SDCC09: Star Trek Pictures From Paramount Booth + New USB Starfleet Badge Giveaway

San Diego Comic Con has kicked off and if you visit the Paramount Booth (#3535) you will be greeted by some lovely Orion girls and be able to pick up some Star Trek freebies. We have pictures below, plus details on a new USB Starfleet badge give-away.  


Star Trek at Paramount Home Booth

The booth features some ladies in Orion Green, but these are no slave girls, but in TOS era Starfleet uniforms. The booth also has a large backdrop of the new movie USS Enterprise, with a TOS era Captain’s chair (made by Diamond Select). As Paramount is promoting both Star Trek The Original Series Season Two on Blu-ray, as well as the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie on Blu-ray and DVD, the mixed eras seems fitting.

Give-aways – Salutes, tribbles & USB badge
As we have previously reported, Paramount is giving away Foam-finger Vulcan Salutes as well as Tribbles. Supplies run out quickly, and so you need to check back. You can also follow Paramount Home Entertainment on Twitter to get updates.

Foam finger front and back

Yesterday Paramount announced they are also giving away special USB Starfleet badges. Each badge can be used to "unlock exclusive video content" for the Star Trek 2009 Blu-ray and DVD release. These are available now at the booth, and they will be releasing more throughout the show, again follow the Twitter to find out when they are available next if you missed out.

USB badge

More from Paramount Home Entertainment later
Look for an update tonight from TrekMovie about the ‘exclusive video content’ from these badges and more on upcoming Star Trek DVDs and Blu-ray sets.

Photos: Andrew Steven Harris


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Those girls are hot! Lol

Yes they are, very hot!!!!

That USB Starfleet badge looks much better than the one I got from Kellogg’s!

Will Paramount also be doing Chicago Comic-con?

4. if so i might have to go for once…

Cool USB drive…

…Soon to be featured on eBay for some ungodly amount of money that the unlucky ones who didn’t get to go to SDCC won’t be able to afford. *sigh*

Pls advise contact info for Promotions Dept. Would like to invite Orion Girls & other ST reps to Chimaeracon 2010, San Antonio.

cool badges.

Man, those are some ugly looking women.

The girls look like that guy who ingested too much silver. I’m a wee bit color blind, but isn’t that shade closer to blue?


Well, they do look happy enough.

Meh, bad paint job on the ladies. Kinda makes me want to hide under my bed then run to em.

3. John Gill – That USB Starfleet badge looks much better than the one I got from Kellogg’s!

I agree, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen as a movie tie-in but hey for $10 + the price of the cereal it wasn’t so bad. I still have not seen the cereal that was mentioned to be coming.

I couldn’t make it to Comic Con. I’m GREEN with envy.

Are those ladies supposed to be Orions, or are they Zomboids? (I’m thinking zombies, myself…)

Wish I was there. Maybe next year.

I hate this weekend every year. Every sodding website is jam packed with SDCC stuff, and no real news to interest me.

Nice looking girls though. The middle one is a dead ringer for Jessica Alba. Shame about the make up though.

If only e’ery girl wuz’ green
I’d empty oot me spleen
And then ye’ would see
That it be Vulcan sploo in me…

Fascinating, how I have managed an emerald threesome by just stringing me Lyre… Oh, wait… that be just me fantasy… tha’ real world still wants me rent and cable bill and rest’o’tution fur’ that Hep C jaundice ward I seduced and buggered… Sick lasses are so happy now… burn me BVD’s though…

Oh, I kidz cuz’ I loves all tha’ lasses… no matter thar’ hue or mountain range or illness or vastness or age… it all good… it all good…


I hate orion slave girls !

USB Starfleet badges!!?? What will they think of next? Voice activated mobile phones in Starfleet badges…? oh hold on a minute!!

One of the things that I have always found appealing about Star Trek, in any of its incarnations, is the idea that men and women in the future will explore the universe as equals, free from current gender rolls and concepts of sexuality, that humanity will free itself from the views that hold all of us back as people who united in our humanity. I am thankful that trek is once again in pop culture but do not think we need to be pandered to by the studios as sex obsessed nerds nor that we have to sex up trek to bring people to trek.

It ain’t easy being green!

“That USB Starfleet badge looks much better than the one I got from Kellogg’s!”

I thought the same thing!

The girls are the best thing in this article!


I can think of a few orders i would love to give to the orion Girls. Love the New bridge with the classic chair. i wished they would have used that for the Movie.

Do they have any DARKER green ones?

14. I still have not seen the cereal that was mentioned to be coming.

If you are talking about the Star Trek cereal, I heard that was an North East Coast thing.

T_T Im in the verge of tears…

Every summer
It’s a bummer…
That i don’t get to go on these awesome conventions.
Lots of preparations, put on some decorations…
I’m afraid that’s a NEVER…..
Alas i face the truth…The Truth that Trek will live FOREVER!

I’m hoping someday..SOMEDAY i’ll be able to go to a convention….that small thread of hope…keeps me hangin on…
If anybody knows a convention going on ANYWHERE in the UK..please..PLEASE tell me….a young trekkie’s soul is lost=(

Why can’t we have this also in Europe!!
Really exiting …

Looking at these images, I gotta say, the classic captain’s chair looks nice on the new bridge.

That green make-up looks pretty bad. Should have just not had it on in the first place IMO.


Don’t be silly. Anyone who’s seen “The Apple” knows that bad makeup on Star Trek is canon.

Green Orion slave girls in red (female) short TOS uniforms….that fulfills two of fantasies.

Yes, it is too bad the world doesn’t revolve around your interests this weekend every year.

>>>17. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge – July 23, 2009
I hate this weekend every year. Every sodding website is jam packed with SDCC stuff, and no real news to interest me. <<<<

Well, number 35, it seems to me that in recent years that Star Trek seems to be treated as a purely American (ahem) enterprise.

And besides, there is a worldwide recession on. Some of us can’t afford to travel half way across the world in search of some nerdy looking foam hand.

The girls are Ok, they just needed better makeup. When I lived in the San Diego area Comic Con was nothing like it is today, it was all about comics!

Oh man, did they REALLY HAVE TO paint them green…

Gawsh that one girl on the far right has a smile that looks like she inhaled some of the jokers lethal laughing gas! How wide of a mouth does she have? Scary and kinda hot at the same time haha! The Star Trek cereal came out a month before the movie here in Washington state it was at Safeway-it does say limited edition on the box and they are not out at the stores anymore-so that is proof they did release the cereal on the west coast-they have marshmellows and taste like lucky charms ripoffs–also the kelloggd usb drive wasnt a delta badge it was a wrist bracelet-I also have the plates with the new big e on em-they are small plastic gray and not very 3d-if you tilt the plate the big e gets closer then farther away as you tilt it-kinda dissappointing–any of you convention goers wanna trade something for the limited edition uhura lemme know-i still have 1 box of cereal left haha

Girls are cute – the green dye job was done stupidly…..

14 & 28:
I found the Star Trek Cereal in Lafayette, Louisiana at Target in their grocery section, the town I live in is just 25 minutes away from Lafayette and we do not have it in any of the stores here, and Wal-Mart here still does not have ANY Star Trek toys or games.

if I was one of those three Orion girls, I think I’d commit suicide! They look terrible. It looks like they’ve been rolling in cow crap all day long and came home and put lipstick on. The green skin tone isn’t even either. Orion girl fail! I hope they’re getting paid a lot to look like that. Oh well… poor girls

Badly Painted green girls in red shirts, I sense a Star Trek X-Mas musical special coming down the pipe , and it don’t smell nice ! LOL!

Heh heh, I’m an maladjusted nerd who nitpicks everything that’s brought up on this site.

As i said in another post, mark my words: now that Trek is all high-profile corporate, we have seen the last of the term “Orion Slave Girls”.

And we are all the poorer for it.

14, 28, 41. The Star Trek cereal was here in Viera, FL for a couple of weeks, at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, It was next to the cooking oils instead of on the cereal. Debuted at $2, dropped to $1.50, then disappeared.

The oat part is shaped like cinnamon rolls and called “galaxies.” The marsmallows are red-and-white (Vulcan) and blue-and-white (Earth) circles, and deltas in red, blue, and yellow.

It tastes slightly better than Lucky Charms. Actually, at $1.50 a box, it tastes a LOT better than Lucky Charms.

Quick! Someone send The Shat one of those foam hands, before his next appearance with Conan!

Again, I live in Australia *cries*

How fake looking can they get with the Green, they make them look like they are from Africa not the Planet Orion. Plus what makes it look so fake is it’s so dark that is does not allow shade variances when parts of the figure in in the lit areas and look darker in the dim areas. The coloring looks like it was done by Cartoonists that only use 8bit computers.

If you do it again at least get someone that lives a real life and does not think every thing is a 8bit Cartoon figure. And next time give them costumes that are a hundred years younger like the ones worn in Enterprise. Or are you so scared that you will spoil the virginity of the Comic-Con guests.

Lol…what did I just say?