VIDEO: Casting Spock – Star Trek DVD Special Feature

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie hits home video in North America in two weeks (and has already hit in some countries around the world). Today put up part of the casting special feature, which focuses on how the team came upon their new Spock, watch it below. 


Casting Spock

The above is part of the ‘casting’ featurette available on the 2-disk DVD and 3-disk Blu-ray sets, available for pre-order now. 

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Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

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It truly is an amazing thing.


is there a 2-disk DVD box in europe/germany? i only saw the 1-disk yesterday…

It couldn’t have worked out better than to have ZQ on board as Spock. Can’t wait for the next one!

Love that they show this poignant and amazing transition… long live Spock!

First the klingon cut scene and now this. Save something for the DVD fellas. You’re giving away all the goods.

@3: Yes, just check, its the one with the bonus “Wendecover”!

Quinto with Spock ears and a human haircut is strangely awesome.
And I would have loved to listen in on those Nimoy-Quinto conversations.

Quinto was an inspired bit of casting in a really well-casted film. even the slightly WTF actors (a British redhead as Scotty? riiiight) did a fine job. The casting ladies earned that award.



@3: There’s also a version which has a model of the Enterprise. The 2 DVDs are stored in its saucer section. (I have it.)

@3 there is also a wonderful steelbock 2 dvd edition available. I bought it yesterday at the Drogerie Müller. Its only avalable there. check out the müller site http://www.mü in order to find the next store near you. the cover is the us theatrical poster with the grey/black enterprise goin to warp. looks great

LOL #9, well said :)

Maybe someday Zach will write a book about those private discussions with Leonard. I can’t wait for that.

Great video. Love the respect Quinto and Nimoy have for each other!

These video tidbits are making me almost as crazy as I was before the movie came out. i want the blu-ray set NOW!!!!!!!!

Quinto looked very much like Spock but his performance was lame. Pine and Greenwood gave a tour-de-force performance that overshadowed the rest.

Lame? Are you serious? Quinto was perfect, and he is a very impressive actor.


I am serious. Quinto may be an impressive actor but his version of Spock was laking in depth and weight. I guess it suited the movie, you know, silly and dumb.

I think Quinto did the best job he could, given the lines written for him. Like many other performers in the film (notably Greenwood, Saldana and Bana) he elevated the material … it’s just that with the Spock material, Quinto had a much, much higher ceiling to shoot for.

I was disappointed in this version of Spock, but to be very clear: I was in no way disappointed in Quinto’s work; he exceeded my hopes (and he can’t help it that he lacks Nimoy’s vocal gravitas, though I still wish the casting had focused on that, instead of looks).


Correct. The script didn’t give him much to work with.

17. I have to agree that Pine and Greenwood stole the show. Hope we get more of Pike in the next movie.

#19, 20, 21 – agreed. Maybe Quinto could play a decent Spock, but this movie did not give him the opportunity. And he really does not look that much like Nimoy. I think Christian Bale is much more similar, in both appearance and demeanor, to Nimoy. I think that would have been something to see, Christian Bale as Spock.

Awesome Spockumentary!

I think Quinto was amazing as Spock and I disagree that the script hadn’t good lines for him. Beeing a fan of this character since my first Star Trek experience, I was completely owerhelmed – not by his looks, but by his acting skills.

Re 3. deekay (is there a 2-disk DVD box in europe/germany? i only saw the 1-disk yesterday)
The Müller Steelbook was already sold out on Monday, because they offered it on Friday, before the official release ;)

These comments leave me wondering what the writer’s will do with Spock in the next film. I don’t see how he can maintain his popularity as a character if the relationship with Uhura is continued. TOS Spock rocked because he was lonely and torn between two worlds, and because he was a super-genius. Having a super-hot girlfriend changes the dynamic and makes it much harder to sympathize and relate to him.

While I am hoping the next movie is not too Spock-centric, they are going to have to do something to make him interesting again. In my view he came out quite a loser in the film. Not only did he lose his command to a much junior officer, in the end he agrees to serve under this man.

I hope the writer’s tackle this issue head-on. If they do, I suspect they will work miracles and make me love Spock again.

It must have been a daunting task indeed for Zac. In fact you can tell by much of his body language when he is with Leonard in those behind the scene’s shots just how big of a deal it was to him.
Looking forward to seeing where Spock goes from here. Both old and young. ;-)

Few more days, gosh, unfair how other countries get it first!

Now imagine the same clip but with Javiar Bardem talking about the daunting task of filling in the shoes of Montabaun for Khan…

Also how the Trek fans and writers were concerned and thought it was too risky.

Kirk: Risk, is part of the game, sitting in that chair…no risk, no glory!

@29: [Few more days, gosh, unfair how other countries get it first!]

I don’t want to say much, but there are movies in the US that are released MUCH earlier than in, let’s say, the Netherlands (my country).

One of those movies is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which I’m dying to see. It has been released in the US a couple of weeks ago. The ROTF release date in the Netherlands?
The first week of December.

So, it’s all fair. :P

Zach did a great job. No doubt about it.

Some of the comments about Quinto are ridiculous. He’ll be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Wait and see. His performance was heralded in the media from day 1. As far as the movie in general, well, the success speaks for itself. Lighten up people, we have Trek back, and it’s awesome!

Have The STAR TREK DVD for a week already in Australia- the Special features while well produced are only around 1hour 40 minutes spread over 2 DVD’s not including the commentary with no Previews of the Film while TRANSFORMERS 2 has over 3 Hours of special features not including the commentary with a preview included- WTF?

As for Zack- give the boy as Oscar for even trying to replace an iconic actor who has played the role for 45 years from 1964’s pilot “The Cage”

#30: “Also how the Trek fans and writers were concerned and thought it was too risky.”

Some of us Trek fans think dipping from the well of Khan (again!) would be too __lazy,__ (easy, timid, cheesy, cheap), not and not in any way “risky.”

While I enjoyed the special features for Transformers 2, Trekboi, most of it came across as yet another giant Bay-gasm. Just featurette after featurette of Bay patting himself on the back congratulating himself on how great he is and oh, by the way, here’s how ILM completed this shot with 20 minutes to spare in time for the Tokyo premiere.

Unless the previews for Transformers 3 are “Iron Man” quality fantastic, I am so going to pass unless the critical reviews convince me otherwise.

Now, back on topic, Quinto rocked as Spock!

Pine and Greenwood stealing the show?
They were good and Greenwood was even better, as always, but it was Quinto who stole the show.
I saw the movie with half a dozen friends and their praise was for Quinto first, then the others.
I believe all the cast was terrific, true, but it was Zach who gave it a special feeling. Just look at his face, he’s probably one of the best younger actors around. After Christian Bale I had never seen anyone so young and so talented.

I thought Quinto was incredible! And completely Spock! He had that incredibly emotional calm that is so oxi-moranishical (wut would the adj form even b??). I thought that all the actors did an amazing with only saldana’s and especially bana’s script falling a little short. Though all the actors were incredible! Fabulous movie as well!

The DVD release is a bit odd though, or more like just trying to make things fair. The US always gets the DVDs first (from what i hear, I’m not the one buying them). Though with Star Trek Poland is like getting them practically a whole month before the /uS.

#33 – I must have seen a different movie. >;>}

#38-‘incredibly emotional calm’ Huh? You mean when he was getting visibly frustrated when Kirk and Scotty would not answer him? When he threw a temper tantrum and nearly killed Kirk? Not really so much ’emotional calm’ there.
On Saldana, I thought one of the positive things they did do was improve the way Uhura was presented, gave her a quite a bit more than ‘Hailing Frequencies open’, although the Spock-Uhura romance seems contrived to me. But, as far as Nero, that was very one dimensional, maybe even less than that.

STAR TREK on disc was released here in Australia last weekend. Although I have the Collectors Edition on order from Amazon , I couldn’t pass up the chance to see the movie again on my big screen.

The Blu-Ray is magnificent!!!
I have watched the movie twice now, the Dolby TrueHD sound field is spectacular, and once with commentary. These guys really had some fun with this movie.

The deleted scenes explain a lot, like who is the kid walking down the road when young Kirk trashes the car. I only wish JJ had finished the scenes and offered an extended version on disc.

The extra’s are the best I’ve seen. I spent all of Sunday last watching everything including the Spock Video here. The menus are laid out in an absolutely “Logical” fashion and easy to use.

I would say this is the best Paramount Disc I have seen. Now to download my 1st digital Copy to my iPod. I’ve never really worried about using these digital copy discs before but STAR TREK is one movie I want to carry around.

#8 – CarlG, you know Scotland is part of Britain, right? Also, they died his hair. So, Pegg’s an *English* redhead whose wife is from Scotland and can therefore do a pretty convincing accent (although it occasionally slipped slightly), with his hair dyed black. I agree that he’s not the most Doohan-alike actor on the planet and he was probably the furthest actor from his original counterpart in the movie, but “a British redhead” doesn’t really hold much water.