FSM Releasing Complete Soundtrack For Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

TrekMovie is excited to announce some big news, especially for Star Trek soundtrack aficionados. Film Score Monthly and Screen Archives Entertainment are releasing the complete soundtrack to James Horner’s classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan score. We have all the details. 


Star Trek II: The Expanded Soundtrack

Originally released in 1982, and owing to the limitations of space on cassettes and LPs at the time, the TWOK soundtrack featured about 44:50 minutes of music. As they have done with previous releases such as the amazing 8CD Superman box set, Film Score Monthly/Screen Archives Entertainment have now greatly enhanced the TWOK music offering with an expanded edition of the score. With 23 tracks, the expanded edition of TWOK includes 76:58 minutes of music, featuring all the previously unreleased music available. Fans will be able to hear some of Horner’s beautiful music (made all the amazing considering he was only 28 years old at the time) for the first time on CD.

The  filmscoremonthly.com website has this description:

Star Trek II was released on LP by Atlantic Records in a 45-minute program issued on CD by GNP/Crescendo (long out of print). Although the album program featured the score’s highlights, fans have long clamored for a complete-score presentation—adding such important cues as the mind-control sequences involving Chekov and Capt. Terrell being possessed by alien eels, the revelation of the Genesis Cave, the final battle between the Enterprise and Reliant, and Spock’s death and funeral ("Amazing Grace"). FSM delivers in cooperation with Rhino Entertainment (who administer the Atlantic Records catalog) and Paramount Pictures (owners of the Star Trek film franchise)—remastering the complete score from Dan Wallin’s 1982 three-track film mixes, stored in the Paramount vaults in sterling sound quality.

Star Trek II: The Expanded Soundtrack CD packaging front and back
(click to enlarge)

Rare music from a Trek classic
Two of the more exciting offerings are the music from the scene where Spock sacrifices himself for the crew ("Spock (dies)") and the amazing battle music of "Enterprise Attacks Reliant." The expanded edition also includes the one selection not composed by Horner. The music for "The Genesis Project" was actually composed by Craig Huxley. Astute fans may remember that Huxley, now a Grammy and Emmy award winning musician, played Peter Kirk (nephew to Captain Kirk in "Operation Annihilate!") and Tommy Starnes ("And the Children Shall Lead"). He is also the inventor of the "blaster beam" instrument which was the voice of V’Ger in Jerry Goldsmith’s music for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. There are also bonus tracks, including "Amazing Grace" and the original epilogue and end credits music. As many fans know, the scene with Spock’s photon casing on Genesis was added to the film after completion. This necessitated new music and reediting of the film. The TWOK bonus track includes the version of the music as it originally would have played if this scene was not added to the feature film.

The soundtrack also includes an extensive and detailed 28-page program booklet, with many rare photos (some supplied by myself, with director Meyer’s permission, from my collection of photos from the amazing "The Papers of Nicholas Meyer Collection" from the University of Iowa) and liner notes from Jeff Bond, Lukas Kendall, and Alexander Kaplan. Here is an exclusive look at a sample page from the booklet.

Sample page from TWOK Extended Soundtrack booklet
(click to enlarge)

Get the Extended TWOK Soundtrack now
The soundtrack costs $19.95 is available now, online only. You can purchase (and listen to clips) at filmscoremonthly.com. [note: this Soundtrack is not a ‘limited edition’ so if you have trouble getting to their site today, don’t worry]

You can also pick it up at the Screen Archives Entertainment booth at SDCC, booth #429.

FSM and SA also have a special deal where you can save $5 if you order this and other select science fiction soundtracks and spend more than $50. Details at ScreenArchives.com.

TRACK LISTING (listen to clips at filmscoremonthly.com)
1. Main Title 3:06
2. Surprise on Ceti Alpha V 0:45
3. Khan’s Pets 4:19
4. The Eels of Ceti Alpha V/Kirk in Space Shuttle 3:53
5. Enterprise Clears Moorings 3:33
6. Chekov Lies 0:40
7. Spock 1:12
8. Kirk Takes Command/He Tasks Me 2:07
9. Genesis Project (Composed and Performed by Craig Huxley) 3:16
10. Surprise Attack 5:07
11. Kirk’s Explosive Reply 4:01
12. Inside Regula I 1:35
13. Brainwashed 1:24
14. Captain Terrell’s Death 1:58
15. Buried Alive 0:57
16. The Genesis Cave 1:09
17. Battle in the Mutara Nebula 8:07
18. Enterprise Attacks Reliant 1:29
19. Genesis Countdown 6:34
20. Spock (Dies) 1:53
21. Amazing Grace 1:26
22. Epilogue/End Title 8:41
Bonus Track
23. Epilogue (original version)/End Title 7:29


MORE on the TWOK Extended Soundtrack to come
TrekMovie will soon have a review of the new TWOK Extended Soundtrack, along with an interview about the project from FSM’s Lukas Kendall.


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thats jut FREAKEN INCREDIBLE !!!!!! I can’t believe it ! I’m a huge collector of Star Trek Soundtracks and this just MADE MY DAY !

Bah. I’m so sorry, but this is my dream soundtrack! I even made my own cover artwork for what I would have done with the soundtrack a couple of years ago.


Frak! Gotta have it!


Will it end up on iTunes?

Hi Everyone, and thanks for your great comments. As far as I know there are no plans to put the soundtrack on itunes, because of the way the rights are jointly with Atlantic Records and Paramount Pictures; I suppose they could work it out, but we only have physical CD rights. Thanks!

Could there be more to come?

ST III through VI expanded editions would be most welcome!

(ST V would be VERY nice…yes, VERY nice, indeed)

Okay, someone has to do it …

KHAAAAAANNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am definately getting this. I’ve been wishing for this for as long as I’ve had the (superb) GNP Crescendo CD.

This score was one of those that introduced me to soundtracks, and is one of my all-time favorites.

it will not be on itunes


A rep from LaLa Land Records said on the Film Score Monthly message board that a Trek soundtrack boxset is impossible because the rights are owned by five or six different companies (Sony, Atlantic, GNP Crescendo, Epic, MCA, etc.) but individual releases would be possible. And as we’ve seen today, that’s true! Personally, I can’t wait for Trek III and V (fingers crossed).

Very, very exciting…

I, too, would love to see expanded editions of the subsequent films.

I can’t wait for this. Now we need Star Trek 3 as well, since it is a companion to 2.

Trek III is a must for them to do, now that they have Trek II.

These scores go together like Kirk and Spock.


I’d love to find some of the extended First Contact score while we’re at it. The scene where the Phoenix goes to warp is some of the most exciting Trek film music not released on the soundtrack.

SPOCK DIES?!! WHAT!! SPOILERS!!! Oh, can’t wait to get it.. Hope we can get the other movies, too.

Ordered as ordered! I can’t wait!

Now, if they’d only expand ST:TMP with “Red Alert” and “Kirk Lost”. Why those were left off the official release, who knows?


Or what about the score that played during the crews recreation of V’Ger destroying the klingon ships on the recreation deck and the ultimate V’Ger reveal for the Director’s Edition?

Oh, right. That too.

Well, at least they’re out there…somewhere :D

Wishlisted. I’ll have to wait until August to actually order it (payday).

Wow… I remember copying the “Amazing Grace” cue to the end of my Star Trek II cassette tape when I was in college, because one of my wingmates had his VCR audio piped through his stereo and could record it for me. You have to remember that in 1984, that was the coolest thing ever.

(In fact, I still have the tape.)

Will be nice to pick up the entire soundtrack now. The artwork looks great!

Awesome…just ordered it.

I have it on Vinyl sitting next to me right now. A cherished B-Day present from a close friend.

Finally! One of the best ST scores finally gets the treatment it deserves. So ordering it.

Wow. This is one of the greats. Horner was only 28. Friggin’ incredible piece of work. I’m buying this puppy for sure.

And I second the motion for a TSFS expanded set as well. They are very much companion pieces.


I’ve been waiting for this ever since the “official” TMP score was released back in 2001.

Hey, FSM, any possibility of releasing all of The Motion Picture’s soundtrack officially?

KHAN FOR THE……*sighs* u get the idea

Excellent! I’ve wanted this one for AGES! Finally – and they ship to Canada cheaper than Amazon!!! Already ordered. . .

Most impressive. I shall have it.

Always wanted the rest of those cues. Excellent day for Trekkies!

Just ordered it. the best trek movie EVER gets its due. Horner’s soundtrack is the best of the best.

#22 Marvin — people younger than us don’t understand how cool that was. I used to do the same thing to listen to different sections of the music. For a while, the only place to get the Trek II soundtrack was on a cassette at a convention (where I got mine). I think it was over 15 years before we got the trek II and trek III soundtracks on CD. Good times.

Ordered. Can’t wait. What a great year for Trek. :)

Can someone speak knowledgeably about the portion of the TWOK soundtrack used when we see the camera sweep from Enterprise over the dead moonlet to reveal Reliant (It’s been awhile, but I think this is just after Kirk reveals that they’re only stuck for a couple hours and it’s before the later battles). My observation is that this became THE basis for bad guy incidental music over the next two decades, sci-fi and otherwise.
Thoughts, comments, passing of pretentious gas?

(on the above list, I would think it would fit between 16 & 17)

What? No commentary from someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the movie or other movies and tv shows!? Definitely a buy for me!

Wow! He was only twenty-eight? Amazing film score!

Oh brother. I can see it now. Trek fan invites date home after dinner (yeah right a date) and says let me put on some mood music. Date leaves at warp 9.

What’s with that cover they always use for Wrath of Khan items now? The poster art with the Space station shooting at the Enterprise? Could they not use the original one sheet poster?

I still have the LP

Just ordered it! FINALLY, the Amazing Grace cut, I always wondered why it was not included on the LP.

35 – That was the Main Title / Kirk’s theme, mixing into Khan’s theme, and it was part of Battle in the Mutara Nebula, which was on the original GNP / Atlantic release.

Khan’s theme is more of a vengeful sounding cue with low brass, and was heard at least as early as Surprise Attack, and in slowed down form in Khan’s Pets, which accompanies the sequence where Khan takes off his one glove, and chekov recognises him.

Those two themes, plus Spock’s theme (a sweeping theme that became the main title theme for Star Trek III) are the 3 major themes for this score.

Gimmie! gimmie! Gimmie!


I believe it is the Enterprise shooting at the Space Station actually. I should know, I have one of those posters hanging behind me at work.

Joseph Chapes

SWEET!! Do it for TSFS also, please!!!

About goddamn time. Star Trek III next, kindly.

Am I the only one reading far too much into this?

Re-Releasing of all the Original Series movies, complete with a rerendering and ‘touching up’ of the visual FX and now the release of the expanded soundtrack…

Now to me, it seems Paramount are trying to make damn sure the newbie fans know who Kahn is?


ST:III NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!