Denise Crosby Talks Fans, Leaving TNG, Trekkies 3 and more

Next Generation’s Tasha Yar, and executive producer/host of the two Trekkies documentaries Denise Crosby is is Tulsa, OK this weekend appearing at TrekExpo. The actress has a new interview in the Oklahoma press talking about fans, leaving TNG, the new movie, Trekkies 3 and more.  


Crosby talks trek and fans

Here are some excerpts from the interview

On fans

Q. What is the actors’ take on fans?

A. You know, it’s an interesting one because it’s unique. … It’s such a fan-driven show, “Star Trek,” so if you’re disliked by fans, they’ll really let you know it. But at the same time, if you’re embraced by them, they are just the most loyal, devoted people. I did a play last year off-Broadway — I had “Star Trek” fans show up for it. I didn’t promote it as such, but they found out. And they will support anything you do. They are really, truly loyal to you and the show and because they have these unique kind of gatherings — some of these conventions have been going on for 30 years — and they’ve spawned all kinds of things: marriages, children, friendships, die-hard relationships. And I think the actors in the beginning have a little bit of an adjustment to make from it because it’s overwhelming. It can feel oppressive in some ways or controlling in some ways, almost too involved, too obsessive. But then you realize they are going to be there; they are there for you, take it or
leave it. You can get involved, you can stay uninvolved, you can do as much as you need to to get into it.

On leaving TNG

Q. Do you have any regrets now about leaving “Star Trek: The Next Generation”? (Crosby left the show during its first season.)

A. You know, at the time it was so very frustrating for me. It was just wearing thin that we were a big ensemble cast and so many days and weeks were spent where I’m just going “Aye, aye, captain” and just sort of standing around and not having a story line. I think I was 29 or 28, and you are really hungry then to have some meat to chew on. So for me it was “What is going to happen? Where are we going to go with this?” and I just couldn’t see spending six more years doing that. Now at that time, you’re young; I don’t have children to put through school or house payments to make or all that stuff that gets you to a different place financially. So if you’re going to take a shot and roll the dice, that’s when you do it. But little did I know how much more involved I would continue to become in this show. I would come back, I would play another character, I would make two documentaries about it. And of course I didn’t realize then how this character of Tasha Yar really impacted
people. You don’t know those things when you’re doing it. A lot is revealed through time.

On a possible "Trekkies 3"

Crosby said following the popularity of the new “Star Trek” film, she’s hoping to make a “Trekkies 3” that will touch on the new film and its actors and fans as well as visit places not covered by the previous films.

“Our intention was always to make a ‘3,’ to have a triple box set. And there are areas I still want to go to. ‘Trekkies 1’ was domestic and ‘Trekkies 2’ we went global, but we didn’t get everywhere,” she said. “And I’m curious still, to make it a full circle about Asia, Africa and India, like what’s going on there, sort of our ‘Lost in Translation’ version of ‘Trekkies.’ ”

Much more from Crosby, including why she hasn’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet at

Trekkies 3?
Should there be a Trekkies 3 documentary? Is a focus on Asia and Africa really worth a whole doc? Maybe something covering more fan productions? Or the ‘new’ Trek fans from the new movie? What do you think?

Here are the trailers for Trekkies 1 & 2

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Trekkies 3 will be awesome.

I remember her Playboy spread.

I loved Tasha! She was my favorite Character and when she died I was so upset…..that is still one of my FAV TNG Episodes though.

no weirder than most religions!

I think so there is alot of Star Trek populaity in Asian conturies Japan there been alot of mruchindise Heck I even the once I find my self even Mangas of Star Trek and they even have a Star Trek like show In Japan through can anyone gust what that is Hmm

Well, she got to do a lot more than just stand around in that Red Shoe Diaries episode…

I just found out she is Bing Cosby’s granddaughter. How cool is that?

*Crosby even. Although they never met it seems. Kinda sad actually.

fan productions is must for trekkies 3 , there are some great ones out they really show the amout of love those people have for trek

I don’t like the trekkies and i think they only cast a negative light on the franchise

Back during TNG Denise would occasionally saunter up to the art department in uniform (right above the stage) to use the telephone. Nice diversion from the typical day’s nutsy work.

She sure seems to enjoy still making money off a franchise she supposedly left years ago.

Ricky S


How did that play out around the water cooler

Bing Crosby was very talented, but also drank to much and was abusive to his first kids when he was younger, but got a handle on his drinking problem later in life. At least that’s what TV documentaries said about him. I just googled it, and came up with same info. But he was very talented, and movies.

#13 – Don’t believe that ever came up. Don’t recall it.

Trekkies 3 should show the battle between fans leading up to the new film.

Well, not so much battle, but debate…conflict, controversies….

for the year or two leading up the the release, it became pretty tense there.

I’ll never forget the day those first Enterprise pics came out…Trekkies were flipping out.

Ricky S

How bout Spiner’s Playboy Spread?


Rick–Thanks for dropping by the forum! It’s always so cool to hear from the insiders who played a role in the franchise we all love so much.

Any more remembrances of Denise on TNG?

Thanks for your great contributions!


2. Lord Garth – I remember her Playboy spread.

I bought that issue too; saved it for many years, then an vindictive (now-ex) girlfriend found the mag and threw it out.

Denise gotta eat. Believe me, if she had a career the words ‘Star’ and ‘Trek’ would never be heard coming from her mouth.

Trekkies 3 should cover fan productions, including Star Trek: Phase II, which Crosby worked on. It should cover new fans, fans who now love Star Trek following the new film and with old fans. Maybe include interviews with Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto and how their lives have changed since the film. That’s my idea.

19. Thank got you tossed that broad out like she so callously tossed out your issue!!! That issue is prob worth a pretty penny

Thank goodness Yar was off the show, Worf was so far superior. And his character was able to grow. She sucked, not because of Denise, but, the writing, and first season was over the top, and cornball at times. Troi stunk that season too.

I think Denise should do “3” look at the fans and the new movie, but also all the fan made episodes out there!!!! She is in a New Voyages episode, why not interview cast and crew?

Heck she could do a “B5 pluse 1” interview any B5 fans.

I think Trekkies 3 would be a great opportunity to go speak to teenagers and young adults who saw the new movie and what they think of Star Trek now.


But don’t you think that Yar would have evolved just as the rest of them did? No one faired will during season 1 or 2…. but think of the possibilities of Lt. Yar battling it out with the Borg in Best of Both Worlds.

Could have been good.

You are right and correct Wesley W. I have film from 7 Star Trek clone series, to bad two of the shows I only have segments not the whole show. But do have every show of Star Trek the Hidden Frontier, all 7 years. In this area whats Star Wars have, one production and Star Trek has (or I have) 81 shows (some are only parts).

Since Denise seems to be in charge of Trekkies, can we maker Queen of all fan productions.

She also needs to do a good segment on On-line Web sites, before in #1 & 2 they are talked about (more in #2) but not really much.

Then there are fan made shows in Country’s in Europe, the former Eastern block, Japan and Korea (that’s South, do not think it’s legal to have fun in North).

And lets not forget this site, shall we try to get Anthony a guest spot in the film. He needs to be honored for all his efferts and the joys that his finds give us each and every day.

Anyone got the fan mail address for Trekkies Productions (guess on the name)

Nobody caaaaaares about you Denise.

Uh, excuse me, I care very much about Denise! I’m a huge Tasha Yar/Sela fan!

I liked Tasha very much. In fact, I was a teenager back then and I really had a big crush on her.
What a shame Denise decided to leave the show. I’m sure her character would have developed in time.

28 (“Spock”? I don’t think so!): You know, “condition X does not apply to me” does not entail “condition X applies to nobody”. Elementary logic, my friend.

Yar dying in the first season had me hoping more characters would get killed off in the show. It was a gutsy thing for Denise Crosby to do and shifted the ‘comfort zone’ of TNG for a while. It made things seem a lot more dangerous. Sadly no one else was killed off or moved on!

Denise leaving the show taught the rest of the TNG cast a lesson. Your already typecast and if you want a paycheck, better stay on board. Also, Farrah’s story gives insight into the world of work in TV. She left Charlie’s Angels prematurely and it affected her ability to get work the rest of her life.

31: Wesley crusher and Ro Laren moved on. Ro wasn’t really a regular, though.

Hey, why not a TREKKIES 3. We can spend another 45 minutes in the life and times of that chick who wears her TNG pajamas to court. Seriously, what the hell. The thing I dislike about these films is that for every couple of people they have on who are like “We’re just normal people who like to unwind by putting on latex foreheads and grunting like we had the all-you-can-eat buffet at COLON CRACKERS the night before”, you have people who reinforce the worst of the stereotypes. My girlfriend pointed out during a viewing of TREKKIES 2 recently that the more far out people seem somehow to be emotionally damaged, and that Trek is their coping mechanism. Like the “My wife left me so I turned my house into a starship with no bed so I sleep on the floor” guy. At least he had the sense to look mildly embarrased.

I work for a state government agency that deals with testing for Civil Service jobs. Recently, someone sent me a resume to be evaluated to determine what tests he should sit for, and he included his transcript for “Starfleet Academy” with the packet. What the hell. I’m not sure what universe this guy lives in (Ok, so maybe I do know what universe he lives in), but what kind of real-world job does a major in “Borg Studies” get you, beyond sitting in a pile of your own filth and accusing the vaccum cleaner of mutiny? I just have visions of this guy going to a job interview (oddly enough, crammed into Uhura’s mirror universe costume), and introducing himself as Lt. Commander Ballsack, Chief Sheep-Shagger of the USS Buttmunch. Or something like that.

Then I usually laugh and take another hit.

#27–Because I am generous, I will assist. The production company for both TREKKIES films was Neo Art & Logic. There is no email address listed, but the company mailing address and phone number is as follows:

Neo Art & Logic
8315 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

I always liked Denise, She seems so personable in interviews.
_ A little off point, but. . . Whatever happened to Jennifer Lien, I always liked her and its such a shame she is not in anything anymore, also Terry farrell. . . Just wondering.

I would like Trekkies 3 to focus on the new fans as well as the well known fans who were influenced by Star Trek in the Science community. Trek is more then conventions and people in costume, it is about a better future and technology that promotes well being and harmony for the planet.