TrekInk: Exclusive 5-page Preview of Star Trek Mission’s End # 5

Later this week IDW concludes their five issue “Star Trek Mission’s End” series, telling the story of the final days of Kirk and crew’s five year mission. IDW have provided TrekMovie with an exclusive 5 page preview.


PREVIEW: Mission’s End #5
Written by Ty Templeton, art by Steve Molnar, cover by Joe Corroney.


This is it. The curtain comes down on the original five-year mission. Who will survive the Archernarian civil war? What finally drives Spock and McCoy out of Starfleet?

And what happens when you take the most powerful weapon in the known universe…and actually set it off? Join Captain Kirk and the crew for the FINAL MISSION of the USS Enterprise. You’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

Issue 1 covers

(click to enlarge)

"Mission’s End" #5 arrives in comic shops Wednesday July 29th. You can pre-order issue 5 from TFAW and some of the previous issues are still available.

Star Trek Mission’s End Series






(sold out)

(back order)



(July 29)

A trade paperback combining all 5 issues comes out in October, you can pre-order that now from Amazon


Star Trek Archives: Captain Kirk
Also out on Wednesday is the 5th Star Trek Archives compilation from IDW. The "Best of Kirk" contains classic TOS Kirk comics including Peter David’s "Trial of Captain Kirk" arc from DC comics in 1990.

(Click to enlarge)

Star Trek archives #5 TPB can be pre-ordered from Amazon.


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I’ll have to get the TPB. Looks good.

I’m first yo.

I love the recent trek from IDW

damn you WVTreker!!!

Just kidding,

I like this comic a lot. Crews was a little better for me. But i’m looking forward to the conclusion.

Would have been a great ep, if they had the budget.

I like that IDW is really filling in some gaps, with both Year Four series, plus missions end, we almost have a sense of completion regarding the original five year mission.

It would be nice to have an ongoing TOS series right now. They all end after five issues.

IDW rocks! Loving the Trek line…

These do look very good, and the art isn’t bad

Ur not first, no yo

some of the characters are drawn so well… and big E looks like a Bizzaro universe replacement gone bad. Ick

Finally!!! Some nice art! Thank you!

I can tell that kids like this web site, you have to be a kid or still have the IQ of a kid to think it is so big and great of you to be the first poster. But the nice revenge factor is they can not comprehend the fact that this web site is run on a multi tasking computer and there is milions of things that go on in the back ground that you’ll never know about.

The odds are if you think your first, you most likely are not. The real odds are you have just as good a chance as winning the lottery. But then child like minds are entertained with much easy and simplicity.

If your first, your first, it is nothing about it that makes you great or better than anyone else.

So for those that aim for it, one day you will grow up. But when may take longer for some.

How many ‘end of the five year mission’ stories have there been now? I remember one from either Marvel or DC years ago!

The characters are beautifully drawn – Shatner, Doohan, Nimoy, Kelley… Arex (hope it´s him) :-D

@9 – There have been many. And even more novels about it.

what are some of the other end of the five-year mission stories? I never read them. Comics and book, please!

I love when they say stuff like “This is it. The curtain comes down on the original five-year mission. Who will survive the Archernarian civil war? What finally drives Spock and McCoy out of Starfleet?”

Well we know the crew clearly survives, so no one of any importance dies. And regardless of what drives them out, they come back in.

@13… Well, that’s the inherent trouble with prequels, and why they did what they did on ST ’09.

But these kinds of stories are still fun to read.. I mean, even any book or comic set after any filmed movies is the same way.. prequel or sequel, they aren”g going to kill off any main characters, so it’s about the same. I still read them.

Wow! Steve Molnar and Joe Corroney do great STAR TREK artwork – I will definitely check this comic out. I posted yesterday on my blog about TREK comic books, my favorite STAR TREK comic book artists, and a possible STARSHIP FARRAGUT comic book – please check it out:

#10: Yep! that Arex all right. Glad to see him make an appearance again (unlike a lot of fans, I enjoyed the animated series all those years ago).

The artwork on this series is incredibly well done!

That`s stupid. “The Trail of Captain Kirk” was published in 2 volumes, one or two years go.

17 – Yes, it was but by a different publisher. The edition you pointed to, while still available at Amazon, is out of print. Your local bookstore would not be able to order it.

What are the other Kirk stories that are reprinted in this Archives?
I really liked the Trial of James T. Kirk, which may be one of Gordon Purcell’s first Trek jobs. He was good even then. I do hope IDW will reprint other stories that haven’t been collected before. All in good time I guess!