Kate Mulgrew Hasn’t Seen JJ Abrams Star Trek – But Wants To Be In Sequel

The latest project for Star Trek Voyagers’ captain Janeway is providing voice work for Bioware’s new fantasy role-playing video game "Dragon Age Origins". In a new interview promoting the game, Kate Mulgrew also talked Star Trek, including talking about the latest JJ Abrams movie, and the next one too. See below for excerpts. 


Mulgrew wants back in
Kate Mulgrew got a cameo in Star Trek Nemesis in 2002, and it should come as no surprise that she would like to Trek again in the next Star Trek movie. The following Trek related excerpts are from a new interview at SciFi Now

What is it about Star Trek that captures the imagination so well?

Well isn’t it a perfect metaphor for life? First of all, mortality is an encapsulating thing; we are all in a ship of some kind. I mean, we’re all caught, aren’t we, in time or timelessness if you wish, and we are lost. All we have is each other, and the transcendence of time, race, creed, species, gender, all of it, I think that it’s probably the most advanced way of looking at the physical world, and that was Roddenberry’s extraordinary prescience. He understood that we know nothing, and to put these people in space, let alone an uncharted quadrant of space was a brilliant concept, a way of letting go of the mortal coil, and the slings and arrows of the world that really have no bearing at all on our souls. So it’s an exploration of the soul, isn’t it?

Have you seen the new Star Trek film?

I haven’t, I imagine that I’m going to be asked that all the time! I haven’t, but not for any bad reason; it’s a reason of comfort. I did Star Trek myself, and I want to enjoy it when I see it, I want to be comfortable when I see it, so I’m going to wait until I can see it in my living room. I understand that both of those young men [Pine and Quinto] are extraordinary. I’m sure it’s beautifully done. I just want to see it in the comfort of my home.

Would you ever consider a return to the character of Janeway?

I would, I’d love to return to Janeway! I’d love to do her in a movie, it would be great.

So if JJ Abrams came along and offered…?

I’d love to do it! I think he’d be wise to do it, don’t you? He should get Picard and myself in there. I think that’s a brilliant idea.

Go to scifinow.co.uk for the rest of the interview.


Mulgrew’s cameo as Admiral Janeway in "Star Trek Nemesis"

Mulgrew in Dragon Age
Here is a trailer showing Mulgrew (and Tim Curry) recording her voice work for Dragon Age: Origins.

More on Dragon Age: Origins at dragonage.bioware.com

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Oh… Good god… Please no, I dont even want to think about more Janeway


I am not sure how they would get her in…………………



That is all.

I only awaite the return of THE SISKO . Janeway can crawl into a borg alcove and die!

I like her as an actor, and it’s good to see that she’s a team player, but….uh….no.

She don’t need to be janeway just a captain with anyship of the federation…..

Loved Janeway!

Put her in!

I have an Idea…Harry Kim…..blahhhhhhhhhhh

She could be the new computer voice.

I don’t really care… as long as there are KLINGONS KICKING ASS!

She could be a Klingon.

GOD NO. Keep Mulgrew away from Star Trek. Terrible actress and a terrible character. Can you guess i don’t like Voyager lol.

Star Trek: Voyager? What’s that?

That is a great idea! She would a perfect computer voice!

I’m all for any and all Star Trek alums making cameo’s. They don’t need to play “their” character, they could be anyone.

YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mulgrew is a fine actress, she just didn’t have much to work with. VOY was pure fail.

if she wants to me a new character in star trek: something something, let her audition and if she beats out the others, cast her.

why not? are we blacklisting former trek actors or something? if people are fine with a shatner cameo, or a spiner cameo…



agreed… computer voice would be just fine.

First of all STV was the best Star Trek ever done… It was original unlike next gen that was ridiculous… Giant Ship with your family onboard.. gimme a break…

i wouldn’t mind seeing her in the new star trek not sure why some people dont want to see her again

@ 11

I can understand terrible character but terrible actress? I don’t think so. An actor or actress is only as good as the character that’s been written for them. I think Mulgrew is a fine actress and did some excellent work on Voyager.

But as the saying goes, if it ain’t on the page it ain’t on the stage.

That would be awesome! Janeway and Picard!! We love Janeway, we’ll go see it 7 times. Mulgrew is a brilliant actress and a spectacular Star Trek ambassador. Long may she be Janeway!

No to Mulgrew as computer voice as well. Blasphemy.

I want Paramount to invest in making a computer that can talk like Majel Barrett based on the work she’s already done. When the goal is an unemotional machine, I think re-using synthesization of her voice would at once maintain her legacy as THE voice of the Enterprise, maintain the series connection to the Roddenberry family (the original crew) regardless of who is running the show, and provide that familiar element that instantly says Star Trek. If she hasn’t hit every vocal sound a computer needs within 3 years of TOS, myriad years of TNG and lesser shows pluss all the movies, you can bring in a good voice actor to imitate her to cover the small bits needed to fill up gaps. If computers are not good enough today to recreate the voice of someone trying to sound like a computer, the world Roddenberry envisioned will never happen….

A movie with Janeway and Picard. Hell yes. I take anything, just spare me another atrocity that the last movie was.

@ 20

I’ve never rated her, and she was terrible in VOY. A lot of actors can pull of great performances with little to work with. All opinion though :)

They could easily get anyone in the new Star Trek universe without making any waves AT ALL.

All they have to do is show them as this universe versions of themselves in the future, telling a story about how something happened in the past with Kirk and the gang. Doesn’t matter who it is or from what time or anything.

The story could even relate to whoever is telling it, and end up with them in the end.

Example: JJ universe Picard in the future is on an excavation during a holiday and uncovers an artifact that the old enterprise once had but lost.

Flashback to PineKirk and the gang and tell a wonderful story of discovery and loss of the artifact. Insert great story here. Ends with some sort of cliff hanger that only the JJ universe Picard can solve in the future. Flash forward.

End it with a flashback to the Enterprise getting out of whatever situation and flies off to the continuing missions.

Very simple, can be made very complex and entertaining, and most importantly can use ANYONE who wants to be in the movie.

Specially Mr. Shatner.

Doesn’t have to have an artifact or even really have to tie to anyone, just a reason for Janeway/Picard/OldKirk/anyone to tell or read a story about our adventurers.


Kate is a wonderful actress, with a commanding presence on screen, with that touch of femininity that made Janeway compelling.

Dang, what is your deal anyway? Such hate, its just not cool.

Remember folks, we always have the timeline established in Star Trek: Coundown comic book series. As far as Picard is concerned, Spock and the Narada vanished… why can’t Admiral Janeway still be around?

I don’t get it… why all the hate for Voyager? Honestly… I’m clueless. I really enjoyed that show, and think it is superior to DS9.

Don’t hate… I just don’t get it. can someone really tell me why the community hates Voyager?

Loved Kate as Janeway, still do. I don’t understand the haters. She’s a very good actress, and pretty much carried Voyager, for what it’s worth. Look at what she had to work with, from bad storys/scripts, bad producers, to bad co-stars.

However…… in the next film? Sure, but only if it’s a NEW character. Janeway hasn’t been born yet, and the time-shifting well has run dry, very dry…… I for one would love to see her involved with Trek again!

BTW, I love AJ’s idea, now that our beloved Majel has moved on to the stars……

A movie with Janeway and Picard…now THAT would be an atrocity. I can just picture it now, Picard wandering into one of Janeway’s romance novel holodeck programs, followed by Data and Worf joining in for a rousing musical number, and everyone overacting…badly.

No thanks. TNG had its day, DS9 had its day, Voyager had its day and Enterprise had its day. None of them were able to capture and maintain public awareness and interest like the TOS characters did.

Trek belongs to the new cast and creative crew it is theirs to run with for the forseeable future. I’m perfectly fine with that.

Still think a TNG Era Mini Series with cast members from DS9, TNG, and VOY could work with the right script.



Also, loved her quote about Trek. She’s “out there” for sure, but that’s what I love about her. She gets it, in her own special way. Sounds like a lot of us, huh? ;-)

To all those who think mulgrew was a bad actor – check this out, i’m sure many of you have seen it – but it gives you the rare chance to a character portrayed very differently – i think it makes you appreciate the mulgrew


Weighing in as thrilled if Mulgrew would be in Star Trek again, as Capt. Janeway or other incarnation of her illustrious Starfleet career. I had no idea how articulate she is! Mulgrew, not Janeway. Janeway had standard issue captain’s dialogue. They were much the same, weren’t they? Think about it.

I guess the Enterprise’s timeline is a compound fracture by now, so who knows what and who may come down the slippery slope to offer wisdom from a cave.



Thanks for trolling! You are free to return to your Star Wars fanboy site and pull one off while drooling over George Lucas…..

@ 25

To me, she was just a plain bad actress, and terrible on Star Trek. You may see a presence on screen, but i don’t. Nor do a lot of people.


Stay away, stay light years away from JJ’s Trek. This is new trek, time to throw away the TNG/Voyager garbage.


Great idea! She could do voice over work as the next LCARS computer network! She need sto have a cameo in the next movie someting like Kirk coming back to life in the Prime Timeline and her heading back through the singularity that Spock created with him! Great idea since we’ve allready seen Kirk and Picard in a movie together! Now it could be Kirk, Kirk, And Janeway! (Awwwweeeessssooommmmeeee!!!!) The problem is Paramount might not be able to fund a movie this big with “now” high profile actors in it!


Has anyone ever heard of Darker Projects.com’s Star Trek Audio Productions? They take place after Spock goes back in time and funny enough was writen and recorded before there was a thought of a JJ-Abrams Star Trek! If all the Captians go back in time in the movies this might work very well for both partys! Are you reading any of this Bob and Alex? JJ?

“This is new trek, time to throw away the TNG/Voyager garbage.”

There wasn’t enough half-nudity and pointless action with flat villains there for your taste, ey?

I agree about a TNG era direct to DVD movie. Honestly, I’d like to see a proper send off to the TNG era characters. DS9’s finale was a good send off for those characters . . .

Voyager’s finale? Not so much. It showed us an alternate future for them, which, by the end of the episode had been erased. For two hours, we were given cause to care for their fates . . . and then those fates were erased and the closest thing to seeing any fate beyond that is a Janeway cameo.

TNG finale? Which one? All Good Things was an AWESOME ending, and a better movie than Generations, to be honest. (Too bad THAT couldn’t have been Star Trek VII — with Q’s time manipulations, Kirk could have STILL been a part of that movie to pass off the baton, and maybe HE could have gotten a better send off too!) But to end with Nemesis was unfortunate.

The direct to DVD market is hurting, though. Without some sort of network broadcast support, I doubt it would happen.


That really would work because her voice has it’s simalaraties to Majel’s voice from ST:TMP! Kate Mulgrew as the new voice of the computer! Wonderful, briliant! Wonder if Paramount sniffs around on these sites or not? They should have a contest to let fans cast their vote for the next voice of the computer! Again Wonderful, briliant!

Another missed opportunity: making the Enterprise finale work as the send off for TNG.

Why, oh, why didn’t they make that episode be about Riker and Troi after Nemesis? Riker faces a NEW problem, gets his answer from the “last” mission of NX-01 . . .

Could’ve served as a backdoor pilot and pushed the narrative forward instead of stalling it out.


Anyone calling Kate a “bad actress” (notice actress, not actor) is clueless, IMO. Maybe she should have worn a short skirt, or emphasized her boobs like Jeri Ryan did. Or thrown herself at every available male in the crew. Or been less strong, more vulnerable.

Cougar-phobia among Trek fans? Can it be, for such an “enlightened” group?


Yes and the novels answered the life long question of wheter or not Sisko was dead. Good ending to TNG and DS9 but not TOS,VOY,and ENT.

TOS mainly because it never finished it’s originaly planed 5 season run and finished with a 30-minute kids cartoon.

YOY because the rush to get home was over rushed and stupid stuff was added in seasons 2-3 and again in season 6. It was still one of the best ST series but was over rushed at the end because Paramont wanted it off the air!

ENT was an awesome series untill the last episode. Trip Tucker should have NEVER died! Big mistake! The tie in to TNG was also a bad idea although it was interesting to see the Enterprise-D in CGI. Also this was the first time we saw the NCC-1701 Enterprise in CGI and it looked awesome as well. But Trip should have never died and Daniels should have made a cameo at the Federation Charter signing to show the audience he truly was a good guy since he was over looked in the series.

Over all DS9 had the best ending of all the series followed closely by TNG, starting and ending a series with Q!

I love Voyager, its the best in my opinion (although I know I’m in the minority)…but I’m not sure how that work getting the Janeway character in there, without more time travel or cheesy Janeway’s ancestor stuff. If you wanna see a VOY member, I say go for Robert Picardo. He’d be perfect for any role…

I find it incredible that, for a site dedicated to ST, so many people slag it off in one form or another, be it the new movie, ST Online, Voyager, Enterprise…And then the same folks, wonder why the franchise got left in the wilderness for so long… If these are the “fans” what chance does it have!!! Grow up, stop making throw away insults on the actors, the writters, the whole sha-bang.. Either ALLOW yourself to enjoy what you (I would have thought) were on the site to relish.. or go find another thing to be “fan boy” of.. and then pick at till it dies!