In May Round 2 began shipping the re-release of their amazingly huge 1:350 scale (32.5") USS Enterprise A.

The big E is available at Amazon.com and various hobby shops.

Already available from Round 2 are snap together 1:1000 versions of the NX-01, the TOS Klingon D7, and the USS Enterprise, along with a 1:1400 glue together model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 E. All available at local hobby shops, with the snap together models available at Amazon.


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There will always be the Original Big E!!! Also, FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never really got into the whole model thing, but it all looks very cool.

If TOS had been merchandised this way, it might not have been cancelled after the third season.

I really prefer the Enterprise of the TOS Series. It was innovative in its day. And they should have kept it as it was, with a little, just a little, alteration.

Oh wow, the UFO mystery ship — I built that model as a kid! Great to see it come back again!

So 1:1000 is almost 29″ for the formerly beautiful Starship Enterprise? Nonsensical upsizing.

Wow! The new 09 kit even has lens flares!!!!!!

So as far as the new movie goes, the ships comprising the rest of the fleet that left Earth for Vulcan before the Enterprise did were all very similar (before & after being obliterated by Nero). How about a model kit that has, say, 6 cylindrical warp engines, 1 secondary hull ala the Kelvin, & 2 saucers with a bunch of little connecting dorsals so that you can build 2 custom Federation ships however you want? Then include a bunch of different ship names & NCC number decals like the original AMT TOS Enterprise model did so you can name them whatever you like. I think that would be well worth buying if they were more than 20 inches long.

The original Enterprise and the refitted version from the TOS movies are still much better than the new movie Enterprise.

The new Enterprise did not have the grace and beauty of the original.

In fact I am annoyed that Abrams took away the clean look that Starfleet has always had. Another thing he did to make Star Trek like Star Wars.

They want feedback do they? How about releasing the new model before “the second half of 2010” for @#$%’s sake! I have to wait a year and change after the movie to make a model of the new ent, whos the marketing genius behind that stroke of expert timing?

TOS actually used the AMT models for other battle-damaged Constitution-class ships for the series.

I would be into getting both sizes of the new Enterprise.

Does the new Enterprise model come with bright lights to blind people with just like in the movie?

Don’t believe the scale claims. Check out ex-astris-scientia.org for a great and well documented (with pics!) discussion of ship size for the new film. Until and unless it is established on screen as being 2400 feet long, I’m going with my eyes and ignoring claims that it is anything other than around 300 meters.

Hey, what happened to the release of the U.S.S. Thunderchild? I thought the Akira models were coming?Also, Whats with this new size nonsense? I mean really.. 1/1000 equals 29 inches long? Thats waaaaaaay bigger than the Enetreprise D and E. Please.. These ships wren’t as big as Star destroyers, but were around the same size as the ships from the Original Series/movies.. Get over this crap abot up-sizing.. if you want that, go super size your value meal and leave us Trekkers alone..lol

There MUST be a large scale 09 Enterprise! I would think the popularity of the large scale TMP E would be an indicator that the company should waste no time in getting it to the fans for JJ’s sake!

#9: It’s cute that people think this way, but no. The TOS ship was beautiful “for its day” but is well past its prime.

I’m quite a fan of the TMP Enterprise, but I was never fond of the nacelles, and the 2009 movies nacelles are more true to the original design concept (i.e. appearing so “powerful” that they’d be required to be kept at a distance from the hull and saucer section).

The nacelles of the TMP Enterprise look like a mid-80s air conditioner.

Of course, this is a debate which will doubtlessly continue for another century. And to be part of that history, I feel honoured.

Did I say honoured? I meant embarassed.

box Art is beautyful- love the blue buzzard ram scoups

@ 7 -lmao

@ 9 -I agree

I like the ‘blue’ enterprise because on the old vhs versions of TOS and in many of the old fx sequences….it did look a little blue.

Wow can’t wait, wish is 1:350 but it look very nice.

#7 lol, nice one!

#10 I agree-they need to get these out faster!

#4, 9 I gotta say, you are right. You just can’t beat the beauty of TOS and the refit Enterprise. I am lucky enough to have the Master Replicas Enterprise that I have owned for the last two years and that ship is still the best!

These are some primo items. I sure remember that Spock-serpent model – I had it but never assembled it. I remember that UFO mystery ship, never had it, but saw it so many times beside the star trek models in the hobby stores. Later, I wanted that model but it was nowhere to be found.

Some arcane trivia: the Larry Niven-Jerry Pournelle book “Mote in God’s Eye” features a starship not unlike the Enterprise, and apparently the book descriptions were based on the authors having owned that mystery ship model. I read that on the web, but who know’ where exactly. Here’s wiki:

Hey i liked the flares in the Movie. I thought it added a lot of depth and added more realaism to it as well. So with the model i guess we can add our own flares. We can even add the flares to all of the ships named Enterprise. Including the NX01. But i just havt to get al the money together and pay for all of this. I guess i need to work some overtime.

#24: your link does not work.

Remember the days when models came out ON TIME? Second half of 2010? Who’s gonna care then?

John tenuto obviously got the scale wrong- but 28 inches doesnt seem to be 1350th either- i assume it would be longer than the motion picture refit- that was 33 inches.
They have to do the KALVIN and SHUTTLECRAFT maybe the space station and the other ships in the 11 inch range – save the special size treatment for the Enterprises!

THEY MUST DO THE ORIGINAL U.S.S. ENTERPRISE in 1350th scale with Shuttlebay and Bridge under clear dome!
the re-release sold out- get a clue- we want this!!!

They MUST also RELEASE the original series ROMULAN WARBIRD

I heard they were re releasing the 1350th refit with aztec decals- im hoping that wasnt a mistake is it just the 11 inch that has them- can anyone tell me?

Great kits. Looking forward to even more great stuff from Round 2. Their kits are high quality. I’ve built their AMT reiussue and they provide some nice extras.

The 1:1000 TOS-E also has much better detail.

Remember the large Shuttlecraft? I’d love to get one of those.

Also, I’d like to see a real nice, large TOS Enterprise (1:350).


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your decals! I wonder if they’ve got the old Enterprise bridge model waiting in the wings as well?

I’m more excited by the UFO Mystery Ship – originally released as the “Leif Ericson” – than by anything else. Among other things it served as the authors’ reference for the MacArthur in the novel “The Mote In God’s Eyes.”

A bit of trivia, the UFO Mystery ship was indeed designed by Matt Jeffries. It was intended for George Pal’s War Of The World’s TV show which would have features the first extensive use of the Magicam System.

Magicam was a device that could match a live action camera’s movements with a slaved miniature’s camera. Therefore, an actor could be filmed on a bluescreen stage and immediately composited into a miniature environment. The system was used extensively on Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series for PBS.

For more info, check out:


George Pal produced a showreel for the series which I found available on a DVD called The War Of The Worlds Video Scrapbook. The Magicam footage is actually incredibly impressive. For the wideshots that show real production value, you’d never know that the actors were not filmed on a soundstage. I don’t know if the footage exists on Youtube but it’s really very cool!

The TOS movie Enterprise is the grand lady of the fleet. The TOS TV Enterprise is the grandfather. The ST09 Enterprise is the gawky, but still oddly appealing, half-brother.

The new Enterprise is 2357 feet long – the “analysis” at Bernd’s site is anything but logical, and it’s wrong.


Yeah, me and ILM and the Round 2 company. Know before you make such claims.

awesome its cool they are releasing the UFO ship…. My friends dad has one he built back in the day on display next to the 2 AMT models he built

And is it just me or does the pic on the model box for the new ship look very reminiscent of the original E by the angle of the pic.

I have the new 1:350 scale refit and they have donea superb job. It’s everything the initial kit was but with the added bonus of enough aztecing decals to detail this impressive large size replica without ever picking up a paintbrush. But it’s over 30″ long, so be sure you have a place to put it!

Wow – I built that UFO Mystery Ship in the mid ’70s. It’s long since destroyed and gone, but it was very cooooool.

The refitted constitution class will always be my favorite Enterprise.

I couldn’t care less for the 11″ version but would LOVE(and would buy asap) the 28.5″ ST09 Enterprise.

Its been said already, but why in the world do I have to wait until over a year after the movie came out before I can get a model of the ’09 Enterprise?
What is their reasoning behind that amount of time? I would genuinely like to know.

We MUST have a 1/1000 scale New Enterprise!

Round 2, do not base your decision to make the bigger “E” on how many of the smaller scale you sell, because I and many others simply won’t buy one in the small scale. I’ll wait for the 1/1000 for certain.

Also, a 1/1,000 Kelvin (or even 1/350) would be awesome. And I may be the only person who wants a model of Spock’s ship, but I do.

AMT Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship [November 2009]


Sorry, still think the E saw her best treatment with TMP-VI.

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on my 1:1 scale Enterprise. (TOS) The neighbors are a tad miffed, since it crushes a dozen of their homes, plus a Quik Trip when it keens to port. But, it’s a real conversation piece and much more tasteful and politically correct than a lawn jockey.


Yeah, seriously. I’m holding out for the Thunderchild.

If I look at the windows of the JJprise and compare it with the rest of the ship and the original movie Enterprise, they are +- the same size. I don´t care, what official numbers are, because the people had to be twice big as they are now. And original Spock wasn´t smaller than Zachary Quinto :-D :-D

Matt’s UFO Mystery Ship…. why, that would be excellent for JJ’s team to use that in the sequel! ;) But updated, with oversized engines, and too much blue light. j/k

The best E was the one we never got: the Phase II Enterprise that was the TOS Enterprise plus the TMP engines, but without the darkened textures. As much as I like the 1701-@ (the movie version) it just was too dark compared to the 1701 (no @, A, B, C,…).


I agree! John, could you get an answer on that? I have heard in the past that creating a model kit can be an expensive process but is that the only reason?

– More TOS era in 2011 –

What a promising headline! :)

Snap together? I hope they put out a regular model for us. Good ole glue and paint!