All Star Trek Movies Now Available in HD via Cable On Demand

2009 can be said to be the year Star Trek went high definition. The new Star Trek movie, the past ten feature films and the final two seasons of the original series were all released on Blu-ray. And today all eleven feature films are now available via On Demand on cable systems in America. 


Watch Star Trek On Demand in HD
Today Comcast and Time Warner Cable added the Star Trek Entertainment Package Includes to their On Demand Systems, which makes 12 Movies available in HD. This is includes all six TOS era films, all four TNG era films, JJ Abrams new Star Trek, plus the Star Trek parody/homage Galaxy Quest.

Viewers can find the Star Trek movie collection via the On Demand menu in a special Star Trek movies section. Prices for the films varies from $1.99-$4.99 depending on the film and the cable operator. The movie collection will be available On Demand from December 16th through January 13th.

In addition, the website Fancast (part of Comcast) has made all of the episodes of Star Trek TOS available online.


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Paramount! Take your finger out of your a@@ and release the director’s cut on Blu-Ray!


Seriously. I’m tired of this crap. I’ll buy it again.

I’ll point out that the episodes on Fancast are of the non-remastered variety. OG effects in place.

Cool wonder if the films are avaliable in the uk on hd on the virgin or sky networks rock on


As soon as they release TMP Director’s cut on Blu-Ray (with digital copy thank you) I will buy it.

Otherwise.. well.. I can wait :)

I would love to see the dc of TMP but cant find it in the uk HELP

I can get it on itunes here in the states rainmaker83.. maybe its available on UK itunes?

Directors Edition can be found on in UK…

i was excited then i saw it was pay on demand. these movies should be offered for FREE on demand. theyre not first run releases. should seriously be in the FREE HD Section.

Thanks am going to order it the now rock on

I already have TOS movies on Blu-Ray, but I’m glad Galaxy Quest is available, which I haven’t seen.



Is Star Trek II the newly remastered one that is available on Blu-ray or an up-converted older master?

I am still in awe of the remastered print I saw at the Aero theater a couple of weekends ago. Shoulda bought the ST:II Blu-ray on Black Friday when it was only $8!!

If 2009 is the year for HD movies, I think 2010 or 2011 should be the year they make a new show. Who’s with me?! and I want someone other then Abrams to be in charge!

The Galaxy Quest BLU RAY became available just a couple weeks before the release of trek 2009—I got mine from….Seriously tho I think Comcast is ripping off its customers big time regarding HD—I just got a 32 inch vizio hd tv and its great with my playstation 3 and blu ray trek movie….

But—the only HD channels I can get are the local abc cbs nbc pbs and 1 other private local one….You need a pay converter box to unscramble all the other hi def channels. This costs extra even tho we already have n are paying for digital cable….we get 130 plus channels and the normal converter box doesnt let you get any of em in high def….I had to do a cable splitter and attach a cable directly into my hd tv just to get the few hd channels I have now…Very frustrating not very fair they scramble them when they are there on the cable and we are paying for em and should be getting them…

As others have mentioned–the trek films except for the newest ones should be free no pay on demand….but like I said I cant get any free hd cable channels or on demand anyway….sigh

Wants new tv series Independent of the new film

What about Verizon FiOS?

Started watching the director’s edition of TMP last night. It hasn’t ended yet.

Isn’t there a reason why a blu-ray edition of the TMP Director’s Cut cannot be done? Something to do with the resolution the new effects were done at? I don’t know about TWOK…

High def on demand is still inferior to Blu-ray.

When I get insomnia, I pop in Blue Planet or TMP.

Where can we watch the TV shows?

Wait five minutes and Paramount will cash in on the Special Edition ST Movies BD set. And just to make you want to buy it….it’ll be $10 cheaper than what you just bought.

And love how Galaxy Quest is lumped in as though it’s part of the series. What….nobody buying it on Blu-Ray?

The fact they have the balls to charge to watch the old ones is outrageous. I don’ t think so. Greed.

I have Comcast and checked it out. They are charging $4.99 per film. I’ll pass. It should really be free, since I pay Comcast $173 per month with internet.

You would be a fool to pay for any of these movies on demand. They should be free . Most of the movies are over 20 years old. Anyone can go online and see them for free

When are they going to start making Direct to DVD movies of Star Trek The Next Generation? There is certainly a market for them!