Zachary Quinto To Be ‘Voice’ of Star Trek Online

On Saturday night, during the Video Game Awards on Spike, Star Trek’s new Spock Zachary Quinto announced he will be the "voice’ of the upcoming massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online. Details and photos below.



Quinto the ‘voice of STO’
During the show, Quinto appeared on stage and made the following announcement:

Here we are at [the] Spike Video Game Awards. The biggest night in gaming is now live all over the world, so I can’t really think of a better place for me to break the news that I am now the voice of Atari’s new ‘STAR TREK ONLINE’ game. And it’s awesome. Come February 2nd, fans can finally go toe-to-toe as Federation captains and Klingon warriors in their own starships.

For now it is unclear what exactly this means. It is possible this means Quinto will be involved in the marketing of the game and could appear in promotions or commercials, or he may possibly be adding his voice to the game. It is unlikely he would be voicing the character of Spock in the game as Star Trek Online is set in the prime timeline in the 25th century. There are no more details yet on the official site, but it does show a big commitment from Atari and Cryptic to the game and franchise. TrekMovie will do an update when there is more info on the developing story.

More photos
Here are some more photos of Quinto at the VGAs.

Zachary on stage

Quinto and Jack Black

Zach on the red carpet

STO introduced by Spock Prime
This is not the first Spock that has been involved in promoting Star Trek Online. The game was officially announced by Leonard Nimoy at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention in the Summer of 2008, watch that on the video below:

Source: Star Trek Online Tumblr Blog, additional photos by WireImage

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I’ll say this for Quinto, he seems like a “team player” when it comes to the relaunched Trek franchise!

How about an official full VG based on the new movie universe?

At least they’re trying to add credibilty to this game.

Craig Zinkevich was tweeting about working on the voice overs for STO, maybe Quinto has already got some STO under his belt!

This is a great sign for the game. It can use all the high profile names it can get, so why not start with the new Spock?

Michael Dorn has been on ‘World of Warcraft’ for ages. Nice to get Quinto on STO.

Either he will voice a different character, Or he will voice Spock during a tutorial.


as it is in the prime universe I feel if any Spock in the game it makes more sense for Leonard Nimoy to do Spock.

i doubt it’ll bee spock, but with the new movie being fresh in people’s minds nd the mos successful, if it is spock i understand,why they’d use quinto. whatever he’s doing i think its cool. oh and aanthony, i hope you mention michael dorn being a part of the star studded mass effect 2 game. marina sirtis had a major part in mass effect 1 and it looks like we get another tng reference. i can not wait to play that game!


I completely agree that there should be a real game for the movie. Something in the style of elite force. I’d even settle for lego star trek. Either way the only “game” for this movie seemed like nothing more than an internet flash game you play for 5 mins and then never again.

I am getting moderatelzy annoyed by Star Trek being portrayed as a vehicle for going “toe to toe.” The latest projects, including JJs movie, seems to imply that Start Trek is “this action thing.”

Can we PLEASE get some exploration and ethical dilemmas? Or am I the only one who remembers when we used to be explorers?

Just saying, but there is a difference between making something cool and making something irrelevant.

Cool! This game will be very cool!!!

Wow- He looked gorgeous.
the game will be AMAZING! :D

Zach is very good at doing different character voices- as his work on the audio book and “Robot Chicken” demonstrates. So, whatever role he has in STO will be interesting- be it narration, NPCs or otherwise.

I wasn’t really interested in this game at all, to be honest. That has radically changed. I just might have to investigate it more closely. And I’m not a gamer.

Lego Star Trek would rock!

There’s your Harry Mudd with Spock! (Just kidding, I hope.)

Quinto has always been said to be a great fan
of Trek – probably wanting the part of Spock
more than any other actor who was allowed
to audition (and thank goodness he got it).

CBS/Paramount would be wise to let him do
what he wants with these kinds of endeavors.

if you let the UK beta test and be able to get the connie , sure, i’ll try it

Love Zachary Quinto!!! He has the perfect voice for the game! He done an excellent job in the audiobook too.

#15 I agree with your statement about CBS and Paramount-

Maybe he’s the voice of the computer, if there is one? If not, then just the advertising, which I think he’s a great choice for.



“Can we PLEASE get some exploration and ethical dilemmas? Or am I the only one who remembers when we used to be explorers?”

Well, Lieutenant…Sounds like you and I have an ‘ethical dilemma’ right now, doesn’t it? Why don’t you take your phaser rifle and sit your pretty butt on that shuttle, and let me worry about saving the whales for a change! God-Damn, you love Starfleet, don’t you?”

SebiMeyer: “Yes Sir!”


“Yes Sir!”

Now if only my POS computer could actually run it.



I agree. This new game has noting to do with this alternate timeline (as shown by the presence of the TOS and TMP enterprise) and thus seems, well logical, that Nimoy would voice it, but chances are they either couldn’t afford him or he wasn’t willing, so they chose Quinto. Not that I have anything against that, the guy seems awesome and has a distinct voice, but it seems like a prime universe voice (especially from TNG, VOY, or DS9) would have been best.

#10… yes because going toe to toe with v’ger, khan, klingons, klingons & “god”, a soviet shakespeare quoting klingon, a pair of fugly klingon sisters and a mad scientist, the borg, tng’s lamest movie aliens and a group of nosferatu looking aliens with a leader who was supposed to be a clone of picard was showcasing star trek’s exploration factor… i get your point but if theres anew tv show, you’ll get your exploration. but movies and video games have to follow a certain formula to be enjoying. i mean the motion picture was visually stunning, but boring. exploration works best in television series. tos and tng did it best. just sayin. besides, you can explore in sto, you have space and away missions to explore and settle disputes etc, just like on the tv show.

How are you supposed to make a fun video game out of ethical dilemmas? Save that for the novels, comics, shows or movies.

“It is unlikely he would be voicing the character of Spock in the game as Star Trek Online is set in the prime timeline in the 25th century.”

YES, take that Prime universe haters! The Prime Universe is alive and well. If simply for the fact that Prime Spock and Nero would’ve disappeared in the Alternate universe if time were linear.

God hes hot!

Anyways, I think its awesome that hes so supportive of Trek endeavors!

I was lucky enough to get into the Closed Beta, and I’ve had 2 play sessions so far. The game is pretty good, the Starship command and combat aspects being the best.. The ground stuff is not very interesting to me. Its mostly run here, kill some things, run here, scan that, beam up. Its can be challenging sometimes, and it is worse for me, being an MMO noob, but I’ve also heard the missions get a lot better, a lot more interesting, and more complex as you progress. The customizability of your character and ship, and the ability to navigate dozens of systems and engage in some really cool combat is the big draw right now. If Cryptic keeps it up, and makes ground missions a little more varied, I think its going to be a fun game.

Great news! and I like how Quinto knows how to dress for the occasion, unlike some other people I could mention, JACK.

@25: “Prime Universe Haters?” Those EXIST?! For real?

I… I just…. *facepalm*

Maybe “voice” translates to “spokesperson”.

Good call, he does great voice acting.

I have to say, if there is a superficial debate over who’s hotter : Quinto or Pine, I’m going with Quinto. Looks better in a suit, better 5oclock shadow and he truly loves the fans. Rock on!

Since STO is set in the prime timeline, I wish they would have gotten someone else to be the voice, someone like Robert Picardo or Brent Spiner or Jonathan Frakes or Patrick Stewart. But none of these actors are hot right now.

This could be interesting. I don’t really consider myself a gamer beyond Zelda but that could change. Anything involving Zach has interest potentiality. He is a terrific actor and all round nice guy. His charisma would enhance whatever role he plays in this franchise.

I would like to hear more details about this.