JJ Abrams Presents Leonard Nimoy With Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award & Talks Trek Sequel

Last night the 35th annual Saturn Awards were held in Los Angeles honoring the world of science fiction. The big winner of the night was The Dark Knight, with Star Trek eligible for next year’s awards. But Trek was still there as Leonard Nimoy was given a lifetime achievement award, presented by JJ Abrams, who also made some comments about the next Star Trek film.


Abrams talks next Trek
With the current Star Trek movie being a hit, everyone is thinking about the next entry. Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have talked about how they haven’t started yet, but are weighing the big question about on if they should or should not return to a classic Star Trek story for the next Trek. JJ Abrams, who will produce and possibly direct the Star Trek sequel, chimed in on that topic, telling SciFiWire:

The great thing is we’re all open to anything. I think the fun of where we are with Trek is that it can and should just be fully explored. So I think to limit ourselves to only new adventures would be a mistake.

Abrams also told SFW he and Tom Cruise are "just developing" a "very cool" idea for MI4.

Abrams at Saturns
(Photo by SciFi)

Nimoy gets a Saturn
Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in film and television which span over five decades. Although mostly known for his portrayal of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror also noted Nimoy’s accomplishments in Mission Impossible, Columbo, Fringe and more. JJ Abrams was at the Saturns to present the award to Nimoy.

Nimoy with his Saturn
(Photo by PR Photos – Al Ortega)

Abrams picks up award for Lost + Dark Knight & BSG big winners
As for other winners, last night The Dark Knight picked up five Saturns, including Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film. Also receiving multiple Saturn Awards were The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Iron Man which won three Saturn Awards apiece. Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica picked up the most awards for a TV series, with three Saturns, including Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series. JJ Abrams also picked up an award for Lost as Best Network Series.

In addition to Abrams and Nimoy, also on hand was Voyager’s Robert Picardo, who presented an award. Rod Roddenberry attended the awards and tweeted some cameraphone images, including Nimoy and Picardo.

Leonard Nimoy accepting his Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award
(Photo by Rod Roddenberry)

Bob Picardo presenting Saturn Award
(Photo by Rod Roddenberry)

A full list of winners and more info available at saturnawards.org

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Congratulations, Mr. Nimoy! You’ve earned it!

‘Bout time!

I love J.J.!

Shatner is probably as green as the Orian slaves girls about now.

now its time to get him an OSCAR for best supporting actor in Star Trek

lets make it happen!!

Congratulations, sir!

This is Leonard’s year….Paris has to be in MI4! Nimoy for an Oscar!

Thank you for being there for us Mr. Nimoy. Congrats!

I hope they remake The Wrath of Khan, and get someone decent to play Khan this time.


From that JJ quote, im placing my bet that Khan will be in our next movie!

Nimoy as Paris Prime, indeed!

Way to go, LN. You’re an inspiration in real life, as well as in our fav fiction.

That trophy for the Saturn award is enormous! Kind of reminds me of the Lirpa from “Amok Time”. Congrats!

Glad to hear JJ’s remaining open-minded about story concepts … “infinite possibilities,” as Spock once said.

Please lets have a new story for the next movie. Same crew, same ship but give us something new!

I’m wondering, would he have won that award without his appearance in the recent Trek movie?


Probably not, but long overdue.

4–I highly doubt that. He was probably too busy polishing his Emmys.

J.J. et al, please don’t bring Khan back…don’t mess with perfection. Make your own Khan-worthy sequel Instead; there’s lot’s of territory to be explored. Why not have young Captain Kirk saddled with the unpleasant task of negotiating mineral rights with a corrupt ruling council on a planet newly discovered to be rich in a rare, highly pure form of dilithium crystal…’cept Kirk discovers that the council is mostly made up of power-hungry fugitives from the Tarsus IV regime. I dunno…

William Shatner must be absolutely LIVID, he’s such a jealous egomaniac.

#18 and you know this because…?

A) you read it in George Takei’s autobiography?
B) you read it in Nichelle Nicholls autobiography?
C) you read it in Walter Koenig’s?

I’m sure you didn’t read it in Leonard Nimoy’s. They are best friends. Shatner would be nothing but very happy for him, and probably was one of the first to congratulate him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he mentioned it and passed on his best on a forthcoming Shatnervision video.

As for new adventures.

Every new mission will be fresh. Kirk is captain years before the five year mission. Every encounter will play differently.

New does not equal good. Insurrection and Nemesis were new.

Well done and great to see Bob Picardo in action at one of these events I think he is such an good actor, would be good to get him in to ST12? I would like to see more on the Doomsday Machine and the rebuilding of Vulcan Mark II(?)

Maybe having some of the relics from Vulcan Mark I fall into Klingon hands that could tip the balance or that we find out that during the 25 years they had nero and his ship that they were able to recreate some of the borg tech (if you follow the comic) and wage war on the Alpha quadrant?

JJ got it right! New adventures won’t mesh in this hybrid-alternate reality they have created. Obviously, having familiar characters behaving the way they did in TOS means there is a thread of sameness that still exists in this new alternate universe. I say, put a new twist on TOS characters and missions.

11. CmdrR – June 25, 2009

Nimoy as Paris Prime, indeed!

Pairs can be the new voice on the mission recordings.

The comment “to limit ourselves to only new adventures would be a mistake” makes absolutely no sense. lol Go to all the work of creating an alternate universe to play in, so you don’t have to repeat the past…and then…repeat the past?

I WANT new adventures. I’m sick of rehashes. Give me something NEW!

Congrats to Mr. Nimoy. About time!

# 20 “New adventures won’t mesh …”
I think we should be realistic: for most of the audience it won’t matter at all if the next movies’ stories are old, new or differently remade adventures – as long as they are well told and thrilling. The new, younger fans Star Trek desperately needed and ST09 brought in are, IMO, not very interested in the details of a series that premiered over 40 years ago. And, yes, some fans were not satisfied with ST09 and/or won’t be with the next movie – so what? Some people would find nits to pick if Shakespeare returned from the dead and wrote the next script …

I’m in favor of a new story (no Khan, please!), but if there is an episode that could be remade, I would vote for “The Cage/ The Menagerie”. Think of it: all the protagonists are there (Pike, Spock, Kirk), but in different circumstances – so the story HAS to play out differently. After the original episodes Star Trek encountered many other mind controlling/illusion casting species, so there could be a better solution to this conflict than running away and making landing on Talos IV a capital offense. Admiral Pike could be on a second ship, and instead of Vina, it could be Gaila (wounded in the Battle of Vulcan) down on the planet …

So, BBBG*, JJ, if you want my money – but most importantly give us another good movie!
(*Better Bring Back Gaila)

I bet it was Nimoy’s stellar supporting role in his first scifi serial……………………………..ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Anyone here old enough to recall that gem?

Actually I have to stick up for William Shatner, he might be letting Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Abrams enjoy their time in the sun. It seems everytime Mr. Shatner’s out someone always asks him how he feels about not being in the film.
Mr. Shatner’s doing fine post Trek, he just finished spenting how any years working on Boston Legal and before that TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, Airplane 2 and various guest appearances ( including a clever appearance on SeaQuest with 1701 in small print on the viewscreen).

I don’t think Mr. Shatner needs to be jealous of anyone, most actors would love to have his career and everyone knows his name.

#24, I’m old enough to have read about it, even if I didn’t see it, and have an appreciation for Old School Sci Fi.

I hope someone at the awards show mentioned Nimoy’s work in “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”, if you haven’t seen that little gem, youtube it :)

Yes, I saw it years ago on TV. A classic worthy of Ed Wood.

Btw, look up the article posted here some weeks ago about the Al Hirschfeld Star Trek drawings. There is a video clip where Nimoy shows Shatner some of the art, souvenirs etc. in his house. He actually HAS something from “Zombies …” and makes a short comment on it. My thought seeing this was: Wow, that man is absolutely fearless!

I want BORG in the next film :-)

“So I think to limit ourselves to only new adventures would be a mistake.” – With regret, I think this means Khan is on his way. Lowest common denominator, Hollywoods preferred option.

No Khan, no Borg. Please.

No revenge-hungry villains at all. I beg you.

“Limit ourselves”…to new adventures??? JJ, how are new adventures limiting?

This is wonderful news for Nimoy. And how fitting, a Saturn. =)

Leonard Nimoy is such a dignified and talented man! His work is from the heart. The best autobiography ever written is his, I Am Spock. I think the man and all his work as an actor, director, producer or photographer deserved a life-time achievement award many years ago. Not because he is aging now, but because he has done enough for two lifetimes already even though he has obviously always sought quality over quantity.

I look forward to seeing him more on TV and potentially in the next Star Trek film. I can’t imagine why young Spock wouldn’t go visit him, at least.

Congratulations, Mr. Nimoy. I am blessed to have shared your work.

Congrats Mr. Nimoy. Well deserved.

As for JJ’s comment. I really don’t get why you’d reboot the universe and then just redo a story we’ve already seen. Do some original or what was the point?

JJ’s comment…. hm… well, TNG did just about everything. So I won’t mind if they pluck a little idea from TNG and explore it in new and interesting ways that tell me more about myself as I am now, rather than what it said when I first saw it as a kid. Just remember the ideas and the meanings are important. Putting in Borg for the sake of action is not right. Put them in because you have something to say about communism or individualism or something… Fair enough?

Star Trek “II” : How Khan Got His Wrath Back

“Star Trek “II” : How Khan Got His Wrath Back”

Now that’s funny!

“Shatner is probably as green as the Orian slaves girls about now.”

Shatner got his Saturn a while back..

I’d like to see Paris in the new M:I movie. Its possible now that Leonard’s back and about in movies and TV.

Mr Nimoy truly deservied the award. Congradulations and may you live long and prosper. For the next Trek Movie. Court. Just use your Vivid imaginenation and let it go wild and give us a story that will capture us and entertain us and make us want to go back for more. But Give us a real Engine Room. Thats the only change you need to make. For the Lens flairs. Im kool with that.

Congrats to Leonard as always. As I’ve said before, I think he is one of the most respectable members of the original cast – if not Star Trek overall – and he certainly deserves the praise and admiration.

Now, on to talk about the concept of the Star Trek movie. I’ve kept quiet for a while as new ideas of what should come next are floating around. One of the big ideas that seems to be stated is the idea of trying to make a movie more like “Star Trek” – a story more about idealism or exploration. I’ve heard quite a few things thrown around about re-making episodes or stories like episodes, but one thing I notice is a lot of the ideas being thrown around are a little, well, boring. I hate to say it, but a lot of the plot lines in Trek, TOS, TNG, etc., were often slow moving, dialogue heavy plots with some deep meaning or idea that could have been said or shown in one scene but stretched on into 45 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, for TV, that’s great. But we have to remember we are talking about the BIG SCREEN here, and most likely another release during the summer movie season. The chances of us seeing a remake of the The Cage, Amok Time or anything truly along the lines of the TV episodes is pretty unlikely. Remember, one of the main reasons ST09 has done so well is because of the action/adventure element that any member of the audience can identify with, not necessarily the drama or slower story moments which were meant for character development or nods to us fans.

All of that is to say, we are most likely going to see something pretty similar to this first movie – big, fast-paced, lots of action, explosions, and, of-course, more dogfights in space. Remember, JJ and crew’s main motivation was to make Star Trek more like Star Wars in the feel of the epic adventure and awesome space battles. I would expect no less in the next one. I’m not saying there is not room for story development, but I highly doubt we will see the on-screen version of City on the Edge of Forever. Other than Helen Keller being run over by a car, the excitement (as with many Trek episodes) is a little lacking.

Lets have a GORN Invasion of the Federation.With CGI Gorns that make really look like lizards and Chris Pines and co kicking Ass

Congrats to Mr Nimoy! Well deserved, sir!

Hmm… sounds like the Court is already considering a remake. I would give my eyeteeth to know which one…

Helen Keller?
Did you mean Edith Keeler?
Or did I miss a wink-wink nudge-nudge…?

“…limit ourselves to only new adventures…” translation – We haven’t got any good original ideas yet. Maybe they’ll copy Empire Strikes Back this time around:


As long as the new movie has jive-talking robots in it… I’m there!

For the sequel restore the timeline, if you all don’t like then poodoo on you! :p

Well done indeed, Mr Nimoy!

Sequels….you can count on it.

Be well Mr. Nimoy! Continued health and satisfying creativity. Thank you sir.