Roddenberry Productions Debuting ‘Trek 3-D’ Enterprise Prints + ‘Days Missing’ Comic Series at SDCC

Rodenberry Productions has some exciting events and debuts planned for Comic Con in San Diego. These include a new original comic book series, a set of new 3-D lenticular Star Trek prints, and even a special scuba dive with Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ. Details on all of that below.


3-D Star Trek prints and Roddenberry Productions is the company run by Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod. They sell a wide variety of products related to shows created by Gene Roddenberry, including Star Trek. If you visit the Roddenberry booth at Comic Con you will be able to see some of the most popular items, as well as some brand new items.

This week at Comic Con, Roddenberry Productions is introducing a new Star Trek product line with their ‘3-D Trek’ series of prints. These 17"x10" prints use lenticular technology in order to create an amazing 3-D effect. starts the line with three USS Enterprise images: The original NCC-1701, the TNG movie era 1701-E (fighting the Borg), and the new USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

Classic Enterprise image for new Roddenberry 3-D prints (click image to enlarge)
[click here for to see back]

Each print is based on a digital design from Emmy award winning artist Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz who is also known to Star Trek fans as the co-creator of the popular Ships of the Line calendar series. For each print Mojo created a number of high-resolution CGI images specifically designed and optimized for the lenticular process. The prints do not require special glasses to see the 3-D effect. Although suitable for framing and mounting, the back of each print features starship schematics, tactical displays, and archival information.

Enterprise E fighting the Borg image for new Roddenberry 3-D prints (click to enlarge) [click here for to see back]

I had a chance to check out these prints and the 3-D is really amazing. The pictures in this article show them in 2-D and so they really don’t do them justice. If you want to simulate the 3-D effect, you can check out some ‘anaglyph’ images on Mojo’s site  (which require 3-D glasses, which you can pick up an any Blockbuster).

New movie Enterprise image for new Roddenberry 3-D prints (click to enlarge)
[click here for to see back]

This premier series of 3-D lenticular Trek prints can be purchased individually for $15.00 or as a set of three for $40.00. You can pick them up at the Roddenberry booth (#2374) at San Diego Comic Con starting on preview night (tomorrow). They will also be available at by Thursday.

‘Days Missing’ Comic Book premiere
Roddenberry Productions is branching out with their first original comic book, to be published by Archaia. The five-issue "Days Missing" mini-series tells the stories of a mysterious being known only as “The Steward.” His ability to literally “fold” days of time has allowed him to secretly remove critical days from our shared history that have forever changed the course of mankind.

Roddenberry has lined up a big name team of comic industry vets and notable up-and-comers for the series, including writers Phil Hester (The Darkness), Ian Edginton (Stormwatch), Matz (The Killer), David Hine (Batman: Battle for the Cowl), and artists
Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin), Chris Burnham (X-Men: Divided We Stand),  Lee Moder (Legion of Super-Heroes), Hugo Petrus (Wolverine: First Class), and Dale Keown (Pitt).

Issue One will be at retailers in August. An exclusive, limited-edition cover version for issue #1 will be on sale for $5 at the Archaia (#2635) and Roddenberry Productions (#2734) booths at San Diego Comic-Con. There will also be a panel for the comic with Rod Roddenberry, series creator Trevor Roth,  and many of the artists and writers on Thursday, July 23, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Room 3. All attendees will receive a free copy of Days Missing #1! Room 3.

Days Missing #1 cover (click to enlarge)

More information on this new comic series at

Dive with Roddenberry and Tuvok
Another Comic-Con activity from will be an event for the Roddenberry Dive Team. On Thursday July 23rd at 8:30 AM, you can join the “Comic Con Dive: Boldly Explore the Underwater Universe at La Jolla Shores!” event with Rod Roddenberry and special guest diver Tim Russ, Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager. For more details and information visit




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Gotta love all ships named Enterprise!

I’m glad they chose the scene where Enterprise bursts from the atmosphere of Titan for the poster of the new ship – that was probably her finest moment in the entire film.

I won’t be able to make it to Comic-Con… but hopefully, someday I’ll be able to see the backside of the JJ-Prise poster. I do admit, I really liked the look of the Alternate Reality LCARS.

Beautiful prints. I wish i could go to comic con. But my vacation ends tomorrow in san diego then back to chicago :(

It says that they’ll be available on the website by Thursday. ;)

I want the next Star Trek movie to be in IMAX 3-D, not just regular IMAX. I want to set my phasers to fullon sensory overload. Imagine the Enterprise popping out in extreme high definition 3-D. WOW.

5 – That sounds amazing! I really hope they do it – that sounds like it would work great with the new warp drive effect. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time or dramatic reason in the film to show Enterprise lift off from Riverside Shipyard for the first time – that would have looked amazing on IMAX 3-D, too!

Darth Mojo is da man!


And, these? I can afford!

Look forward to seeing them in person!

Those prints look great and the price is right as well. I’ll definitely be picking up the classic 1701 and maybe the JJ version (never cared for the 1701-E design though, really ugly if you ask me). Hopefully we’ll get one of the TMP refit at some point.

I’ll pick up the TOS and JJ 1701s, but not the E. Not because I don’t like the design, but because that’s not a good shot of her.

Let history never forget the name….Enterprise…no matter if it be Prime Enterprise, JJPrise, or 1701E…she is a beauty!!!! and now in 3D!!!!!!!!!!
I was hoping that the IMAX was in 3D, but alas….wouldn’t that have been
awesome…..3D lens flares…..could cause seizures I would imagine!!!!

That has got to be the BEST shot of the new movie Enterprise I have seen yet.

Might have been nice if they were a larger size, say 42″ in length, horizontally. Just above the sofa would have looked great.

I’ll be looking for the 3D Star Trek Posters. Will they branch out into other poster objects. Like Space Station DSN or even the old K7 station. Maybe some of the ships fron TOSe, they are already in digital form.

Still got my Enterprise-A and DSN space station models that my NASA model builder made, but posters can go in other rooms and look just as cool.

Has anyone seen Tim Russ on the Nick show iCarly? He’s actually very good playing straight-man to wise cracking kids.

I’ll admit that I watch iCarly… but I won’t admit my age… lol.

and yes, I nearly plotzed when I saw Tim Russ as the school principle.

Cool. I own a gallery and custom frame shop. I might just have to order a bunch of these to get framed up and then sell. And keep.

Would LOVE to see a Questor Tapes comic(s) or series!

Fantastic shot of the TOS Enterprise in action, I will be getting that one. I think Roddenberry will be set up at the Las Vegas convention so I will look for it there.

Great looking prints. I wonder what is involved in creating lenticular imaging. Does anyone else think that the Enterprise E just has way to much shit all over it? It’s looks like a PC.

#20 – I always felt the designers went overbard on the detail with that ship and it is interesting to see the gradual evolution from the clean lines of the TOS model, to the aztecing patterns of the TMP ship to the hyperdetailed TNG movie design.

The whole ship design for the 1701-E feels ungainly and lacks the elegance of its predecessors to me. The absence of the connecting dorsal between the primary and secondary hull gives it a flat, pancaked appearance and the nacelles look gigantic in many scenes. Its an odd evolution, given my tastes anyway.

Look at the tiny windows of the new-movie-E! Man, she’s a big lady!
Anyway, where is my wonderful D???

If I only had the money…

“Click here for to see back”?

I still believe that the new Enterprise is the worst design ever but I did enjoy the movie.

The original enterprise seems so awesome. Something is still weird about the new one certain aspects are cool but man it looks so wrong in others.

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