SDCC09: Star Trek Pictures From Paramount Booth + New USB Starfleet Badge Giveaway

San Diego Comic Con has kicked off and if you visit the Paramount Booth (#3535) you will be greeted by some lovely Orion girls and be able to pick up some Star Trek freebies. We have pictures below, plus details on a new USB Starfleet badge give-away.  


Star Trek at Paramount Home Booth

The booth features some ladies in Orion Green, but these are no slave girls, but in TOS era Starfleet uniforms. The booth also has a large backdrop of the new movie USS Enterprise, with a TOS era Captain’s chair (made by Diamond Select). As Paramount is promoting both Star Trek The Original Series Season Two on Blu-ray, as well as the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie on Blu-ray and DVD, the mixed eras seems fitting.

Give-aways – Salutes, tribbles & USB badge
As we have previously reported, Paramount is giving away Foam-finger Vulcan Salutes as well as Tribbles. Supplies run out quickly, and so you need to check back. You can also follow Paramount Home Entertainment on Twitter to get updates.

Foam finger front and back

Yesterday Paramount announced they are also giving away special USB Starfleet badges. Each badge can be used to "unlock exclusive video content" for the Star Trek 2009 Blu-ray and DVD release. These are available now at the booth, and they will be releasing more throughout the show, again follow the Twitter to find out when they are available next if you missed out.

USB badge

More from Paramount Home Entertainment later
Look for an update tonight from TrekMovie about the ‘exclusive video content’ from these badges and more on upcoming Star Trek DVDs and Blu-ray sets.

Photos: Andrew Steven Harris


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