TrekInk: Exclusive Preview of Star Trek Nero #4

After watching the Star Trek movie, many fans wondered "what was Nero doing for 25 years". The IDW "Star Trek Nero" series has been answering that question and next week the fourth and final issue finishes the story. And today TrekMovie has an exclusive preview.


PREVIEW: Nero #4
Story by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, art by David Messina.


The final issue contains the climactic confrontation between Nero and the elder Spock-leading up to the cataclysmic destruction of Vulcan!

Nero 4 covers

Nero #3 5-page preview

(click to enlarge)


Star Trek: Nero #4 will be in comic shops Wednesday November 25th. It can be pre-ordered (at 20% discount) at TFAW. You can also pick up past issues.









A trade paperback collection of Star Trek: Nero will be published May 2010, and you can pre-order from Amazon for $12.23 (discounted from $17.99).

Nero TPB coming in May

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why does spock have RED blood???????

The colourist was seriously NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Lame.

LOL! Someone should be “red” in the face after that gaffe!

Calm your warp cores, folks. Spock is known for being a lover of Red Hots candy. That ain’t blood, just the red dye #5 in his spit. Look at the panel before. He’s clearly got his mouth full.

I can understand how the red blood happened. If I were the colorist, I wouldn’t have thought I’d need to research what color blood is supposed to be.

Then again, if I were the colorist I’d already be familiar enough with Star Trek to get it right ;)

Hmm, they’ll probably correct it for the trade paperback. Like how they corrected the line in Countdown about how long Spock has been on Romulus. I can see how that’s an easy mistake to make.

One would assume there is supposed to be a quality control person to catch that kind of thing. lame.

#6 “Like how they corrected the line in Countdown about how long Spock has been on Romulus”

Interesting. I was not aware of that. What did the revision read?

Red blood?

I’m not a huge canon nerd, but come on. My mother knows that Spock has green blood and I don’t think that she has watched Star Trek since 1975.

Spock is a green blooded hobgolbin

A mistake…we’ve all made some. Give ’em a break on this one.

It seems such an elementary mistake, I’m surprised it slipped under their radar like that.

Orci said something about traveling through a time warp with red matter as causing Spock’s blood to turn red…

“Kneel before Zod!!” oh wait thats Superman

Red blood could have been a mistake on the printer’s part- some dufus ran quality control and thought “Hmm, isn’t blood supposed to be red?” and took it upon himself to correct the print? Once the press isrun, it’s too late [and expensive] to reprint.

Just one possible senario

#13 – LOL, that guy could sell ice to Inuits.

No iTunes download???

Really? Nearly 20 comments in and we haven’t got to this yet . . .


someone care to explain why chekov is featured on the cover of a comic book called NERO when chekov is not even in the Nero comic series

Hey, I visit this site from time to time (especially while the movie was in production), and since this happens to be a post about comics, check out a Chris Pine Kirk drawing I just did —

#19: Chekov is there as a retail incentive cover. Like Countdown before it, the retail incentive covers create the Delta Sheild when placed together, like the posters.

@ #19 capnjake – November 20, 2009. (and others)

“I don’t know you……but you…..I never forget a face…….” Wait, he wasn’t in space seed either! Holy cow it all relates!

Minor/major non-canon issues are not a problem to most people. Lets enjoy what we have here.


Seriously…Spock with red blood… that ain’t right…and Nero spouting a line like “Twenty-five years in the darkest hole in the galaxy, and every moment was worth it just to get to this one. The mighty Spock on his knees…” —WTF??? That would put a whole other dimension to Nero’s hate of Spock in addition to the destruction of Romulus and Nero’s wife and unborn child…perhaps Nero had had a gay crush on Spock and was spurned (because Spock dont get down with other guys), so that adding insult to injury, made Nero even more pissed off…

WTF were the writers thinking? “The mighty Spock on his knees… (xD) that frame made it look like Nero’s goal was to get Spock to give him oral sex LMAO!!!!

#14–interesting you caught that mirror to Smallville…Nero does kinda come across as Zod-like but with Lex Luthor’s baldness…and the analogy does fit in the new timeline with QuintoSpock’s Vulcan being destroyed by Nero, as Zod destroyed Krypton, that making Spock kinda a mirror for Clark Kent with NimoySpock being a mirror for Jor-El…

#24- WOW! I really don’t know how to respond to that.



Your work is good. Don’t know if you really captured the resemblance to Pine yet (yes, he’s got bushy brows), but the comic style is good. In truth, from what I’ve seen most comic artists miss the facial resemblances most of the time with the occasional portrait-quality image thrown into the mix. So, in other words, if that were a comic, we’d accept him as Pine.

Jesus do they know nothing?
Surprised they didnt draw the enterprise upside down.

Movie spoiler: The same people (responsible for the red blood) did the first model of the Big E and Abrams rejected it. Abrams however used the model and renamed it The Kelvin. JJ Abrams was reported heard saying “I told you two Nacelles side by side, didn’t you see this months issue”!?

As bad as the goof in Star Trek 6 with the purple Klingon blood !!! The Klingons had red blood in early TNG episodes before 1991 !!!

@30 purple Klingon blood is fine when it’s not under the influence of gravity, or something like that…?

Okay, seriously, the answer to Spock bleeding red:

“It is his humah half. It calls to him.” And that half”s bleeding!

They had to use purple blood to get a PG-13 rating in ST:6. It’s actually Pepto Bismo.

#32- Star Trek 6 was PG rated.

“Paint ‘er greener!”

#27 — Thanks! Yeah, I, too, felt the face was ALMOST there, but it was kind of subtly off. I actually realized, after it was completed, that he looks more like Conner Trinneer than Chris Pine. Haha. Thanks for taking a look, though!

I didn’t really care what Nero did during his 25 year wait for Spock. His entire storyline was simply a plot device. They needed a character who was angry enough to travel back in time in a way guaranteed to create an alternate timeline and Nero served that purpose. The scenes with Nero were my least favorite parts of the movie.

Guys, the red blood is a mistake by the colorist. It will surely be corrected. Can we just move on, please?

The scenes with Nero were the best in the movie… True star trek scenes…i believe you guys prefer the Iowa bar fights and births of childs..u can have this in all the soap episodes or south american telenovelas. I waited and watch this movie only because of Nero, not for young beautiful teenagers living in an imposible future in a shinny white vessel. At least i will never want to live in a federation kind of society, but in a romulan society.

One hundred twenty nine years AGO???? Oops.

Uh, yes, ago… From his point of view, the events that led to Romulus being destroyed happened in the past, even if chronologically they are yet to happen, if they ever do, in this new timeline.


From an artist to an artist, nicely done.